UNFRIENDED: DARK WEB (2018) Endings Explained


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    Just use discord smh

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    Unfriended 3: Chris Hansen tells you to have a seat

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    9 videos Maybe 1 more Or 10

  4. end me

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    imagine just chillin with some dude, and you die bc he's dumb as fuck

  5. LilGerman Greyman

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    There was at least one more ending

  6. brenda 467

    brenda 467Hace 2 días

    I watched the this movie and didn’t really think it was that scary. Sure some parts were kinda scary but to consider it a horror movie is an overstatement

  7. Vincent Nguyen-Bui

    Vincent Nguyen-BuiHace 3 días

    Papaya, Amaya.

  8. RJFlute

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    Lesson: Don't steal.


    WAR DOCTORHace 4 días

    Usually I like this guy but this time around he just kind of upset me. He kinda seemed ignorant to the whole movie. It's like seeing a friend explain a movie you just watched together but the friend was on their phone the whole time. Kinda disappointed.


    WAR DOCTORHace 4 días

    Fun fact: Most of this is actually possible it's all just simple coding with the laptop for the most part. As for actual hacking that's totally possible since they initiated that program, which could have been anything. The hoodie could have had disruptive tech easily. The only unrealistic thing was the animation the messages deleting was! I mean it's possible but it's a time waste 😂. This video just kinda bothered me since the main sell, for me at least, on this movie was the whole realism thing. P.S: Three endings

  11. Jessica Thompson

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    There is a 3rd ending. It's another Meh ending, but it's out there :)

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    Bill gates vs the circle

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    Omg why does all these people who commented go so many likes?

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    I mean he has the 10m still...

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    You need to watch and explain "Lovely Molly". DO IT! DO IT NOW!

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    Unfriended 3: The Unsolicited Dick Pic

  17. scar shadow

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    Thers actually 3 endings the third one is when they meet at where they first kiss and the hackers where there and were going to kill them. Then came the vote for if they should die there were going with yes but until a video pops up and when they see it they then voted no and which the hackers let go of the couple and let them have there moment on shorter note neutral ending good and bad ending

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    Save the girl!!! Your mom's gonna die anyways!!

  20. Phoenix Rayne

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    Thirteen Ghosts? Maybe the stories that they show you in the extras...

  21. Sandra Rodd

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    Unfriended 3: Matrix u know what that's actually not a bad idea Alien A.I traps them in a matrix through camera...only way to communicate IS camera... wants to imprison and experiment on them..."Alien" reincarnation of dead murderer...Hmmmm..... actually the "reincarnation" is a bit much...

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    unfrieded 3: kahoot

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    Why do i hear boss music

  24. OOG OOG

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    This movie actually had 4 endings

  25. Old Tech

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    he didnt steal it he found it in the cyber cafe and took it

  26. bloonjitsu :3

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    There are 4 endings 1. Nobody lives after poll WORST ENDING 2. Unknown if he died or lived (by suicide) BAD ENDING 3.(buried alive) the couple go meet where they first kissed, but one gets knocked out into the ground, only to struggle to communicate. BAD ENDING 2 4.the protagonist looks for his girlfriend? There is a poll to see if he lives. It starts out with more *DIE*, until It shows a video. The hacker closes the video only to see there is more *YES* to live. They both come together and hug. BEST ENDING

  27. Emanuel F.

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    This small majority of this movie is accurate about the dank web true but most of it, is bull

  28. rei esqueleto

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    Vigil buff. He can kidnap people

  29. lakota blevins

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    Nice I saw the most unseen in theaters 💀 nice

  30. Emma Y

    Emma YHace 27 días

    Why are you summarizing the entire movie? Also, your criticisms are stupid. Is this video for 14-year-olds? You're a grown man talking like an idiot.

  31. DULLEX_421

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    In both of them they all die


    ARACHNIDGUY 16Hace 29 días

    My got they still use skype could've done discord or something

  33. Dr JiBIhiBdy

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    When he said SPLIT on my recommend was the movie split WTF

  34. TheWaffleLord

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  35. William Le

    William LeHace un mes

    This movie is still a fucking joke, lol.

  36. Aida Laude

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    The reason why they got killed because they always use skype i mean who fucking uses skype anymore!?!

