XXXTENTACION - Royalty (Official Video) (feat. Ky-Mani Marley, Stefflon Don & Vybz Kartel)


  1. Papus Live

    Papus LiveHace 10 horas

    This is bad shit for money ...

  2. Telvin

    TelvinHace 10 horas

    Nobody: ten year old kids: liKe FOr X EGnoR fO dRaKe

  3. Gacha Harhar

    Gacha HarharHace 10 horas

    He’s alive

  4. md jashim

    md jashimHace 10 horas

    I can do the background beat by my beatbox

  5. beserk reaper

    beserk reaperHace 10 horas

    How the hell are all these songs being produced when X is dead????? Quit milking this dude's name and let the man rest in peace. Jesus no wonder people still thinking he's alive..

  6. Pedroca ff

    Pedroca ffHace 11 horas

    Cadê os BR ?

  7. Luis carlos Rodriguez

    Luis carlos RodriguezHace 11 horas


  8. Fafziyad Sparkydude

    Fafziyad SparkydudeHace 11 horas

    I'm a bit lost. How come tentacion still singing (I mean he's dead)? Or I'm wrong,is it someone else?

  9. TrueDevil

    TrueDevilHace 12 horas

    bruh so ppl come here and ask for likes. and then there are some people who randomly come here and say that travils scott drake etc. are better. like bruh. then why are you at this video. are you r;;tarded?

  10. Adel Warad

    Adel WaradHace 12 horas

    (xxx t) i became a fan to late. will go down as legend trust no? like for yes ignore for no!

  11. Adel Warad

    Adel WaradHace 12 horas

    not that i didnt listen to him but since moonlight jeeeez!

  12. J30Z

    J30ZHace 12 horas

    Nobody: Really really really nobody: Xxxtentacion: make music after death

  13. Maddz-LoL

    Maddz-LoLHace 13 horas

    this community is so trash, look at this comments, you guys all want some attention or what, "like :xxx ignore: drake" " i will be here in 2019 2020 2021" " like if you miss x" wtf is wrong with you kids, get friends irl

  14. Dayana Barretoo

    Dayana BarretooHace 13 horas

    3:13 hahaha

  15. E97

    E97Hace 13 horas

    I just can’t believe that he’s dead He’s not right 💔?

  16. ツSplixyy

    ツSplixyyHace 14 horas

    who was here before 100K views

  17. MustafaPUBGM 2

    MustafaPUBGM 2Hace 14 horas

    X you are dead or alien eard your whistle in asong ROYALTE

  18. Odai Najjar

    Odai NajjarHace 14 horas

    The Beat Is inspired By Eminem ft. Lil Wayne - Don't Hurt Me And I Rly Liked The Song

  19. Aries Girl

    Aries GirlHace 14 horas

    I wanna stab xxxtentacion in the neck. Hes so irrelevant and stupid and disgusting. Hes a devil child. Everyone spread awareness✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾


    GUY GAME BLITZHace 15 horas


  21. Jose Diola

    Jose DiolaHace 15 horas

    so XXXTENTACION still allive!!

  22. Рамазан Талиб.05

    Рамазан Талиб.05Hace 15 horas

    Жаль что он RIP

  23. Daniyar Bogdanov

    Daniyar BogdanovHace 16 horas

    someone makes a lot of money on dead xxxtentacion

  24. RoussinPuppy

    RoussinPuppyHace 16 horas

    Like si ewcuchaste LO BUENO

  25. alihekmeet

    alihekmeetHace 16 horas


  26. Itz. 》Jack Hiếu《

    Itz. 》Jack Hiếu《Hace 17 horas

    Waaaaitt......hild THE FUCK UP LIL BITCHES.. IS THAT X'S VOICE?!?!!

  27. Мелиодас Минина

    Мелиодас МининаHace 17 horas

    "They wanna use me for the money"That's what the label is currently doing rn :)

  28. Bella Vedika

    Bella VedikaHace 18 horas

    I didnt understand even 1 word😂


    FRANZYKLOOPHace 18 horas

    Кто Русский?

