Trump impeachment hearings Day 3


  1. John Swanson

    John SwansonHace 9 días

    Our President Donald John Trump promised to drain the swamp. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Joe Biden, Alex Soros, George Soros, and Barack Obama are officially designated as swamp creatures. Marines could take these swamp creatures out.

  2. Darran Black

    Darran BlackHace 9 días

    At the 9 hour 16 minute mark, schiff and Nunes getting heated up good

  3. Darran Black

    Darran BlackHace 11 días

    Not even 1000 comments dang

  4. Darran Black

    Darran BlackHace 13 días

    Nawl, I rather the Jimmy Stewart movie, it's a wonderful Life, for the 5th time

  5. Darran Black

    Darran BlackHace 13 días

    Should I keep trying to watch this clown show, I'm on the Mr. Volker part, I guess part four🙄😫

  6. immrnoidall

    immrnoidallHace 14 días

    spoiler alert. all testimonies, from all witnesses, are things heard from Mr. Sonland, and he testified that he did not hear any of it from anyone "on this planet". sorry haters. y'all lose again.

  7. immrnoidall

    immrnoidallHace 14 días

    why is this called new.

  8. C E

    C EHace 15 días

    2:54:10 summarizes this entire inquiry thus far, if you dont have time or patience to listen to the whole thing.

  9. Brutal Truth

    Brutal TruthHace 15 días

    Trump 2020. Biden for prison now.

  10. Brave Browser

    Brave BrowserHace 16 días

    the hanging chad i broke epsteins neck

  11. Darran Black

    Darran BlackHace 17 días

    Question here. The folks at the hearing looking down seated behind the witnesses, who are they and what are they there for

  12. Liette Bonneville

    Liette BonnevilleHace 16 días

    Looks like News or typists ?! Gerry

  13. Tinkers Mentality

    Tinkers MentalityHace 17 días

    YEAH RIGHT. they try to impeach every puppet called "the president" all of congress just following orders.

  14. Independent Jack

    Independent JackHace 17 días

    Sondland confirmed that there was a quid pro quo asked of Ukraine in return for a White House visit. He also said that Trump, acting through Giuliani directed the scheme and that other officials including Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo were all in the loop. If Giuliani, Pence, and Pompeo can clear Trump. Why don’t they bring their documents in and testify under oath?? Most people with brains know why they won’t testify.

  15. sunny

    sunnyHace 17 días

    Has anyone else noticed Mr Morrison comes across as a bit stiff, arrogant, cocky and bossy in his demeanor

  16. Liette Bonneville

    Liette BonnevilleHace 16 días

    NOT AT ALL, he's talking about past experiences with Vindland no brainer and leaker while Vindland just said that Morrisson was not his boss and, he was his boss. Would you not be reluctantly pissed ?! Gerry

  17. Manuel Ugalde Ultreras

    Manuel Ugalde UltrerasHace 18 días

    Mr Schiff, you are my heroe.

  18. Ink Spots

    Ink SpotsHace 18 días

    "I cannot judge Joe Biden.... I saw a snip it of a video." 3:29-30

  19. ChewwwyMr

    ChewwwyMrHace 18 días


  20. Che Che

    Che CheHace 18 días

    How do these demons think that they can carry this impeachment through the senate and secure 2/3 of senate vote to actually impeach the president. Impossible!!!

  21. Liette Bonneville

    Liette BonnevilleHace 16 días

    With McConnell and Graham, never know, has to be seen. Gerry

  22. JBomb82

    JBomb82Hace 18 días

    There's our tax dollars, people... While I was slaving away.... This happened

  23. Preferred Customer

    Preferred CustomerHace 18 días

    Being patriotic is hear out both sides. Let your bias go. READ both sides WSJ & NY Times or AP or Reuters. Besides listening to bureaucrats or diplomats just READ the news.

  24. Sissy Christ

    Sissy ChristHace 18 días

    Adam Schiff needs to understand the bribery was committed by Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. Also Joe Biden admitted on video for the world to see. I want the Biden's and Obama to be investigated! Obama knew per Joe on the video! Joe Biden shouldn't be running for President! Trump 2020!

  25. Sissy Christ

    Sissy ChristHace 16 días

    @Liette Bonneville Yep!

