Vlog Squad Answers The Web's Most Searched Questions w/ Josh Peck, Carly & Erin | WIRED Parody


  1. Lisa Nicole

    Lisa NicoleHace 5 días

    Josh, David, Liza, Jason, Scott, Jonah, Zane, and Toddy are life 😭😍

  2. Lisa Nicole

    Lisa NicoleHace 5 días

    And Jeff! Lol

  3. Olly Sean

    Olly SeanHace 7 días

    Jason has mom arms

  4. Namrata Vardhan

    Namrata VardhanHace 9 días

    Didnt know erin and i are so similar 😂

  5. a-wanderingcloud 0-0

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  6. Hylan Nicole

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  7. Kiersten Milburn

    Kiersten MilburnHace 25 días

    Stolen content of the highest regard

  8. Pamela Navarro

    Pamela NavarroHace 27 días

    I love carly and erin 💙

  9. Laura Elle

    Laura ElleHace 28 días

    People in the comments section saying how Carly and Erin look so good for 28 like it's old 😂

  10. Ivy Coleen Orquillas

    Ivy Coleen OrquillasHace 29 días

    Love this videos jason!

  11. Simply Erica

    Simply EricaHace 29 días

    "WIRED parody"

  12. sara

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  13. sara

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  14. Courtney Le

    Courtney LeHace 29 días

    really liking this content, jason! keep it up

  15. Damaygo

    DamaygoHace un mes

    *"I haven't been 165 since I was ten"*

  16. Wherewewander

    WherewewanderHace un mes

    Also ngl I just clicked when I saw the title and my first thought in the beginning was "wow Wired is using Jason's intro music to intro this video of him? Weird!" And then I realized 😂

  17. Wherewewander

    WherewewanderHace un mes

    Did anyone else get their calculators out and check when Erin said 438 months old? lol (it's 36.5 years old btw)

  18. Rachel Cookson

    Rachel CooksonHace un mes

    Why is an old creepy man hanging around young peeps? Is he a pedo?

  19. Emily

    EmilyHace un mes

    these are so cute

  20. Lunacy Flower

    Lunacy FlowerHace un mes

    excellent content

  21. Emily P

    Emily PHace un mes

    EeeeEEeeEeE I'm is Massachusetts eEEeeEEeeeeEEeEEeeE

  22. Sarah Stellmach

    Sarah StellmachHace un mes

    wait how are carly & erin 27&28? they both look like 22/23 omg

  23. Freya Scott

    Freya ScottHace un mes

    28 years = 336 months 💛

  24. Rocio

    RocioHace un mes

    I loved when Carly and Erin recreated everyone else's vlog

  25. Rocio

    RocioHace un mes

    Why does this one have less views than part 2

  26. Cassidy Lombard

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  27. Lacey Fisher

    Lacey FisherHace un mes

    I love this!!

  28. Stefania Leah Kalab

    Stefania Leah KalabHace un mes

    I would have never guessed that Carly and Erin were almost 28. I think Carly looks 22 and Erin looks 25.

  29. Lexi Dom

    Lexi DomHace un mes

    Josh peck bit wearing his wedding band 👀👀

  30. Mallory Downs

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  31. Riquin

    RiquinHace un mes

    oh carly, excuse me, you are hot

  32. Bianca Testa

    Bianca TestaHace un mes

    this is so good!!

  33. Damian Marlowe

    Damian MarloweHace un mes

    Carly and Erin deserve so much love and subscribers for how dedicated they’re to their subscribers. They literally kept a P.O. Box so people can send them fan mail, even when they barely get anything they would keep it open until they had a lot for a video. They would make hilarious jokes and just be theirselves without overhyping everything. Carly and Erin isn’t basic/average whatsoever. They are amazing at what they do, care about their followers, and care about their friends as well. They need to get to a million subscribers. They deserve it with how much work they put in for content.

  34. Alyssa Beauman

    Alyssa BeaumanHace un mes

    The “how much does Jason Nash weigh” question hit me hard and hurt my self esteem. I weigh 5 pounds less than Jason Nash did. I’m 14😬😂😭

  35. toot tooter

    toot tooterHace un mes

    carly and erin r the least funny vlog squad members

  36. No Copyright Audio Music Library for Creator

    No Copyright Audio Music Library for CreatorHace un mes

    wow, I think it is great keep sharing them =D Tq

  37. anna perez

    anna perezHace un mes

    12:42 why did Carly sound like Heath/Zane lmao

  38. a girl

    a girlHace un mes

    thought this was really from wired

  39. Emma Bryan

    Emma BryanHace un mes

    "Dude and you're like 6 feet, that's lean for you" Me: My uncle is 6' 5" and 170lbs...I'm SCARED

  40. Dani De BooBoo

    Dani De BooBooHace un mes

    What is the introductory song on 0:12? I love it but probably gets asked a lot but I wanna know.

