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    Hey y’all!! For the next episode we will be doing Devin’s home state of GEORGIA! If you have a school we should look at, leave your suggestions here! -Kristin

  2. Dani V

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    I think you should do Indiana

  3. Kendall K

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    Southern Indiana - JHS

  4. LunaTazzy

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    When will Devin do one of these?

  5. Aidan Valcich

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    You should do maryland and venture into both broadneck high and magothy middle. I went to both of these schools and in my last year of magothy the vice principal dress coded around 400 kids in one day… 4 of them were boys and only because they were “protesting”

  6. O7O52O1

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    Ah yes, I remember, it was almost summer, a hot day and a young girl being forced to go outside. A young girl wearing nothing but ballet flats and a strapless dress that she was so excited about, navy blue with a sweetheart neckline. She was told to put on her leather jacket, which did not help with the heat. That girl was me and I still don’t like that teacher, she and all the other teachers sucked. F*ck school.

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    Can you do you do you Utah next

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    oof, i missed the bus watching this video 😭😄

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    I like how for the first school Kristin is doing the fingertip thing and her arms are literally bent 😂😂😂

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    Do Iowa?!?!

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    what i’ve been waiting for

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    can you do one for Arizona

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    Am I the only one who loves joyce🥰

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    My mom went to Aiken Highschool

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    I would love for you to do Illinois schools, especially middle school dress codes

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    Y’all should do Alabama!!!!! There are 5 schools with non uniform things!! (One has NO dress code)

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    News reporter comes up to me Him - In your opinion what is most discriminating? Me - *sigh* School

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    I’m going to Blythewood high school

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    U guys should try and do every state in the US

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    Ladylike you should do Ohio!!!

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    Do North Carolina next please I wanna know what my state dress code is!

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    Can you do kansas? Particularly usd500? And also can you do one with Mike, or some one else male, to see how the rules compair between girls and boys?

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  24. Megan Gerardot

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    please do another but for Ohio and included Lebanon high school, but they are not harsh at all.

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    I want you to do Minnesota dress code

  26. Eiffa Pearson

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    Honestly for the third school sleeve rule I’d just were men’s shirts and be like this isn’t a girl shirt

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    Dang skipping fort Dorchester 😭😭😭

  28. Sharcie AJ

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    boys: Pants are so low they are considered socks School: Meh Girls: Shoulders showing School: HEK TO THE NO

  29. Kenz and Press slimes

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    At 12:28 what like you want us to choke our selfs or wear like turtle necks everyday

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    Do pa

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    I live in South Carolina!!!

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    do Pennsylvania (Central Dauphin High School)

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    I think you should do one where one of your male co-workers do this too and this way we see the difference. Also you should do one with Devin

  34. char. yang

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    3:07 "i don't like sleeves, it's my downfall" says Kristen while wearing sleeves LOL

  35. Abigail Downs

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    This is really kind of funny but I go to Aiken high school and u have gotten dress coded at least 20 time

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    Omg you should do Georgia middle schools, you should do Twin rivers middle school lol

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    Plzzz do New Jersey

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    I went to Stratford high

  39. Otaku Animates

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    My schools dress code isn't so strict (or at least not to me, I don't OWN anything against dress code) it's just the norm, no short shorts, no mid drift, no spaghetti straps Ect

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    you should do Maine because it doesent gen enough love!

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    when we you do this with devin?

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    You should do dress code for Missouri

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    Do Tennessee please (middle Tennessee)

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    Do New Jersey!!

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    Ya'll should have done Orangeburg Wilkinson high school in orangeburg sc

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    The best actor/actress in this video is the No-Rack. Sorry Kristen and Joyce.

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    Pause at 9:10 Harry box thing 😂😂

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    8:23 Kristin and Jen in the background on Mike's computer lol 😂

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    The dress code at my school is basically nonexistent now... the teachers actually gave up😆

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    ugh i live in sc and school dress codes are so annoying like omg

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    I love Joyce she is so funny and beautiful ❤️🤪

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    that lady needs a friggin bra

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    @ava . byce it's none of your business

  55. ava . byce

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    alexei what u like looking there? lmao

  56. alexei

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    No she doesnt

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    Can you please do Florence Arizona fusd dress code please!!!!!

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    Do Oklahoma

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    Do Wisconsin next

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    Michigan: Detroit School of Arts🙌🏽🙌🏽

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    So anyone gonna talk about when Joyce during the first one had no bra on and her nipples were showing . Sorry no tea no shade .

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    Yall should do one with NC dress codes.

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    Do MORE

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    Lol, I live in South Carolina, but I'm from Virginia. Could you do Virginia next.

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    Can you guys do Virginia dress codes?

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    Do Oregon and Washington State

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    I’m from SC