You're So Immature! *VALENTINE'S DAY*


  1. Elise Simone

    Elise SimoneHace un hora

    But what about lauren😞😔

  2. abdul halim abdul hamid

    abdul halim abdul hamidHace un hora

    Aren't u couple with Lauren

  3. #Hogwarts is my home 4ever#

    #Hogwarts is my home 4ever#Hace un hora

    just subscribed.

  4. Lucy Bond

    Lucy BondHace 2 horas


  5. Cecelia Tlumang

    Cecelia TlumangHace 2 horas

    Alex and molly look good together

  6. Bebeh_Rebel_Snowman_OOF

    Bebeh_Rebel_Snowman_OOFHace 2 horas


  7. MLA E

    MLA EHace 2 horas

    Alex is she your girlfriend now

  8. Epic Tammy.s

    Epic Tammy.sHace 2 horas

    In Alex’s mind: Tell her how you feel Alex:I’m hungry

  9. Alicia Gardiner

    Alicia GardinerHace 4 horas

    I miss Roi 😢😭

  10. M I A C A K E

    M I A C A K EHace 4 horas

    So sad how they broke up by the way Lauren even have a new boyfriend

  11. pink panda

    pink pandaHace 5 horas

    No one can replace lauren 😣😣😣

  12. sisters :D

    sisters :DHace 6 horas

    Lauren? Wait nevermind it’s an old lady

  13. Alycia Leon_074

    Alycia Leon_074Hace 7 horas

    Lol I loved it

  14. Kermit The Green Frog

    Kermit The Green FrogHace 9 horas

    Who misses Wassabi Productions Roi and Alex used to do these



    Awwww you Two are adorable

  16. Games with Kristan

    Games with KristanHace 10 horas

    Awwwww just wanted to say that if you 2 were dating it would be so cute I love this video Alex keep being awesome and my favorite ESreporterr your videos put a smile on my face keep being you stay the way you are and never change

  17. Lilia Ortiz

    Lilia OrtizHace 10 horas

    Noooo my heart is so broken I want Lauren BACK😭😢😩😡 I’ll still support you though I’m still dying on the inside 😭💔

  18. Lazy Ashy Studios

    Lazy Ashy StudiosHace 10 horas

    o.. um.. :3

  19. Savagecharizardgamer and Vloger Of Awesome

    Savagecharizardgamer and Vloger Of AwesomeHace 12 horas


  20. Unicorn Squad

    Unicorn SquadHace 12 horas

    That should have been LAUREN

  21. Proxy Choi

    Proxy ChoiHace 12 horas

    Hey Alex!!!!! Great Video 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Ummmm.... You know u gave Aaron a $100 instead of $1 right? Lol 😂 😂😂 I love your videos and u make us happy everyday 😊 Thank you!!!!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  22. Arnold Bantog

    Arnold BantogHace 13 horas

    Hey that was not $1 that was $100


    SOFIA ROCHAHace 13 horas

    So cute

  24. Bella Crowell

    Bella CrowellHace 13 horas

    poor lauren i though u werent dating anybody

  25. Shantel Goates

    Shantel GoatesHace 14 horas

    Who does the voice overs?

  26. Chandra Doraswami

    Chandra DoraswamiHace 16 horas

    4:01 to 4:22 cutest scene 😍

  27. Turtle Pineapple

    Turtle PineappleHace 17 horas

    Wait...w-wheres Lauren? PS. Anybody else lonely.... Or

  28. Selena McMahan

    Selena McMahanHace 18 horas

    lol ay aron is getting rich off his brother

  29. Amy Garcia

    Amy GarciaHace 18 horas


  30. ArtistOwl Yeah

    ArtistOwl YeahHace 18 horas

    Wait was my life a lie? $1 = $100? And 3 = 4 ? Alex said “ I want my $3 back “holding up 4 fingers”

