Vikings vs. 49ers Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2019 Playoffs


  1. Jayne Gilman

    Jayne GilmanHace un día

    Vikings after the Saints game: Our work here is done lets go

  2. Nick Diaz

    Nick DiazHace 7 días


  3. Ice Cold

    Ice ColdHace 8 días

    Somewhere out there in the Multiverse There's a Universe were the Saints are in this Game, And the Saints beat the Patriots last year in the SUPERBOWL!!!

  4. Ice Cold

    Ice ColdHace 8 días

    I'm in the wrong Universe!!!

  5. Ice Cold

    Ice ColdHace 8 días


  6. Bubba Bryant

    Bubba BryantHace 9 días

    Pass interference on 20 it was 23

  7. levin wu

    levin wuHace 14 días

    Was this in the livis staduium

  8. Diamond Hero

    Diamond HeroHace 17 días

    Niners won yes

  9. Sergio Bejar

    Sergio BejarHace 17 días

    5:35 bosa did a beautiful job of letting that tackle happen 15yrs ago u run in there deliver a punishing blow and he the rb or his teammate making the tackle would have been hurt

  10. HA! HA! JUICE

    HA! HA! JUICEHace 18 días

    Go sf

  11. C.J. THA DON

    C.J. THA DONHace 19 días

    Another game we were supposed 2 lose.... Lmfao

  12. Yharaa Esneyttaly

    Yharaa EsneyttalyHace 19 días


  13. Boba Fett

    Boba FettHace 20 días


  14. Yharaa Esneyttaly

    Yharaa EsneyttalyHace 20 días


  15. Yharaa Esneyttaly

    Yharaa EsneyttalyHace 20 días

    SY....Vuelve cuando quieras algo real seryo y verdader'💋🎼😍 Europeos😍💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋sexy's

  16. Vivek Khurana

    Vivek KhuranaHace 20 días

    49ers are going to win the super bowl

  17. James

    JamesHace 22 días

    5:08.. there was NO play fake.. i think that's why the INT happened, the LB didn't have to play the run there because there was no fake handoff...

  18. Sonicolas Cagehog Dead Meme Inc.

    Sonicolas Cagehog Dead Meme Inc.Hace 23 días

    Somehow everyone will find a way to blame Kirk Cousins for this game

  19. Francis Fiskey

    Francis FiskeyHace 24 días

    Chiefs winning super bowl coming guys gotta admit

  20. JB 650

    JB 650Hace 26 días

    S a n t a C l a r a N i n e r s

  21. LaffinKing

    LaffinKingHace 24 días

    New Jersey Giants, New Jersey Jets, Arlington Cowboys

  22. Matthew Erickson

    Matthew EricksonHace 26 días

    Being a Vikings fan: As soon as they start looking good, they lay an egg. As soon as you give up on them, they play outstanding and make you turn back around. And they they lay another egg.

  23. SinkHollyWood

    SinkHollyWoodHace 26 días

    2:25 1985 Jordans??

  24. Jarrett Pierce

    Jarrett PierceHace 27 días

    for how terrible cousins is the viks played way better than the packers

  25. Progressive Viewer

    Progressive ViewerHace 27 días

    Was really hoping for a Vikings vs Packers Showdown for the NFC

  26. 2d40

    2d40Hace 28 días

    At least the education system is better in Minnesota.

  27. 2d40

    2d40Hace 28 días

    Pull your 84 Jerseys out. It’s going to be a fun ride.

  28. no one

    no oneHace 28 días


  29. josh Tenerife

    josh TenerifeHace 29 días

    Vamos vikingos de Minnesota, será la próxima vez.

  30. MalRulesAll

    MalRulesAllHace 29 días


  31. Quire

    QuireHace 29 días

    Who's here after the 49ers advanced to the Super Bowl?

  32. M47theduck

    M47theduckHace 14 horas

    49ers can suck my pp

  33. Titanbrotha00

    Titanbrotha00Hace 10 días

    I'm here after they lost

  34. Kenneth Holder

    Kenneth HolderHace 29 días

    Chiefs vs 49ers in Superbowl Alex Smith: ...................... Godammit.

  35. Rhonda Pohlman

    Rhonda PohlmanHace 29 días

    Where can I stream live and free?

  36. Kelly4370

    Kelly4370Hace un mes

    The Vikings offensive line just couldn't hold back the 49'er defense.... Sad, but True... I Just, at least ONCE, Wanna see my Vikings Win a "Super Bowl" in my Life Time!!! The Vikings have been Above the Average Line for a good length of time, but seem to be unable to get past it to Champion!!! I remember the Saints being a team without a winning record, they got a "Super Bowl Ring"... The Vikings defeated the Saints in playoffs, then get wiped out in the 2nd playoff round... SAD!!!

  37. Racer Z

    Racer ZHace un mes

    49ers look creative and players are sold on the game plan both sides of the ball. Cousins & Cook look hung out to dry with that predictable offense.

