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  1. Louis Melahn

    Louis MelahnHace 2 horas

    California is showing the classic Laffer effect. The tax *rates* are so high that it cannot collect any more *revenue* by raising rates. As for the homeless crisis, it might have been good to mention that California has just made it worse by expanding rent controls, which inevitably lead to loss of housing stock in the long run.

  2. TinckedGlass

    TinckedGlassHace 4 horas

    Keep voting Left and it will get worse

  3. Raven Blackheart

    Raven BlackheartHace 4 horas

    NO! Taxes are not intended for sick children and elderly people, they are intended to fund the operation of the government. I note that you failed to mention the expense California experiences due to the high number of criminal aliens residing within that sanctuary state for whom they fund numerous public services including education and healthcare. It’s ironic that you seem to praise California’s progressivism even though progressivism is probably most of what has led to California’s financial problems.

  4. Red Maple

    Red MapleHace 5 horas


  5. vjhicks

    vjhicksHace 6 horas

    Having been born in California and now living in Texas. Regarding taxes. Yes overall taxes are lower in Texas but it’s not that simple. Texas is far more regressive. Yes California has an income tax, but Texas makes up for it with much higher the property taxes and sales taxes. The money has to come from somewhere. Also pretty much every new highway being built in Texas is a toll road, where non toll roads fall behind in maintenance. So increasingly the only practical way to get to work can require LOTS in tolls. A hidden tax that higher earners may not think about, but keeps lower income folks behind. So where I think upper middle class and higher individuals in Texas don’t really feel it, if you are lower class you do feel it.

  6. TheMilpitasguy

    TheMilpitasguyHace 8 horas

    LOL CA is not broke. This is some fantasy in your head. It has layers and layers of value-add businesses IN OTHER COUNTRIES, hahaha

  7. Taxi Rob

    Taxi RobHace 12 horas

    You're pretty ridiculous for talking about anarchists as if they're a thing, I think you must have got that from Breitbart or Newsmax. Who are, coincidentally, promoters of anarchism.

  8. Taxi Rob

    Taxi RobHace 13 horas

    Taxes are only a problem if you're rich in California, or at the very least, "upper" middle class (i.e. more than 5 but less than 7 figure incomes.) You're absolutely right about the Democrats not doing a goddamned thing about any of our problems, they just want to move from the city and county governments to the Legislature as if they've earned some kind of promotion just for existing. We are building housing, though, and there is plenty of vacant housing, and if you don't believe me you can check the HUD figures on the St Louis Federal Reserve FRED website. The problem is that none of it is affordable, and it's happening in other cities, too. We are heading the same direction as China as far as occupancy but it's not the citizens who own all the surplus housing, it's investors.

  9. Ezra Santos

    Ezra SantosHace 16 horas

    Who wrote this? it's so full of holes in logic and argumentation and lacking in accuracy, really below the usual standard for VisualPolitilk.

  10. Richard McCaig

    Richard McCaigHace 20 horas

    Where did you get your shirt??

  11. Edward Vasquez

    Edward VasquezHace 22 horas

    Texas and Florida are the punchline to many jokes. Hollywood and Silicon Valley don't pay it's taxes. They pay their fair share things would be better in Cali.

  12. olderthangranite

    olderthangraniteHace un día

    Every State should have a bullet train, to deliver cabbage.

  13. thegrandfinale2

    thegrandfinale2Hace un día

    Because California is run by stupid inept idiots.

  14. Jason Fields

    Jason FieldsHace un día

    The ideal California to the super rich or even relatively affluent that live there is a 2 class system where they are at the top and everyone else works for X Dollars per hour and makes just enough to survive and buy their overpriced tech.

  15. shadow wnderer

    shadow wndererHace un día

    14:02 "In 2018 almost 700 Californians left California." You meant almost 700.000 I would assume, as later you specify 690.000...

  16. DevilDude912

    DevilDude912Hace un día

    As someone who lives in the bay area I'd point out that you're correct about the homeless issue but you're blowing the 'radicalism' part way out of proportion, it's not like some places in europe where it happens on a daily or weekly basis, it happened literally once or twice a couple years ago, any reports of this stuff still going on are literal fake news.

  17. Gary Stavropoulos

    Gary StavropoulosHace un día

    4:25 to answer your question, no the sole purpose of a government is to protect the rights of the citizens.

  18. Russell westGoat

    Russell westGoatHace 2 días

    13% in Cali, I pay 42% income tax in London 😭

  19. minekpista

    minekpistaHace 21 un hora

    The diversity and cultural enrichment is expensive. Be safe!

  20. wakabambam21

    wakabambam21Hace 2 días

    Please do one for New York State.