  41. Makaila Carla

    Makaila CarlaHace un mes

    I was watching Drake & Josh the other day and Jason was on it so that’s cool🤷🏽‍♀️

  42. rashel lor

    rashel lorHace un mes

    Carly and Erin "complaining" that it took them 3 years to reach almost 1 mid. subscribers meanwhile im happy about 57 subscribers...😂😂😂

  43. Carnifex Caitlan

    Carnifex CaitlanHace un mes

    Jason is gonna get slammed with a copyright claim

  44. karenpincheira

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  45. Ayceeyou

    AyceeyouHace un mes

    two dads hanging out😂😂😂

  46. Fabiana Guareschi

    Fabiana GuareschiHace un mes

    Oh, so there IS one with Carly and Erin

  47. Luzzia Visu

    Luzzia VisuHace un mes

    I can’t wait for Dom to do this

  48. Lisa

    LisaHace un mes

    Learned about all types of stuff to quit smoking for our pharm exam tomorrow (plus 5 other topics). Also my birthday is in June and I’ll be 28 as well.

  49. lazy potato

    lazy potatoHace un mes

    Wind birthday is two days after mine

  50. Castielz

    CastielzHace un mes

    Carly is the prettiest girl in the vlogsquad. Fight me

  51. Mowmauf

    MowmaufHace un mes

    At first I thought this was a wired video

  52. GarrySlay

    GarrySlayHace un mes

    Carly and Erin are 2 of the most gorgeous women I've ever seen PLEASE tell me how they're "average" DAVID?!!

  53. Matt J

    Matt JHace un mes

    Jason Nash! I love Jason Nash! It’s ten thirty at night? It’s a FaceTime? 😂😂😂😂😂

  54. Danielle Weiss

    Danielle WeissHace un mes

    bruh damn carly and erin 28??? they look gooooood

  55. camila !

    camila !Hace un mes

    “two middle aged men living in an apartment...that’s weird!” dan and phil: oh

  56. J H

    J HHace un mes

    Find yourself someone that looks at you the way Jason looks at Josh Peck

  57. Anna Christina Toulany

    Anna Christina ToulanyHace un mes

    I’m so stupid . It took me 1 minute to realize it’s not the actual series

  58. yasmien el m

    yasmien el mHace un mes

    438 months = 36,5 years

  59. Hello Emma

    Hello EmmaHace un mes

    ngl jason has the best middle-aged-man-hair one could wish for or is it just me?

  60. phoenix mitchell

    phoenix mitchellHace un mes

    why is it so white washed

  61. Isabelle Nee

    Isabelle NeeHace un mes

    Wow I love my queens

  62. a.viana

    a.vianaHace un mes

    jason: i wonder how many ads i can fit into one video... literally only watched them for charlie and wyatt

  63. Kensey Schuster

    Kensey SchusterHace un mes

    love this!

  64. Gabriel

    GabrielHace un mes

    438 months is like 36 years old 😂😂

  65. Mar Murph

    Mar MurphHace un mes

    I really hope this video brings more attention to Carly and Erin’s channel. I love them!

  66. Kadence. 32510

    Kadence. 32510Hace un mes

    And Jason ^ title of this video

  67. Elizabeth

    ElizabethHace un mes

    Erin didn’t want to complete ONE class to get her degree that she spent 4 years working on??

  68. Dark Angel

    Dark AngelHace un mes

    Okay so we have a group of friends that were really close with and we're all in our 30s and 40s and hang out and have our own Club that is centered around music because it's made up of mostly music and people like me who are in the music industry. So I get that you guys are adults that are friends that want to hang out together, but it is so amazingly creepy the way that you guys behave like your teenagers, going over to Jojo siwas house and getting your hair all put up in bows, acting like immature children answering these questions on the net, I mean seriously Jason, you know these types of videos are better suited for your daughter and your son then they are for you! You're sitting here giggling and your body language is that of an embarrassed 13 year old. However you're not even close to 13. I think that you guys really need to step things up and start acting your age, because it's really creepy. Either that or turn things over to people who are younger than you. I'm not saying you have to act like old people, but this holding your body in positions like you're doing right now we're your arms are all together and giggling and just acting like a teenager, you know what you're doing, I don't have to tell you it's inappropriate and immature and it's not what should be done by adults of your age and you know it and you're only doing it hopefully for the views but as a parent I'm sitting here watching it and thinking these people might have illness and I sure don't want them around my kid! No knows how to take you when you act that way!

