Whaddaya Say - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts


  1. James Tingtat

    James TingtatHace 5 horas

    I just realized. they're feeling high while a kite is high😏👌

  2. IAN Genovesio

    IAN GenovesioHace un día


  3. Felix Mensah

    Felix MensahHace un día


  4. Laura Huynh

    Laura HuynhHace 11 días

    Couple goals


    OMAGA GRLHace 25 días


  6. Adrian Villamarzo

    Adrian VillamarzoHace 25 días

    I thoth ther,s sex

  7. FBI

    FBIHace 28 días

    Don’t do drugs, *do kites*

  8. Mr. Muffins_YT

    Mr. Muffins_YTHace 29 días

    Dont give me a xanny to feel better

  9. Bjorn Tasani

    Bjorn TasaniHace un mes


  10. King rust Lord

    King rust LordHace un mes

    That first one tho 😧😧😧😂😂😂

  11. nick hous

    nick housHace un mes

    You’re dumb

  12. Erin Phillips

    Erin PhillipsHace un mes

    That’s ducked up my nieces was watching this bs

  13. Gabi e tete as tretas Viviane Suisso A.A.

    Gabi e tete as tretas Viviane Suisso A.A.Hace un mes

    Gabi e Tete

  14. Lyvonne Coffey

    Lyvonne CoffeyHace un mes


  15. The MythGamer

    The MythGamerHace un mes

    They are both completely wasted

  16. Neris Hernandez

    Neris HernandezHace 2 meses

    Curso de inglés en el reto de meditación y el caso

  17. KodyGD

    KodyGDHace 2 meses

    Who’s here from insta?

  18. Kiera Hernandez

    Kiera HernandezHace 2 meses

    Baby you. Are so. Hut

  19. Albert Albert

    Albert AlbertHace 2 meses

    Heroine day with no dying or blood. Then Amazon air delivery becomes decapitation time. Racist. .

  20. Kwabena Kyeremeh

    Kwabena KyeremehHace 2 meses


  21. Omega Sky

    Omega SkyHace 3 meses


  22. Thania Ribeiro

    Thania RibeiroHace 3 meses

    Terrible video!

  23. a z

    a zHace 4 meses

    Iske liye hate failaneki kya jarurat. Ye baat toh pyarse bhi ki jati hai


    JANA VISAGIEHace 4 meses


  25. Jesus Cavazos

    Jesus CavazosHace 4 meses

    Came from Snapchat

  26. Nicolle Aguirre

    Nicolle AguirreHace 4 meses


  27. Ramsés Amadeus

    Ramsés AmadeusHace 5 meses

    Due to heroin use, a man aged 21 years in New Jersey was hospitalized with an atypical reaction. Cyanide was suspected as the adulterant responsible for the atypical reactions because several patients had venous hyperoxia and lactic acidosis. However, the uncharacteristic responses of the patients to antidotal therapy (i.e., sodium thiosulfate and sodium nitrite) for cyanide, presence of signs not typically associated with cyanide poisoning (e.g., hypokalemia), and negative cyanide levels made cyanide an unlikely etiology. Law enforcement personnel with the New Jersey State Police responded to the outbreak and tested samples of the heroin involved; the presence of clenbuterol, a b2 adrenergic receptor agonist, was reported. Information regarding the atypical reactions to heroin use was disseminated by NJPIES and local public health agencies to the general public, public health agencies in neighboring states, national toxicology organizations, and federal agencies. One patient reported atypical symptoms on multiple occasions after using heroin but only sought medical attention after seeing a flyer informing heroin users of suspected drug adulteration

  28. yacine belkacem

    yacine belkacemHace 5 meses

    Hhhhhh drugs

  29. Fidel Contreras

    Fidel ContrerasHace 5 meses

    What are those shots ??