  21. Adam Skinner

    Adam SkinnerHace 2 días

    The lack of understanding of neo liberalism makes my brain hurt to read these comments

  22. Christie

    ChristieHace 2 días

    Bullshit alert!!! California just like all other states just shows a deficit. That way the federal government sends them billions. It’s all just a big soap opera for stupid people. Every average working American pays a combined 67% tax rate.

  23. Ashen One From China

    Ashen One From ChinaHace 2 días

    Los Santos, looks so familiar

  24. Tony Lam

    Tony LamHace 2 días

    Will the state spend responsibly you asked, you mean for the Democrats to care about the people ? Well just look at other states with Democrats in power for decades, not a chance. This party just wanted to be in power, at any price, the party come before the state or country. I wonder when will Calif. be like Venezuela.

  25. Tusharv shandilya

    Tusharv shandilyaHace 2 días

    Subtract your gdp to your debts here you are GDP champ........

  26. Thomas Glynn

    Thomas GlynnHace 2 días

    Yeah, that's it...smmfh. It has absolutely nothing to do with leftists democrats running the state, constantly implementing socialist policies... #idiocracy

  27. Daniel CH

    Daniel CHHace 2 días

    The high income inequality CAUSE the high taxes. Not the other way around. What is the government supposed to do? What can it do? Tax the rich and increase social services for the poor. Alternately, cut taxes for the rich, and cut social services for the poor. Which is more appropriate?

  28. chuck bryant

    chuck bryantHace 3 días

    Let's hear it for progressive trans globalism.

  29. eli dennison

    eli dennisonHace 3 días

    It's like I actually need "opportunity" in my land of opportunity...

  30. Chris Grande

    Chris GrandeHace 3 días

    This is easy to see in CA. Visiting Honolulu and here they are doing their best job to copy SF/CA with unattended homeless, mentally ill people attacking tourists and lots of wasted money.

  31. T K

    T KHace 3 días

    This state makes so much money but nothing is improving...ppl are more broke than ever (everything costs more but are making less income...the infrastructure is crumbling as taxes on gas and toll bridges rise faster than inflation... something is not right! Obviously, there's corruption on a massive scale...and as a state resident since 1977, I want justice...I want heads rolling down the hills of San Francisco! A thorough audit of California's budget is needed immediately!

  32. Chris Nemec

    Chris NemecHace 3 días

    Re: The tax thing: Well, it depends on what kind of tax you're talking about. As a Texan, I don't pay state income tax. However, our sales tax rate is 8.25% (one of the higher rates in the nation,) and a high rate of property tax.

  33. Ned Merrill

    Ned MerrillHace 3 días

    Because they don't know the value of a buck.

  34. Arthur Brockmeyer

    Arthur BrockmeyerHace 3 días

    Get out get out as quick as you can California is an abomination high taxes high prices it's too damn high to live here

  35. Complaining Qoheleth

    Complaining QohelethHace 3 días

    The rightwingers gobble this video up no doubt.

  36. Michael Hunsinger

    Michael HunsingerHace 2 días

    Yes, Simon and his videos are so far right they could be considered alt-right......OR it could be that California is a failed leftie shithole. One or the other.

  37. Anthony Alise

    Anthony AliseHace 3 días

    Red pill the state. Red pills in the water. We are doomed

  38. Natural Cambion

    Natural CambionHace 4 días

    They have to turn Cali Red!!!

  39. luan trieu

    luan trieuHace 4 días

    There people taking dumps on the side walk and shooting up heroin so yeah, the golden state

  40. luan trieu

    luan trieuHace 4 días

    There more homeless than there gold to be called the golden state

  41. luan trieu

    luan trieuHace 4 días


  42. Robert Dawson

    Robert DawsonHace 4 días

    California’s real growth is in creating over population, over taxation, over regulation, poverty, homelessness, and lawlessness. All along with an extreme cost of living

  43. Robert Dawson

    Robert DawsonHace 4 días

    California... On top: billionaire corporations and individuals. Middle class: professionals, being squeezed out business owners, and unionized government worker whose public pension debts are unsustainable. The growth: poor people, lots of poor people.

  44. Scott Aveles

    Scott AvelesHace 4 días

    It's stuffed full of idiots and assholes. That's why it's unsustainable.

  45. Levent Taskan

    Levent TaskanHace 4 días

    Capitalism is truly in trouble if the 5th biggest economy in the world is unsustainable.

  46. Daniel A4

    Daniel A4Hace 4 días

    as if nys is anyways batter

  47. alex jervis

    alex jervisHace 4 días


  48. John Young

    John YoungHace 4 días

    Demographic changes caused these problems for California. It was stupid to import people from cultures with no tradition of limited government. Without forced assimilation, they remained most loyal to their ethnic group, and now proudly vote to turn CA into the dumps they fled. And these groups all hate one another just as much as they hate the idea of the American melting pot.

