We Are Not The Same Person


  1. JiggyJigster

    JiggyJigsterHace 7 minutos

    it was lit

  2. The Aryana

    The AryanaHace un hora

    This tour better be on Netflix

  3. Allenah's Time

    Allenah's TimeHace 3 horas

    The only real content stealer is Tik Tok

  4. DarkRose

    DarkRoseHace 5 horas

    I just saw the show a couple of days ago in atl and I don't have my own platform so Ill be posting my review here: You guys, the tour is mediocre. There's still fun and laughs to be had but not many, especially if you're an adult that doesn't go for "*not* humor" too much. Furthermore, since the tour was supposed to be showing more about the differences between you guys, I thought maybe we would get some individual material and some profound message like we usually get at the end of one of your videos but it felt more like a "ok we've got your time, now scoot". And you would think having the both of you writing the show would have made it better but the show for me was altogether worse than any individual video either of you have recently uploaded. I really liked some of the bits but most of the jokes got stale pretty quick. I like you guys, I really do. I think you're hilarious. But that show is not up to par and I'm really disappointed that you're charging as much as you are for something that falls so short of expectations. Flame me if you must. This is my personal opinion.

  5. Sahla ca

    Sahla caHace 7 horas

    Drew is literally 19 years older than Danny

  6. Kaitlin S

    Kaitlin SHace 21 un hora

    "Can you move the light again?" really got me. So did the "copy Cody Ko's"

  7. Technically Correct

    Technically CorrectHace 23 horas

    Danny, how did you clone yourself?

  8. colonel kernel time

    colonel kernel timeHace un día

    is no one gonna talk about Kurtis aggressively flossing in the beginning

  9. Mr. Boy12

    Mr. Boy12Hace un día

    Sounds like something the same person would say...

  10. Zolo Nightcore

    Zolo NightcoreHace un día

    I WENT TO YOUR TOUR LAST NIGHT!!!! IT WAS AWESOME!!!!! I don’t mean to be rude but your manager is kinda an ass

  11. Jiraiya The Gallant

    Jiraiya The GallantHace un día

    02:42 #TsunDrew

  12. Akshara Reddy

    Akshara ReddyHace 2 días

    this is catchy and i’m uncomfortable by the fact that i find it catchy

  13. Lauren Quin

    Lauren QuinHace 2 días

    Imagine just walking outside and seeing two guys just jumping around the sidewalk

  14. Hamdi Aweys

    Hamdi AweysHace 2 días

    Im dying obout my eyes are babyblue my eyes are a different schade of blue i am soooo dying that line is just 😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Chandni Patel

    Chandni PatelHace 2 días

    This is my favorite thing on the internet. Do a comedy show in San Francisco please!!

  16. edgar go

    edgar goHace 2 días

    now im confused

  17. Emily Grace

    Emily GraceHace 2 días

    how did i not realize they have the same initials

  18. Megan Macleod

    Megan MacleodHace 3 días

    tik tok oop

  19. Vanessa Faith

    Vanessa FaithHace 3 días

    same initials similar wives similar videos similar faces hotel? trivago

  20. The Daily Egg

    The Daily EggHace 3 días

    ESreporter recommends both your channels, once you watch one of either yours or Drew's videos

  21. Aliyah N

    Aliyah NHace 3 días

    so emotional

  22. Animated Andy

    Animated AndyHace 3 días

    3:37 omg they sound the exact same

  23. flaming spidey

    flaming spideyHace 3 días

    what Curtis Connors from spider-man

  24. Lia Go-Soco

    Lia Go-SocoHace 3 días

    Am I the only one who thinks that Drew and Danny don’t even look similar?

  25. Rose Bubbly

    Rose BubblyHace 3 días

    Drew:"Dreaming of 5he day where yoh die in a fire and i get all pf you subscribers" Danny:".... wait what?"

  26. Mariella Cusano

    Mariella CusanoHace 3 días


  27. ava

    avaHace 3 días

    also Danny and Drew's initials are the same. that's a bit fishy.

