TXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘Introduction Film - What do you do?’ - 연준 (YEONJUN)


  1. Avril Eowyn Valenzuela

    Avril Eowyn ValenzuelaHace 4 minutos

    The sound in 1:20 is a theory

  2. Alexia Penceworth

    Alexia PenceworthHace 12 minutos

    Did anyone else notice that the ending was Morse Code? (Ok so I lowkey got really excited and I’m super late to these intro videos but it translates into DREAMING)

  3. Кара Сити

    Кара СитиHace 14 minutos

    Кто русский вставь лайк

  4. KaYa

    KaYaHace 16 minutos

    Awww his littule pouteu💕 uwu

  5. yasmeen el3sh

    yasmeen el3shHace 22 minutos

    He looks alot like V!!

  6. dia

    diaHace 26 minutos

    i think he's a really good actor ohmygoshshfhs

  7. Dewi Qashrina

    Dewi QashrinaHace 29 minutos

    Never imagined I'd be watching an mv with the bighit opening but for another group other than bts. It's nice change for starters :)))


    PARK MINJUNGHace 38 minutos

    Ommo I like him so muchhhhh

  9. LxvelySyd

    LxvelySydHace 38 minutos

    Younger version of Taehyung 😂

  10. Suzumiya Haruhi

    Suzumiya HaruhiHace 42 minutos

    This boy is soooooo cute So bighit is teaching us a morse code now hahaha

  11. Thu Le

    Thu LeHace 52 minutos

    cute >

  12. Mariam Ben’s

    Mariam Ben’sHace 56 minutos

    Why I can’t stop imagine him play overwatch with JK late at night ??? 🤣🤣🤣 He’s sooo cute I can’t endure it 🥰🥰🥰 Im wondering if he s rapper singer or dancer ?? Any of you know guys ??? Anyway fighting to TXT and him!!! 🤗🤗🤗

  13. Liana, sowjin Putri maya nur liana

    Liana, sowjin Putri maya nur lianaHace un hora

    Welcome Boy ❤💜

  14. bananaforlife

    bananaforlifeHace un hora

    49 in trending 😂

  15. Glenda Mohammad

    Glenda MohammadHace un hora

    I can see that he is my second Jungkook. ❤

  16. vivlodia

    vivlodiaHace 21 un minuto

    +Glenda Mohammad aw thanks ! sorry again ahh have a nice day♥️♥️

  17. Glenda Mohammad

    Glenda MohammadHace 37 minutos

    +vivlodia sweetie, no need to apologize. I understand ❤ Everyone will surely misunderstood my comment, I wrote it that way. ❤❤ JK bias here. The important things is, we always support BTS.

  18. Glenda Mohammad

    Glenda MohammadHace 37 minutos

    +vivlodia sweetie, no need to apologize. I understand ❤ Everyone will surely misunderstood my comment, I wrote it that way. ❤❤ JK bias here. The important things is, we always support BTS.

  19. vivlodia

    vivlodiaHace un hora

    +Glenda Mohammad oh I'm sorry for misinterpreting! I misunderstood sowwyyyyy you're right

  20. Glenda Mohammad

    Glenda MohammadHace un hora

    +vivlodia sweetie, no, you misinterpreted my comment. What I mean is, Jungkook is my bias, so, he will be my second bias in BigHit Ent. That's what I mean. Sorry.

  21. Chrisia Sebastian

    Chrisia SebastianHace un hora

    How old his he

  22. Inyn Chavez

    Inyn ChavezHace un hora

  23. Butter

    ButterHace un hora


  24. Sage Victorious

    Sage VictoriousHace un hora

    Also uhmm Jk you’re a Hyung now I’m not crying 😭

  25. Sage Victorious

    Sage VictoriousHace un hora

    Anyone else think he looks a bit a Taehyung V from bts

  26. Im2Sweg4u

    Im2Sweg4uHace un hora

    Does anyone think he looks like a mini sibong?

  27. ASMA

    ASMAHace un hora


  28. Egemen Ulupınar

    Egemen UlupınarHace un hora

    Aynı suga

  29. vamp.vomit

    vamp.vomitHace un hora

    so cute

  30. Alex Zelenskaya

    Alex ZelenskayaHace un hora

    Aaaa it’s amazing 😍😍😍

  31. Samantha Kate Babaran

    Samantha Kate BabaranHace 2 horas


  32. Jessa Marie Albopera

    Jessa Marie AlboperaHace 2 horas

    Yeonjun Wafu

  33. PuppyBaek Yeollie

    PuppyBaek YeollieHace 2 horas

    Kyaa sooo cuteee

  34. Дмитрий Бобцов

    Дмитрий БобцовHace 2 horas

    почему это говно у меня в рекомендуемом?)

  35. mayu

    mayuHace 2 horas



    ARAB ARMYHace 3 horas


  37. Yunshiru

    YunshiruHace 3 horas

    Boi imma start drinking my “stan” syrup again.

  38. Ai Leo

    Ai LeoHace 3 horas


  39. Zion Tea

    Zion TeaHace 3 horas

    whats the morse code at the end saying??

