Why Your Foundation Routine SUCKS! Or Won't Last All Day | Jackie Aina


  1. Eccron Nieves

    Eccron NievesHace 3 días

    I guess I have an unpopular opinion buutttt.....I dont think she's funny at all. She's actually a little annoying,I never watched her but decided to see what all the fuss was about 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️Just my opinion tho,so y'all dont come at me

  2. Sami Hess

    Sami HessHace 4 días

    She didn’t add her powder on her primer. I wonder if it’s because of the type of foundation?? Like, does it not work as well with stick foundation?

  3. christina moody

    christina moodyHace 5 días


  4. Maj ZoZo

    Maj ZoZoHace 6 días

    you're too funny lol

  5. Kelly Quintero

    Kelly QuinteroHace 7 días


  6. Aisha

    AishaHace 9 días

    “I’m not talking to you today, Jennifer from HR. In fact, I’m going to your boss and reporting you” LMAO

  7. Ifeoluwa Senfuye

    Ifeoluwa SenfuyeHace 10 días

    Finally joined the Jackie aina Family😍

  8. Melanie gorniak

    Melanie gorniakHace 10 días

    Nothing would make me happier than putting my face in your hands with products and brushes. It’s so refreshing to have found someone I really like to watch. I only had 3 others I like to watch now I can binge for at least a month before I catch up to current videos. This is all I do on bad days when I can’t move around without wanting to cry.

  9. Melanie gorniak

    Melanie gorniakHace 10 días

    How did I just start watching you literally just today, you are freaking soooo talented and frick you’re hilarious 😂. You’ve had me laughing all day and I could definitely use some laughter in my sad sick life. I’ve learned a lot just today from you I don’t have a cone zone I have a huge beach ball zone , my face is extremely round I don’t even know where to try and start to thin my face out a bit .

  10. Felicia Miller

    Felicia MillerHace 10 días

    Were did you get that brush you used to put highlighter on your face

  11. Ms V

    Ms VHace 15 días

    William Shakespeare..🤦🏾‍♀️😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  12. Chasni H.

    Chasni H.Hace 16 días

    Lmfaoooo you are so funny I love you

  13. 6ixx Winters

    6ixx WintersHace 16 días

    Im so mad Im just now watching this vid 😡 this look was EVERYTHING!!! 😩😍

  14. hana a

    hana aHace 16 días

    you never going to catch me with eye bags again thank you jackie !!!!!

  15. Kyna Boone

    Kyna BooneHace 17 días

    I love you girl. I learned how to color correct from you & so much more 💋💋💋

  16. Nikki Hancock

    Nikki HancockHace 17 días

    I did NOT have time to watch this whole video today but I can NEVERRRR stop once i've started...you are sooooo entertaining!xx

  17. Elisa Jackson

    Elisa JacksonHace 18 días


  18. ThatsAlly

    ThatsAllyHace 20 días

    Why do I feel the need to get some nice cool mint nails okkkkk

  19. Melissa Thomas

    Melissa ThomasHace 20 días

    Watching your make up videos these pass couple months have literally elevated me! Thank you 👏🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾

  20. SimplyCurly

    SimplyCurlyHace 21 un día

    Your personality is BOMB ! PERIODTTTTTTTTT ! I’m a forever fan now after watching a few videos ! 💕

  21. Veronica Chandler

    Veronica ChandlerHace 22 días

    Like, you need a reality show....FOR REAL

  22. J Loveley

    J LoveleyHace 24 días

    Your makeup is flawless every time! Let me watch another one before I put on my makeup today.

  23. Anja Guillory

    Anja GuilloryHace 25 días

    Girl your editing is absolute LIFE XDD

  24. Farrah Paris

    Farrah ParisHace 27 días

    So I recently lightened my buzzcut yellowish blonde and I've been plagued with how I'm going to match my eyebrow color with my hair (because I personally do not like the look of lighter hair and really dark brows on myself) and the tip you gave us about putting a lighter brow gel to set the brows was a MAJOR KEY!!!! You got all the tips and trick!

  25. Foxy Cinnamon

    Foxy CinnamonHace 28 días

    I love that this is her "every day" look...oh girl! WITH the lashes! YES.

  26. Julie Meloche

    Julie MelocheHace 28 días

    wait when she opened her eye cream and that white lid was still on....youre supposed to keep those on????

  27. Julie Lopez

    Julie LopezHace 28 días

    "Sometimes I'll even go full Caucasian." LMFAO

  28. Victoria Diaz

    Victoria DiazHace 29 días

    So in her recent videos she puts the powder down to set her primer and here she doesn’t 🤔 which is the right way?!! 😫😫 side note, does anyone know if a translucent would work to set the primer or does it have to have a slight color?