  31. Kanita Sali

    Kanita SaliHace 19 horas

    I love this

  32. ToeConsumption Last name

    ToeConsumption Last nameHace 19 horas

    Pretty sure dats three hundred u got scammed


    BONELESS PIZZAHace 19 horas

    Says 1 dollar- GIVES 100 DOLLAR BILL

  34. Maria Cassidy

    Maria CassidyHace 20 horas

    U gave him a 100 dollar note

  35. Cindy Jackson

    Cindy JacksonHace 22 horas

    By far the best 🖤

  36. Rinesa Demaku

    Rinesa DemakuHace 23 horas

    03:09 was so cutee 😍

  37. Fizzy fanta569

    Fizzy fanta569Hace 23 horas

    Can Arron do this with Veronica Merrell.... Please!!! 🙏🙏✨✨💖💖💖

  38. gachalight cram

    gachalight cramHace un día

    Does anyone else miss Lauren?? 😭😭

  39. Qatar -

    Qatar -Hace un día

    3:56 *BUT SHES SO BOOTYFUL* 😂😂😂

  40. Donut cat450

    Donut cat450Hace un día

    Who is she..

  41. Asuna Matata

    Asuna MatataHace un día

    h-how about your girlfriend?

  42. Wolfie The Lycan/Ultima

    Wolfie The Lycan/UltimaHace un día

    Did no body else see the 100 dollar bill

  43. Barbara Cher

    Barbara CherHace un día

    awww so cute .Love it.

  44. Desire Desiree

    Desire DesireeHace un día


  45. Cheer And dance

    Cheer And danceHace un día

    The end OMG

  46. Cheer And dance

    Cheer And danceHace un día

    Everything was amazing THE VOICES ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💛💛💛💛💛💛

  47. Ayisha Temple

    Ayisha TempleHace un día

    They’re actually super cute together 😂

  48. Sara Clapp

    Sara ClappHace un día

    I hate you Alex now used to be my biggest fan but now I hate you because I hate when you get at the girls I think Lauren is the best girl ever if you know that because she is nice to you she gives you mostly everything with chances and stuff and she’s very creative hub of she made you a gift that made you really happy😥😓😓😓😓 and I am sick so sick I am coughing a lot and sneezing and throwing up so stop what you’re doing and I love your videos don’t do that anymore OK🤭😷😷🤧🤧🤧🤮🤢👎🏿💏

  49. Not good But not bad players

    Not good But not bad playersHace un día

    I feel like Alex was flexing in this vid because of the hundred dollar bills

  50. Philip Compton

    Philip ComptonHace un día

    No roi i am offended

  51. Brianna H

    Brianna HHace un día

    Oh I loved the old wasabi

  52. lmao yikes

    lmao yikesHace un día

    *when u cant get roi for a video* (issa joke chill)

  53. Lizzie Ly

    Lizzie LyHace un día

    Alex is just giving Aaron $100 dollar bills!!!! 😂

  54. Madison Ram

    Madison RamHace un día

    Alex wassabi. I know you used to be with roi

  55. Madison Ram

    Madison RamHace un día


  56. Victoria Garcia

    Victoria GarciaHace un día

    It’s just $1 dollar bill calm down wait a minute that’s 100 dollar bill

  57. Victoria Garcia

    Victoria GarciaHace un día

    I like it XD

  58. FencinggirlGames :3

    FencinggirlGames :3Hace un día

    What happened to laur?

  59. Cheyenne Hasker

    Cheyenne HaskerHace un día

    Wait were is Laurdiy

  60. Aiden Alexis

    Aiden AlexisHace un día

    2:22 and 3:57 killed me

  61. Sadie Fuller

    Sadie FullerHace un día

    I miss Laurex! :(

  62. Unicorn Moon

    Unicorn MoonHace un día

    Aww it was so good the voices though I wonder if Lauren has seen it.....

  63. RainDropProductions

    RainDropProductionsHace un día

    Behind the scenes?

  64. Durpy Wolves

    Durpy WolvesHace un día

    I SHIP IT!!