  30. Are shadow nefada

    Are shadow nefadaHace 5 meses

    Drunk together Gets punch

  31. Zaid Nasrullah1111

    Zaid Nasrullah1111Hace 5 meses

    High as a kittteeee geddditt

  32. Shaheer Ahmad

    Shaheer AhmadHace 5 meses

    half-expecting them to say kill their parrents

  33. dnsbrules

    dnsbrulesHace 5 meses

    Kites and drugs now that’s the life

  34. Fernanda Lopez

    Fernanda LopezHace 5 meses

    Quegracioso. Jajaja. 😁😆😅😂😄

  35. Nohemy Barrón

    Nohemy BarrónHace 5 meses


  36. shadowcast gatcha girl 101

    shadowcast gatcha girl 101Hace 5 meses

    Dirty minded people be like😁

  37. riazr pagli keya

    riazr pagli keyaHace 5 meses


  38. Noor Mohammad

    Noor MohammadHace 5 meses


  39. John Juanda

    John JuandaHace 5 meses

    Judy Hopps: "TRY EVERYTHING!"

  40. Dante The son of Sparda

    Dante The son of SpardaHace 5 meses

    They are high as kites...get it

  41. Slyzoid

    SlyzoidHace 5 meses

    I feel like this might be a satire on the destructive nature of certain relationships, a less than subtle double edged sword where the quote of men is "she ruined my life" whilst they follow follow their nob... On an unrelated note, I met a girl the other day that huffed freon and I think I might try it myself.

  42. Destinee Siyuja

    Destinee SiyujaHace 6 meses


  43. spicylemon

    spicylemonHace 6 meses

    Bro this guy just wanted to fly kites

  44. spanola74

    spanola74Hace 6 meses

    You kood ctry iting chipsy wan your waching gamera movie wan your in 1974.😃 | | |

  45. •ᴍʀ.sᴡᴇɴx•

    •ᴍʀ.sᴡᴇɴx•Hace 6 meses


  46. Baqerツ

    BaqerツHace 6 meses


  47. The Man With No Name

    The Man With No NameHace 6 meses

    So that’s what getting high as a kite looks like

  48. An untrue definition

    An untrue definitionHace 6 meses

    did they just share a needle with each other? hope they get blood tests...

  49. Renton Thunder

    Renton ThunderHace 6 meses

    She is a terrible influence on him. He just wanted to fly kites

  50. Samuel Hearfield

    Samuel HearfieldHace 6 meses

    I guess you could say They're high as a kite ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  51. Mariyah Lopes

    Mariyah LopesHace 6 meses

    Kids don’t watch this

  52. lil pump

    lil pumpHace 6 meses

    @Almighty Bunny damm

  53. Almighty Bunny

    Almighty BunnyHace 6 meses

    @lil pump Yes my dad let me watch this educational cartoons!

  54. lil pump

    lil pumpHace 6 meses

    @Almighty Bunny really

  55. Almighty Bunny

    Almighty BunnyHace 6 meses

    I am 6

  56. lil pump

    lil pumpHace 6 meses

    I'm 11

  57. Arren Schroyer

    Arren SchroyerHace 6 meses

    Sounds like he is more realistic and she has a bad addiction. Too bad I guess.

  58. Ole Kristoffer Gløersen

    Ole Kristoffer GløersenHace 6 meses

    Dont do kites kids!

  59. Jack Bearson

    Jack BearsonHace 7 meses

    Could've had sex Just saying

  60. Quỳnh Như

    Quỳnh NhưHace 7 meses

    no no...

  61. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi UchihaHace 7 meses

    Hey guys whaddaya say we dont do drugs

  62. T Bone

    T BoneHace 7 meses

    A new definition of high as a kite

  63. Sitting Pyro

    Sitting PyroHace 7 meses

    They out here getting high as a kite.

  64. Nala Atteloney

    Nala AtteloneyHace 7 meses

    I lovw the plot twist

  65. Dana Munoz

    Dana MunozHace 7 meses

    eeewww eeewww