Young Dolph, Key Glock - Water on Water on Water (Official Video)


  1. Watch Out

    Watch OutHace 4 horas

    Young Dolph give me hope for the young black man GET YA PAPER AND DO IT ALL ON YOUR OWN WATER ON WATER !

  2. Degeneres ELLEN

    Degeneres ELLENHace 16 horas

    Black people

  3. Degeneres ELLEN

    Degeneres ELLENHace 16 horas

    Why can’t I comment about white people

  4. Degeneres ELLEN

    Degeneres ELLENHace 16 horas

    The only white guy in the video is filming lol.

  5. Degeneres ELLEN

    Degeneres ELLENHace 16 horas

    The only white person is the guy filming

  6. alex tijeda

    alex tijedaHace 17 horas

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #NuffSaid

  7. James Redic

    James RedicHace 17 horas

    Awready Dolph. Key Glock. Dat mf jammin. Like them visuals. Got sum bad azz bitches in der too.

  8. MGSD Courtney

    MGSD CourtneyHace 17 horas

    Who that thick chocolate one they keep showing????? I need answers

  9. Timeless Music ENT

    Timeless Music ENTHace 18 horas


  10. Trippy MohLyfeEnt

    Trippy MohLyfeEntHace 21 un hora

    🎶Eyes blood shot red like I shared a blunt with Satan🎶🇯🇲🇯🇲 #PRE

  11. Tha Nigerian

    Tha NigerianHace 22 horas

    At 1:15 looks like @keyshiakaoir!! Gucci mane's wife!!👀👀

  12. zImpact

    zImpactHace 18 horas

    Tha Nigerian shut yo black ass up

  13. HATE is a sign of ENVY

    HATE is a sign of ENVYHace un día

    I gotta watch this at least 5 Times to catch all this eye candy man

  14. HATE is a sign of ENVY

    HATE is a sign of ENVYHace un día

    Maddy thick as FUCK!

  15. Uncmn Perspective

    Uncmn PerspectiveHace un día


  16. Soufend

    SoufendHace un día

    Got Damn!!!! water on water

  17. Robert Bernard

    Robert BernardHace un día

    Who been on that dolph movement since the blue dolphin mixtape

  18. Bahamian Kid

    Bahamian KidHace un día

    Dolph need to make another song finishing the very last verse with the same flow 🔥🔥 like & follow me if u agree @bahamian_kid 🤪

  19. Haters Have Opinion

    Haters Have OpinionHace un día

    The Video Is Amazing But Song Was.....

  20. Alexander

    AlexanderHace 2 días

    chocolate on chocolate on chocolate

  21. Straight Spittin

    Straight SpittinHace 2 días

    THeir butts wavy like water glugglugglug xD

  22. Vycoe

    VycoeHace 2 días

    It seem like yachty would be on this

  23. Rayford Jones

    Rayford JonesHace 2 días

    Hot like fish grease 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  24. Mr Jede Mark

    Mr Jede MarkHace 2 días

    A wow!

  25. Zackory Troy Anton Ursic

    Zackory Troy Anton UrsicHace 2 días

    Thus song us fukin shit

  26. Derrick Whitsy Jr

    Derrick Whitsy JrHace 2 días

    Who else came outside today just for that chorus???!!!???

  27. Mr Pete Beats

    Mr Pete BeatsHace 2 días

    shit fire

  28. H_ G.B.

    H_ G.B.Hace 2 días

    Dolph, this your best video yet! Whoever shot this has a great future!

  29. Keith Hull

    Keith HullHace 2 días

    Jus say baddies, stop saying chocolate, they live period

  30. Kobren Frederick

    Kobren FrederickHace 2 días

    That flow at 0:47 is HOT

  31. victor evans

    victor evansHace 2 días

    Key glock just wanna be rich

  32. Caio Rodrigues

    Caio RodriguesHace 2 días

    1:55 damn that must require some talent

  33. Demetrius Tapia

    Demetrius TapiaHace 2 días

    dolph a skinny ass nigga

  34. Oula Savolainen

    Oula SavolainenHace 2 días

    Came here from a walking blue horned dude

  35. Osiris G

    Osiris GHace 3 días

    “100 million from this rap shit then I’m done” ... * nicki minaj leaves chat *

  36. Drukkid Kidddn

    Drukkid KidddnHace 3 días

    If you did that solo you’d had more views

  37. Hennessy *

    Hennessy *Hace 3 días

    Dis song gots lots of bass 🙃 I got two 12" memphis audio Bass reference subwoofers

  38. majourpayne

    majourpayneHace 11 horas

    I can imagine! 💪💪💪

  39. Vj Johnson

    Vj JohnsonHace 3 días


  40. Bad_Muh_ Fka

    Bad_Muh_ FkaHace 3 días

    yall best quit sleepin on dolph! yuh!

  41. johny blaze

    johny blazeHace 3 días

    This vid go hard asf dawg, who’s behind the 🎥

  42. N0ir i am N0ir

    N0ir i am N0irHace 3 días

    God damn bruh that their some good females 😍,young dolph and glock done said fuck the budget meing!! Know what am tah bout? This song fyre dough.

  43. oskee305

    oskee305Hace 4 días


  44. Kevin Arrington

    Kevin ArringtonHace 4 días

    Straight 🔥

  45. Joshua Martinez

    Joshua MartinezHace 4 días

    This video clean af #PRE

  46. Outdawayfool P

    Outdawayfool PHace 4 días


  47. E'lester payne

    E'lester payneHace 4 días

    Best video ever.

  48. Obvious Signss

    Obvious SignssHace 4 días


  49. Pull Up

    Pull UpHace 4 días

    Key glock and young dolph = best friends

  50. Rellydagod G.O.D

    Rellydagod G.O.DHace 4 días

    They got some bad ones in this video 😍

  51. Slimey Beatz

    Slimey BeatzHace 4 días

  52. Electrical Planet

    Electrical PlanetHace 4 días

    I just keep seeing that power puff girls villain coming out of that limo😂

  53. Zxch Attxck

    Zxch AttxckHace 4 días

    Electrical Planet right ☠️

  54. Jonathan Pineda

    Jonathan PinedaHace 4 días

    Sheeeesh 🐍🐍

  55. Chobani Yogurt

    Chobani YogurtHace 4 días

    This song turned my dog into my dawg 🔥

  56. Rodney Palmer

    Rodney PalmerHace 5 días

    That boy had sum hoes in that video!!!!

  57. celli351

    celli351Hace 5 días


  58. mr I

    mr IHace 5 días

    Dolph?? That short for dolphin??? WTF man, no gangster from the 90's ever going to name them selves after a god dam fish, WTF happened to this music these days....

  59. N0ir i am N0ir

    N0ir i am N0irHace 3 días

    mr I you dumb af bro idk why am even acknowledging you’re dummy ass lol, his name is Adolph so he shortened it, he’s been shot like five times and pushed work, the budget for this video is insane. Can you do better?

  60. Duke Childers

    Duke ChildersHace 5 días

    If I ever had the chance to rap it be wit "dolph" poried... No one else. And its fuxked up how he worked for everything he has... and the fuxking boys wont leave him alone..dolph can't stop wont stop...

  61. Stephanie Smith

    Stephanie SmithHace 6 días

    Dolp always droppin sum 🔥🔥💯💯

  62. SycON Krapt Official

    SycON Krapt OfficialHace 6 días

  63. Sammie Dingle

    Sammie DingleHace 6 días

    The women in this video, is why a lot of other women be jealous.

  64. Jazzie Relentless

    Jazzie RelentlessHace 6 días