We Are Expecting... (Pt. 1/4) | Mikey Tua


  1. BigFam Vlogs

    BigFam VlogsHace 39 minutos

    is she actually pregnet?

  2. Dekya Marion

    Dekya MarionHace 49 minutos

    She actually threw her shoe

  3. Isaiah Wince

    Isaiah WinceHace 6 horas

    This is why we have military school.

  4. Tara Michelle Fleur Sondhi

    Tara Michelle Fleur SondhiHace 15 horas

    Is every single female ESreporterr doing this like wtf what has our planet turned into?

  5. Vanilla Bean

    Vanilla BeanHace 15 horas

    she probably can't even take care of a mouse? what was his condom? some happy meal plastic rap?

  6. Itsyagurlzuli

    ItsyagurlzuliHace 18 horas


  7. Marely Leon

    Marely LeonHace 18 horas

    She is 15 wtf

  8. Olivia Gretchen

    Olivia GretchenHace 18 horas

    7:56 pull ur fricking pants up boy!!!

  9. Micaiah Burkes

    Micaiah BurkesHace 19 horas

    Not surprised 👎🏽🤷🏽‍♀️

  10. Cuteness Sprinkles

    Cuteness SprinklesHace un día

    Please tell me this is it real jesus

  11. ??? Where are the avocados

    ??? Where are the avocadosHace un día

    You are only like 13 brooi

  12. karen batchelor

    karen batchelorHace un día

    That is really fucked but like why tf would y lie about shit like that like telling them about if and then saying it was a prank that is understanding but doing it for almost 3 weeks that is really not ok like fr

  13. Kfidjdjd Bbbbjdkdkf

    Kfidjdjd BbbbjdkdkfHace un día

    That kid in the yellow sweatshirt need to stop acting like a gangster and pull up his fucking pants 😑

  14. Bea Kum

    Bea KumHace 2 días

    No guidance No discipline No life No brains

  15. Jaelynn Beck

    Jaelynn BeckHace 2 días

    how did people think this was real it's so unbelievable

  16. Josey Walsh

    Josey WalshHace 2 días

    Im starting to realize how much i loive Jojo Siwa

  17. Mikey Tua

    Mikey TuaHace 2 días

    We love Jojo Siwa! 💛

  18. boy123 321

    boy123 321Hace 2 días

    The way she spoke in the beginning 😂😂😂😂

  19. M D

    M DHace 2 días


  20. Colinz

    ColinzHace 3 días

    Wtf is the guy in the yellow jacket his jeans sagging if that’s the girls brother tf is wrong with that family


    LOLIWINX EDITSHace 3 días

    Danniel needs MILK Wait, no thats th baby

  22. Winter & Emily// Gacha edits and videos!

    Winter & Emily// Gacha edits and videos!Hace 3 días

    Dani can't take care of a DAMN dog..😂🤣

  23. Goonie Films

    Goonie FilmsHace 3 días

    It wasn’t on my watch I sleep with them 😘😘🤤🍆💦💦 like wtt tmi bitch 😂😂😂 how the fuck are you going to take care of a baby you can’t even take care of a damn dog

  24. 태 현김

    태 현김Hace 3 días

    How are you pregnant, did you make out? 😵😅

  25. C Walk

    C WalkHace 3 días

    We all must of believed it because she getting a baby belly of sommt not a baby

  26. Perliaa M

    Perliaa MHace 3 días

    Mom so you know how my stomach is kinda- Mexican mom: *hangs me*

  27. KawaiiCornStarch ;3

    KawaiiCornStarch ;3Hace 3 días

    This is just disgusting 😂 ew 😂

  28. Victoria

    VictoriaHace 3 días

    so glad i'm Gay. No pregnancies here bitches!!!!

  29. Shaheerah Gantt

    Shaheerah GanttHace 3 días

    “I really just wanna go smoke a cigarette” 😹 mood

  30. Shy Panda

    Shy PandaHace 3 días

    Omg I could tell it was fake the first minute in lmao 😂

  31. Mikey Tua

    Mikey TuaHace 3 días

    It’s absolutely fake! Lol

  32. •• にかと Toastyl

    •• にかと ToastylHace 3 días

    I love how in the thumbnail all the fuckboys are smiling and Danielles family look depressed

  33. Farah Kahaar

    Farah KahaarHace 4 días

    I'm not even watching the ESreporter video I'm just laughing at the comments😂😂😂🤣

  34. Itsyagurl Kira

    Itsyagurl KiraHace 4 días


  35. kookie n' kream

    kookie n' kreamHace 4 días

    Danielle- *gets fat* Dani- I'm pregnant with Mikey's child were gonna be fucking family no that's just fucked up id rather like jojo siwa

  36. vxøney

    vxøneyHace 4 días

    Mikey: *_if she can count she’s ready to mount_*

  37. Amber Camber

    Amber CamberHace 4 días

    Someone call the cops, someone call Dr. Phil, we need help.... i was disturbed that she was dressing inappropriately and dating a 20 year old... but now I’m really disturbed that he got her pregnant. This has to be illegal, this man needs to be in jail. 15:51 “Their tripping”, no your tripping you just got a 15 year old pregnant... and you think their insane. I swear I want to cuss this man out.

