We Are Expecting... (Pt. 1/4) | Mikey Tua


  1. Dorthea Sævik

    Dorthea SævikHace 13 horas

    I feel like she is going to be on dr phil soon lmao!!!

  2. Diamondz World

    Diamondz WorldHace 14 horas

    Omg yall is so damn stupid

  3. Yellø Jellø

    Yellø JelløHace 17 horas

    *JoJo Please Save Us*

  4. Jaziah Rostant

    Jaziah RostantHace 19 horas

    She is 13 12

  5. Ollie Graves!

    Ollie Graves!Hace un día

    Child: Mommy can you drive me to my friend's house? Danielle: When I get my license in 1 or 2 years


    QÜĖÊŇ ÅŁÏÝÃHHace un día

    if she a black or caribbean parents she would got her ass beaten and couple slaps cross the face

  7. joan's bbq and foot massage

    joan's bbq and foot massageHace un día

    Praise the dude in the black shirt who had some common sense about the whole situation

  8. Nathalie Reed

    Nathalie ReedHace un día

    Stop being mean to Dani bc those ppl who hate are stupid 😡😡😤

  9. Rayven bird

    Rayven birdHace un día

    Bruh moment

  10. Equestrian Gamer 121

    Equestrian Gamer 121Hace un día

    Uh , someone tell her that's that's not a bump that a lump of fat ......

  11. Asskickerthe4

    Asskickerthe4Hace 2 días

    This is fake and if not you can catch me at Paris i may look weird because I will have just dived off the Eiffel Tower

  12. Ry Ry

    Ry RyHace 2 días

    Was it a prank?

  13. Marie Jeter

    Marie JeterHace 2 días

    She’s not pregnant she’s just fat

  14. Kristen Ferguson

    Kristen FergusonHace 2 días

    Is anyone else low key scared that her mom is abusive 😂

  15. im not important k

    im not important kHace 2 días

    No no NO!! HE YOU ARE AN ADULT DATING A F#$@ CHILD A 13 YEAR OLD CHILD THIS IS SO WRONG NO NO NO well idek if you're still dating but like No NO no no

  16. emmi nelson

    emmi nelsonHace 3 días

    So they have had sex ? If Dani is 13 she’s my age my god that’s ridiculous! I agree with the friend !!

  17. Emily Carr

    Emily CarrHace 3 días

    Girl fix your Weave you can see a weird deference

  18. x Tough Love x

    x Tough Love xHace 3 días

    Here’s some Panadol! 💊💊 It will cost One Like Please :)

  19. Tee HEE

    Tee HEEHace 3 días

    imagine being hungry for clout and faking pregnancy smh!

  20. Ashlee Stewart

    Ashlee StewartHace 3 días

    I one question what are the dogs doing?🤔🤔🤔

  21. Sweaty R6 god

    Sweaty R6 godHace 4 días

    she’s fucking 13 she already having sex my guy

  22. quetzally martinez

    quetzally martinezHace 4 días

    sorry she isn't pregers she's just fat :)

  23. Abdul Mukith

    Abdul MukithHace 4 días


  24. Natalie Eason

    Natalie EasonHace 4 días

    You all are going to hell

  25. Natalie Eason

    Natalie EasonHace 4 días

    Shes not even fucking pregnant its a lie

  26. natural.hormanship .121

    natural.hormanship .121Hace 4 días


  27. Tea that U Need to Know

    Tea that U Need to KnowHace 5 días

    What the heck Danielle. YOU'RE 15 (OR SOMETHING \(¤~¤)/

  28. Alicja Marzeda

    Alicja MarzedaHace 5 días

    I'm 15 and i've never worn any of the clothes that she wears. And when i was 13 I would never expose my body like that. What's wrong with her?

  29. Margaret Pyburn

    Margaret PyburnHace 5 días

    7:36 well yeah you have been getting really fat

  30. Margaret Pyburn

    Margaret PyburnHace 5 días

    6:52 - is it at least Mikey’s 🤣😂😂

  31. UnicornFam

    UnicornFamHace 6 días

    Umm Dani’s mom all I have to say very abusive

  32. peachmilk

    peachmilkHace 6 días

    Why are you disrespecting teen moms like this? Seriously? Faking pregnancy as a teen?

  33. Alexis Westland

    Alexis WestlandHace 6 días

    im losing brain cells watching this

  34. lil cici

    lil ciciHace 6 días

    Who is here after they broke up?

  35. Ceci Bolster

    Ceci BolsterHace 6 días

    Sooooo basically u said u were 5 months pregnant and it’s been 4 months already and u still haven’t had the baby.................

  36. angel_xm bruh

    angel_xm bruhHace 6 días

    "you couldn't have gotten a plan b"LMFAO

  37. Gacha Catie- Meps, Glmv, and more!

    Gacha Catie- Meps, Glmv, and more!Hace 7 días

    This is when everyone that watched this videos subs to *Jojo Siwa* . ON THREE! *1* *2* *3* Did you do it? JOJO SIWA IS OUR ROMODEL! 😭😭

  38. Kaylee Bishop

    Kaylee BishopHace 7 días

    " I sleep in the bed with them every night" that sounds creepy dang my mom dont sleep in the bed with me lmao

  39. Lindsey Huerta

    Lindsey HuertaHace 7 días

    That ain’t no baby that’s fat, literally just fat that she photoshops in her pictures

