Worst As Seen On TV Products - RANKED


  1. Giggle Box

    Giggle BoxHace 6 horas

    nothing, and i mean NOTHING feels better than a good cotton swab to the ear

  2. adrian 56

    adrian 56Hace 11 horas

    It even works underwater!!!!

  3. Berk Dikbaş

    Berk DikbaşHace 11 horas

    I think I am in love with Stevie

  4. Ezzboi_01 YT

    Ezzboi_01 YTHace 11 horas

    That is the guy that says hi daddy

  5. Lifeissuck2712

    Lifeissuck2712Hace 13 horas

    The woman in the left looks like Wendy in Gravity Falls

  6. Twinkle Taco

    Twinkle TacoHace 16 horas

    I actually wanted the Wax Vac when it came out...

  7. suga짧고 달다 •

    suga짧고 달다 •Hace 16 horas

    2:25 - 2:34 and 3:11 great choice of words!!

  8. Jocelyn j

    Jocelyn jHace 20 horas

    I think my mom used to have that mask lmaoooo

  9. TomBomb40

    TomBomb40Hace 21 un hora

    The dollar store I work at actually sells that WonderArm thing... it is most certainly a strange item lol.

  10. Doom Arrow619

    Doom Arrow619Hace 22 horas

    Is it just me , or did Jordan *REALLY* try to take the spotlight

  11. Brayden Taylor

    Brayden TaylorHace un día

    3:11 thats what she said

  12. Raymond Jordaan

    Raymond JordaanHace un día

    Just me or is this episode almost a coppy of what dope or nope is

  13. Dwayne Jones

    Dwayne JonesHace 2 días

    Emily is so freaking pretty

  14. Anthony Wayker

    Anthony WaykerHace 2 días

    The one person of color in this pisses me off the most

  15. podycheck

    podycheckHace 2 días


  16. Scrofar

    ScrofarHace 2 días

    The GMCrew are such gems, cracked up a whole bunch throughout this!

  17. Jeff Blaze

    Jeff BlazeHace 2 días

    Oh my gosh... Jason Voorhees had made a guest appearance on the show lolz

  18. James Baney

    James BaneyHace 2 días

    Am I the only one who thinks Rhett looks like Seth Rogan when he puts the mask on?

  19. dratexp

    dratexpHace 2 días

    So uhm Schnitzel is not just chicken and you definitely don‘t eat it with Sauerkraut. Thanks from coming to my ted talk. Austrian out.

  20. SamG

    SamGHace 2 días

    Stevie is so pretty.

  21. the0master200

    the0master200Hace 2 días

    Literally any triceps machine in the gym does that workout. Any pull down for the triceps.

  22. kaponio T

    kaponio THace 2 días

    The way link scanned each of them at the beginning made me giggle

  23. 47 EYES

    47 EYESHace 3 días

    Stevie is so cute :)

  24. 47 EYES

    47 EYESHace 3 días

    Stevie keep her dh

  25. Alex Dibble

    Alex DibbleHace 3 días

    Second item "it could be a good practical joke bzzt gocha right" Rhett "it could be a good torcher device" "oh"

  26. Alex Dibble

    Alex DibbleHace 3 días

    Links comments on the first product are amazing😂😂😂😝😝😝😆😆😆😃😃😃

  27. BUDUCk channel

    BUDUCk channelHace 3 días

    she said shitzel

  28. Tetrafalangarcia Astral

    Tetrafalangarcia AstralHace 3 días

    Last time i see a gmm video was like three and a half years ago, WHAT HAPEND TO LINK'S HAIR?

  29. Camilla Aston

    Camilla AstonHace 3 días

    My grandfather gave my grandmother and in-egg scrambler for Christmas. It was very humiliating for him and everyone involved.😂 😂

  30. Isay

    IsayHace 3 días

    Was Christine ever on Murder with friends? She looks so familiar 🤔

  31. Brenda Balzan

    Brenda BalzanHace 3 días

    Jason!!! Yes!

