We Stayed At The Taco Bell Hotel!


  1. Andy Zoramdina

    Andy ZoramdinaHace 17 horas

    I dunno whenever i saw Jeffry with his bf..i asked myself do this guy really love Jeffry...i think its for the money...

  2. SherXan

    SherXanHace 17 horas

    very beautiful. well done !!!

  3. Eva Jurisic

    Eva JurisicHace un día

    Is jeffre a girl or boy tell ne pls

  4. amanda mcgougan

    amanda mcgouganHace un día

    And the plumbers are on speed dial

  5. chill out.

    chill out.Hace un día

    Finna start cryin

  6. Callum Fitz-Patrick

    Callum Fitz-PatrickHace un día


  7. Macmac Nival

    Macmac NivalHace un día

    I literally spend my night watching Jefreestar and im loving it. I love JefreeStar. His videos and cool and soooo inspiring ❤️❤️😘😘 All was a huge deserving treat for herself. 👏👏👏😘😘❤️😘😘😘😘

  8. ppanda2011

    ppanda2011Hace 2 días

    Here in Columbia South Carolina it’s like 1,000,000°F here in summer

  9. Ana Reis

    Ana ReisHace 2 días


  10. Ananya Bhatia

    Ananya BhatiaHace 2 días

    Stupid show off girl you say like let’s get the hell outta here lol poo boy oh sorry poo girl hahahahhahahah




  12. Gacha X Roses

    Gacha X RosesHace 2 días

    19:24 we all saw Nate grabbing Jeffrees butt

  13. AM - 08SA - Castle Oaks PS (1496)

    AM - 08SA - Castle Oaks PS (1496)Hace 2 días

    Imagine how hot is would have been for us Canadians...

  14. Kimber Deyton

    Kimber DeytonHace 2 días

    That makeup satchel is basically my weekend bag.

  15. Nicola McAuley

    Nicola McAuleyHace 2 días

    Jeffree star is such a icon Love her videos ❤️

  16. holyfuck444

    holyfuck444Hace 3 días

    It's now 8:00a and my mouth is watering for Taco Bell. Study break for me is going to be Taco Bell now, thanks guys. -_- lol

  17. Monika Faber

    Monika FaberHace 3 días


  18. Ramin Forotanifar

    Ramin ForotanifarHace 3 días

    i love when say " welcome back to my channel"

  19. Nathan Robertson

    Nathan RobertsonHace 3 días

    Baja blast is available in vancouver washington though!

  20. Carolyn Twiss

    Carolyn TwissHace 3 días

    When Jeffree gets to Heaven, he’ll teach the heavenly souls how to make things even better. What a sweetheart with a generous soul.

  21. Zzz zzZ

    Zzz zzZHace 2 días

    Dont you know *they* dont go to heaven?

  22. Cookie

    CookieHace 4 días


  23. Ann Margaret Tiglik

    Ann Margaret TiglikHace 4 días

    Jeffree is dressed as 1/3 of the Star triplets when he chooses his outfit lmao

  24. Alexey Shvetsov

    Alexey ShvetsovHace 4 días

    Jeffree is so cute he is so energetic and positive about this hotel although he can afford the highest class hotel there is. Love his spirit!

  25. Alexey Shvetsov

    Alexey ShvetsovHace 4 días

    I wish he meets a new nice boyfriend soon again=))

  26. Ăkịřà Čĥáň

    Ăkịřà ČĥáňHace 4 días

    9:24 OMG THIS SO HOT!!!/O MÓJ BOŻE TO JEST GORĄCE!!! .......Chyba że ktoś mówi mocne a nie GORĄCE im from Poland

  27. Jeremiah Wrld

    Jeremiah WrldHace 4 días

    I didn't know Nate was a zombie from z-o-m-b-i-e-s

  28. Yograj Singh

    Yograj SinghHace 4 días

    made me sad cz ive never ever tried any taco bell, we don't have it here,but idk why ,i really think ill love it . but wowowowowowow this hotels in my before i die list.

