Where the wild roses grow - Kylie Minogue and Nick Cave - lyrics


  1. Michael Clarke

    Michael ClarkeHace 6 días

    This song really gets to me.

  2. denisa krupičková

    denisa krupičkováHace 22 días

    Jakého filmu je ta písnička? prosím

  3. 陆静

    陆静Hace 7 meses

    I love this song!♥♡♡ Aww, such a romantic song- wait what??!!

  4. Hyphy Psychedelics

    Hyphy PsychedelicsHace 2 años

    heard this at amoeba in Berkeley 3yrs ago, finally found the song, so beautiful

  5. Hyphy Psychedelics

    Hyphy PsychedelicsHace 2 años

    FOUND IT!!!!!

  6. Willow/Poppins

    Willow/PoppinsHace 2 años

    Aww, such a romantic song- wait what??!!

  7. wolf

    wolfHace 2 años

    I heard this song on this S.T.A.L.K.E.R mod, this song is pretty iconic for me for it it was pretty decent

  8. Alexandra S

    Alexandra SHace 2 años

    i thought it was "a lie a day"

  9. Adriana Ewa

    Adriana EwaHace 3 años

    I heard that Nick had to conntact Michael Hutchance management to get to Kylie.. heh such legends...

  10. Takizawa

    TakizawaHace 3 años

    ..ja volim..divlju ruzu..

  11. Kyle Broflovski

    Kyle BroflovskiHace 7 días


  12. malenekarina

    malenekarinaHace 3 años

    The text is not correct , try to listen to the song while you read the text

  13. cezar grigore

    cezar grigoreHace 3 años

    elisa day story...

  14. Andrei Cristian

    Andrei CristianHace 3 años

    I love this song!♥♡♡

  15. Denise Christoph

    Denise ChristophHace 4 años

    I really love this song...

  16. Blerta Inlove

    Blerta InloveHace 4 años

    i adore adore this song

  17. Anne schmitz-steffens

    Anne schmitz-steffensHace 5 años

    Tolles Lied...

  18. En Jae

    En JaeHace 5 años

    Very nice soothing song, (Yet bit morbid)

  19. anticircle

    anticircleHace 5 años

    Beautiful. Thanks!

  20. Oren Gatigno

    Oren GatignoHace 5 años

    The Prog-Metal Version Key Of The Moment (Feat. Kobi Farhi)-- "Where The Wild Roses Grow" LIVE (cover)

  21. papa stalin

    papa stalinHace un mes

    @phil pascoe they can sing very well if you cant see that you are dumb

  22. phil pascoe

    phil pascoeHace 8 meses

    I don't know who told either of them they could sing.

  23. lola gomez

    lola gomezHace 6 años

    i love it

  24. favene

    faveneHace 6 años

    Nice 1, i have looked all over for a music video with lyrics!