Unbothered- Domo Wilson (Official Music Video)


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    LISTEN ON SOUNDCLOUD- soundcloud.com/domowilson/unbothered-domo-wilson NOW ON ITUNES- itunes.apple.com/us/album/unbothered/1464163339?i=1464163590 THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM @DOMOWILSONMUSIC SNAPCHAT: @DOMOWILSONISBAE FACEBOOK: WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/DOMOWILSONMUSIC

  2. Beth Pearson

    Beth PearsonHace 3 días

    Domo Wilson Music..girl!!! You came from the 219 and 2019 is your year Momma!!! Stay unbothered cause you are going somewhere! and those that are bothered by you..don’t have nothing goin on for them!

  3. Suzana Valdez

    Suzana ValdezHace 4 días

    Domo Wilson Music AWESOME!

  4. Sharon Choruma

    Sharon ChorumaHace 7 días

    You are fireeeeeee....lots of love all the way from Zimbabwe.... You my favrte now.....you are a queen👑

  5. Mary Ruby

    Mary RubyHace 9 horas


  6. simply kendy

    simply kendyHace 9 horas

    I'm oh k love it

  7. Kelly Evans

    Kelly EvansHace 12 horas


  8. NearlyMaliciousLuna

    NearlyMaliciousLunaHace 22 horas

    Ive been vibing with this song this week😍😍

  9. manaia belshaw

    manaia belshawHace un día

    Queen and domo the only ESreporterrs that are qualified artist in period!

  10. Avi Kolapo

    Avi KolapoHace un día

    I don't know about the situations she's referring to but her rhymes are so tight I can't stop listening to her. DOMO, you've got yourself a new fan! Just found you on Spotify and I'll be bearing your music haha.

  11. muneriah

    muneriahHace un día

    SNAPPED 🤪🤪🤪

  12. Jojo sweetie

    Jojo sweetieHace un día

    This my fav song by you.

  13. Debby Baker

    Debby BakerHace un día

    Her it domo

  14. Tiffany N Harris

    Tiffany N HarrisHace un día

    YESSSSSSS!!!!!! I love it!!!!!! I’m so glad that you put this out on my birthday! My new anthem!!!!!! 😍😘🔥💯

  15. Tiffany Brown-Josiah

    Tiffany Brown-JosiahHace un día

    Wow is all I can say. I actually shedded a tear! Humble asf!

  16. Damouli Fraser

    Damouli FraserHace 2 días


  17. standout420

    standout420Hace 2 días

    Okay Domo 💪🏻

  18. Caramel QueenRe

    Caramel QueenReHace 2 días

    banger 💅🔥🔥🔥

  19. ZhaWin GutierrezFAM

    ZhaWin GutierrezFAMHace 2 días

    *Damn Crissy probably choking on all the bullshit she did to Domo. Lol*

  20. Veroly Secret

    Veroly SecretHace 2 días

    You did it self girl

  21. yo boy harper

    yo boy harperHace 2 días

    Yssssssss queen 👑 #spitfire

  22. apartment to home

    apartment to homeHace 2 días

    You're glow up is so inspiring 🤗

  23. Virginia Baggett

    Virginia BaggettHace 2 días


  24. Alea Navarro

    Alea NavarroHace 2 días

    youuuu mfff diddd thaaattt 😭👏🏼😍😍😍

  25. Kenny Perry

    Kenny PerryHace 2 días


  26. 9Elite Marketing Services, LLC

    9Elite Marketing Services, LLCHace 2 días

    THIS👏IS👏A👏MOOD!!!!!!! 😂

  27. Baddass Bitch

    Baddass BitchHace 2 días


  28. Alishia Campbell

    Alishia CampbellHace 2 días

    The 2.4K that disliked this song must be bothered. 🤔

  29. Tamm G

    Tamm GHace 2 días

    This song go hard

  30. Wilfried A. DAKIN

    Wilfried A. DAKINHace 2 días

    Cardi B + a lot of Nicki M and Drake. Creat you identity. Good song by the way.