  69. Rose_gacha TV

    Rose_gacha TVHace un mes

    Carly and Erin: David says we’re the most basic girls on ESreporter The most basic thing that youtuber’s say: Big things are coming

  70. Sumeja Lastname

    Sumeja LastnameHace un mes

    I love the fact that this was filmed when everyone was at Coachella hahhaa

  71. Vivian Stewart

    Vivian StewartHace un mes

    Wait so Josh has been around all most as long at Jason???? False facts

  72. Courtney Zoller

    Courtney ZollerHace un mes

    someone needs to google “parody”

  73. Skye Inga

    Skye IngaHace un mes

    Carly and Erin are horribly boring

  74. jude juder

    jude juderHace un mes

    Jason just seems so sweet!!

  75. Dustin’s Cold Sore

    Dustin’s Cold SoreHace un mes

    This was so boring.

  76. Vera

    VeraHace un mes

    Omg JOSH!

  77. freya epps :/

    freya epps :/Hace un mes

    i fucking love carly and erin

  78. biLAWL

    biLAWLHace un mes

    You could’ve used a better camera

  79. 10 subscribers with 0 videos?

    10 subscribers with 0 videos?Hace un mes

    The first one I watched with corrina I thought it was real then I saw this smh

  80. Jordan Obst

    Jordan ObstHace un mes

    cut your greasy hair bro it aint a good look

  81. DaGoofSta

    DaGoofStaHace un mes

    200lbs is not bad for a 6' tall guy. im 6' and weigh 150 and cant gain weight :/

  82. legofan370

    legofan370Hace un mes

    438 months is 36.5 years. Not even close. Lol

  83. kina san lucas

    kina san lucasHace un mes

    this whole time i thought carly nd erin were like 25

  84. Crystal Cantu

    Crystal CantuHace un mes

    I can imagine Carly and Erin in there 60s together lol just sitting on the porch talking weird shit. Especially in Erin's voice.

  85. Wendy Blankenship

    Wendy BlankenshipHace un mes

    Im nit going to lie I was scared to watch this lol idk what they would say

  86. nicolemarie7827

    nicolemarie7827Hace un mes

    lmao 438 months = 36.5 years old

  87. peaceteazebra94

    peaceteazebra94Hace un mes

    428 months roughly equates to 35 so good ass random guess

  88. DaniB143

    DaniB143Hace un mes

    Haha love you and josh together 👯‍♂️

  89. katie bushell

    katie bushellHace un mes

    I’m 7 mins into the video and only just realised this was fake 😂🙈🙈🙈 I heard Jason and was like huh then saw it was his channel 😂😂😂

  90. Thatoneuglydude

    ThatoneuglydudeHace un mes

    josh has really weird eyes, they like sag lol

  91. Victoria Foster

    Victoria FosterHace un mes

    This was painful to watch. All of their laughs seemed so force

  92. Sophie M

    Sophie MHace un mes

    I will be honest I did think Carly and Erin were a lesbian couple when I first started watching !

  93. Tyler Nelson

    Tyler NelsonHace 28 días

    I mean they definitely are. Erin getting engaged is OBVIOUSLY a cover

  94. bagofcheetos s

    bagofcheetos sHace un mes


  95. Afropalmen

    AfropalmenHace un mes

    211 ain't that much. I'm 230 and I'm kinda "skinny" aldo I'm 6,3 feet tall

  96. Jingy Riceball

    Jingy RiceballHace un mes


  97. Ibe

    IbeHace un mes


  98. Paige by the book

    Paige by the bookHace un mes

    Not gonna lie when I first found Carly and Erin I did think they were together😂

  99. Miguel Zamora

    Miguel ZamoraHace un mes

    You forgot to color grade this. Just saying

  100. Kira K

    Kira KHace un mes

    Why they left jason out the title?😂😂😂😂😂

  101. Luconum

    LuconumHace un mes

    Because it's Jason's channel

  102. Joey Mundinger

    Joey MundingerHace un mes

    I love that they are all grey it makes it sooo much funnier. Also Jason don’t be so hard on your self your soooo damn funny

  103. Christopher Tiller

    Christopher TillerHace un mes

    I loved this

  104. Hailey Bissell

    Hailey BissellHace un mes

    Carly and Erin are two of the cutest girls ever