  32. austinator 888

    austinator 888Hace 3 días

    what about the tiddy bear, best thing ever

  33. dayanna renteria

    dayanna renteriaHace 3 días


  34. Ivan Bracamonte

    Ivan BracamonteHace 3 días

    we need more cotton candy randy, how about cotton candy randy peppermint flavor

  35. Bryan Haraway

    Bryan HarawayHace 3 días

    Jordan and Emily should have a show

  36. OctaFla

    OctaFlaHace 4 días

    Jordan makes me want to break my phone

  37. Amunoodles

    AmunoodlesHace 4 días

    I never knew the blonde girl's name, but shes cute

  38. PasteliBoba

    PasteliBobaHace 4 días

    *_The massage mask looks like Sally’s mask from Sally Face_*

  39. Trumpy Bear

    Trumpy BearHace 4 días

    I want that arm exorcize thing. Haha Damn it they got me.

  40. ThePoetographer Canrite

    ThePoetographer CanriteHace 4 días

    Stevie is stupid cute!

  41. Pallavi Sinha

    Pallavi SinhaHace 4 días

    I love Rhett’s sweatshirts♥️

  42. Ethan W

    Ethan WHace 4 días

    The point of the egg scrambler is not just to scramble eggs, but it puts nsfw thoughts in Stevie’s brain... first the man hears his wife saying “oh yeah” to a vibrating sound, and then the product gets discontinued because they were sharing needles... lol

  43. brian olmstead

    brian olmsteadHace 4 días

    2:27 you’ll understand

  44. Sega Tortoise

    Sega TortoiseHace 4 días

    Wait how old is stevie if she was a kid in the late 80s i thought she was in her 20s

  45. Prakhar Aggarwal

    Prakhar AggarwalHace 4 días

    Hello Clarice.... Tht tht tht tht tht tht tht

  46. Areli & celine

    Areli & celineHace 4 días

    I remember my brother would watch this like three years ago and I thought it was boring now I watch it and my sister thinks it’s boring (for now) 😂😂😂

  47. James  Power

    James PowerHace 4 días

    Is Cotton Candy Randy's son wearing a shirt of his dad?

  48. WafflePafflePikachu TV

    WafflePafflePikachu TVHace 5 días

    Hey I have seen a as seen on ESreporter.

  49. Dustin Winters

    Dustin WintersHace 5 días

    Stevie can make me BUST

  50. ssj rose

    ssj roseHace 5 días

    Kill me but I didn’t know who cotton candy randy was until I seen him and the shirt

  51. Joshua Duplaa

    Joshua DuplaaHace 5 días

    Rhett, link, do yourselves a favor and stop wearing skinny jeans. Poor fashion choice for every man, especially men in their 40’s. Just a suggestion.

  52. Katherine Hague

    Katherine HagueHace 5 días

    I'd donate if I was allowed

  53. ugh life sucks

    ugh life sucksHace 5 días

    h i d a d d i e s

  54. Roxie Danielle Dean

    Roxie Danielle DeanHace 5 días

    The fact that i am watching this episode instead of sleeping speaks volumes to my ESreporter and gmm Addiction...

  55. Mike1614b

    Mike1614bHace 5 días

    that's california right there

  56. HoboJack

    HoboJackHace 5 días

    Not a big fan of the crew

  57. Chilly Willie

    Chilly WillieHace 5 días

    How dare you schnitzel is a thin piece of pork

  58. Joanne A

    Joanne AHace 5 días

    eggs comeoff easily but .... the smeeeeelll

  59. Cheryl Berg

    Cheryl BergHace 5 días

    ha ha@ when rhett says ohhhkay? during the egg scramble segment

  60. Donovan Kulp

    Donovan KulpHace 5 días

    Rhett’s the 10th member of slipknot now

  61. Aj Prigge

    Aj PriggeHace 6 días

    getting some cotton candy Randy vibes from that guy...

  62. EpicestGamer

    EpicestGamerHace 6 días

    is that guy in the middle cotton candy randy?

  63. FreewayKingz

    FreewayKingzHace 6 días

    Christen is hot and I feel like I can pick her up and take her to pound town and then put her in my pocket for later. Also does she have a lisp?

  64. Darth Vincenitus

    Darth VincenitusHace 6 días

    Emily is the best crew member. Bring her on more!

  65. Garrett Norris

    Garrett NorrisHace 6 días


  66. Egg Gaming Pro

    Egg Gaming ProHace 6 días

    ya just let me spend $100 dollars on a boat to go down the rouge river

  67. Jimbo4000

    Jimbo4000Hace 6 días

    why are American eggs white?