  28. AJ Estur

    AJ EsturHace 3 días

    We copy Cody Ko was admittedly the one that made me laugh the hardest.

  29. Olivia

    OliviaHace 4 días

    Wow great editing guy xD

  30. Joshua OGrady

    Joshua OGradyHace 4 días

    I just went to the show in Boston last night. It was a lot of fun.

  31. It’s James

    It’s JamesHace 4 días

    Come to the UK

  32. It’s James

    It’s JamesHace 4 días

    Who is here from tik tok

  33. Don't Mess Up My Tempo

    Don't Mess Up My TempoHace 4 días

    I just saw them live and they were AMAZING I would highly recommend getting tickets if you're on the fence :)

  34. Luna Pyrope

    Luna PyropeHace 5 días

    Saw you guys yesterday in Glenside!! Great performances.

  35. crush man ROCK

    crush man ROCKHace 5 días


  36. comunism rats

    comunism ratsHace 5 días

    I am Groot Danny: where the heck did that come from

  37. Mynti Girl

    Mynti GirlHace 5 días

    _The wives thing actually somewhat scares me._

  38. Bryce Dwrj

    Bryce DwrjHace 6 días

    Hey, good video, Drew! I loved it. Thanks for the video Drew!

  39. Vicious13

    Vicious13Hace 6 días

    Smosh vibes

  40. Srestha Dutta

    Srestha DuttaHace 6 días

    Road trip TV made a video using your song 😂😂

  41. it'sMore

    it'sMoreHace 7 días

    The autotune 😂

  42. A folding chair

    A folding chairHace 7 días


  43. Anika

    AnikaHace 7 días


  44. H M

    H MHace 7 días

    and I am hayley

  45. Shwan XAL

    Shwan XALHace 7 días

    WOW nice clone JK😂😂

  46. thatonegirl overthere

    thatonegirl overthereHace 7 días


  47. ブラックオプスAnbu

    ブラックオプスAnbuHace 7 días

    Where’s the drew and Danny sex tape at

  48. Finnys Channel

    Finnys ChannelHace 7 días

    Hi Drew, good video

  49. Penguini The Penguin

    Penguini The PenguinHace 8 días

    You guys should’ve added Thomas Sanders and Jon Cozart to this tour because I thought the four of you were the same person for the longest time

  50. Rebecca Emily

    Rebecca EmilyHace 8 días

    okay i dont see the similarity between them that much but the wives look exactly the same holy shit

  51. ɾaŋɖɷm ʏɷųtųbҽ cɧaŋŋҽɭ

    ɾaŋɖɷm ʏɷųtųbҽ cɧaŋŋҽɭHace 8 días

    Everyone they are not same person listen to me im not lying

  52. ella bleu

    ella bleuHace 8 días

    drew and danny are the PG/PG-13 and cody and noel are the PG-13/MA

  53. Annika Peachy

    Annika PeachyHace 9 días

    I am Danny And I am Danny And I am Danny And I am Danny Edit: if you don’t understand you might later

  54. im so wide

    im so wideHace 9 días

    *I am still waiting for that sex tape, Danny and danny*

  55. Cassia Mariah

    Cassia MariahHace 9 días

    They look like they're about to hop out the fallout shelter in them jackets

  56. thefrogintomhollandsmouth

    thefrogintomhollandsmouthHace 9 días

    Am I the only one who really doesn't think they're similar? They have very different humour 🤷‍♀️

  57. TheKetchupKing

    TheKetchupKingHace 9 días

    Why does drew singing sound more like Danny than Danny

  58. mashiah juci

    mashiah juciHace 9 días

    Why don't u guys ever hang out with certise

  59. Angel Face

    Angel FaceHace 9 días

    Their music and music vids beat out anything by Logan paul and ricescum. They're Idubbz quality plus

  60. Angel Face

    Angel FaceHace 9 días

    Their friendship is so nice. They enjoy eachother and have great comedic timing with eachother..and they poke fun at aholes- YES!