  37. Turtle9013

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    I stopped watchn the movie 30min in and came here instead. Lmfao Tru story

  38. UJ da vinci

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    Please do this is america by Donald glover

  39. Alex Theisen

    Alex TheisenHace un mes

    Just a note, your explanation is actually describing the Deep Web (which includes things like company databases and other things behind lock and key), the Dark Web is the term used for parts of the internet were illegal shit goes down (the kind of stuff ESreporter locks comments over). Technically the Dark Web is a subdivision of the Deep Web, which is itself a subdivision of the Internet as a whole.

  40. Nick Thomas

    Nick ThomasHace un mes

    It was Hillary Clinton's laptop. She wanted her dodgy emails back...

  41. Elio Loves Oliver

    Elio Loves OliverHace un mes

    Unfriend, more avoid . This movie looks terrible and boring. Also,Theses actors looks way to old be playing teenagers.

  42. Conor Tacopina

    Conor TacopinaHace un mes

    There’s being good with computers and then there’s being a wizard. I really had a hard time believing the Circle could do that all by hacking.

  43. Cisco Miniano

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    The dvd has 2 endings one where amaya and matthias Are freed and one where Matthias... technically kills himself

  44. Riskay Raven

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    I didn't even realise there were multiple endings. Like did they have to play two different films and they only difference was the end bc that just seems like a waste of unnecessary editing.

  45. AshBud13

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    Lesson learned: Don't steal. Why? Because karma's a b#tch.

  46. Grottle Gaming

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    There’s 3 endings

  47. Nobody From Nowhere

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    I hate his bookshelf SO much. Either make them all uneven, or none of them...

  48. OG Potato

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    Why didnt they just grab a knife and stab when the teens are in their house? Such a shitty movie and i regret watching it.

  49. Darius

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    In Unfriended 3 ( if they will make it) i hope they will use discord.

  50. DjSmileyofLasVegas

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    They should have made this like bandersnatch

  51. LukeTrinton

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    unfriended 3: Let's Not Meet

  52. Kram

    KramHace 2 meses

    instead of using that time to learn sign language this dude is trying to program his own software?

  53. WhiteNegative

    WhiteNegativeHace 2 meses

    Man elite hackers and the most amazing fucking spies in the world able to sneak up on everyone and not get caught. They are truly the most terrifying horror villians

  54. JMB Pro

    JMB ProHace 2 meses

    this film was too much for me, this is the only scary film lately that has scared me because it can actually happen. I watched halfway through but I don't think I can continue.

  55. COSMO

    COSMOHace 2 meses

    Holy shit.. All these cause of a laptop

  56. Pamala Bassham

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    I loved Clue when I was young and now my daughter loves it. Yes it's very cheesy but Tim Curry? Christopher Lloyd? It's the best of cheese... like gouda lol

  57. mackapacka

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    1:27 cards of humanity cards against humanity?

  58. maya tr

    maya trHace 2 meses

    please do 1408

  59. A LittleDaisy

    A LittleDaisyHace 2 meses

    There are actually two other endings you didn't cover.

  60. Kikicat 1705

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    another simple solution turn off the computer and call the cops

  61. Odd Thomas

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    Why didnt he just give the laptop back? Oh hes retarted thats why

  62. Vevencio Torres (124vevtorr)

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    Why did they kidnap girls? WAIT.... OH SNAP.

  63. Brandon

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    More like MOVIE EXPLAINED! Just explain the endings already CHRIST

  64. Aaron Forbes

    Aaron ForbesHace 2 meses

    Step 1. Turn off wifi Step 2. Copy information from laptop Step 3. Return laptop if possible without being captured Step 4. Go to the police with hdd that has info on it and explain the story Step 5. Bargain the information for a plea deal so not done for stealing laptop How is it that hard?

  65. Aaron Forbes

    Aaron ForbesHace 2 meses

    So... why not take the laptop to the police?

  66. Can John get 10,000 Unordinary subs?

    Can John get 10,000 Unordinary subs?Hace 2 meses

    How Cicada 3301 started.