  26. Liette Bonneville

    Liette BonnevilleHace 16 días

    SCHIFF paid by Ukraine threw Pennington Funds. Gerry

  27. Sissy Christ

    Sissy ChristHace 18 días

    I'm sick of my tax dollars paying for this crap. I have learned from all these hearings that we give a lot of our tax dollars to corrupt foreign countries unbelievable! On the backs of American citizens! I agree with POTUS the other foreign countries need to pick up some financial and military responsibility. I also realize my tax dollars are paying for these hearings and Democrats aren't doing their jobs. Time to vote out all corrupt career Democrats! I don't see any evidence that our POTUS has committed a crime; however, I do see the Biden's committed crimes! Investigate the Bidens! Trump 2020!

  28. Sissy Christ

    Sissy ChristHace 16 días

    @Solo Nepeon...I agree with you.

  29. Solo Nepeon

    Solo NepeonHace 18 días

    Better yet let all the ppl stop working jobs for these fools to see what they would do/say once they see USA is fed up with the bs.

  30. Sheila Pilson

    Sheila PilsonHace 19 días

    Wow!!! I think we know how and who the whistle blower is. Kabam!!!!

  31. Solo Nepeon

    Solo NepeonHace 18 días


  32. Ramon Olmeda

    Ramon OlmedaHace 19 días

    This lt seems a little skittish

  33. FuzzyAppleBong

    FuzzyAppleBongHace 19 días

    BERNIE 2020!!

  34. wounded warrior

    wounded warriorHace 19 días

    Looks like we have exposed another lying, leaking deep state actor who thinks he runs foreign policy solely. He could not even agree that Biden, who has actually done what President Trump is accused of, has done anything wrong. Never Trumper! President Trump does not need the help of Ukraine to win in 2020, he won with them working against him in 2016,

  35. ol Tob

    ol TobHace 19 días

    "Informed speculation!" = A guess

  36. Ink Spots

    Ink SpotsHace 18 días


  37. ol Tob

    ol TobHace 19 días

    Concerned. They were all concerned. And they assumed and heard.

  38. justrosie1

    justrosie1Hace 19 días

    I support President Trump 100% . I live in a blue state that is getting tired of democrats and their witch hunts, keep it up and you will have no more democrat voters, only the criminals and illegals will be voting for democrats.

  39. RagaSHOT

    RagaSHOTHace 19 días

    Satan trump is strong with the Republican swamp minions

  40. Jordan Carpenter

    Jordan CarpenterHace 19 días

    Meanwhile China is now the new world leader !

  41. bs2502

    bs2502Hace 19 días

    Why is that democrats, in this case democratic congressman/woman of colour and who are self described "American immigrants", always invoke the argument of race and skin colour when putting down 'others'. Is it not them that are being racist? Probably the usual I's only racist if whitey says it.

  42. Runyun Hyde

    Runyun HydeHace 19 días

    At the 3hr 28min mark. "Do you think that what Joe Biden do was wrong?" His response ... "Sir I participated in that."

  43. Liette Bonneville

    Liette BonnevilleHace 18 días

    That's beautifully pluged Runyun. Gerry

  44. Che Che

    Che CheHace 19 días

    Law is on facts not feeling and insinuations

  45. Liette Bonneville

    Liette BonnevilleHace 9 días

    YEP ! Gerry

  46. JBomb82

    JBomb82Hace 18 días

    Something Shifty Shift needs to learn. No one cares about what he thinks or feels... We need the facts. Something they can't seem to come up with!

  47. Bo Tomblin

    Bo TomblinHace 19 días

    I hope nunes takes extra time in the shower to get the smell of schiff off him

  48. Preferred Customer

    Preferred CustomerHace 18 días

    Wipe the FOX off your chin son.

  49. Mike McCarthy

    Mike McCarthyHace 19 días

    That counsel guy needs to be beaten as well.

  50. Preferred Customer

    Preferred CustomerHace 18 días

    Yeah Nunes is a clown.

  51. Jason Underwood

    Jason UnderwoodHace 19 días

    Congressman incorrectly called Ranking Member Devin Nunes, "Chairman Nunes". I feel like that should be called out.

  52. Liette Bonneville

    Liette BonnevilleHace 16 días

    WHY ? A bit of humour won't damage SCHIFF. You're a pro VINDMAN ?Gerry

  53. Dorina Tedesco

    Dorina TedescoHace 19 días

    You may contact me at 11520 Ocean Promenade, Rockaway Park, NY 11694

  54. Dorina Tedesco

    Dorina TedescoHace 19 días

    Everyone associated with NAMI who is corrupt! These aids/ades working as aids and collecting welfare at the same time!

  55. Dorina Tedesco

    Dorina TedescoHace 19 días

    Frank Ragosta if I go down so do you and so does Bob Eckert and Michael Rappaport too! Put Dorina M Tedesco on the stand!