We Are Not The Same Person


  1. Draw Paw

    Draw PawHace 19 minutos

    “Dreaming of a day when you die in a fire and I get all your subscribers” “wHAt” “I aM dReW”

  2. Emily Breanne

    Emily BreanneHace un hora

    3:24 yeeyee

  3. mr Alien

    mr AlienHace 6 horas


  4. Krish yeeyee

    Krish yeeyeeHace 9 horas

    wow good video kurtis but where’s the extra greeting?

  5. Surrealisa

    SurrealisaHace 13 horas

    Danny's face after drinking the lemon juice will be forever grafted into my brain as the most hilariously odd moment ever

  6. Tyler Kennedy

    Tyler KennedyHace 23 horas

    so is this one of things we’re they take like a green screen so one person can be in the video in two places?

  7. Asher Haas

    Asher HaasHace un día

    Wait what if there twins

  8. Hrmony

    HrmonyHace un día

    Road work ahead? Yeah I sure hope it does!

  9. John Laurens

    John LaurensHace un día

    Honestly I don't think they look alike they don't look similar at all

  10. Julie Cole

    Julie ColeHace un día

    lmao drew your so lonley you did a duet with yourself

  11. Clarris Henry

    Clarris HenryHace un día

    Yep now I’m gonna go to the one in New York. No second thoughts

  12. chubby cat

    chubby catHace un día

    I dont see how they look the same

  13. Ma-ne Sia

    Ma-ne SiaHace un día

    It's still so funny me how they even have similar wives lol

  14. Kiki Corleone

    Kiki CorleoneHace un día

    Before this I did not realise how similar their wives look

  15. Crusty Narwhal

    Crusty NarwhalHace 2 días

    They don’t look similar at all 😂 I don’t get it

  16. Crystal Arrington

    Crystal ArringtonHace 2 días

    Drew's wife looks like Lele pons

  17. Mady41008

    Mady41008Hace 2 días

    Alright Im quoting hp "Wow, we're identical!"


    ADAM RUNOWSKIHace 2 días

    They dont even look the same.but im team danny. Im a greg and keep up the great work! U make me laugh at the worst times and make me choke on my food.

  19. L y n n

    L y n nHace 2 días

    This video further convinced me that they are very similar

  20. WildKat25

    WildKat25Hace 2 días

    Toronto, BC? .... Don't you mean Toronto, ON?

  21. matthew hudson

    matthew hudsonHace 2 días

    your ship name is dranny

  22. Michelle Nah

    Michelle NahHace 2 días

    i’m watching this at 4 am

  23. Fifaawesomepants

    FifaawesomepantsHace 2 días

    Only difference is the width of their heads

  24. AJ

    AJHace 2 días

    The song low key smacks

  25. Alanna Self

    Alanna SelfHace 2 días

    Y’all better come to Dallas

  26. SUN_GUM_SHOW_MAN 0015

    SUN_GUM_SHOW_MAN 0015Hace 3 días

    5:37 we copy Cody ko’s 😂❤️

  27. Ava & Dawson - Uploads Every Weekday

    Ava & Dawson - Uploads Every WeekdayHace 3 días

    I am now Greg yo

  28. deanna kay

    deanna kayHace 3 días

    i'm going to the Lousiville KY event n idk if i should choice to meet kurtis or drew n danny :"((9

  29. mild_millennial

    mild_millennialHace 3 días

    Toronto is in Ontario (ON) not British Columbia (BC). That's like saying: NYC, CA

  30. Vinny133

    Vinny133Hace 3 días

    Why does Drew have a map of DC Metro????

  31. Dafrozenwalnut

    DafrozenwalnutHace 3 días

    Has anyone seen them irl in person

  32. Justina Proulx

    Justina ProulxHace 3 días

    I love that Danny sings "I am Drew" and Drew sings "I am Danny"

  33. Yeela Edut

    Yeela EdutHace 3 días

    They DON’T look alike at all I don’t fucking get it.

  34. Ethan MountainDew

    Ethan MountainDewHace 3 días

    Not convinced

  35. the goblet

    the gobletHace 3 días

    Its quite sad that ill never be able to meet my heroes. I now realise i sound like every sob story on the internet

  36. Illyanna Turtle

    Illyanna TurtleHace 3 días

    okay okay okay drew, we found you out. you used the mirrow effect in your video just to prove that you acually have 2 wives

  37. Awkward_Girl 07

    Awkward_Girl 07Hace 3 días

    I don’t think they look THAT alike, but their WIVES THOOOOO 4:52 and pause

  38. Jay Glynn

    Jay GlynnHace 3 días

    “We copy Cody Ko’s” lmao

  39. Sophia Sideras

    Sophia SiderasHace 4 días

    Wait so was Drew the one in the yellow shirt?