  38. Randomizer 2233

    Randomizer 2233Hace 4 días

    Why they blaming willy wtf

  39. Jayden’s Mangos

    Jayden’s MangosHace 4 días

    Other ESreporterrs:I’m pregnant Danielle:hold my har extensions

  40. Life of Jaiden Isola

    Life of Jaiden IsolaHace 4 días

    Should have opened a door to school instead of her legs

  41. stunna s

    stunna sHace 4 días

    even her brother said “is it at least mikey’s” 😂

  42. betha sori

    betha soriHace 4 días

    Wait hold up how old is she ?

  43. Morgan Silbernagel

    Morgan SilbernagelHace 4 días

    This is my family fighting about what movie we are going to watch.

  44. Bekah M

    Bekah MHace 4 días

    𝗦𝗼 𝗺𝘂𝗰𝗵 𝗿𝗲𝘀𝗽𝗲𝗰𝘁 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗷𝗼𝗷𝗼 𝗺𝗮𝗻

  45. Brianna Woodrum

    Brianna WoodrumHace 4 días

    6:54 that guy had me ROLLIN😭 “wait wait wait, is it mickeys, is it at least mickeys”😂

  46. Monyei Ruth

    Monyei RuthHace 4 días

    This is wrong on so many levels

  47. Gabby Gordon

    Gabby GordonHace 5 días

    @india nealgrove she diserves it

  48. Jenna Czech

    Jenna CzechHace 5 días

    Is this a joke?

  49. Ashley Davila

    Ashley DavilaHace 5 días

    I’m sorry but this is so fucking disgusting. Your relationship is inappropriate your your age and you’re glorifying teen pregnancy. You should really be ashamed of yourselves.

  50. Taylor Booker

    Taylor BookerHace 5 días

    12:24 *"you gotta be shitting me"* 😂😂😂I love how they all said it at the same time😂😂😂 this is the funniest video I ever seen😂😂😂 And then they are all going after Willy😂

  51. Ryan Shields NO.39

    Ryan Shields NO.39Hace 5 días


  52. Elsa Gallapeni

    Elsa GallapeniHace 5 días

    What you are only 12 years old and be pregnant crazy this is facke

  53. rosezz Xaesthetic

    rosezz XaestheticHace 5 días

    Dani's brother is a mood

  54. Katie Dimitry

    Katie DimitryHace 5 días

    You know Jojo is the way to go....

  55. Brit Payne

    Brit PayneHace 5 días

    Danielle is dumb

  56. Meg Blum

    Meg BlumHace 5 días

    This is so disgusting

  57. Shannen Leighn

    Shannen LeighnHace 5 días


  58. Valerija Ivanova

    Valerija IvanovaHace 6 días

    At 7:52 his pants are hanging of his srse weak

  59. Taylor Booker

    Taylor BookerHace 6 días

    The big in the yellow sweatshirt😂 The other dude "yea you are kinda getting really fat" 😂😂😂

  60. yut yut

    yut yutHace 6 días

    Her mom knows what she be doing with him she should have put her on birth control...duhhh she knew they was fuckin

  61. aleyna zanae

    aleyna zanaeHace 6 días

    Chyyyy boo soon as I woulda said " im pre-" that woulda been a wrap periodt ikyl

  62. Anjali Mahesh

    Anjali MaheshHace 6 días

    I think I love JoJo Siwa now.

  63. Mikey Tua

    Mikey TuaHace 6 días

    I love Jojo Siwa too!!!

  64. Ducky Momo

    Ducky MomoHace 6 días

    7:37 😂😂👏🏻👏🏻OMG

  65. xxItsAva 07

    xxItsAva 07Hace 6 días

    20 year old son: i got $5 from gambleing mom: your not allowed to gamble! dani at 15 : i’m pregnant

  66. Deextrann !!!

    Deextrann !!!Hace 6 días

    I know someone who is 16 and hasn’t had their first kiss lol

  67. Roséwood xx

    Roséwood xxHace 7 días

    This joke is disgusting.

  68. Amanda Arrington

    Amanda ArringtonHace 7 días

    You guys are being so insensitive even if you did say sorry it wasn't real. You do not realize some girls can't have children, some have lost their children, some get kicked out by their parents, some boys leave their girlfriends. And you want to make a joke out of it.

  69. mangosandroses

    mangosandrosesHace 7 días


  70. Alexa Farrell

    Alexa FarrellHace 7 días

    That’s fucking vile

  71. Leticia Uxia Oitaven Machado

    Leticia Uxia Oitaven MachadoHace 7 días

    7:50 wait, why is nobody talking about this dude with the jeans showing most of his underwear

  72. bongconana onana

    bongconana onanaHace 7 días

    how many months are you guys together again?

