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  1. Aman Singh

    Aman SinghHace 37 minutos

    I think they are excellent in parabola maths

  2. KSCP wu bear wu Wu Bear Tyler

    KSCP wu bear wu Wu Bear TylerHace un hora

    8:09 you died

  3. Gabrielle Emelo

    Gabrielle EmeloHace 3 horas

    NBA players left the chat

  4. game killer

    game killerHace 3 horas

    Сколько искал русских не нашёл

  5. Mohamad Hassan

    Mohamad HassanHace 4 horas

    في عربي غيري يضغط لايك💞😂

  6. Mohamad Hassan

    Mohamad HassanHace 4 horas

    في عربي غيري يضغط لايك💞😂

  7. Roman Rodriguez II

    Roman Rodriguez IIHace 5 horas

    I got a tour like thing add from you guys before this video.

  8. Shane D

    Shane DHace 7 horas

    They were so rude to Michael I genuinely felt bad for him

  9. Ujjwal Debnath

    Ujjwal DebnathHace 8 horas

    This guys are amazing💕😍 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤑👍👍🤛🤜

  10. erresa monah

    erresa monahHace 8 horas

    Love this song and have seen this video so many times

  11. Doge

    DogeHace un hora

    Now I know why it has 97 mill views

  12. Diferben Kasper

    Diferben KasperHace 8 horas

    Кто русский?

  13. highskill l

    highskill lHace 8 horas

    Where he took a list of wr? From?

  14. Tomáš Švantner

    Tomáš ŠvantnerHace 10 horas

    I Kinda feel like its fake

  15. Dantae Casini

    Dantae CasiniHace 10 horas

    Michael looks like the guy from despicable me 3

  16. Dennis Anderson

    Dennis AndersonHace 11 horas

    6:50 if I would have made that shot i would definitely jump from that tower to celebrate.

  17. TSM Cheats

    TSM CheatsHace 12 horas

    Nice premier pro

  18. Mateusz Walewski

    Mateusz WalewskiHace 12 horas

    you guys probably triggered 11 people in one video

  19. Anik Islam Fah

    Anik Islam FahHace 12 horas

    This a paranormal activity

  20. Nowee 1000

    Nowee 1000Hace 13 horas

    6:45 How Ridiculous beat that in the dam

  21. Жасур Ахмаджанов

    Жасур АхмаджановHace 14 horas


  22. Eternity

    EternityHace 14 horas

    Love how none of the guys accepted a handshake from the guy from Guinness.

  23. Hamster

    HamsterHace 14 horas

    I have 5 meters don't get


    TOM MEMEZ JERRY MEMEZHace 15 horas

    People that dis like this vid is Not Perfect🤣

  25. fio 2fi

    fio 2fiHace 16 horas

    Lol at 357 the record they got was for the most number of half court shots in one minute

  26. Martabak Mie

    Martabak MieHace 16 horas

    6:17 ok ok 🙃

  27. Piotr Sawicki

    Piotr SawickiHace 17 horas

    New Globetrotters

  28. Truong Nguyen

    Truong NguyenHace 17 horas


  29. Subhan Shaikh

    Subhan ShaikhHace 18 horas

    I'm watching this in 2019 for like the 30th time, how high would the ball have bounced if it missed the hoop

  30. Безумный Джокер

    Безумный ДжокерHace 18 horas


  31. Yuri Habbiling

    Yuri HabbilingHace 19 horas

    Are they better than Stephen Curry in basketball

  32. ugr trt

    ugr trtHace 20 horas

    Ip var

  33. ジョマイ

    ジョマイHace 20 horas


  34. Санжар Есенов

    Санжар ЕсеновHace 22 horas

    No way perfect 😱😱

  35. diya scouting

    diya scoutingHace un día

    So perfect😎

  36. Prince Garg

    Prince GargHace un día

    The struggle behind this clean scenes is huge mess

  37. 10,000 subs with out a video Goal

    10,000 subs with out a video GoalHace un día


  38. PK

    PKHace un día

    How many shots does it take to do it perfectly!!

  39. Jimmy Hu

    Jimmy HuHace un día

    Imagine if that guy was faking to be the Guinness world records guy

  40. 23bostel

    23bostelHace un día

    I think I could beat your highest shot record of 520 feet I've been all the way up to 1000ft

  41. Brandon McC

    Brandon McCHace un día

    The world record I can beat is the longest time to take to eat a bagel.

  42. Skr 970710

    Skr 970710Hace un día

    So skr

  43. Brooksie

    BrooksieHace un día

    ESreporter is recommending this now so it can get to 1 billion views

  44. esdras alvires

    esdras alviresHace un día

    all false in the sense that surely made the repetitions that were necessary until it came out and at the end from the building if false it is not possible that from so high the ball to reach the ring was still side by side the gravity in a certain point makes the ball go straight down and not on the side. FALSE....

  45. Crowns Gaming

    Crowns GamingHace un día

    Plot twist:They all got the same world record certificate lol


    SILVER KIDHace un día


  47. SMILE

    SMILEHace un día

    LES FRANÇAIS SONT LÀ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. LastBacon

    LastBaconHace un día

    ur world records go beat my mrbeast

  49. North10

    North10Hace un día

    Dude perfect is perfect in level 999999999999.9999%

  50. Leon Han

    Leon HanHace un día

    Breaking World Records *_Sponsored by Ruffles_*

  51. EFFOR TM

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