Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 EXPLAINED


  1. Robin McCormack

    Robin McCormackHace 3 días

    Good golly!

  2. GemstoneWolf

    GemstoneWolfHace 6 días

    I love how you can figure out that stuff when I can't even figure out what I want for breakfast.

  3. KrazFireQ ッ or some random name i got in my head

    KrazFireQ ッ or some random name i got in my headHace 6 días

    Right in the middle me gliding to Goron city was doing in botw I thought... “I wanna fight Gannon” and went to the castle and killed him right away

  4. ScoutMain

    ScoutMainHace 8 días

    Zeldamaster: I gotta day Zelda looks good with short hair Zelda: I’m 15 Zeldamaster: YO WTF *FBI OPEN UP*

  5. Trevor Remix

    Trevor RemixHace 10 días

    The malice could be split underground in 4 directions when it hit the ceiling rock to take over the divine beasts again

  6. Calem Linke

    Calem LinkeHace 11 días

    "Hyrule's Legends Online" --Phoenix

  7. Fun Time with BeBop!

    Fun Time with BeBop!Hace 12 días

    How will it be darker than Majors Mask.

  8. Fun Time with BeBop!

    Fun Time with BeBop!Hace 12 días

    I can't wait for Breath of the Wild 2.

  9. Red

    RedHace 14 días

    Honestly I think the yiga clan spy was actually a shadow of Ganondorf choking Link's companion from Twilight Princess: *Midna* this is a theory that I may come up with in the future but i am not entirely sure. If you look closely at the head of the spy, it looks a hell of a lot like Midna's helmet.

  10. Edmund Popplewell

    Edmund PopplewellHace 16 días

    Zelda master I think the reason of ganon coming to life is because the green hand grabbed the tri force of courage out of link and into ganon resulting of him coming to life

  11. Jordi Russell

    Jordi RussellHace 19 días

    I think the one shadowy shot might be the original hero sealing ganon also maybe they had ganon sealed and stuck there for thousands of years so he couldn't be reborn again and again because every 100 years be gets reborn and 10,000 years went by there would've been 1,000 ganons reborn

  12. LittleImpaler

    LittleImpalerHace 24 días

    Clamity Gangon is the bad guy in Ferngulliy.

  13. Randall Franklin

    Randall FranklinHace 25 días

    It's the hand from the toilet in the stock pot inn that wanted paper in Majora's Mask, haha!!

  14. Diego Rubio

    Diego RubioHace 25 días

    Do a close-up of when ganondorf was freed.

  15. Jill Hine

    Jill HineHace 28 días

    14:10 when you play too many games

  16. Cally 1686

    Cally 1686Hace un mes

    I’m not dabbing I’m looking at the floor for cheese

  17. Dame Games

    Dame GamesHace un mes

    Who else wants to be able to drive the divine beast

  18. A person on youtube

    A person on youtubeHace un mes

    8:16 Is it just me or Zelda’s eyebrows look different

  19. Jagtar Singh

    Jagtar SinghHace un mes

    did you notice that in the drawing of the hero his hand is glowing just like the hand sealing ganon

  20. panda Lewis

    panda LewisHace un mes

    It is links dad

  21. Ali_Gamz

    Ali_GamzHace un mes

    Why has no one said anything about Zelda’s mom she died so the yiga could save ganon does anyone remember this???? Edit: If the yiga person is master koga or however you spell it I’m breaking my switch

  22. Kristopher Morrow

    Kristopher MorrowHace un mes

    The thing beside ganondorfs corpse could be ghirahim.

  23. Mal T

    Mal THace un mes

    Wait think about it if you look at Gannon’s forehead the jewel on it looks like the spirit medallion from ocarina of time.

  24. Mark Ciccolella

    Mark CiccolellaHace un mes

    honestly BoTW 2 just sounds weird, I would be okay with Shadow of Ganondorf?

  25. Link Of the wild

    Link Of the wildHace un mes

    2:28 his sword is on the left!

  26. Joseph Figueroa

    Joseph FigueroaHace un mes

    Lmao oh no dude. That shitpost about "seal ganon" was not true at all. Go ahead and try it, and at NO point does it actually spell out the 2 complete words "seal ganon". It would be cool, but it just isnt there. So yaaaaaaaaaa..... Anyways, i think that flash is actually showing ganondork being sealed. If u look at his face he has a normal nose, which the mummydorf doesnt, its all shriveled, AND the shadow shows his chest and arms clothed, yet mummydorf has no clothes on his upper body.

  27. PsʏċɦօHʏʟɨaռ

    PsʏċɦօHʏʟɨaռHace un mes

    11:09 I really like the theory that malice is filtered through those pipes making it blue, being the shieka blue technology.

