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    Congrats on number one on trending!



    I used to like you not anymore where is your brother

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    Omg! We have the same kind of popcorn!

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    How many likes can this comment get?

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    get this garbage away from trending

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    Why is this garbage trending

  9. the swaggest gamer

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    Carter Sharter ha gottem

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    HOW IS THIS NUMBER ONE on Trending

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    Are you kidding me, Domics deserves #1 on trending more than you

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    Cant waith for part 2

  13. 10000 subs Without any videos

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    Why is this trash trending and who even is this guy I’m so confused

  15. Pipi Elle

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    Cater make vlog movio part 2

  16. Skylee Pierce

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    Put the movie on the Chanel the whole entire movie!!!!!

  17. Skylee Pierce

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    Like this if should!!!

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    How is this video number one trending

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    OMG love it

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    Who else recognized More People in this than the ESreporter Rewind!

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    Is it in NEFLEX

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    its not free

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    Why is this trending

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    the pic of the girl at the wall my aunt has that pic

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    I love it

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    Why do yous even exist

  28. Trolly Poop

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    Why do yous even exist

  29. Prescious Langcawan

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    the intro was shite

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    HOLY-I almost said a no word. Anyways, #1 on Trending?!? I am both impressed and amazed.

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    How did this get Number 1 on trending?!?!

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    if only one of my vids would be in the number 1 trending

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    When is part 2 coming out?

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    subscribe here without thinking please

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    lol why is this on 1# trending only 9yr olds watch his videos

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    I can't believe that Mr. Beast agreed to be in this movie.

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  38. Ana Clara e Felipinho

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  39. Bree T

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    To watch the hole moveie it costed money really

  40. Natalie Sandoval

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    That is just ..... wow I’m speechless .....just speechless

  41. Marshmallow Games

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    My frEiNd dressed like a pleg doctor for Halloween (that mask) and I was terrified of him....

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    My name is 666😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

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    i seen the movie

  45. running wild

    running wildHace 53 minutos

    I'm sad because me mom said I cant buy the movie but its good

  46. Aaron Sosa

    Aaron SosaHace 53 minutos

    Fortnite kids have left the chat

  47. Jona_ chan

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    pq esta en tendencias ?!?

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    How is this #1 trending

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    There making a movie based around lightning😬

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    Who else is here and watching Carter instead of doing homework? lol Anyone wanna be yt friends? I make vlogs too :)

  51. Queen Shook

    Queen ShookHace 55 minutos

    “Vlog the movie” this is literally just a giant vlog so your just going to make us pay 2.99$ for a giant vlog? No I’ll just go watch Shane

  52. Will Henry

    Will HenryHace 55 minutos

    Code Laserbeam

  53. krystalier cunningham

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    the biggest regret of my life was clicking on this video


    UFOLOGIAHace 57 minutos

    Horrible actors

  55. Gabriel Lara

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    Wear is the link in the deskerip shun okay

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    That looks like a Fortnite skin

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    Your number one on trending congrats I subscribed

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    Do part two

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    *quality content*

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    So cool

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    Yay! The Skorys were there!

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    Can we get this done vid to over 2M dislikes , let's do it

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    You're probably gonna be in the next rewind

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    I would pay not to see this movie

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    So lucky number one on training so happy for you

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    this comment WILL NOT get a like

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    Why is this *#1* on trending

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    Why camera is that?

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    Wow... Firkin 1 in trending. *OOF*

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    Shut the meep up *dabs*

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    Cause your bad actors

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    Stream Jello by Prettymuch for clear skin ❤️❤️❤️

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    Tomar no cu pq meu em alta tá em inglês?

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    Please put part 2 on you're ESreporter channel. Stay awsome and share the love peace.

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    1# trending! Great job!

  80. Elijah Guevara

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    Is that the original Microsoft background place

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    Is this irl

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    HEY I have to pay for it???😭😡

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    The abandon house remind me of resident evil 7 house

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    That was an old flashlight

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    To watch the movie you need to pay

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    This deserves more dislikes

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    “Nobody’s ever filmed a movie like this before” there’s an entire genre of horror movies done like this

  89. Mr Steal Yo Shoe

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    The paranormal activity movie series did a vlog style movie before this.

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    Guava juice i love his videos

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    This so stupid

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    If I were them I would just leave the camera and run😂

  95. The king of FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS

    The king of FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYSHace un hora

    I believe you

  96. joe schmoe

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    5:06 when she knows going on a car ride means she giving some road head

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    I'm learning English with your videos ♥️

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