  67. Pearl is the best.

    Pearl is the best.Hace 2 meses

    i swear norah is such a rare name whenever i hear of other norahs i’m like YOOOOO

  68. Pearl is the best.

    Pearl is the best.Hace 2 meses


  69. Chia

    ChiaHace 2 meses

    Why do people even do this? Like damn, it’s not fun, you’re just like killing people it’s boring af. Like just watch vines or something damn


    OLBICHLHace 2 meses

    XD I read dweeb when I first saw the title

  71. Percy Gang

    Percy GangHace 2 meses

    did you know that there is more endings to unfriend dark Web

  72. herokid789

    herokid789Hace 2 meses

    Here's some ground floor second hand laptop knowledge for y'all. 1. Don't take laptops from public places. The owner will probably know where they left it and you are most likely on camera. 2. If you do get a laptop from a second hand retailer that didn't wipe the hard drive you should either wipe it your self or just use it as an external hard drive and replace it with your old one. 3. If you don't wipe the drive and decide to use it as is, the first Wi-Fi you connect to should be a public wifi. 4. If all other steps are ignored dont log on to the social media accounts of other it's a dick move and some sites let you track the last place you logged in making it easy for some one to find you and give you greif.

  73. Carson Givens

    Carson GivensHace 2 meses

    The true terror of this movie is the fact that they are playing cards against humanity over fucking Skype

  74. Chocolate Cosmos

    Chocolate CosmosHace 2 meses

    Did anyone try to watch the video linked at 6:33

  75. checkoutmyballz

    checkoutmyballzHace 2 meses

    This movie was garbage. They should’ve stuck with the supernatural premise.

  76. Skanque

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    Why not just learn sign

  77. jess alana

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    Love u 🤗😍💗

  78. Crazy Loonotic

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    How is it possible to get two different endings is it like the movie you buy or is it random?

  79. Mirasol Blaze

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    If someone was watching me all day all they'd see is a triple chin and me crying while eating

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    Unfriended 3:roblox gone sexual

  81. Thomas Fernandez

    Thomas FernandezHace 3 meses

    They aren''t JUST hackers, they are..... ADVANCED HACKERS. Aka teleporting hackers.

  82. Aaron Castaneda

    Aaron CastanedaHace 3 meses

    Charon is pronounced "Karen"

  83. Veloskey 12

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    Unfriended 4: "lol xd"

  84. MariWolflove

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    (Haven’t seen the full vid) there is a third ending for DVD and Blu-ray.

  85. Victoria B

    Victoria BHace 3 meses

    well thats what you get for not immeditely going to the police when you see sketchy shit on a laptop... instead of ya know.. playing hero and just sitting in front of a webcam waiting to be killed and screaming at a screen as if you dont have other options .... how about leave your house.. go somewhere public.. A FUCKING INTERNET CAFE WOULD HAVE SUFFICED!

  86. Nurf

    NurfHace 3 meses

    He said there was 3 endings but he only told use 2

  87. Aaron Roan

    Aaron RoanHace 3 meses

    Actually there are 4 endings the third one is when matias and his gf were reunited after he gave them the laptop back and where everybody dies showing who are all a part of the Charon cult

  88. OofOofYeet

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    Unfriended 3: OwO

  89. Kawaii Kawaii

    Kawaii KawaiiHace 3 meses

    I loved clue

  90. Unknown Phoenix

    Unknown PhoenixHace 3 meses

    mabey not stealing the laptop would be the simplist and best choice.

  91. Michael Carney

    Michael CarneyHace 3 meses

    Wasn’t there a third ending?

  92. Super Kid boi

    Super Kid boiHace 3 meses

    So there is actually 4 endings another one is when people show up in the groups cams and then it zooms out to show the whole thing was a show which was actually the first ending then another one is where Matais meets Amanda and they have a vote and he actually survives the last one is that matias arrives at the ware house and something happens

  93. Jaymarc Buan

    Jaymarc BuanHace 3 meses

    The ending would have been great if Damon was one of the members of The Circle and he was the one playing around with his friends ! Isn’t it cool?