  40. Lulu Plays

    Lulu PlaysHace 4 días

    I don't buy it.

  41. Harry Gallo

    Harry GalloHace 4 días

    Nice video drew gooden

  42. Eli the one wheeler Yt

    Eli the one wheeler YtHace 4 días

    He’s not drew Gooden he’s Ryan Trahan.and drew copy’s Kody co

  43. Kj2koolX3 Xoxo

    Kj2koolX3 XoxoHace 4 días

    Nah Danny's wife looks cuter no offence

  44. I dont know what to name myself

    I dont know what to name myselfHace 4 días

    Which one's Drew and which one's Danny?

  45. MuleOnEarth Sims

    MuleOnEarth SimsHace 4 días

    I wonder which app danny uses to clone himself

  46. Gracie Lu

    Gracie LuHace 4 días

    The only bags I own are the ones under my eyes

  47. It’s Gaby G

    It’s Gaby GHace 4 días

    Drew: Dreaming of the day you die in a fire and I get all your subscribers Danny: What? Drew: I aM dReW I’m dead

  48. Manacloud

    ManacloudHace 5 días

    They don’t look the same are sound the same wtf

  49. Liz

    LizHace 5 días

    This is clickbate you are the same persno

  50. Anja Mook

    Anja MookHace 5 días

    I actually started following Danny because I thought he was Drew.

  51. vjexa

    vjexaHace 5 días

    This reminds me of old-school Smosh style

  52. _CxtiePxe_

    _CxtiePxe_Hace 5 días


  53. Nealla Mckie

    Nealla MckieHace 5 días

    They have the same voice but they are saying they are different lol love them ❤️

  54. Tallon Qsack

    Tallon QsackHace 5 días

    Why are you going everywhere except Michigan? Grrrrrr, also you spelled Playstation (the venue) wrong on the poster.

  55. Lyv ie

    Lyv ieHace 5 días

    1:46 The face of regret

  56. Pink Pineapple

    Pink PineappleHace 5 días

    Still waiting for that Drew and Danny sex tape

  57. mark abbott

    mark abbottHace 5 días

    I listened to that song like 3 times. HaHa Grrrrrreat GIVES FINGER GUNS AND SMILES APPROPRIATELY*

  58. Tyler Still

    Tyler StillHace 5 días

    Drew Gonzalez

  59. Cory's SpeedPaints

    Cory's SpeedPaintsHace 5 días

    *Lives in Florida* Fuck yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  60. Introvert Girl

    Introvert GirlHace 5 días

    did any of you notice that danny changed his shirt in the middle of the music video? just sayin'.

  61. Ensad Samardzic

    Ensad SamardzicHace 5 días

    WTH? Lol 2:56

  62. Ensad Samardzic

    Ensad SamardzicHace 5 días

    0:58 smart as*

  63. Malsawm Zuali

    Malsawm ZualiHace 5 días

    3:44 i never knew their wives looked so similar

  64. Lord Caden

    Lord CadenHace 5 días

    AND Drew Gooden= D.G Danny Gonzalez= D.G D.G=Different Guys

  65. Wolfy filmmedia

    Wolfy filmmediaHace 5 días

    D.G= Different Gregs

  66. Abigail Estidola

    Abigail EstidolaHace 5 días

    Truly Greg ❤️

  67. Jazz NS

    Jazz NSHace 6 días

    Danny: "Here's a special word from Kurtis." Kurtis: "Hey, guys! I am super excited to be going on tour with Danny-" Danny: "That's enough, Kurtis."

  68. Winslow

    WinslowHace 6 días

    Ok maybe you guys aren't the same person, but your wives are.

  69. PikaSheep

    PikaSheepHace 6 días

    You fools. Danny isn't similar to Drew. Drew is similar to MattPat

  70. cerealkiller

    cerealkillerHace 6 días

    I wish I could be there on sept 9th :( bc finally some sort of convention in Canada

  71. Lilyana Shafer. Family and Friends

    Lilyana Shafer. Family and FriendsHace 6 días

    You can tell that they definitely Look different. If you guys honestly think that they're the same person, then you don't know any better.🙄😏😝

  72. Lilyana Shafer. Family and Friends

    Lilyana Shafer. Family and FriendsHace 5 días

    @Michon Sabb Boom, Emojis change everything. 😏👍😎😄

  73. Michon Sabb

    Michon SabbHace 5 días

    Lilyana Schafer it was hard to tell from your comment it sounded pretty serious to me

