World Record Edition | Dude Perfect


  1. Mike Salvati

    Mike SalvatiHace 11 horas

    Them: make and break every Guinness world record Me: can even make a basket !

  2. Arsen Batorov

    Arsen BatorovHace 11 horas


  3. Kaarthiek Lamrod

    Kaarthiek LamrodHace 12 horas

    Me also tried this shot 6:52 overjoyed and jump from the building!

  4. İstanbul Beyefendisi

    İstanbul BeyefendisiHace 13 horas

    Bu adamların gusül abdestinin tarifini istiyorum

  5. Henry Malcolm

    Henry MalcolmHace 13 horas

    Imagine they did 6:41 and forgot to press the record button.

  6. TheCoolCream

    TheCoolCreamHace 14 horas

    I could break no records

  7. Daron Kong

    Daron KongHace 15 horas

    ESreporter recommendations and all of these already got defeated

  8. book gamers

    book gamersHace 16 horas


  9. EL MARK

    EL MARKHace 17 horas

    Ive been watching this guys on tv, online. This guys are awesome. Like ohhhh! How did they do that? Unbelievable.

  10. Béla Urbán

    Béla UrbánHace 18 horas

    How many shots did it take .?

  11. CraGuy

    CraGuyHace 18 horas

    The ball-can I get a certificate for breaking so many records??

  12. Marvin Lin

    Marvin LinHace 19 horas

    2019 nobody- 2050 dude perfect- world record for most world records

  13. Renzo Buratti

    Renzo BurattiHace 21 un hora

    Estan loocoooo

  14. ii_Raptor_ii

    ii_Raptor_iiHace 21 un hora

    I don’t get it they always make their shots and never miss I mean that has to be their like 172 try to get the one on the tower

  15. TheGiant28

    TheGiant28Hace 21 un hora

    Did anyone notice that not a single one of them highfived Michael when he was offering high fives

  16. tshudy cole

    tshudy coleHace 23 horas


  17. Abdullah saeed

    Abdullah saeedHace un día

    I really don't believe that they did it real.

  18. raunel lopez

    raunel lopezHace un día

    Attempt 102,0390,478 ......

  19. Jordan Shoshan

    Jordan ShoshanHace un día

    NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!!!!!!! 5:57

  20. TsundaWelah Gaming

    TsundaWelah GamingHace un día

    Sick people

  21. Gab Azuki

    Gab AzukiHace un día


  22. Swathi Noolla

    Swathi NoollaHace un día

    I can give you a Makbook pro

  23. Кирилл Нескажу

    Кирилл НескажуHace un día

    Кто русский лайк

  24. Charlotte Derichsweiler

    Charlotte DerichsweilerHace un día


  25. Abdallah Laimeche

    Abdallah LaimecheHace un día


  26. rstraw83

    rstraw83Hace un día


  27. Landon DeReis

    Landon DeReisHace un día

    No hate but it’s funny that the twins can make trick shots but they can’t win battles

  28. Jennifer Litz

    Jennifer LitzHace un día

    How long does it take to do all of this

  29. Salvador Itaas

    Salvador ItaasHace un día


  30. Brendan Advincula

    Brendan AdvinculaHace un día

    You just see the ball falling down and it passes ur window

  31. Brendan Advincula

    Brendan AdvinculaHace un día

    Is that the same certificate

  32. AbCd 98

    AbCd 98Hace un día

    The world record certificate guy is a paid actor

  33. DOFIBAM games

    DOFIBAM gamesHace un día

    How ain’t that ball a paid actor...??

  34. Tom G

    Tom GHace un día

    This is how long the video took 👇

  35. That Derp Is Awesome

    That Derp Is AwesomeHace 9 horas

    Minutes, hours, days? Please specify.


    CLEF DOUDOUHace un día

    Think is fake😤😤

  37. Richard Naiman

    Richard NaimanHace un día

    So much CGI

  38. Fabinho Alexandre

    Fabinho AlexandreHace un día

    mano os cara é cagado pra porra

  39. Richcardee Julmiste

    Richcardee JulmisteHace 2 días


  40. Roger House

    Roger HouseHace 2 días

    Es impresionante

  41. kraizy NOBi

    kraizy NOBiHace 2 días

    never see 100 million views on any channel video this amaze you. 100 million views😯😯😮🤩

  42. Naomi Johnson

    Naomi JohnsonHace 2 días

    I feel like this takes them like 100 tries to finally get the world record

  43. Torin Lysogorski

    Torin LysogorskiHace 2 días


  44. Devon sampano

    Devon sampanoHace 2 días

    Just amazing.

  45. Lucas Saa

    Lucas SaaHace 3 días

    Yo no acesto ni con las manos y el encesta a la primera con la cabeza

  46. zombabeger

    zombabegerHace 3 días

    This team had successfully develop their 6 sense.... and great muscle memory.....

  47. El Ninja

    El NinjaHace 3 días


  48. Herycles Campos

    Herycles CamposHace 3 días

    No way... WTF

  49. Finley maxwell

    Finley maxwellHace 3 días

    Who else is watching this whilst being alive

  50. That Derp Is Awesome

    That Derp Is AwesomeHace 9 horas


  51. Luka Diaz

    Luka DiazHace 3 días

    El men que tenía el anterior récord ._.

  52. 100 subscribers without any video

    100 subscribers without any videoHace 3 días

    Man are u serious how can anyone do all these ???😰😰😵😵😵

  53. 100 subscribers without any video

    100 subscribers without any videoHace 19 horas

    @Canada Eh? still better than you

  54. Canada Eh?

    Canada Eh?Hace 23 horas

    100 subscribers without any video Skill.

  55. Jhames Sicsic

    Jhames SicsicHace 3 días

    No one: ESreporter: recommends in 2019

  56. Corner Twister

    Corner TwisterHace 3 días

    Jhames Sicsic I mean I saw it when it was realeased but yeah It keeps popping up in my recommended :T

  57. Saman Ywjajioaseen

    Saman YwjajioaseenHace 3 días

    Make a video on breaking most world record in a day ¯\_༼ ಥ ‿ ಥ ༽_/¯

  58. Naveen Prime

    Naveen PrimeHace 3 días

    Do these guys hack the real world?? 🤔🤔🤔

  59. anson ma

    anson maHace 3 días

    you guys should plaY NBA

  60. Swathi Noolla

    Swathi NoollaHace 3 días

    Thanks for the vid

  61. HC Y

    HC YHace 3 días

    Hey!! There must be a superhuman with telekinesis in the team🕵️‍♂️ 🧐

  62. FaTe _Bucky

    FaTe _BuckyHace 3 días

    how do these dudes even hit these shots!?


    ABDUL NTABALEZIHace 3 días

    Projectile motion 😎

  64. Kii Beng

    Kii BengHace 3 días

    so AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!😰😰😰😰😰😰😰

  65. Nos16_13 Wanted

    Nos16_13 WantedHace 3 días

    Jump! Lol 😂