  94. Strawberry Pimp

    Strawberry PimpHace 3 meses

    5 cents say that /pol/ outpower these bois


    ROCK SOLIDHace 3 meses

    I'm currently alone rn,my family visited my grandparents for three days and I thought it was a great idea to watch a movie about darkweb shit...I'm literally scared for my life...please reply please

  96. kfcmiwi

    kfcmiwiHace 3 meses

    I have to say the movie was good to watch, the idea behind it is very thrilling. However it is very much like Fast & Furious, extremely unrealistic in many ways. Like being able to turn off Live-Keeping-Machines... wich are probably not connected to any wifi or internet... remotely 😂😂😂😂😂😂 The most funny thing is that he could have fucked up the entire plan by just acting like a descend human being... in the moment he saw the hidden folder with the spy videos... after those weird facebook messages with 'plane tickets'... not even knowing how evil it really was... turn off laptop, call/go to the police, tell them where you found the laptop. Ok he stole it, so maybe spy videos are not enough. But most likey he would have been more curious and found the 'Contributions' folder directly. In wich case police would have bern a must call, even if the laptop was stolen... you do not want to have a laptop with torture/murder videos... At least turn off the fucking Internet/Wifi, how stupid can you be😂😂😂 Police would have had everything they need to find at least alot of these people and fuck them up. Ok, they realise the laptopts turned off. He gets a call on the phone blabla, girlfriend this and that. But yeah well, he says ok while going back turn off his phone... go to a neighboor... use their phone or ask them to call the police and tell them to go to his girlfriend and that there is somebody... go back turn the computer on again... if they ask for the phone tell them it fell out your hand and the battery fell out... keep them busy until police arrives... done... I can come up, on the fly, with at least 10 further ways any of them could have destroyed this super plan, just by acting like reasonably inteligent human beings 😂😂😂 It is the fundamental flaw of this movie! There is no way an Organisation like that would do something so risky. A plan that could fire back so easily... Voluntarily giving someone eveything, every evidence needed, based on expecting them to act extremely stupid... not even reasonably inteligent... and this for any random person picking up this laptop at that Cafe... maybe they knew he would take it and that he was stupid 😂😂😂 You can forgive, that the blond girl and the main actor pretty much let these people kill them deliberatley 😂😂😂 I mean if you know someone wants to kill you... will you not at least try to take a weapon? Do anything instead of just sitting there in front of your laptop, like a total moron, waiting to be killed XD? However this is normal in Horror movies... But you got to be extremely disappointed by the IT-Guy! Not that he also didn't do anything to protect himself. He neither came up with any of the possible BASIC solutions or realise that this laptop must have been remotely controlled very early! That it must have had something like teamviewer running in the background... It was a good thriller, but this fundamental error in the story just takes away alot. Do not put a IT-Guy in there, to make it look like these people must be super hackers, if the guy turns out to be a moron. Any descendly good IT-Person would have realised the laptop must be remotely controlled as soon as the first charon entered the skype-chat... and shit happened. I would have realised this, when erica dunne started writing me in facebook 😂😂😂 So maybe 2-3 of 5 stars, very good idea but sadly stupid implementation. I mean presenting this as a perfect setup, is just too stupid. These people did all of this and they magically all die on the same day im very weird ways like some are murdered and some do suicide? Photoshop is perfect? Nobody is going to ask a single question? blabla... The story just does not work out/ add up, as soon as you think about it. This is also the difference to the first movie. In the first movie it was a paranormal being, the story was not so prone to be flawed and stupid like this one. Supernatural beings can do supernatural things 😄 The second part basically just plays with peoples fear of the Unknown. 'Darknet' and 'Hackers' are very good for this, because many people do not know their limits. This plays very good to the movie's thrill-effect.

  97. The Adventures of Salem and Jakob

    The Adventures of Salem and JakobHace 3 meses

    tbh I would have LOVED it if the asian girl (the first one to die) turned out to be apart of the circle as well. Considering the video of her being pushed off could have been faked and you couldn't clearly see her face.

  98. broderick

    broderickHace 3 meses

    The ending I saw he got ran over by a van lol

  99. shariely the gacha lover lazy

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    That's me when I don't get to play undertale,fortnite,FNAF, and Roblox

  100. Ging Freecss

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    Fucking cringe

  101. shariely the gacha lover lazy

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    I just watched the movi e no lies

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    how to survive unfriended, *SLEEP*

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    Just give them this link esreporter.com/v/v%C3%ADdeo-dQw4w9WgXcQ.html