  30. Bella Vedika

    Bella VedikaHace 18 horas

    This is how many people truly miss x so bad😢😢❤ 👇

  31. Yo Yo

    Yo YoHace 18 horas

    No one X in heaven these fuckers are using me for money😂 R.I.P TO X I LOVE YOU X SO Much

  32. Zero Feather

    Zero FeatherHace 19 horas

    Tentacion where you bro are really dead...


    STATIC DVHace 19 horas


  34. HolyFire Nz taupo

    HolyFire Nz taupoHace 20 horas

    X music trashhhh

  35. moonz_ gacha

    moonz_ gachaHace 20 horas

    Stop please we miss x and now you puting some shit in he's yt channel please just stop it's not okay

  36. Zoe Camarena

    Zoe CamarenaHace 21 un hora

    I hope you Rest In Peace 👇🏻

  37. Ariyan Mobin

    Ariyan MobinHace 21 un hora

    They used his name for money... just.. just... oof

  38. Felipe da Bike

    Felipe da BikeHace 22 horas

    Alguém do Brazil ?

  39. Top Ballaz

    Top BallazHace 22 horas

    I just stop by for Vybz Kartel part 😊👂 OK bye now 😊 👋

  40. Samuell Fernandes

    Samuell FernandesHace 22 horas

    Fico top na batida Stilo funk 👏😎👍

  41. RËD Sur

    RËD SurHace 22 horas

    querem fazer nego famoso com a imagem do 'x' mds queria q estivesse vivo

  42. jottaz1

    jottaz1Hace 23 horas

    I didnt hear di teacha's verse, isnt he on the title of the song

  43. COD Forlife

    COD ForlifeHace 23 horas

    Who the fuck are these ppl cause I’m pretty sure x didn’t know them so why the fuck is they on his song or should I just say his verse at this point?

  44. JustSpiky

    JustSpikyHace 23 horas

    We Love You X


    VENOM BASSHace 23 horas

    LLJ 🖤

  46. TrippyVFX

    TrippyVFXHace un día

    X ain’t dead. He’s just eating shtake at a better ihop.


    XXX TENTACIONHace un día

    Yg komen bahasa inggris semua, jadi nyesel pas sekolah bolos pelajaran bahasa inggris

  48. Gaston Pourciel

    Gaston PourcielHace un día

    wtf is this shit

  49. Krilit Gaming

    Krilit GamingHace un día

    Xx tent is still alive!

  50. Terror _Titan

    Terror _TitanHace un día

    So is he dead? Cuz you can’t make a music vid when your dead

  51. CURLY

    CURLYHace un día

    “Like if you like x” shut the fuck up u motherfuckers bet u didn’t even know him until the news. Fucking fake ass bitches. People these days will do anything to get clout even if they have disrespect a dead one ☝️

  52. Dpr120Lucky Elias

    Dpr120Lucky EliasHace un día


  53. JollyCynical :l

    JollyCynical :lHace un día

    *did you know?* the iphone X was named after jahseh onfroy

  54. Anthony Ranara Ambalong Gomez

    Anthony Ranara Ambalong GomezHace un día


  55. One THICC Spaghet Boi

    One THICC Spaghet BoiHace un día

    daMn i FeLT tHaT

  56. Yeng Camilla

    Yeng CamillaHace un día

    So xxx is alive then?

  57. Luan Henrique

    Luan HenriqueHace un día

    EMPIRE é o nome da produtora de música???

  58. ASAP Dug

    ASAP DugHace un día

    So did xxx make all these songs before he died?

  59. Trasi Stone

    Trasi StoneHace un día

    It’s so sad he died sorry if it makes u sad

  60. Coe Kane

    Coe KaneHace un día

    Man xxx has gotten better since last year

  61. Emanuel player

    Emanuel playerHace un día

    Descanse em paz xxxtentacion você nunca será esquecido do meu coração e do coração dos seus fãs 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 descanse em paz meu ídolo preferido:xxxtentacion (1998-2018)