UFC 246: Post-fight Press Conference


  1. Luke Young

    Luke YoungHace 8 horas

    Conor can easily whoop khabib he obviously just didnt try the first time

  2. The Alex Sicard

    The Alex SicardHace un día

    Have Diaz fight Gaethje or Pourier

  3. ramazan tanbi

    ramazan tanbiHace un día

    wow!! bottle of liquor on the table for advertisement

  4. Everett Vick

    Everett VickHace 6 días

    I think if Conor beats Khabib, it will be because Tony knocks out the Russian first. Tony needs to crack the wrestlers chin.

  5. Joey Barz

    Joey BarzHace 7 días

    I wish Conor wouldn't drink period. He clearly has a problem with alcohol the way his face lights up talking about liquor you'd think it was his wife. Alcoholism is no joke! It killed my uncle.

  6. giuliano encina

    giuliano encinaHace 10 días

    Just look at uncle dana face, priceles

  7. Dalton Sawatzky

    Dalton SawatzkyHace 10 días

    Man the disrespect Dana shows Tony is just unbelievable. Already calling it a win for khabib.. money on Tony breaks him with elbows from his back. Cant believe people who write tony of like this. Conner fight jorge like everyone wants. No one wants this stupid rematch

  8. Black Smith

    Black SmithHace 11 días

    Conor vs Tony


    LEE BRANDONHace 13 días

    i truly hope ferguson beats khabib but i highly doubt that will happen. i want to see tony/conor cause that would be a battle and fan friendly fight. i don't want to see conor vs khabib right now cause u know he's gonna be holding on to his ankles the whole fight like every fight he has it it gets a bit stale for me. i do respect it though but i'd rather see 2 guys who throw down until ones ko'd. line em up... gaethje then tony.

  10. Dalton Sawatzky

    Dalton SawatzkyHace 10 días

    Man I wouldn't count tony out like that. I'm a giant Conner fan.and hardly a tony fan. But conner does not want that smoke I promise you that

  11. Dino 666

    Dino 666Hace 14 días

    Hijib 28 only fought bums at one weight class I want McGregor hijib 2 Conor McGregor all weight classes . ☝️

  12. Yafav Ctgboy

    Yafav CtgboyHace 16 días

    Khabeeb solidified his legacy beating the chump the first time changing his life and humbling him so he don’t need it no more

  13. Tony Quigley

    Tony QuigleyHace 16 días

    People knowowboy got hit with that first one, it didn't land too lean, and he would have moved his head nahd there was room for moving it up and in. BUT. I think im the only person in the world that things that Conor through that first punch SO viciously, that his knee.thigh hit Cerrone's head it yanked it FAST and HARD at a bad angle. Conor was airborne when that very first thigh/knee landed, and i think it's that which caused Coeboy to become Dazed. as when he came up, they clinched. Cerrone just stood there and go smacked HARd 4 times. Her'es another clew he was dazed after the very first smack of Conors thigh/knee into his head which yanked it FAST at a bad angle. Cerrone thoug Conor had been hitting heim with ELBOWS. Not Shoulders, so i think the massive impact at the start screwed cerrone and he was abe to respond, So conor just kept banking him, then Conor pushed him away to get distance for his hands. He did an ANAZING high head kick block and a picture perfect return, Anyone else agree? He got hit HARD with conor leg which LIFTeD CONOR off the florr, he was fully in the air, he was just holding on. And that telltale sign "he got me with those elbows". He was already out of it when hey STARTEd the clinch?

  14. Tony Quigley

    Tony QuigleyHace 16 días

    People always saying that Conor started al the sh*t talk vs Khabib. Conor said NOTHING but good things vs Khabib, l've checked.The firsy "Sh8T talk" between the too of them was Khabib ate he beat Micharl Johnston talking abot "Where is your Chicken, Your mcnugget! where is chickn". So people think Khabib is nice and watever, but HE stated on McGregor First

  15. SheMakeThatBackMove

    SheMakeThatBackMoveHace 17 días


  16. John Emmenecker

    John EmmeneckerHace 17 días


  17. Jay 24K

    Jay 24KHace 18 días

    Khabib humbled conor

  18. manny pac8ko

    manny pac8koHace 18 días

    The only person that can beat notorious is himself. Honor,respect, discipline, speed.

