You're So Immature! *VALENTINE'S DAY*


  1. Equine Grace

    Equine GraceHace 5 horas

    “The price is one dollar please” *hands over $100*

  2. Shinaynay Nay

    Shinaynay NayHace 5 horas

    Do more please

  3. Zeke Agcaoili

    Zeke AgcaoiliHace 17 horas

    Was that $10 or 100$

  4. Mandy Barajas

    Mandy BarajasHace 19 horas

    He said give me my 3 dollars back but he puts four fingers up literally me😂

  5. Lanna Nokham

    Lanna NokhamHace 21 un hora

    OMG so cute

  6. Izzy Robloxandmore

    Izzy RobloxandmoreHace 22 horas

    Alex-do you have a valentines Molly-no why did u ask ? Alex-okie baiii

  7. Angelina Lopez

    Angelina LopezHace un día

    Aaaaaaaa it's so funny aaaaaaa

  8. saanvi sai prakash

    saanvi sai prakashHace 2 días

    aw...... the ending was soooooo cute!!!!!!!!

  9. its ya boy cesar 22

    its ya boy cesar 22Hace 2 días

    The flex tho

  10. Chloey Phoukieo

    Chloey PhoukieoHace 2 días

    YOU BROUGHT IT BACK. Only OG followers will know.

  11. Miriam Rocca

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  12. Rolita022

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  13. Hamidah Ali

    Hamidah AliHace 3 días

    Alex and Roy are immature

  14. aladin foronda

    aladin forondaHace 3 días

    Alan :tell her your feelings Alex : I'm hungry

  15. Daniel Alcosaba

    Daniel AlcosabaHace 3 días

    When you said will you. Be my valentines

  16. Kaitlyn Nichols

    Kaitlyn NicholsHace 3 días

    2:33 Alex gave him a 100 dollar bill 😂

  17. erdalozcan

    erdalozcanHace 4 días

    E🌠y hallo Lulu de poeder

  18. She Lopez

    She LopezHace 4 días

    Girl: what are u Me:a human

  19. ace buganan

    ace bugananHace 4 días


  20. Christine Nicoll

    Christine NicollHace 4 días

    Zoey I

  21. Janette Molina

    Janette MolinaHace 5 días

    1:47 *Me*

  22. 1D Fan

    1D FanHace 5 días

    Omgggg im so happy

  23. Ari Martinez

    Ari MartinezHace 5 días

    LOL Aaron: Trust me I'm a ladies man LOL

  24. Gerald Johnson

    Gerald JohnsonHace 6 días

    My favorite part is that you said will you be my Valentine

  25. Jenny Tran

    Jenny TranHace 6 días


  26. Valarie Yang

    Valarie YangHace 7 días

    Sooo cool

  27. Jhun Carreon

    Jhun CarreonHace 7 días

    3 dollars is 4

  28. Jhun Carreon

    Jhun CarreonHace 7 días

    3.08 to 3.12 is the cutest voice

  29. Nessa Martinez

    Nessa MartinezHace 7 días

    one dollar is not that much

  30. Kaye Cayago

    Kaye CayagoHace 7 días


  31. couch potato ._.

    couch potato ._.Hace 7 días

    4:11 😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️

  32. lizzy turtlecorn

    lizzy turtlecornHace 7 días

    Alex's brother- U only have to gibe me 1 dollar. Alex-*hand him a $100 dollar bill

  33. Travis T.

    Travis T.Hace 8 días

    Your so cute

  34. DM Simpson

    DM SimpsonHace 8 días

    That sooo cute,plus the voices r adooorrraaabbbllleeee

  35. Phillip Kamanga

    Phillip KamangaHace 8 días

    Why don’t you use your girlfriend for the video instead of her

  36. Tanishka Karkera

    Tanishka KarkeraHace 8 días


  37. Evelynn Milburn

    Evelynn MilburnHace 8 días

    I Woch this over again and again

  38. Phuong Hoac

    Phuong HoacHace 8 días

    Would u like to here a poem? Roses are red Violets are blue I liked my own comment And you should too

  39. Addison Hendricks

    Addison HendricksHace 9 días

    So funny and cute

  40. Sita O'Shea-McAllister

    Sita O'Shea-McAllisterHace 9 días

    do more

  41. kate plays gacha

    kate plays gachaHace 9 días

    Love birds

  42. Thomas Maka

    Thomas MakaHace 9 días

    Everybody listen up alex was giving him 100$ is'nt that weird to you

  43. Haile y

    Haile yHace 9 días

    He was doing that to show how much one dollar is worth to kids “there age” lol

  44. Vanessa Guptill

    Vanessa GuptillHace 9 días

    R u guys dating?

  45. Samantha Andrade

    Samantha AndradeHace 9 días

    You should do that with vanessa merrell = valex

  46. Samantha Andrade

    Samantha AndradeHace 9 días

    You should make more videos with her

  47. Audrey Noriega

    Audrey NoriegaHace 9 días

    &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 4444444444444444444444444444444

  48. Olivia orr

    Olivia orrHace 10 días

    Molly sounds so cute when she sounds like a kid 😺🥞

  49. Wylo Ren

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  50. Patricia Antwi

    Patricia AntwiHace 10 días

    I ment 100!!!!!

