YBN Cordae's 2019 XXL Freshman Freestyle


  1. XXL

    XXLHace 8 días

    Did YBN Cordae kill his 2019 XXL Freshman freestyle?

  2. Gustavo Cantellano

    Gustavo CantellanoHace 2 horas

    @Ninja Heist idk about that one chief

  3. Plexin

    PlexinHace 16 horas

    most likely memorized but I could be wrong.

  4. Rocco. mp4

    Rocco. mp4Hace un día

    @Forgetten Unknown your correct my brother

  5. Very TallMidget

    Very TallMidgetHace un día

    Fuck yeah

  6. ZS

    ZSHace un día



    IM CHANCCHace 13 minutos

    He has a Lisp

  8. Tj Steel

    Tj SteelHace 31 un minuto


  9. J S

    J SHace un hora

    no one cares about you DAMN reaction videos.

  10. Njabulo Jae

    Njabulo JaeHace un hora

    Lemme go to iTunes

  11. Pluggin Ruger

    Pluggin RugerHace 2 horas

    He dissed Cole but he started to sound like him more an more

  12. Zachary Schiller

    Zachary SchillerHace 2 horas


  13. O G

    O GHace 2 horas

    cordae can actually spit not like that fuck ass nigga mosey


    THATBOII VJHace 2 horas

    Best one 🙋🏾‍♂️

  15. Brassmaster_94

    Brassmaster_94Hace 3 horas


  16. Sauhan

    SauhanHace 3 horas

    Cordae: this ain’t the end of it *looks down and think what should he do since he said that*

  17. datnigga_ leo

    datnigga_ leoHace 3 horas

    Dis nigga and Roddy r the only good freestyles lmao

  18. skylar lawrence

    skylar lawrenceHace 4 horas

    Bets so far

  19. MajinAngel777

    MajinAngel777Hace 4 horas

    Lisp noises

  20. KeithGoCrazy

    KeithGoCrazyHace 4 horas

    “Feeling caged in like Nicholas” 🤦‍♂️🔥 Nobody peeped?

  21. Kid Unstoppable

    Kid UnstoppableHace 4 horas

    Best one

  22. Memeocrisy

    MemeocrisyHace 4 horas

    Except for Megan and Rico

  23. Jeeses99

    Jeeses99Hace 5 horas

    Thanks ESreporter for recommending me the only freshman who isn't fucking garbage this year. Cordae is good af. Everyone else can go to hell.

  24. Finz Daily With Matthew

    Finz Daily With MatthewHace 6 horas

    cordae killed this🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. iiCookiezz

    iiCookiezzHace 14 horas

    why he sound like he talk with a lisp

  26. Stuart Taracena

    Stuart TaracenaHace 14 horas

    Only rapper on the freshman cover

  27. Q-Ball / Gods Among Men

    Q-Ball / Gods Among MenHace 14 horas

    The best freshman easily with those multisyllabic rhymes and wordplay

  28. JT prod.

    JT prod.Hace 15 horas

    Beat xxl freestyle hands down

  29. Kevin Wilson

    Kevin WilsonHace 18 horas


  30. Amaury Burkes

    Amaury BurkesHace 19 horas

    Where the beat?

  31. Bahiyah Shabazz

    Bahiyah ShabazzHace 22 horas


  32. Tyler Lebby

    Tyler LebbyHace un día

    Big KRIT FLOW🔥🔥

  33. Dank memes 420 bing bong

    Dank memes 420 bing bongHace un día

    He’s great but he’s trying to be lyrical even tho he is hella talented I hate it when you try to sound like a fucking Astro physicist It doesn’t work cordae

  34. Extinct Paradise

    Extinct ParadiseHace un día

    They finally let my boi on the list, he shoulda been on this last year.

  35. kamyaidaX

    kamyaidaXHace un día

    Does this nigga think he j cole or sum

  36. Unlawful Potato

    Unlawful PotatoHace un día

    This man spits *T H A T* fire

  37. julian foster

    julian fosterHace un día

    He said no chain on some different shit Ok ok. Stay humble!

  38. H. Dregoes831

    H. Dregoes831Hace un día

    Did you guys just pull random people off IG ... garbage

  39. cryptic kfuel

    cryptic kfuelHace un día

    Just realized lil mosey the only nigga who ain’t black in this freshman class

  40. Oh Kush420

    Oh Kush420Hace un día

    This years xxl list is probably the wackest one yet

  41. Midwest Mello

    Midwest MelloHace un día

    He left y’all wanting more while also letting you know he’s gonna have longevity whether it be mainstream or by internet underground.

  42. Dillen Adams

    Dillen AdamsHace un día

    This shit sucks

  43. AK74

    AK74Hace un día

    Yeah that's cool and all but what the fuck was that sound at 0:05

  44. AK74

    AK74Hace un día

    He looks like he found a dollar at the end and was just waiting for the camera to fade out to snag it

  45. AK74

    AK74Hace un día

    Cordae looks like he found a dollar on the ground at the end

  46. BruhMomentemum

    BruhMomentemumHace un día

    no one: cordae: *hUh* (0:04)

  47. Austin Young

    Austin YoungHace un día

    Ohhhh oh oh ohohohohohohoh ohhhh

  48. miguel Sanchez

    miguel SanchezHace un día

    He’s had better freestyles

  49. Aydin Andre

    Aydin AndreHace un día

    Bro where is the old xxl when they use to get everyone in the same room

  50. Jillian Ralph

    Jillian RalphHace un día

    Dontai bouta do some goofy shit to this video 😂

  51. chuckskinny1

    chuckskinny1Hace un día

    Not bad for shiit. Dr Seuss raps.

  52. princekari

    princekariHace un día

    Talented asf

  53. Keylow & Shani

    Keylow & ShaniHace un día

    That was quick lmao short and sweet I guess.. lyrical definitely. He had a lot to say in a split second lol.. we had fun making a reaction video to this!

  54. Colin Drucker

    Colin DruckerHace un día

    J. Cole is that you

  55. rejectedhex

    rejectedhexHace un día


  56. chirpytitian 4238

    chirpytitian 4238Hace un día

    I thiught it was gonna be like the the others when theres the other waiting for there turn to freestyle like in the 2016 one