  40. Camila,s Family fun

    Camila,s Family funHace 7 días

    I am ten and my friend told me my crush likes me and he wants to go on a date

  41. Sunflower14 leaf

    Sunflower14 leafHace 7 días


  42. Lps Galaxy

    Lps GalaxyHace 7 días

    Lets all appreciate that JoJo seiwa is innocent while Danielle over here is acting as if she is a grown adult while she's still a teenager and is still not even allowed to drive without an adult. I'm not trying to be rude but. FUCKING ACT YOUR GOD DAMN AGE!!! YOU ARE THAT AGE AND ARE SUPPOSE TO BE!!! SO DONT TRY TO ACT AS IF YOUR AN ADULT. I actually don't even know why I'm wasting my time with these people!!😩

  43. Bryn Carys

    Bryn CarysHace 8 días

    Daniel Cohn is a 🤡

  44. Ali Behrangi

    Ali BehrangiHace 8 días

    dani your not pregnant your just fat

  45. Laura Matthews

    Laura MatthewsHace 8 días

    i call *bullshit*

  46. Maya Delgado

    Maya DelgadoHace 8 días

    HER MOM TOLD HER😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  47. Carolina Espinoza

    Carolina EspinozaHace 9 días

    the dude playing with the dog is so funny while the arguments are going on 😂 whenever my mom argues with either me or my brother i always play with the dog or cat to ignore anything😂

  48. Kimora The Explorer

    Kimora The ExplorerHace 9 días

    Her family is funny asf 😂😂😂😂

  49. a girl with a camera

    a girl with a cameraHace 10 días

    15:54 “did you put your dičk in her” 😭 😭

  50. Lyric K

    Lyric KHace 10 días

    Is she actually 13??????????????¿

  51. Kayla Coulter

    Kayla CoulterHace 10 días

    Her: I’m Pregnant! Her brother: is it at least Mikey’s?! Her: ..... I’m dead 😂😂🤣🤣

  52. Jennifer Liu

    Jennifer LiuHace 10 días

    Mikey and Dani: got married Dani:

  53. Anna Star

    Anna StarHace 10 días

    Boy, where's part 2 and part 4, I only see part 1 and part 3 on your channel, like I don't think you want to reveal some stuff

  54. Itz Chilz

    Itz ChilzHace 12 días

    As far as I know the bitch is lying

  55. Itz Chilz

    Itz ChilzHace 12 días

    3 months later and nothing😂

  56. Mama Gacha

    Mama GachaHace 12 días

    Mom: IM STUCK WITH YOU FOREVER NOW!! Me thinking: does she even like Mikey ._.

  57. amyxox

    amyxoxHace 12 días

    Bruh you think she pregnant she probably fat lmao!!🤣😂

  58. Albus Dumbledore

    Albus DumbledoreHace 13 días

    her at 12: getting pregnant me at 12: wondering if I could finish homework in time to play fortnite

  59. duolingo

    duolingoHace 13 días

    Dear god, Thank you for blessing me with enough braincells to understand why this shit is hella wrong.

  60. Nico Montaperto

    Nico MontapertoHace 13 días

    Shes 15

  61. jayden griego

    jayden griegoHace 13 días

    There story doesn't add up what so ever "left in the car for an hour" sure pal

  62. Willia Holmes

    Willia HolmesHace 13 días

    Im 13 and this is what im doing rn :D staying in school, Playing outside with friends, playing Roblox, watching TV, studying alot, going shopping, going places with my family,

  63. A2O_RYaN

    A2O_RYaNHace 13 días

    Kid:Mom I need help with my homework Dani:Sure after I finish mine

  64. A2O_RYaN

    A2O_RYaNHace 13 días

    She should’ve spread open the Bible instead of her legs

  65. Chantal Thompson

    Chantal ThompsonHace 14 días

    Girl you 13 so stfu bout pregnant

  66. Hjsjsjsj Sosksjddjs

    Hjsjsjsj SosksjddjsHace 15 días

    This is definitely a lie she is fucking 13

  67. ronjai burse

    ronjai burseHace 16 días

    0:01 u ain't pregnant sis u just fat

  68. Madi gurl

    Madi gurlHace 16 días

    If this is real then that means that Dani is 7 months prego...

  69. Mannuelaa

    MannuelaaHace 16 días

    6:35 thank me later

  70. Arya M

    Arya MHace 16 días

    She looks pregnant....or she’s just fat 🤧🤪

  71. Mixhxline

    MixhxlineHace 16 días

    I like Dani, but the fact she even had the audacity to post pregnancy and marriage videos just to earn some coins and fame is so dissapointing. And then she has the intentions to say it’s all a prank. Like some people still be believing this shit to this day. Juss wait till her future child watches this😑

  72. M & G Roblox

    M & G RobloxHace 16 días

    3 months later no baby


    ZAINAB RKHace 16 días

    6:44 is when they tell it,you’re welcome :)

  74. ThaaDancer Arii

    ThaaDancer AriiHace 16 días


  75. Amy

    AmyHace 16 días

    pissed me off how they trued to blame it on willy like its not his fault you two wanted to fuck while he was getting dinner

  76. SQD6-Jelly

    SQD6-JellyHace 17 días

    SHOOT ME!!!

  77. silly art nerd

    silly art nerdHace 17 días

    i can't be the only one who wanted to rescue the dogs the entire time

  78. Olivia Lane

    Olivia LaneHace 17 días

    This should be a reality show : acting old with danelle Cohn

  79. Marie-Antoinette Schexnayder

    Marie-Antoinette SchexnayderHace 18 días

    Very fake, very scripted, and also why?? this is not something to joke ABOUT. many teen moms go through WORST than this fake stuff you just showed us.

  80. ïõoķ778jķķķ yangelica Gustowski

    ïõoķ778jķķķ yangelica GustowskiHace 18 días

    Sorry but i dont like your mom