  31. coral smith

    coral smithHace 2 días


  32. Gavii Tawirono

    Gavii TawironoHace 2 días

    Mood for derest of all years !🔥

  33. Que'Lihn McGraw

    Que'Lihn McGrawHace 2 días

    I love this song I'm unbothered

  34. NFighter v3

    NFighter v3Hace 2 días

    "I dont argue with bitches who got no goals because i got nothing to prove" preachhh

  35. NFighter v3

    NFighter v3Hace 2 días

    OH MY GOD LOLOLOLOL DOMOOOOOOOO OMFG yoo 😂 made my night the shadeeeeeeeeeee love it

  36. Ad0rekyiiTV

    Ad0rekyiiTVHace 2 días


  37. Nicey Olayla

    Nicey OlaylaHace 2 días


  38. Jewel Frazier

    Jewel FrazierHace 3 días

    Such a sweetheart ❤️

  39. Jayla Golston

    Jayla GolstonHace 3 días

    PERIODT POOH 😫 Idc periodtttt

  40. Wendyh Oburu

    Wendyh OburuHace 3 días


  41. Xena Flores

    Xena FloresHace 3 días

    Fuck😍😍 i am so proud of her she came along way much love

  42. Daina Williams

    Daina WilliamsHace 3 días

    5 thumbs up Domo DAAAMMMNNN song is lit lit lit I just wish more people thought like this that would be close to world peace

  43. Loretta Blue

    Loretta BlueHace 3 días

    This song is lit........ MOVE BITCH 😛😛

  44. Bella’s Life

    Bella’s LifeHace 3 días


  45. tori gann

    tori gannHace 3 días

    Slay bitch sllllaaaayyyy!!!

  46. nayeli

    nayeliHace 3 días

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your sweet humble soul

  47. lannette young

    lannette youngHace 3 días

    Whoever dislikes this shit is a real bummm ass hater💯💯💯

  48. lannette young

    lannette youngHace 3 días

    🔥 🔥🔥yessss boo damn🔥🔥🔥

  49. Brittany B

    Brittany BHace 3 días

    Yassss biiiitch fucking slay bossin tf up 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  50. Martha Soto

    Martha SotoHace 3 días

    I love it my new ringtone yasss

  51. Julie Williams

    Julie WilliamsHace 3 días

    This 🔥🔥Yasss lyrical content on point! #ogfan #45 😜

  52. beautifuldreamz

    beautifuldreamzHace 3 días

    This beat hard

  53. nadia woody

    nadia woodyHace 3 días

    😍😍 🔥 🔥 I love it this is soo 🔥 go Domo mad gorgeous 🥰😍

  54. Jai Williams

    Jai WilliamsHace 3 días

    This song go so hard 🔥🔥

  55. Brazil and Brazilian

    Brazil and BrazilianHace 3 días

    I love this song

  56. Valey Bessard

    Valey BessardHace 3 días

    Love love love love love


    MCKAYLEN MARBSHace 3 días


  58. Marcos Snachez

    Marcos SnachezHace 3 días

    That hair is a FUCKING YESSSS !!!!!! 😭😭

  59. MAGIC 36

    MAGIC 36Hace 3 días


  60. Mrs. Money

    Mrs. MoneyHace 3 días

    I needed this thnk u domooooo

  61. Addie&Thabata FromTheK

    Addie&Thabata FromTheKHace 3 días

    She ain't playing okay💞💜

  62. Nanny-Ma's Way Mukbangs Makeup And More

    Nanny-Ma's Way Mukbangs Makeup And MoreHace 3 días

    My New Favorite 💖💖💖💖💖💖 my mood : UNBOTHERED 😍😍😍😍😍

  63. Lipstick,Lace & Glam with Chrissie

    Lipstick,Lace & Glam with ChrissieHace 3 días

    I love this video. Slaying the look of a bad ass bitch. Get it girl. Also you helping the ones in need. Awesome. This video is vibes

  64. shadya brown

    shadya brownHace 3 días

    BOMB!!! ❤❤❤ LOVE IT!!

  65. shadya brown

    shadya brownHace 3 días

    Domo is the perfect example of IT GETS GREATER LATER!! Dropped the dead weight and just shine!! Shit on they ass with success!!

  66. Jasmine Warren

    Jasmine WarrenHace 3 días

    Okay....fuck it. I love you. Lol!!