  73. Dakotaz

    DakotazHace 7 días

    you mean shes a fat ass

  74. Kare bu Nara!

    Kare bu Nara!Hace 7 días

    She should take a Phil and then go to dr. Phil 🤦🏻‍♀️

  75. Taylor HeyHeyTayboo

    Taylor HeyHeyTaybooHace 7 días

    Honestly this isn’t surprising... 💀🤣

  76. dumplin '

    dumplin 'Hace 7 días

    why are they blaming willy wtf

  77. Brandy Cook

    Brandy CookHace 7 días

    Catch that stomach roll at the beginning girl quit photo shopping you are beautiful!

  78. Jamyliah Cox

    Jamyliah CoxHace 7 días

    I thought parents could be happy and not mad at their kids for having a baby

  79. Munkhbayar Mendsaikhan

    Munkhbayar MendsaikhanHace 7 días

    Jojo siwa im so sorry everything i said about u now im Jojos fan...seee ya on her channel

  80. Ally ._. Love

    Ally ._. LoveHace 7 días

    My mom would seriously kill me. This is crazy. Her mom isn’t even that upset.

  81. Jessica Belmonte

    Jessica BelmonteHace 7 días

    Chad is MEE Chad: has water in a Starbucks cup Chad: well yea you are getting fat Chad: we gon be uncles baby😂😂

  82. Jessica Belmonte

    Jessica BelmonteHace 7 días

    Mom: throws a shoe at her “pregnant” daughter with a “career”😂

  83. recklless nu

    recklless nuHace 7 días

    They think it's funny, that shows they dont need a mf baby, kids are so fucking stupid now a days like wtf they really dumb ash

  84. Pastel Monster

    Pastel MonsterHace 7 días


  85. Rhino Ryan89

    Rhino Ryan89Hace 7 días

    Who else hates when she chews

  86. Precy Donut

    Precy DonutHace 8 días

    Yo she freaking is too young like are they stupid or what!?💯😤😤😤😠

  87. Savage panda -fun and more

    Savage panda -fun and moreHace 8 días

    Your editing is so good

  88. Darcy and Emily 52

    Darcy and Emily 52Hace 8 días

    Don’t you dare lie about being pregnant because being a pregnant teen is hard ! Oh but yea you wouldn’t no a hard life if it bit you on the noes btw this is for both of you ! God should put you in hell because now everyone no’s that your a living snake in the grass ! 🤬

  89. Annie Bertolini

    Annie BertoliniHace 8 días

    This is when I appreciate JoJo Siwa and all she has done to the world just kept that tiny bit of this world not fucked up That’s right I liked my own comment get over it

  90. QueenB

    QueenBHace 8 días

    Tell me this is not real

  91. Violet H

    Violet HHace 8 días

    Why are they trying to blame someone, it’s not anyone’s fault but Dani and her boyfriends that she’s pregnant they could’ve used protection or just be smarter about it

  92. Isabella Valenzuela

    Isabella ValenzuelaHace 8 días

    Oml Danielle is going to have a rough time if she rlly has a baby she is BARELY 15

  93. bust down

    bust downHace 8 días

    So basically he knocked up a minor?

  94. bust down

    bust downHace 8 días

    So, you’re going to use your ESreporter money to pay for the baby’s needs right?!🤭🙄😬

  95. heyhow you

    heyhow youHace 8 días

    She only like 12,13,or14

  96. Charlotte Brunner

    Charlotte BrunnerHace 8 días



    SWEETENER STANHace 8 días

    Daniele: haven’t u noticed I’ve been looking a little bloated? Dude: I thought u we’re getting fat Daniele: cHaD!!

  98. Montana OTTB

    Montana OTTBHace 8 días

    Gawd she even acts like a little girl 😬

  99. Lyrical World

    Lyrical WorldHace 8 días

    jojo keep making bows and I should love her!

  100. The Question is Where are the AVOCADOS?

    The Question is Where are the AVOCADOS?Hace 8 días

    So is this real orrrrr....?

  101. Idk don’t know what do in my life REeeE

    Idk don’t know what do in my life REeeEHace 8 días

    *SEND HER TO THE RANCH* *SEND HER TO THE RANCH* *SEND HER TO THE RANCH* Edit: thanks for the highlight 🙂

  102. Simply Me

    Simply MeHace 3 días

    Highlight is just to show which comment is yours that came from your notifications

  103. Meliza Villalba

    Meliza VillalbaHace 8 días

    *i owe an apology to Jojo Siwa...*

  104. 박희영

    박희영Hace 8 días

    This is a disgrace like tf ugh this generation is messed up this kid idk his name is messed up like tf LOGic better make a song bout this generation “sex sex sex sex is all the Cons want in bed”