  38. Yeet_ Clan

    Yeet_ ClanHace un mes

    49ers let’s go

  39. Kibre

    KibreHace un mes

    9:35 looks like a green screen...

  40. Kibre

    KibreHace un mes

    It must be hard to be an NFL cameraman with all those fakes. *Read More* But nice game and happy for Richard Sherman

  41. Lil Teacup

    Lil TeacupHace un mes

    You like that?

  42. MilkSauce

    MilkSauceHace un mes

    I wonder who would win 2013 Seahawks or 2020 49ers

  43. Eddy Del rio

    Eddy Del rioHace un mes

    24 chivas number 24

  44. Eddy Del rio

    Eddy Del rioHace un mes

    2006 chivas

  45. ricardo flores

    ricardo floresHace un mes


  46. Junior Covarrubias

    Junior CovarrubiasHace un mes

    Dont watch this video if ur Vikings fan..u girls just got beat😂

  47. Brian Maehren

    Brian MaehrenHace un mes

    Kirk Cousins sucks!

  48. Jorge Hernandez

    Jorge HernandezHace un mes

    Damn Marshall would be pissed . . . ( HIMYM)

  49. Steven Foley

    Steven FoleyHace un mes

    Saints exist Vikings: I'ma end this man's whole career Vikings make it to divisional round: (chuckles) I'm in danger

  50. El34 Glow

    El34 GlowHace un mes

    San Fran is definitely a second half team

  51. Travis Donald Stanley

    Travis Donald StanleyHace un mes

    Better Team Won.

  52. Travis Donald Stanley

    Travis Donald StanleyHace un mes

    Vikings were lucky enough to beat the Saints. They should have not kicked one field goal.

  53. David Farley

    David FarleyHace un mes

    Don’t know why but why does Kittle remind me of Jax Teller

  54. yungxanhoe _

    yungxanhoe _Hace un mes

    Xavier Rhodes got PICKED on the whole game

  55. Ibraheem Rao

    Ibraheem RaoHace un mes

    Thanks for coming through for me in my weekly picks San Francisco but my packers are going to crush you in the title game.

  56. gunner 3477

    gunner 3477Hace 16 días

    @Ibraheem Rao I was at both games against the Packers on November 24th and the NFCCG. For this season, Niners are just better. Not saying historically, this season.

  57. Ibraheem Rao

    Ibraheem RaoHace 16 días

    @gunner 3477 honestly I felt the NFC title game was like THE LAST STAND 300 with GB being the Spartans and SF being the Persians.

  58. gunner 3477

    gunner 3477Hace 16 días

    @Ibraheem Rao Win or lose I will be back here tomorrow night to revisit this comment. All season people have "Goal post" moving my Niners. Everytime they accomplish something, let's move the goal post and put the hurdles higher. We will see for the final time in less than 24 hours.

  59. Ibraheem Rao

    Ibraheem RaoHace 16 días

    @gunner 3477 Okay whatever. But.they AIN'T beating Kansas City because unlike my packers they have multiple wide receivers that can beat you.

  60. gunner 3477

    gunner 3477Hace 16 días

    Ibraheem Rao Yea you was saying lol!!!

  61. scarlett O

    scarlett OHace un mes

    Good job Niners!!🥰🤩😍

  62. bely silva

    bely silvaHace un mes

    49ers all da way baby we’re gonna b champions this year he’ll yeah 😎

  63. bely silva

    bely silvaHace 12 días

    TH 🖕👊

  64. TH

    THHace 12 días


  65. Irish Cabrera

    Irish CabreraHace un mes


  66. CCGG262

    CCGG262Hace un mes

    wow if the vikings didnt shoot themselves i the foot it woulda been a closer game. makes me feel better about the packers chances

  67. Derek Davis

    Derek DavisHace un mes

    That Drive in the 3rd quarter was an 8 play 50 yard drive. 8 straight run plays in a row all the way into the endzone

  68. Derek Davis

    Derek DavisHace un mes

    They were definitely dominated the whole game

  69. Kenia Sharpe

    Kenia SharpeHace un mes

    Good job niners so proud of them

  70. Michael Hawkins

    Michael HawkinsHace un mes

    Cousins Overpaid Contract will be a waste if he doesn’t get an O-Line.

  71. Brian Jones

    Brian JonesHace un mes

    They should have 8 teams from each conference make the byes for any team but of course the 1 seed would play the 8th seed, 2 seed vs 7 seed etc etc

  72. Derek Davis

    Derek DavisHace un mes

    Thats adding 2 teams that have no business being in the playoffs . and not giving the teams with best record a bye ?

  73. Derek Davis

    Derek DavisHace un mes

    I like the way it is now

  74. JB Chad

    JB ChadHace un mes

    I wanted the Vikings to win so bad effing sucks