Why People Freaked Out On Belle Delphine, Dr. Lupo, Bitcoin, & Why Shocking Turkey Election Matters


  1. Philip DeFranco

    Philip DeFrancoHace 22 días

    Happy Monday! Hit that like button or, well, you know ;) Belle Delphine (00:16), DrLupo (2:10), Bitcoin Spike (3:24), TIA (4:44), Istanbul Election (6:49)

  2. christyne twd

    christyne twdHace 17 días

    Thank you for the time stamps :D

  3. Alex leBlanc

    Alex leBlancHace 21 un día

    Racist phill struggling to stay relevant on ESreporter. A lot his subs left him because he helped spread mis-information About Hilary Clinton...which in a weird kind of way help shade a nice few votes to help racist donald get elected. That poor basta*rd who drowned with his little girl trying to cross the river so heart breaking ... Phill you're part of the blame .... you're literally responsible for their death. wow.

  4. SoCohamp00

    SoCohamp00Hace 21 un día

    You a deception and I don't even know if you know it you poor mofo most likely you do though

  5. Tom Jenkins

    Tom JenkinsHace 21 un día

    Ms Belle performed a MOST EXCELLENT TROLL...well done. People who would NOT listen to her, fell for this. *Applause*

  6. gonsalo hernandez

    gonsalo hernandezHace 21 un día


  7. WILL

    WILLHace 5 días

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  8. Allan Sylvia

    Allan SylviaHace 6 días

    BitCoin and all Cryptocurrencies are imaginary money. You might as well start investing in Seashells you find on the beach, because at least that is a physical medium.

  9. Try Me

    Try MeHace 11 días

    No I was actually choked multiple times as a kid so I have ptsd. I’m not kidding like fr. If someone says they’re into rough sex I stop talking to them

  10. steve johnson

    steve johnsonHace 13 días

    11:53 Hmm that sounds somewhat familiar but I can't remember where right now hmmm Hmmmm

  11. jelaninoel

    jelaninoelHace 13 días

    That pink haired bitch sold out her bath water to those incels

  12. CM

    CMHace 13 días

    She is disgusting and is just a nod to everything wrong with modern society.

  13. Samantha Jeanne

    Samantha JeanneHace 13 días

    I thought Twitter was banned in Turkey

  14. Can I have 1000 subs without posting any videos?

    Can I have 1000 subs without posting any videos?Hace 13 días

    Nah, ESreporter was for a short while, but not Twitter(as far as I know, I only started using Twitter last year)

  15. polar bears are cute

    polar bears are cuteHace 14 días

    Turkish politics never cease to be fun

  16. Hecksum311

    Hecksum311Hace 15 días

    Since it wasn't mentioned here (in case anyone finds this comment after all this time) Summer Games Done Quick also ran from June 23 - 30, by the end of the event they raised $3 million for MSF (Doctors Without Borders)

  17. heartgirl40

    heartgirl40Hace 15 días

    Phil, I love you but you REALLY need to hire someone to proof your copy for pronunciation. the word is ahn-kuh-ra with the emphasis on the first syllable

  18. OMT 1914

    OMT 1914Hace 16 días

    Dont threaten your loyal fans with such naughty things, not fair.

  19. Aranith23

    Aranith23Hace 16 días

    Surprised you didn't talk about agdq they raised 3mil for doctors without borders. Take a look into it !

  20. Messiah Gray

    Messiah GrayHace 16 días

    *Belle Delphine pulled The Biggest Finesse of All Time*

  21. Messiah Gray

    Messiah GrayHace 16 días

    PornHub actually responded lol, I didn't even know that

  22. Alice Blacc

    Alice BlaccHace 16 días

    This intro and belle Delphine? Thank you Phil. Doing the gods works

  23. xXSamhaiXx

    xXSamhaiXxHace 17 días

    Okay but everybody getting mad about that porn troll, but no one about the fact that she uploaded a video of herself playing with an dead animal for a day. Like are we all just ignoring that she did that?

  24. Bubblitea

    BubbliteaHace 17 días

    I'm gonna buy Libra when it comes out because I'm a libra and if I don't support myself then who will???

  25. Ulises Crespo

    Ulises CrespoHace 17 días

    I'd do the very same thing man it's too hard not to

  26. Austin wolak

    Austin wolakHace 17 días

    I havent seen your channel in about a year, but the thumbnail topic addition is so good! Well done man! I love it.