  67. Alexis Perry

    Alexis PerryHace 4 días

    This is fire

  68. hailey holbein

    hailey holbeinHace 4 días

    😲😲 dern Domo. Go ahead with your bad self.

  69. love people

    love peopleHace 4 días

    Who's here want Domo and Young MA to collab? Is it just me? 👀

  70. Jasmea Watson

    Jasmea WatsonHace 3 días


  71. Frances WorthyRUGovens

    Frances WorthyRUGovensHace 4 días

    Much love to you Queen and may peace and prosperity always be with you. Respect!!! 👑💖👸🏾✌🏾🙌🏾🙏🏾🙌🏾💖💜😍😘👑

  72. Leslie Ortz

    Leslie OrtzHace 4 días

    @Domo another bad ass song. I am so glad u are no longer with Crissy she was a bad drug for u, u gave her everything n she didnt appreciate it. U n ur are so much better off without her. And another thing keep up ur awesome work u do. Much love to u

  73. Queeenn Jas

    Queeenn JasHace 4 días


  74. Patrique McCalla

    Patrique McCallaHace 4 días

    This go hardddddd .... whewwww wow Domo 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  75. K Boogie

    K BoogieHace 4 días

    Crissy knew that if Domo went fem she was gone kill shit 😂😂😂💯🤫

  76. Mia Junger

    Mia JungerHace 4 días

    A freaking sis snapped 🤞🏼😩

  77. Von Brown

    Von BrownHace 4 días

    Love it ...

  78. Mrs.Darien Brown Army wife Brown

    Mrs.Darien Brown Army wife BrownHace 4 días


  79. Fabi Ares

    Fabi AresHace 4 días

    Drake ´s move

  80. Hailey Hill

    Hailey HillHace 4 días

    BITCH YOU FINEEEEEE so so proud of you domo!

  81. Katherine Dumeng

    Katherine DumengHace 4 días

    I fuck with domo music

  82. Trina Camacho

    Trina CamachoHace 4 días

    Loving it but kinda sounds like Iggy azalea not really don't get mad ppl but just alil

  83. Juice Cee

    Juice CeeHace 4 días

    Fire asf

  84. Kng Loe

    Kng LoeHace 4 días

    Periodtt pooh❤❤

  85. Farrah Mann

    Farrah MannHace 4 días

    I love this🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  86. Kem K

    Kem KHace 4 días

    Love the new music 💯👌🏾🔥🔥

  87. Angelica Jenkins

    Angelica JenkinsHace 4 días


  88. stephanie banda

    stephanie bandaHace 4 días

    Fucking Badass🙌🙌🙌

  89. : Niya

    : NiyaHace 4 días


  90. Indira

    IndiraHace 4 días

    This video was so 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and the beat was hard!!! Keep doing your thang Miss lady ❤️

  91. China Doll

    China DollHace 4 días

    Damn she's killing it yassss Domo

  92. Tessia Bond

    Tessia BondHace 4 días

    Yessss 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    SORAYA SHARPHace 4 días

    Omg u so damaged so u got game n making money but u so hurt Chrissy was your all sad

  94. Mya Hinton

    Mya HintonHace 4 días




    I like this

  96. kenya johnson gang

    kenya johnson gangHace 4 días

    Yesss girl

  97. Martisha Winstead

    Martisha WinsteadHace 5 días

    Very proud of you girl. Do ur thing and ur very beautiful

  98. Christine Fernandes

    Christine FernandesHace 5 días

    omg she bad in yo face Chrissy lol

  99. SiBu M

    SiBu MHace 5 días

    It's Good Thing u Broke Up with Krissy o some like that! U the Adele for the LGBT fam🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💅

  100. No Copyright Audio Music Library for Creator

    No Copyright Audio Music Library for CreatorHace 5 días

    nice, I think it is great keep sharing great video good job I think I am saving this

  101. emily prescod

    emily prescodHace 5 días

    Chrissy came into your life, so that she could turn you around for the better. HELL YES!! 💜

  102. mekka abdul

    mekka abdulHace 5 días


  103. Formay Youtuv

    Formay YoutuvHace 5 días

    The white tongue is so nasty

  104. nessa lyn

    nessa lynHace 5 días

    Yeeess 🔥🔥