  51. Patricia Antwi

    Patricia AntwiHace 10 días


  52. Michael Harland

    Michael HarlandHace 10 días

    Did you notice when he said 'this better work or I want my 3 dollars back he put 4 fingers up 😂

  53. Jordan Milligan

    Jordan MilliganHace 11 días

    This was so cute

  54. Camille Ann Orozco II

    Camille Ann Orozco IIHace 11 días

    This is so cute 😍😂

  55. Kenji Chang

    Kenji ChangHace 11 días

    Bruh that is not 1.00$ boy you such a maggot

  56. Madelyn Thao

    Madelyn ThaoHace 12 días

    So funny .Alex 😁😁😁😁

  57. Stacy Wheeler

    Stacy WheelerHace 12 días

    Up next is the first time

  58. R_i_P xxx tentacionxxx

    R_i_P xxx tentacionxxxHace 13 días

    "I'm a ladies man"😂😂😂😂😂

  59. Fortniteking Gang

    Fortniteking GangHace 13 días

    Your dumb

  60. alzbeta cibrikova

    alzbeta cibrikovaHace 14 días

    Oh sorry wassabi my favourite part is when the girls said that I want to play with the dolls

  61. alzbeta cibrikova

    alzbeta cibrikovaHace 14 días

    My name is __________ not telling you about my name it's starts of Chris

  62. Victoria Quist

    Victoria QuistHace 14 días

    I’m on my sisters account

  63. zain214

    zain214Hace 14 días

    she is so beautiful i just one to kiss her

  64. Kiel Ventura

    Kiel VenturaHace 14 días

    He Cheated on Lauren

  65. Zahrah Alrayes

    Zahrah AlrayesHace 14 días

    What the heck .Just one doller.

  66. Xavier Figueroa

    Xavier FigueroaHace 14 días

    Alex gave him $100 at 1:18

  67. crazy pineapple

    crazy pineappleHace 15 días

    Alex and aaron swapped voices

  68. lol withangelo

    lol withangeloHace 15 días


  69. Fanny Yi-Wen FAN

    Fanny Yi-Wen FANHace 15 días

    I think you brother just want money

  70. TFpower Batawan

    TFpower BatawanHace 15 días

    XD Alex feel in love 😍

  71. Jewel Sullivan

    Jewel SullivanHace 15 días

    Buggar brain 😂😂😂

  72. Saxophone Legend

    Saxophone LegendHace 15 días

    $1 ----> $100

  73. Victoria Quist

    Victoria QuistHace 15 días

    Hey my name is Molly I loved this video

  74. xXElite GamerXx

    xXElite GamerXxHace 15 días

    “I can take care of your girl problems for a price” “How much?” “ONE DOLLAR” Me:😂

  75. Sabine Mondesir

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  76. Yaumara Hernandez

    Yaumara HernandezHace 15 días

    you like het omg she really kiss him

  77. zain214

    zain214Hace 16 días

    my favorite part is you both kissed

  78. Amanda powell

    Amanda powellHace 16 días


  79. zain214

    zain214Hace 16 días

    ahhhh. i just cried

  80. Jacob Chandra

    Jacob ChandraHace 16 días

    i saw a 100 dollar on areans best friend

  81. adam greene

    adam greeneHace 16 días


  82. Nicole Kant

    Nicole KantHace 16 días

    Aaron: I can take care of all you're girl problems for a price. Alex:how much? Aaron:1 dollar.

  83. Unapocoliptically

    UnapocolipticallyHace 16 días

    Trust me, I'm a ladies' man

  84. Aneesha Nadeem

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  85. Sheena Buenaflor

    Sheena BuenaflorHace 17 días

    I no yuo havh a crash

  86. Shanel Gray

    Shanel GrayHace 17 días

    He said 1 doallor but i saw 100

  87. kirtog ikkat

    kirtog ikkatHace 17 días

    ωho is that

  88. Zachary's vlogs & vids

    Zachary's vlogs & vidsHace 17 días

    4:30 I'm dying 😂

  89. It’s ya guurl Zooski

    It’s ya guurl ZooskiHace 17 días

    I ship it❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!!

  90. My_Life_As_Colleen Castro

    My_Life_As_Colleen CastroHace 17 días

    Aron said the cost we be $1 but Alex gave him a $100

  91. LadilynTheQueen 123

    LadilynTheQueen 123Hace 17 días

    Mine is when she kissed u on the cheek!😇🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

  92. David Turner

    David TurnerHace 17 días

    My favorite part was when he said give me my dollar back now

  93. Jorge Garcia

    Jorge GarciaHace 18 días

    Best you're so immature video ever

  94. Lindsay Han

    Lindsay HanHace 18 días

    💍I love you 💋


    SUPREME CHANNELHace 18 días

    oh man i miss roi wassabi LIKE IF U MISS ROI


    NUGGET GANGHace 18 días

    Were are these kids getting money from?

  97. Alain Sanguenza

    Alain SanguenzaHace 18 días

    It wasn't 1£ 🤣 it was 100£ now it's 300£

  98. Nicole Kant

    Nicole KantHace 18 días

    Alex said but she's so bootiful

  99. Amy Zamudio-Ficke

    Amy Zamudio-FickeHace 18 días

    Alex I love this video it was amazing please make more I love how in the The beginning she made that face when she started coloring

  100. Carmen Martinez

    Carmen MartinezHace 18 días

    Damn. Aaron the dealer xD

  101. Brianna Lynn

    Brianna LynnHace 18 días

    Am I the only person who realized the 100 dollar bill