  27. LightninBoltzaGlowin

    LightninBoltzaGlowinHace 17 días

    This is so dumb. She already had nudes and people already uploaded them to their pornhub accounts. She trolled on this one, doesn't mean her nudes aren't out there

  28. Terkel Algevind

    Terkel AlgevindHace 17 días

    Hope you have been filled in. Your time is over lol. :P

  29. Joanna

    JoannaHace 17 días

    bunch of nobodies ahahhahaha

  30. less kiss

    less kissHace 17 días

    I cringed every time you Ankara lol. It's ON-kar-uh

  31. Need you now

    Need you nowHace 18 días

    I cringed every time you Ankara lol. It's ON-kar-uh

  32. Kitty Bright

    Kitty BrightHace 18 días

    Missed this video cause I was sick, came back because I was curious about the Delphine story and I'm not disappointed 😂 Nice change to the intro as well

  33. Cassie

    CassieHace 18 días

    was really looking forward to her spilling the beans on all of your bad And humorous habits. 😄 This beautiful bastard is sending love from Kingston, Ontario, Canada.❤️️

  34. Ray Stull

    Ray StullHace 18 días

    "she made an account, she didn't lie. She posted vids on the p0rn site, she didn't lie. She never said the videos were going to be p0rnographic, she didn't lie" are you all children? Lol. You're so dead set on defending this scammer it's sad. Everyone knows what she was implying. You call the people who felt they were lied to pathetic, but look at yourselves. Defending a woman that's gaining internet fame by decieving her followers, and the defense you guys give her is equivalent to a five year old putting a finger in your face saying "I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you"

  35. Patrick D

    Patrick DHace 18 días

    Come on ya’ll ... only 942,000 more likes and we got a new pornhub account, we need this in the world. :)

  36. wal uigi

    wal uigiHace 18 días

    not angry.... disappointed.

  37. WaffleSSSSSPLUS

    WaffleSSSSSPLUSHace 18 días

    belle is a genius

  38. Leopard Bra Brado

    Leopard Bra BradoHace 18 días

    I don’t know who that chick is but she is my hero now

  39. BootsDotEXE

    BootsDotEXEHace 18 días

    Belle Delphine is known for being a tease, I mean she's the embodiment of an e-girl, it's what makes her popular and funny (in my opinion that is, I find her cute and her videos humorous despite being sexual lol). The fans that were genuinely angry were the young, naive horny teens who follow her purely for some JO material. The whole situation was hilarious, lol.

  40. Robot Zombie

    Robot ZombieHace 19 días

    Damn belle is a shameless slut😂 I wish i was as careless as she is

  41. Otto Mutant

    Otto MutantHace 19 días

    *=_= Refresh In Turkey... !!! 🇹🇷*

  42. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce MissHace 19 días

    OMG XD I love belle delphine so i think it was funny XD

  43. Courtney Vermoens

    Courtney VermoensHace 19 días

    [Dear Mister DeFranco. Your behavior has been found offensive, and we have cut you off from your Libra wallet for 90 days.] ^ Why BitCoin is rising.

  44. Sparta Batallion

    Sparta BatallionHace 19 días

    Philip lookin chubby

  45. Elke Vermeulen

    Elke VermeulenHace 19 días

    If this is the kind of talk that entices your audience to LIKE your videos, you’re feeding that kind of mentality.You’re creating a sort of audience you will regret in the end. Ask Asmongold, a wowstreamer who created a toxic audience too and is now stuck with the consequences. Good luck with that.

  46. Slack O'Lantern

    Slack O'LanternHace 19 días

    "where at Istanbul which until recently" WAS CONSTANTINOPLE NOW IT'S ISTANBUL

  47. Annabelle Kimura

    Annabelle KimuraHace 19 días

    Belle Delphine purposefully caters to pedos which is beyond gross, but this troll is awesome and even I have to give her props for it 😂

  48. zindi1138

    zindi1138Hace 19 días

    bunch of nobodies ahahhahaha

  49. mike albers

    mike albersHace 19 días

    I cringed every time you Ankara lol. It's ON-kar-uh

  50. JayPop NYC

    JayPop NYCHace 19 días

    Dammit!! I got so excited by the thought of Phil choking me and then he had to ruin by saying “not in that way”... lmmfao

  51. Rock girl

    Rock girlHace 19 días

    was really looking forward to her spilling the beans on all of your bad And humorous habits. 😄 This beautiful bastard is sending love from Kingston, Ontario, Canada.❤️️

  52. KizzaMarie

    KizzaMarieHace 19 días

    The whole belle delphine story...Davie504 did it better just saying

  53. Aviator

    AviatorHace 19 días

    Top troll of 2019 so far.

  54. Alex Sanchez

    Alex SanchezHace 19 días

    I’m angry because I didn’t get to see the tities

  55. Casey Gunn

    Casey GunnHace 19 días

    Why did my dumb ass assume that "Shocking Turkey Election" in the title meant we were going to be talking about some backwoods city that elected a turkey to a political office. God damn it.

  56. Justin Mason

    Justin MasonHace 19 días

    Angry I wanted nudes to jack off too.