  65. Gissel Sanchez

    Gissel SanchezHace un día

    It was good but it could have been better with Roi

  66. Vally Krahn

    Vally KrahnHace un día

    4:21 I miss the happy, giddy in love Alex. He should come around more often

  67. Ashley Blackwell

    Ashley BlackwellHace un día

    She is sexy

  68. Silvestre Lopez

    Silvestre LopezHace un día

    I was when I saw this video it just made me so much laughter

  69. Kyrene Pulmano

    Kyrene PulmanoHace un día

    This video was awesome 😎one of my favorite to watch

  70. Galaxy Crafts

    Galaxy CraftsHace un día

    This is officially my favourite video rn

  71. Sonia Paletta

    Sonia PalettaHace un día

    This was so cute

  72. Evelyn Salgado

    Evelyn SalgadoHace un día


  73. Melissa Bennett

    Melissa BennettHace un día

    Sorry to ask I just wanna know is that your new girlfriend? Or no

  74. Bailey Kate

    Bailey KateHace un día

    Sorry but what abt Lauren

  75. Reading_nerd

    Reading_nerdHace un día

    That third dollar is actually 100 dollars! Illuminati confirmed

  76. Sarah Kidd

    Sarah KiddHace un día

    Get back with lauren

  77. Lesly caceres

    Lesly caceresHace un día

    give me my 3 dollers back translation: 300 dollers back

  78. Nadalin Her

    Nadalin HerHace un día

    Omg so funny 😂

  79. Onye Chinnery

    Onye ChinneryHace un día


  80. jazmin sanchez

    jazmin sanchezHace un día

    He said three dollars when he put four fingers up😂😂😂

  81. A-town Blocc cuhz

    A-town Blocc cuhzHace un día

    When are u going to make a video with Lauren

  82. Kahlyn Riddle

    Kahlyn RiddleHace un día

    $100 damn

  83. fortnite gamer

    fortnite gamerHace un día

    Can I smell your feet

  84. fortnite gamer

    fortnite gamerHace un día

    Kiss me to

  85. Emily 332

    Emily 332Hace un día

    the laugh in 2:57 lmao 😂

  86. Jazlyn Robinson

    Jazlyn RobinsonHace un día

    This really is the best one😁😁

  87. Hayden Walter

    Hayden WalterHace un día

    i want luarex back :( i want lauren

  88. Cloe Stone

    Cloe StoneHace un día

    Did you notice it wasn’t a 1 dollar bill that Alex gave his brother it was a 100 dollar bill 😂😂😂

  89. Kayleigh Donn

    Kayleigh DonnHace un día

    YAAYYYY ITS BACK 😻😻😻🤣🤣🤣🤣

  90. RandomRodio Girl

    RandomRodio GirlHace un día

    Is this Alex’s new girlfriend ??

  91. Bailey Gensler

    Bailey GenslerHace un día

    ❤ So cute. I am going to come back to this video every Valentine's day. And this is one of the funny parts... Aaron : I can take care of all your girl problems for a price. Alex: how much Aaron: 1 dollar Alex: "sighs"

  92. Reyna Martinez

    Reyna MartinezHace un día

    I love the voices in here you did a good job. Plus that girl I ship Alex and her. But luv you vids Alex

  93. Dakota Strong

    Dakota StrongHace un día

    That one dollar is a 100 dollar smh

  94. Jaydahusky !

    Jaydahusky !Hace un día

    Girl-Do you think i'm pretty? Boy-NO Girl-Do you want to be with me forever? Boy-NO Girl-Do you even like me? Boy-NO Girl-Would you cry if I walked away? Boy-NO She heard enough and walked away. he grabbed her arm Boy- Your not pretty, your beautiful i don't want to be with you forever, i NEED to be with you forever. I don't like you i love you💖 I wouldn't cry if you walked away I would die if you walked away.... Promise you'll stay with me forever? Girl-For ever and ever! 💖 (Kiss)

  95. Chloe Girard

    Chloe GirardHace un día

    This was sooo adorable

  96. Egshiglen Baljaa

    Egshiglen BaljaaHace un día

    Who misses Laurex❤️

  97. Joshua Ismail

    Joshua IsmailHace un día

    She sucks

  98. adria carper

    adria carperHace un día

    Nooooooooooo i miss lauren

  99. Lainey Carden

    Lainey CardenHace un día

    I ship

  100. The World

    The WorldHace un día