  49. Andriy Troyan

    Andriy TroyanHace 4 días

    Wow I so much want to live in this democratic heaven 😇

  50. Selv

    SelvHace 4 días

    The state is corrupt. The party controlling the state is corrupt. And they don't care about the rank-and-file citizens who struggle with the burden of paying for their dreams (read: boondoggles).

  51. Adrian K

    Adrian KHace 5 días

    Born and raised in LA I'll never leave the Californian Republic... What we need is to leave the Union. When ever we try to pass state laws that can help the crisis were struck down by the supreme Court

  52. Adrian K

    Adrian KHace 5 días

    Queen Califa was not a mythical Greek island it written by a Spaniard a Castilian writer in the 1500 about an Arabic war queen

  53. guzy1971

    guzy1971Hace 5 días

    well in the same time, the silocon valley is a tax blackhole

  54. Kory Beckwith

    Kory BeckwithHace 5 días

    I think many people fear all the Californians moving out and to their states are going to create the same socio political climate, bringing problems with them.

  55. timothy chung

    timothy chungHace 5 días

    WHY? As a non American, the words of JFK, "It's not what the country can do for you; it's what you can do for your country." I'll let you Americans decide what those simple easily understood words mean. California is not the only state as your whole country is a spoiled rotten group. Selfish would be an understatement. If you feel offended, dont be as you deserve that and more. Time to wake up!!!

  56. Gordon Lumbert

    Gordon LumbertHace 6 días

    Well if you spend tax dollars on Illegal Aliens... While also making it easy to add stuff the state is legally mandated to pay for...Dependent on imported water...(large parts of the state are basically near desert environment)Make it hard to build things...(red tape) and more. These things all add up.

  57. Pliny Elder

    Pliny ElderHace 6 días

    Lefty politics

  58. James Smith

    James SmithHace 6 días

    Because they spend money on dumb things and they pay for illegals healthcare and food

  59. Theo Smith

    Theo SmithHace 7 días

    So, what you're saying is capitalism is bad? If you set aside semi-progressive taxation, which is a funding mechanism, you're life with a huge state, in terms of area and population, with four big industries: Hollywood, agriculture, tech, and tourism. You also gloss over the biggest cause of homelessness in California, which was sneaky of you: other states send their homeless to California and homeless people themselves migrate to southern California, because the climate is more hospitable. I live in Oregon, and, every year, I see homeless people migrating north and south, like geese. You pretend like the rich and elite in California are somehow special or hypocritical for not dealing with the homeless in their "commie utopia". Having a purposefully ineffective system of semi-progressive taxation is not communist and California's elites are acting like the elites everywhere. Nor is California remotely socialist/communist: it's firmly capitalist, so you can breathe easy you bald wimp. You also failed to mention that California is a net positive federal welfare payer, that is, California sends back more money than it receives from the federal government: California subsidizes the poverty caused by republican governments in places like Texas. Texas can have its no income tax only because California pays for it. How is that fair, baldy? Yes, housing prices are absolutely mad and zoning laws don't help that, but you also misrepresent it. Housing is bad in the cities, you know, where most people live? If you look at any other place, they also have relatively high housing prices in their cities. Where's your mustache-twirling video about the sky-high prices in Portland, Seattle, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, and New York? California has issues, as does literally every place. You misrepresent California as being this sinister hypocritical unlivable place. California's problems are solvable and California is not unique in any way. California's economy is, in fact, incredibly strong. California is one of the few states which keeps the US afloat and it fucking chaps reactionary fucktards to death that California is more viable than their failed republican strongholds. You'd get an F if you presented this in a classroom, by the way. And, lastly, budget deficits don't mean a thing. Governments aren't households or businesses: a deficit is fine and can even be healthy. Where's your video about the trillions of dollars the US is in debt for? Where's your clutching pearls? If you happen to be in the US, go back to the UK, you're wasting our oxygen.

  60. Randy Arthur

    Randy ArthurHace 7 días

    California is a dumpster fire

  61. bhargavmr1

    bhargavmr1Hace 7 días

    holy shit there s so much wrong in this video Jesus

  62. Clinton Becnel

    Clinton BecnelHace 7 días

    California at the turn of the century along with pre & post WW2 received an absolute boom in population, growth, economy and government investment. Going back to the 1800's with the gold rush then a huge influx of people, money and military build up prior to and after the end of WW2. With the natural beauty, large coast line, plenty of natural resources it was easy to see why people flocked to California. Although many speak of the Democratic control over California recently, California was for a long time a balanced political state. Electing Democrats and Republicans equally. However, recently California has become a predominately Democratic state except for northern California and eastern California. Obviously the vast majority of wealth and population are along the coastline and southern location. Basically far left leaning ideology, high taxes, regulation and a host of other majors issues combined account for the bankrupt state and decline of this once great state.