  68. Kevin Ramos

    Kevin RamosHace 6 días

    who’s gotta boat!? lmak yoo that had me dying lol

  69. Wolfy 556789

    Wolfy 556789Hace 6 días

    Who else here is watching this at night when it is called good mythical MORNING 😂😂

  70. Star Espeo

    Star EspeoHace 6 días

    That moment when GMM steals a Brian Regan joke

  71. Quinn Brewer

    Quinn BrewerHace 6 días

    Lol when they were doing the Wonder Arms one and all the women kept talking and Cotton Candy Randy (idk his real name, sorry) kept trying to talk but they wouldn't let him

  72. László Balázs Császár

    László Balázs CsászárHace 6 días

    That mask looks like Mike myers' mask

  73. László Balázs Császár

    László Balázs CsászárHace 6 días

    Hi daddies

  74. Will Garrett

    Will GarrettHace 6 días

    I think Christine does not understand anatomy or how muscles work......

  75. Lam0 Lam0

    Lam0 Lam0Hace 6 días

    I will help you with life on the comments section Put a Hyphen both sides and it looks like -this- Do the same with stars and it looks like *this* I don’t know any thing else if you do please reply x

  76. justraedi

    justraediHace 6 días

    i dont like this format, and Jordan is too cringey in my opinion

  77. Bunker Gamer

    Bunker GamerHace 6 días

    2:26 listen with eyes closed

  78. Kimberlee Calbetzer

    Kimberlee CalbetzerHace 6 días

    Hey you like thick arms Jordan? Hmu! 😂😁

  79. FeliciaFancybottom1

    FeliciaFancybottom1Hace 7 días

    "Whose got a boat?"

  80. Hulksmash solo

    Hulksmash soloHace 7 días

    Didnt expect stevie to look like that holy shit

  81. chesterv88

    chesterv88Hace 7 días

    Still devastated to know that Stevie likes girls.

  82. HeyPeeps ImLizzie

    HeyPeeps ImLizzieHace 7 días

    Ok, I'm not trying to be weird, but can I just say that Christine is absolutely beautiful!? Especially when she smiles. 😊

  83. HeyPeeps ImLizzie

    HeyPeeps ImLizzieHace 7 días

    I feel like that arm workout thing would just give me really weird bruises on my forearms. ☹

  84. Sirlie08

    Sirlie08Hace 7 días

    Schnitzel is not made of Chicken! It‘s made of pig meat!

  85. reeder.nick

    reeder.nickHace 7 días

    Emily is the only one of the Mythical Crew that is even halfway entertaining or funny: change my mind


    DATA WINGHace 7 días


  87. Left in The SmokeSD

    Left in The SmokeSDHace 7 días

    the duel hand job trainer. hey whats up it critikal

  88. Emily Hankinson

    Emily HankinsonHace 7 días

    Okay but is there a link for WaxVac thing? I'm looking for one (as a joke gift)!

  89. zhissem

    zhissemHace 7 días

    I like Emily’s teeth 😂

  90. Finlay Hamm

    Finlay HammHace 7 días

    *ass seen on tv*

  91. Harrison Novak

    Harrison NovakHace 7 días

    I got dumped today yayyyyyyyyyy💔😭💔😭💔😭💔😶😤😤😤😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄🖕🖕🖕🖕

  92. Cosmo2727

    Cosmo2727Hace 7 días

    “Don’t invol-“ “Can I get your head in there?” “DON’T INVOLVE”

  93. Liam Whyatt

    Liam WhyattHace 7 días

    He said bojack did he mean bojack horseman

  94. S0larSystemWolf

    S0larSystemWolfHace 7 días

    Is that, cotton candy randy?

  95. Kloud Productions

    Kloud ProductionsHace 7 días

    Rhett: "It could make a good torture device if you put your eye on it" Stevie: "oh" Man that got me good 😂

  96. Anna Rebstock

    Anna RebstockHace 7 días

    Should we leave? 😂😂😂😂

  97. Bence Tóth

    Bence TóthHace 7 días

    3:18 those faces from the ladies :D

  98. Will Brooks

    Will BrooksHace 7 días

    Just close your eyes as you watch the first 3 minutes and 15 seconds of the video

  99. michael howard

    michael howardHace 7 días

    That ear cleaner doesn't work

  100. Haley Wilson

    Haley WilsonHace 7 días

    That mask looks like something from a horror movie!