  29. Jackie Aina

    Jackie AinaHace 28 días

    there’s no right way just do what works for you lol

  30. Nobuhle Zimu

    Nobuhle ZimuHace un mes

    Love you

  31. Kathy Rivera

    Kathy RiveraHace un mes

    What is your color concealer Jackie

  32. Astra Iheukumere

    Astra IheukumereHace un mes

    Thanks Jackie! Can you do a video on a 15 to 20 minute face? I want to improve my face application for work, but generally have only 15 to 20 minutes to apply after working out and showering

  33. Jaelyn Aaron

    Jaelyn AaronHace un mes

    *foundations is a different story*

  34. Michelle

    MichelleHace un mes

    You are so funny! Beautiful

  35. Shanice YourCatsBestFriend

    Shanice YourCatsBestFriendHace un mes

    Lmfaooo Jackie. IDC what they say, I love you. 🤣

  36. carmay3600

    carmay3600Hace un mes

    7:11 It so definitely happens!! lol

  37. BeeTheVocalist

    BeeTheVocalistHace un mes

    GIIIIIRRRRRLLLLL it just amazes me how you KILL it EVERY . SINGLE. TIME!!!!!!! Yeeeessss!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  38. 823K

    823KHace un mes

    I too have a “fake beard” but when I wear makeup it like you can see the tiny hair follicles. How do you avoid this problem?

  39. Uncle Eddie

    Uncle EddieHace un mes

    Jackie, My Favorite Brush For Foundation Is: The Elf Blush Brush.

  40. Alyssa King

    Alyssa KingHace un mes

    You givin me business vibes up in here. Bout to come in late and tell them their contract ain’t good enough😂

  41. Pam411 P

    Pam411 PHace un mes

    You are funny🤣🤣😂😅😅😆

  42. AriWonder

    AriWonderHace un mes

    We don’t deserve you, Jackie.

  43. Hasiyna Fall

    Hasiyna FallHace un mes

    I need a robe link...lol...and lingerie that flatters brown skin

  44. Maria m

    Maria mHace un mes

    Correct me if I'm wrong, as far as I know you should use SPF at last because it acts as a sheild on your face and won't let your other skincare products absorb to your skin!

  45. Shae B.

    Shae B.Hace un mes

    Is this like a 30 min look Jackie ?

  46. Dazzling Nisha

    Dazzling NishaHace un mes

    Wow beautiful 😘

  47. Zev Dragonwolf

    Zev DragonwolfHace un mes

    Yeh I used to do nearly that many steps of make up before work each day - and the other women would say passive aggressive things about me, and these days I am diagnosed with borderline personality disorder so no wonder nobody has ever liked me, I tried to follow the trends but all it ever got me was haters and comments like 'you think your so good' ... These make up looks should only be for going out and special occasions, because when you start to get expected to do it everyday and you can't keep up with it or people make fun of you for it, all it does is cause stress and insecurity.. these days I don't even wear make up anymore. I wish everyone could just embrace their natural ugliness and stop trying to be something they are not. Your make up looks good Jackie though don't get me wrong I just wish we lived in a world where people stop perpetuating these unrealistic expectations...

  48. champayne marte

    champayne marteHace un mes

    “I don’t want it engraved in my DNA” 😂😂

  49. Karen Tinley

    Karen TinleyHace un mes

    Ok....U are hilarious!!! Loved this video. Bell Rung!

  50. ElleEstMimi

    ElleEstMimiHace un mes

    I just learned so much

  51. Valerie Carder

    Valerie CarderHace un mes

    “What in the Blink-182 is goin on outside my damn apartment” 😂🤣♥️

  52. Qiana Mays

    Qiana MaysHace un mes

    I can’t...Jackie is just too funny 😂😂😂

  53. bre Roberts

    bre RobertsHace un mes

    She's nuts and I'm here for all of it I'm the same way when I do my makeup I gotta play around listen to music and hype myself up 😂😂😂

  54. Kynyatta Callandret

    Kynyatta CallandretHace 2 meses

    This video was so funny😂😂

  55. Hawa Elmi

    Hawa ElmiHace 2 meses

    😂😭😭❤️ I love you sis

  56. Amanda Gaudin

    Amanda GaudinHace 2 meses

    As always you never cease to amaze

  57. s a

    s aHace 2 meses


  58. Ariel Harris

    Ariel HarrisHace 2 meses

    BEAT !!!

  59. temika mitchell

    temika mitchellHace 2 meses

    Where did you get you head scarf

  60. Mary Agim

    Mary AgimHace 2 meses

    This look is really a boom💥😍😍

  61. Ms. Lebanon

    Ms. LebanonHace 2 meses

    *jackie jackie jackie jackie - jackie jackie* _okay queen little too exited_