  28. Spider Sonic238

    Spider Sonic238Hace un mes

    I thought i was the only one who thought zelda with short hair was a really nice look for her

  29. Yaboi Dawg

    Yaboi DawgHace un mes

    The only thing I don’t want in Zelda Botw 2: Keese and Octoroks the most annoying things ever

  30. its your boi

    its your boiHace un mes

    Calamity ganon is made out of malice so it's a fake version

  31. Ricardo

    RicardoHace un mes

    Ganon having canines freaks me out even more

  32. DJViking

    DJVikingHace un mes

    under the castle it looks like the legs from the guardians maby its like a howls moving castle type thing like its a fail safe that the shekah put in when gannon awakens the castle will gtfo

  33. Nishan B

    Nishan BHace un mes

    Their was a luminous stone aura around Zelda master... does that mean that Zelda master is dead 💀 🗡👕 👖

  34. Hooty Macboob

    Hooty MacboobHace un mes


  35. ChunkyB0i

    ChunkyB0iHace un mes

    What if : In the secret ending of Breath Of The Wild, Zelda looks at her Sheika Slate and states that Divine Beast Vah Ruta stopped working and that they should investigate. What if the reason for Ruta to stop functioning was the Sheika technology itself and the inner workings of the technology originated beneath Hyrule Castle so Link And Zelda go investigate under the Castle to try and fix Ruta which leads to the events in the trailer. Idk, it just hit me.

  36. Colten 112

    Colten 112Hace un mes

    I feel like I'm watching a game theory episode

  37. thicc potato sauce

    thicc potato sauceHace un mes

    I thought the Yiga Clan disbanded because master Koga Died?

  38. The mighty cat with 1k subs?

    The mighty cat with 1k subs?Hace un mes

    I heard megalovia for a split second in your intro

  39. Fall Star

    Fall StarHace un mes

    I actually it's the piece of triforce that link gets in his hand ,it would make sense , both zelda and Ganondorf have their respective pieces in their hands, so now all pieces are in place, the final battle can commence

  40. Red Link

    Red LinkHace un mes

    *The Legend of Zelda, The Catacombs of Hyrule*. I hope that is what they call it...

  41. Paige McNally

    Paige McNallyHace 2 meses

    and ganondorf will no longer be a villan

  42. Paige McNally

    Paige McNallyHace 2 meses

    but will there be koroks?

  43. Red Link

    Red LinkHace un mes

    I hope so... I hope that my homies are added.

  44. Paige McNally

    Paige McNallyHace 2 meses

    ThE hAnD

  45. CreepatopiaPlayz

    CreepatopiaPlayzHace 2 meses

    Its not just any yiga clan member, for any BOTW players, remeber that one member who fell in a very deep hole? 😉 Yes im talking about their leader, Master Kohga.

  46. Michael Bova

    Michael BovaHace 2 meses

    Gonna be honest, the little shitty blonde avatar dude overlaid on the entire video is absolutely obnoxious.

  47. Nightcore Chew

    Nightcore ChewHace 2 meses

    were ganon is it look's like the shrine of Resurrection but in ganon form.. :/ i don't know

  48. kirishine

    kirishineHace 2 meses

    That's actually quite interesting. If this is the case, it would be cool if it had something to do with the Yiga clan. I know they're gone in botw canon, but it could be something they were working on or something any remaining members conjured up

  49. Mortoza Mamun

    Mortoza MamunHace 2 meses

    The triforce is seen on Zelda's hand in the memory where she destroyed all those guardians in Fort Hateno

  50. Human Patriot

    Human PatriotHace 2 meses

    It has a spot on his head just like the other one

  51. Digit

    DigitHace 2 meses

    The hand is probably the monk that you fight in the first dlc because if this was meant to be a dlc originally it’s probably the monk

  52. Super Bendy Productions

    Super Bendy ProductionsHace 2 meses

    it looks half way finished so i think late 2020 as a release date

  53. Super Bendy Productions

    Super Bendy ProductionsHace 2 meses

    zelda could be a co-op character or you can switch to them and have special sealing abilities

  54. Joey Harry

    Joey HarryHace 2 meses

    Super Bendy Productions I like that

  55. Game Breaker

    Game BreakerHace 2 meses

    Breath of darkness would be a good name

  56. Joey Harry

    Joey HarryHace 2 meses

    Game Breaker hell yea

  57. Gacha Marissa/Pikachu

    Gacha Marissa/PikachuHace 2 meses

    when my brother beat Calamity Gannon i knew there would be a sequil bc of the scene after u defeat him the grassy area scene right before the credits so i had that idea before we found out about it

  58. Tuan Van

    Tuan VanHace 2 meses

    Technology has finally caught up with Nintendo. We are barely getting the beginnings of what to come with zelda. It’s only going to get better and better with more zelda games with bigger maps. This is a great time to be a zelda fan man oh man if you thought BOTW was a great game wait until these next games come out especially this sequel that hopefully be out by end of this year fingers cross Nintendo you can do it!

  59. Paromita Biswas

    Paromita BiswasHace 2 meses

    Ganoan easy

  60. urbosa naboris

    urbosa naborisHace 2 meses

    maybe the lumonis stone resembles the people who died during the great calamity including the champions.

  61. Noah Mueller

    Noah MuellerHace 2 meses

    Did anybody else think that the statue at the entrance of the temple looked like the beast Gannon turns into at the end of the ocarina of time

  62. Universe Playz!

    Universe Playz!Hace 2 meses

    Wait didn’t Zelda seal Ganon and the previous hero seal ganon then why is the the seal almost broken they just sealed ganon away

  63. Vexan

    VexanHace 2 meses

    When the castle rises that could mean it reveals Ganon’s body and he would then spread even more calamity across hyrule making every monster stronger

  64. Vexan

    VexanHace 2 meses

    *This is so accurate I’m convinced it’s the plot*