World's LARGEST JELLO POOL- Can you swim in Jello?


  1. Mark Rober

    Mark RoberHace un mes

    My bucket list is now one item shorter. This was a brutal amount of work but a worthy engineering challenge. MASSIVE thanks to my buddy Devin Super Tramp for filming this so don't get used to this high quality from me. He is a living legend.

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    Jesus loves you!

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    Devin super tramp?? That awesome trampoline basket ball dunk guys??

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    Shoulda ran on it

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    you’re the coolest

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    Wow 21 milion people watched this crap

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    4:40 That sync though...

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    I would fill a pool with a slime and be convinced.

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    Mr beast v2

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    All hail capitalism.

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    You better off spending the time and money on feeding some hungry ppl.

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    I'm 9 and love science!🙂❤️

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    Mom alwys said dont play with ur food

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    it's worth the effort guys 💯❤😂

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    Thousands of pigs are now dead thanks to your pool.

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    So you flew out to Colorado to do this neat

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    Hey i know those mountains!

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    That’s amazing well done at pulling this off👍😀

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    *phineas and ferb left the chat* *Mark rober joined the chat*

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    Easy to boil the pool set it on fire than to cool it by putting an iceberg as big as the Titanic in the pool.

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    4:47 *SmAcK*

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    It's all fun and games until you realize in the end it's just a bunch of kids jumping into a pool of collagen extracted from hundreds of animals by boiling their bones and hides... Belly Flopppppp! Yay!!!!

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    Cuando tienes el dinero puedes aser lo que se te antoje 😎

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    What if you filled a pool with liquid sand

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    4:42 WOW

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    The t rex out fit in the back ground I broke out laughing I subscribed to

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    Does your brother live in Spanish fork?

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    Legenda BR POR FAVOR

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    awesome how many adults wish they could do this!

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    When he brought up a the office reference I was so exited

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    Can you make plasma rocket launcher plz?

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    Awesome 🔥 @Millionarechronicles

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    Wann it toooo

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    I don't have nothing to say. It is just mind blowing boom! Two thumbs up for ur creativity!


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    This is so satisfactory ❤️😏

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    Crap!.. A swear

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    OMG cloudy with a Chance of meatballs movie for real!!!

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    If the sun is in outer space how do we get light on earth but not in space

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    Cool 😁👍👍👍

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    So uhmm how you going to get it back to water mark?

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    I love this ESreporter channel because it is science and learning yet it's really fun

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    when i saw the text in the thumbnail ithought you were spanish lmao

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    you made at least 10k euro from this video.. So worth it..

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    Ur vids are trash jk

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    Where does your brother live's simply amazing

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    Worth every minute of this vid 👌

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    Do an ooblec pool next

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    *”This will make even Phineas and Ferb jealous”* I’m a kid and I watched P+F last night. This honestly makes me laugh

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    Of course little kids had to ruin it

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    My friend is going to vidcon and is excited to meet you

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    I just realized i was smiling the whole vid lmao

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    These kids are damn lucky mannnnn

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    My question is how did they get that out of the pool? Lol

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    いやあー子供たちの楽しそうな 感じ、いいねぇ〜

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    My grandma is your neighbor her last name is stephenson

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    I remember when mark rober went to my school for an assembly about him and his son cam, That made me cry and sense I already loved his videos that was the best experience of my life and I was in the office when you first came in and got greeted by the principle and I said Hi and he said wassup, Omg I was so happy... Thanks for coming to my school :)

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    Now this is good educational content not a character from the bugs life doing makeup😂

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    Pls kill me

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    I'm totally scared to the pool, because it is looks like freezing blood

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    I just graduated in Mechanical Engineering and now, i wanna make a youtube channel. Lol. Damn! you are cool,man!

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    Cool ...that is really fun

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    Why with the t-rex

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    9:56 I literally died of laughter!!! XD

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    whats the story behind the dinosaur 9:50, why are you shaking from what it looks like, frustration?

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    Hi sir Mark, can you make a explanation about the shape of our earth is it Flat as a disc or a globe?.. Please! Im begging you to make this kind of video about the true shape.

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    Mark Rober: Choose between swimming and eating The kids: Yes! P.S. I know the gelatin's already inedible 😆

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    I have a question tho can you walk on it?

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