  29. lunarcheri

    lunarcheriHace 4 días


  30. Nelly Brya

    Nelly BryaHace 4 días

    I saw a Sebastian balls and And I saw a Lauren Godwin Godwin

  31. Daniel Rivera

    Daniel RiveraHace 4 días

    It’s hot as fuck but you’re wearing a fucking tracksuit!! Lmao

  32. Valerie Alcaraz

    Valerie AlcarazHace 4 días

    I am your biggest fan.

  33. Julissa Chavez

    Julissa ChavezHace 4 días

    when he said “gotta keep gold” it reminded me of The Outsiders when pony boy and Johnny said “nothing gold can stay”🥺👎🏼

  34. Magentakisses38

    Magentakisses38Hace 5 días

    I miss them together, and also miss seeing his sexy ass face and smile!😂

  35. Juliana Corona

    Juliana CoronaHace 5 días

    Nate's hand at 19:23😳

  36. Holly Whiskers

    Holly WhiskersHace 5 días

    She about to go home with everything from that motel room!!

  37. Barbara Brumen

    Barbara BrumenHace 5 días

    how did I not see this

  38. RebeccaDoesGaming_XoX Lolz

    RebeccaDoesGaming_XoX LolzHace 5 días

    Isn’t baha blast Mountain Dew in the uk 😂

  39. depressed. boy

    depressed. boyHace 5 días

    Why Nate look like a pineapple-

  40. Alejandra Contreras

    Alejandra ContrerasHace 5 días


  41. JaeJae Noodles

    JaeJae NoodlesHace 5 días

    Anddd now I want tacos

  42. Elijah Yurkovsky

    Elijah YurkovskyHace 5 días

    Why don't you donate a few of your louis vuittons to poor people who actually need it. Like seriously, do you not know what to do with your money? You have sooooo many louis vuittons and expensive stuff.

  43. Harry Murphy

    Harry MurphyHace 5 días

    Man I can’t wait for summer 😫

  44. leah osullivan

    leah osullivanHace 5 días

    I would clean a very Messi home to go there really like you have everything I'm basically poor if I had enough money to go there I would

  45. itz_ martha campos

    itz_ martha camposHace 6 días

    I got on this video after watching "we just broke up"Oof it was so sad but its so weird that they have a toco bell hotel thats so weird they are proboly the people thats a fan of toco bell lol😂

  46. It’s Miffy

    It’s MiffyHace 6 días

    I’m sad I can’t get Baja blast Mountain Dew

  47. RobloxLogical

    RobloxLogicalHace 6 días

    gurlll in britain its snowing right now!!

  48. Deaths Marble Cat

    Deaths Marble CatHace 6 días

    "Well im watermelon upseted" YOU AND ME BOTH XD

  49. Nina Longoria

    Nina LongoriaHace 6 días

    Literally watching this at 2am and now I want taco bell

  50. sisters okay

    sisters okayHace 6 días

    Are jeffree and Nate together 🤔

  51. Jessica Chavez

    Jessica ChavezHace 6 días

    This is better than actual taco bell

  52. Cynthia Paola Juarez

    Cynthia Paola JuarezHace 6 días

    I live im the USA and it cold here

  53. Cynthia Paola Juarez

    Cynthia Paola JuarezHace 6 días

    You are so rice

  54. Cynthia Paola Juarez

    Cynthia Paola JuarezHace 6 días

    Jeffferstar God made you a male

  55. QueenBeeast

    QueenBeeastHace 6 días

    The Taco Bell Hotel - "Get stoned, come here, trash it, stuff your face, steal all our cool shit, again, take absolutely everything that says taco bell & go home"

  56. GeorgiaPlayz

    GeorgiaPlayzHace 7 días

    107 is 41 jesus we are lucky if we get 15 here in the uk!

  57. Just Taedorable

    Just TaedorableHace 7 días

    "I am only gonna put a little bit of make up on" *Puts on a whole bottle of foundation* *Uses to much highliter*

  58. Emily Palos

    Emily PalosHace 7 días

    💨:yes I am hot

  59. Uku’n do it Kennedy

    Uku’n do it KennedyHace 7 días

    Who’s here after the break up

  60. Lia King

    Lia KingHace 7 días

    Yassss queen 😍🔥🔥✨✨

  61. Kaylee

    KayleeHace 7 días

    Jeffree: Only a little bit of makeup *Proceeds to pull out my whole years allowance