  19. James Thomas

    James ThomasHace 18 días

    tony the type of guy...oh shit, wrong UFC fighter

  20. Teddy TwoGuns

    Teddy TwoGunsHace 18 días

    Yea Conner's got the "eye of the tiger"

  21. Flurry Mainchín

    Flurry MainchínHace 18 días

    I hate the idea of Conor getting an immediate title bout again, a guy who's 1 and 1 at 155... buuut, Tony is already fighting for the belt, and win or lose, neither khabib or tony are getting the immediate rematch against the winner. Poirer just fought for the title and Conor has a win over him. Gaethje deserves a shot, but his two losses are both from guys that Conor beat (Alvarez and Poirer). Cerrone was the only other top 5 guy and Conor just TKOd him in 40 seconds. I really think Conor vs Gaethje should happen while we are waiting for Tony vs Khabib, but if that doesn't happen, Conor obviously has the next shot over Poirer and Gathje.

  22. Roland

    RolandHace 18 días

    Khabib owned connor I dont understand a rematch outside dollars

  23. Roland

    RolandHace 18 días

    Now connor wasn't 100% gtfoh

  24. D. Sined

    D. SinedHace 18 días

    Can t hear "from the chaymber" without thinking of that remix

  25. John Smith

    John SmithHace 19 días

    Stop with the excuses. Khabib dominated your boy already. The loser tapped to a neck crank. Get the entire fuck out of here. No one ever taps to that. Your boy quit because he knew he couldn't win. Putting him in there again would just be for $$$. Shut your lying, bald ass up and give Gaethje the shot, you wolf ticket selling piece of shit.

  26. John Smith

    John SmithHace 19 días

    It's fucking bullshit that Cowboy is shot? He got TKO'd in his last three fights and got rocked by a shoulder strike.

  27. Dalaan

    DalaanHace 19 días

    "All I did was just put in the wook. If each one of us put in the wook that we know we should do, we know what the wook is we need to deal with, just some times you dont do it" - Conor Mcgregor

  28. Adam Jimenez

    Adam JimenezHace 19 días

    UFC needs a new camera guy - wtf is going on? lol

  29. ts L-iaht

    ts L-iahtHace 19 días


  30. Daniel O

    Daniel OHace 19 días

    Conor put that pussy on the Chainwax

  31. Cody

    CodyHace 20 días

    Khabib really humbled Conor 😂

  32. Ubong Udoh

    Ubong UdohHace 20 días

    Cowboy ‘ UFC yes man’ Cerrone

  33. Swaze

    SwazeHace 21 un día

    Cowboy IS shot. Hes taken so much damage throughout the years.

  34. chase thomas

    chase thomasHace 21 un día

    what mag was the earthquake that was happening during this filming? HOLY FOOK

  35. ywncorp

    ywncorpHace 21 un día

    If the UFC could only afford a Gimbal or anything that keeps the camera from shaking at the Press Conference. That'll be nice

  36. Brian Pass

    Brian PassHace 21 un día

    "I'm more Russian than that man." LOL!!!!

  37. Thomas Peart

    Thomas PeartHace 21 un día

    Conor McGregor wants to train at Very High Altitude make the difference. training say in nepal for 6 month when he gets back he will dominate the sport all he's missing is a long game .

  38. la'ibun net

    la'ibun netHace 22 días

    conor chiken dinner hhhh

  39. Tyrant

    TyrantHace 22 días

    "I'm gunna stay sober" Shows up to the press conference with a whole bottle.

  40. Miguelito, The God

    Miguelito, The GodHace 4 días

    He can do whatever the fook he wants. Stfu you will do noothin.

  41. Gods Child

    Gods ChildHace 22 días

    I respect all UFCs fighters buh Conor Muhfucking The Notorious1 McGREGOR is the SHIT‼️ #RevengeSeasonMcGREGOR

  42. Gods Child

    Gods ChildHace 22 días

    Muhfuckas can talk all the SHIT Dey want to Masvidal all of ‘em buh Conor Muhfucking The Notorious1 McGREGOR made THE UFC what it is today ‼️ facts and Conor Muhfucking The Notorious1 McGREGOR has fought way tougher competition than anyone and he slipped off the rails made few mistakes lost his hunger for fighting so fucking what he’s just human like us all nobody is PERFECT buh Dah Mac Is Fucking Back Surprise Surprise muhfuckas Dah King 👑 Is Back and Conor is hungrier than EVER he’s more focused and more dedicated than EVER muhfuckas keep sleeping of Ma Boi mark Mah words Dah King 👑 Is Back and ready tah Slay muhfuckas again REVENGE McGREGOR Time‼️ #RevengeSeasonMcGREGOR #LaughNowCryMuhfuckingLater

  43. Gods Child

    Gods ChildHace 22 días

    Surprise Surprise muhfuckas Dah King 👑 Is Back‼️ Conor Muhfucking The Notorious1 McGREGOR Dah Mac Is Back‼️ #AHungrierMcGREGORuhOhhh #RevengeSeasonMcGREGORtime

  44. Really Him

    Really HimHace 22 días

    I love how real he is!!

