Types Of People On Tik Tok


  1. ShottyMods

    ShottyModsHace 10 horas


  2. Branesha Lewis

    Branesha LewisHace 13 horas

    Tik tok

  3. Ellie-mae Kendall

    Ellie-mae KendallHace 18 horas

    I hate tik tok

  4. Tipz z

    Tipz zHace 5 horas


  5. Raiyan _kabir

    Raiyan _kabirHace un día


  6. Princess Nyla Rose

    Princess Nyla RoseHace un día

    I’m literally the tik tok addict I’m litteraly upsessed and I’m also a vsco girl

  7. Star51 Platt

    Star51 PlattHace un día


  8. st4plesMz YT

    st4plesMz YTHace 3 días

    Is it just me or did a TikTok ad come up before this video

  9. D pat

    D patHace 4 días

    Look at 2:52 and 2:57

  10. Gerabely Mejia

    Gerabely MejiaHace 5 días


  11. Høney OwO

    Høney OwOHace 5 días

    2:57 lol

  12. David Corral

    David CorralHace 5 días

    Jazz Tik Tok isn't the best app ever so Being dramatic😁😁

  13. Ajdin 101

    Ajdin 101Hace 5 días


  14. Jose M

    Jose MHace 6 días

    You forgot the anime kids

  15. Evelyn Espinoza

    Evelyn EspinozaHace 8 días

    Thee a grip in my class that alwe S daces to tik toks lol😂😂

  16. Froost

    FroostHace 8 días

    What is the ima need a new Ferrari song called?

  17. Xaris Kyriakidou

    Xaris KyriakidouHace 9 días

    My name in tik tok :charis999

  18. Reagan Orloff

    Reagan OrloffHace 10 días

    Tiktok has hackers that hack in your camera so my mom deleted it lol

  19. Natalie Ramirez

    Natalie RamirezHace 10 días

    U mean the 9th scrunchie

  20. ruairi walsh

    ruairi walshHace 12 días


  21. actually ally

    actually allyHace 12 días

    Sk. Sk. Sk. And I Oop

  22. Skywalker Darfader

    Skywalker DarfaderHace 12 días

    Hahaha the first one

  23. Roberto Trejo

    Roberto TrejoHace 12 días

    Nobody: 11 year olds "CaN YoU FoLloW mE oN TiKtOk"

  24. Fortnite Beast/Funke_Clan

    Fortnite Beast/Funke_ClanHace 14 días

    Tik tok sucks ass

  25. Arely Perez

    Arely PerezHace 14 días

    1:42 is literally meeee everyday doing lottery but I do not mess up but I do it every day

  26. PikaitwoPlays

    PikaitwoPlaysHace 14 días

    0:00 me

  27. Aliya Patel

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  28. Aliya Patel

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  29. Aliya Patel

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  30. laura barbara

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  31. It’smeh Samiha

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  32. Izaan Khimany

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  33. Ava Phillips

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  34. Ryan Sandru

    Ryan SandruHace 24 días

    Number one is me

  35. piyal ahmed

    piyal ahmedHace 24 días

    nice vidos

  36. BAEKHYUN Fan

    BAEKHYUN FanHace 24 días

    Me:MOM CAN I GET A NEW PHONE Mom:No you had like 10 phones Me:Mom this is my first phone Mom:*Goes to apple store to get a new phone* Me:*Calls mom*Mom did you buy me a phone Mom:Yes why Me:it was just a joke well it’s mine now haha Mom: MY MONEY WASTED ON A PHONE Me:LOL NOW MINE

  37. BAEKHYUN Fan

    BAEKHYUN FanHace 20 días


  38. Lucy’s Life

    Lucy’s LifeHace 20 días

    Victoria& Riley is this true? Lol

  39. Sama Helal

    Sama HelalHace 24 días

    He has 9 Scrunchies one is in her hair 🙂👈 I have a🧠 IQ 991199999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999991010110101101101010110100101919393832l282 I am a smart ass

  40. Mary Yousif

    Mary YousifHace 28 días

    I love tiktok!!!

  41. Dank memez

    Dank memezHace 28 días

    2:41 lol

  42. connie harvey

    connie harveyHace 29 días

    Hi sis+bro

  43. Cloud YT

    Cloud YTHace un mes


  44. Ruby Paniora

    Ruby PanioraHace un mes

    tik tok

  45. Andrew S

    Andrew SHace un mes

    I think Tik Tok is overrated

  46. Yousuf Nabil

    Yousuf NabilHace un mes

    I’m like the TIk tok hater but just remove the eboy then that’s definitely me

  47. Lil yeet

    Lil yeetHace un mes

    I bet you e-boys don't have beards

  48. code name. elf

    code name. elfHace un mes

    Is jazz playing or her mum???????????

  49. Love Melton

    Love MeltonHace un mes

    My favorite social media is Instagram and TikTok and I’m only eight

  50. honya star

    honya starHace un mes


  51. Ramon Puente

    Ramon PuenteHace un mes

    Vsco girls are sooooooooooo ANNOYING

  52. Monster Vibe

    Monster VibeHace un mes


  53. pastel mya 2.0

    pastel mya 2.0Hace un mes

    Hajit:oh woah im a ebony in tik tok Jazz:you owe me 20 bucks

  54. Iightning McQueen

    Iightning McQueenHace un mes

    I do believe tik tok is trash and I’m being serious

  55. Mart Kalmyk

    Mart KalmykHace un mes

    So true

  56. Majak’s Vlogs and gaming

    Majak’s Vlogs and gamingHace un mes

    If I was them I would my type would be the dab guy when tik tok was muisicly like if you were like me

  57. Shinbee S.

    Shinbee S.Hace un mes

    3:32 buggati!

  58. Jonathan Persaud

    Jonathan PersaudHace un mes

    Your purrfect and I oop

  59. Main Legacyツ

    Main LegacyツHace un mes

    Im A Tik Tok Hater TRUE

  60. BreadGod 999

    BreadGod 999Hace un mes

    The last scrunchie is on the avacado

  61. Alma Shala

    Alma ShalaHace un mes


  62. ah_md 24o

    ah_md 24oHace un mes

    me trying to get to 200 subscribers. ESreporter do i look like a joke to you

  63. Dixie's journey

    Dixie's journeyHace un mes

    Til tok

  64. Joley Ran

    Joley RanHace un mes

    Oh my oh my oh my god! Oh my god! Feeerrrarri Bbuggaattiii