  74. Lilyana Shafer. Family and Friends

    Lilyana Shafer. Family and FriendsHace 5 días

    @Michon Sabb How do you know that I wasn't just because sassy. 😏😄

  75. Lilyana Shafer. Family and Friends

    Lilyana Shafer. Family and FriendsHace 5 días

    @Michon Sabb How do you know that I wasn't just Kidding. 🤔🤨😄

  76. Michon Sabb

    Michon SabbHace 5 días

    Lilyana Schafer obviously they’re not the same people are just joking

  77. MoonPaw

    MoonPawHace 6 días

    is it weird that i actually dont see how people think they are the same person ? though to be fair i do have messed up facial reconition [spelled that wrong] but it usuallymakes people look alike not different so this is weird

  78. Jen McColins

    Jen McColinsHace 6 días

    Wait...... which is Drew, and which is Danny?!

  79. EnigmaDrath

    EnigmaDrathHace 6 días

    Amazing how you used split screen to make it seem like there's two of you. Really creative! ;D

  80. robin blackshear

    robin blackshearHace 6 días

    is this that song by the olsen twins

  81. Alice Saint

    Alice SaintHace 6 días

    Road work ahead?

  82. Sharon Deweerth

    Sharon DeweerthHace 6 días

    they don't look the same

  83. kristi pow

    kristi powHace 6 días

    Danny: Dreaming of a day when I don't hear people say I'm a knock of Drew Drew: Dreaming of a day when you die in a fire and I get all your subscribers Me: *wheezes intensely*

  84. Sarah Mac

    Sarah MacHace 6 días

    Am I the only one who thought they looked similar until they did that face close up? There almost the same other wise. Either way… Love y’all! Your funny and more funny!

  85. SylviaAnimates

    SylviaAnimatesHace 7 días

    This is like that barbie movie where the princess goes to be a pauper

  86. Aminushkia Dufour

    Aminushkia DufourHace 7 días

    Nice vid Drew Gooden Jk nice vide danny

  87. taesty jams

    taesty jamsHace 7 días

    For a second there I thought there were two people in the video .. Man the editing is so on point

  88. FarahkhGohany

    FarahkhGohanyHace 7 días

    When they kiss I'll believe they are not the same person. (This is a joke)

  89. Olivia Dance

    Olivia DanceHace 4 días

    you misspelled isn't

  90. Jenn C

    Jenn CHace 7 días

    Bromance at it's finest♥♥♥

  91. Xx anime-hype-beast xX

    Xx anime-hype-beast xXHace 7 días

    They do not look the same

  92. Sxxnvi Playz

    Sxxnvi PlayzHace 7 días

    Who remembers the goons

  93. triniyeet :0

    triniyeet :0Hace 7 días

    the best comedians on youtube have combined

  94. Lily_needs_sleep ?

    Lily_needs_sleep ?Hace 8 días

    When you are about to buy tickets to their tour and you remember that you’ll be out of the state when they come to your city

  95. Yuuko Hanazawa

    Yuuko HanazawaHace 8 días

    Drew is a tsundere 🤧😂

  96. Triveka Stahler

    Triveka StahlerHace 8 días

    The fire hazard comment sends.

  97. Sofia Elena

    Sofia ElenaHace 8 días

    Who else saw the *Road Work Ahead* sign at the beginning of the music video?

  98. 111 111

    111 111Hace 8 días

    plot twist: this is dubbed and the beginning was switching interchangeably between Danny and Drew's voice

  99. MelodeeArtZ

    MelodeeArtZHace 8 días

    The start of the song is 3:25

  100. I Don’t Know

    I Don’t KnowHace 8 días

    They look similar but DEFINITELY NOT the same

  101. Alfred Deda

    Alfred DedaHace 8 días

    How do you call Drew on a mountain maountain Drew

  102. CaraMelJoon

    CaraMelJoonHace 8 días

    they look similar, their wives look similar, they act similar and their initials are DG jsjsjsjsjsjjs

  103. Jyliann Calhoun

    Jyliann CalhounHace 8 días

    sad theres no portland date :(

  104. BLRollers Gaming

    BLRollers GamingHace 9 días

    I love your collabs so much

  105. Samantha Key

    Samantha KeyHace 9 días

    I would love to go to the salt lake show since that is literally the city right next to me but my mom wont let me.... I told her that she doesnt have to throw me a party(my b-day is in October which is when the show is) and just bring me to the show. But I will just have to sit at home on the 1st of October.... So sad

  106. Caresse Eugene

    Caresse EugeneHace 9 días

    this part is just ... 5:44

  107. Meredith Bowers

    Meredith BowersHace 9 días

    Wow editing this video must have been so hard using only one person 🙀