  45. August Janke

    August JankeHace 22 días

    SAFETY is the biggest reason not to do it in Russia! We all have seen how Connors disrespect of nutmeg infuriated them now imagine MILLIONS of fellow Muslims that are furious with Connor...NOPE

  46. James Carter

    James CarterHace 22 días

    Dana is smooth !

  47. Nathan Washington

    Nathan WashingtonHace 22 días

    This was a 40 sec fight, though, DANA! Now, Conor's my boy! ...Been my boy since he RAN up in Aldo's face! However, to see if Conor's really bacc..., to see if Conor's still with the shit..., the best test, a fair test, would be " UFC 252 or "254 McGregor vs Diaz 3" DANA! WHIP THAT SHIT UP, DANA🤣🤣🤣

  48. zomg222

    zomg222Hace 22 días

    Is it me, or is he actually has some humility about him now. Humbling by khabib seemed to have worked?

  49. TheAubis

    TheAubisHace 23 días

    Fuck Connor vs khabib, let's see tony vs khabib.

  50. Serra Das Minas Antunes

    Serra Das Minas AntunesHace 23 días

    Conor looks more confident and less crazy 😂😂😂

  51. Lukas Fridell

    Lukas FridellHace 22 días

    For Conor you fucking idiot lol xD

  52. Lukas Fridell

    Lukas FridellHace 22 días

    Watch out boi

  53. Life Support

    Life SupportHace 23 días

    Literally every poll made rn favors the idea of masvidal and Conor fighting

  54. Bubbha Jay

    Bubbha JayHace 23 días

    MAC They always chat s h I t about you brother but any man who can fo from Dol to owning the sport is Magic in itself You do us proud even in defeat Conor, You're a warrior and your country love ya part from owld ones 🤣 Bring UFC to CROKE PARK and shut the country down We Love you McGregor 👊💯

  55. retpal

    retpalHace 23 días

    Dana White's passion for this sport going strong still to this day, is amazing.

  56. Jacabo Blanco

    Jacabo BlancoHace 23 días

    Conor's "ermm" is hilarious to me 🤣

  57. Jacabo Blanco

    Jacabo BlancoHace 23 días

    40:50 yeah sure. But people don't pay exorbitant amounts of money to see a garbage man do his job. We pay exorbitant amounts of money to see you do your job. That fight was pathetic. She held on for dear life the whole fight. That ref saved you from actually having to DO your job

  58. Phil

    PhilHace 23 días

    I think the cameraman may have early onset Parkinson's disease.

  59. Jared Deinlein

    Jared DeinleinHace 23 días

    Khabib and conor hate each other so much it's like they love each other lol. Maybe each envy each other

  60. Bert

    BertHace 23 días

    Connor misses big on his first left hand and talks about it as is it was a positive. When an old man can read you, you have problems

  61. Leroy Le

    Leroy LeHace 23 días

    Crazy how they jumping over Tony Ferguson like it’s an easy W for Khabib... can’t wait till April

  62. ReverendTFunk

    ReverendTFunkHace 24 días

    Fine Irish whiskey in a plastic cup? Meh... You had no bigger fan than me. But when you sucker-punched a man my age in a bar, you lost a lot of my respect. If you continue on the path of humility, I might try a sip of your modestly reviewed whisky. I don't care if you win or lose. I want you to be a man that deserves my respect. Cowboy has lost fights, but I never quit respecting him. But, he never got as cocky as you did. You were careful to distinguish "cocky" from "confident." If your cocky goes away, I'll respect you again. Respect is not demanded. It is earned. Earn it. Erin go Bragh.

  63. Diego Díaz Cañas

    Diego Díaz CañasHace 24 días

    Ok Dana! You talk a lot!!

  64. Al Zamora

    Al ZamoraHace 24 días

    Dana sucks pito