  40. IDOL Slayed

    IDOL SlayedHace un hora


  41. hi taeng

    hi taengHace 3 horas

    This guy is still my fav so far

  42. vivlodia

    vivlodiaHace un hora

    all of em are hella cute but this guy still has my heart 😂♥️♥️♥️

  43. BTS大好き

    BTS大好きHace 3 horas


  44. Teslime simay özkan

    Teslime simay özkanHace 3 horas

    T- army lerin çoğu JEONJUN u bias seçicek bence.fldşfşg

  45. Suzy A

    Suzy AHace 3 horas


  46. em anh

    em anhHace 3 horas

    Hát như loz ý mà cũng cảm ơn ng tạo ra nhóm này và loại bỏ những đứa Amy trẩu

  47. Maryhori Salcedo

    Maryhori SalcedoHace 3 horas

    Se parece un poco a Taehyung .-. los ojos creo ?

  48. Danny Ugalde

    Danny UgaldeHace 3 horas

    Was that Morse code at the end?

  49. IDOL Slayed

    IDOL SlayedHace un hora

    Yes , it says dreaming

  50. Øčèáň

    ØčèáňHace 3 horas

    My Bias 😍

  51. Ngọc ARMY

    Ngọc ARMYHace 3 horas

    ANTI TXT (yêu ANTI của TXT)

  52. sweet cupcakes

    sweet cupcakesHace 3 horas

    Always comeback here..

  53. Jin’s Kitchen Scissors

    Jin’s Kitchen ScissorsHace 4 horas

    ok but imagine if jungkook hyung edited this

  54. Jin’s Kitchen Scissors

    Jin’s Kitchen ScissorsHace 4 horas

    did taehyung have a child

  55. karina diaz

    karina diazHace 4 horas

    No se si soy la única que piensa que los sonidos casi al final del video es código morse

  56. Latifah Fauzi

    Latifah FauziHace 4 horas

    Omg, friends, when you heard the last of song of all their teaser there are a bip bip sound, you will hear a code that the meaning is "DREAMING"... I just found it

  57. wide FREE

    wide FREEHace 4 horas

    연준아 너가 빅히트의 미래다

  58. jungks chubs

    jungks chubsHace 4 horas

    WOW 13M

  59. Ayza253

    Ayza253Hace 4 horas

    This one is definitely another taehyung and I love it

  60. Evalyn Watson

    Evalyn WatsonHace 4 horas

    He’s so flipping cute 💙💙💙 already a hard stan 😂

  61. V Lara

    V LaraHace 5 horas

    Yeonjun is sooo cute!! He stole my heart from the beginning, I'm stanning💜💞💕!

  62. love jhope

    love jhopeHace 5 horas

    I love him

  63. love jhope

    love jhopeHace 5 horas


  64. 윤서 채

    윤서 채Hace 5 horas

    확실히 이 분이 비주얼 담당이신듯

  65. navya rangu

    navya ranguHace 5 horas

    He is definitely gonna be junior taehyung🤣🤣😍😘

  66. navya rangu

    navya ranguHace 5 horas

    Anyone from 🇮🇳🇮🇳 India

  67. Ninik Tri W

    Ninik Tri WHace 5 horas


  68. tram tran

    tram tranHace 5 horas

    like from Vietnam ^^ his eyes look like V and he is the best visual in TXT for me ^^

  69. samy gutierrez

    samy gutierrezHace 5 horas

    ¿Porque siento que la mayoría de las Army's estan cambiando a los chicos de BTS? _-_

  70. Frills Jane7

    Frills Jane7Hace 5 horas

    Yeonjun acts like taehyung

  71. Kamimasu

    KamimasuHace 5 horas


  72. Tammy Le

    Tammy LeHace 5 horas

    i thought kpop take years of training... here this guy is not even one year

  73. LOLO 123450

    LOLO 123450Hace 6 horas


  74. LOLO 123450

    LOLO 123450Hace 6 horas


  75. rama 2233

    rama 2233Hace 6 horas


  76. julie rossie

    julie rossieHace 6 horas

    I wonder if they are the noisy one or the quiet ones Lol

  77. Helen Aliyeva

    Helen AliyevaHace 3 horas

    julie rossie they look like noisy ones.

  78. Milly Kpopera

    Milly KpoperaHace 6 horas

    TXT 당신은 매우 귀엽다. Bighit에서의 모든 샷은 나의 신의 Kk를 준다 나는 한국이 아니다. 나는 브라질의 Army 다. 나는 From이다. 너를 사랑해. 키스. 😘✌️

  79. Sasha Maher

    Sasha MaherHace 6 horas

    love it!

  80. Sasha Maher

    Sasha MaherHace 6 horas


  81. snowflake

    snowflakeHace 6 horas

    I’ve watched this video too many times.... UWU UWU UWU

  82. Tui Ko biet ten

    Tui Ko biet tenHace 6 horas

    여기에 나온 모든 이동 팬은 광신자로서 txt처럼 바뀝니다.

  83. Amelia Lia

    Amelia LiaHace 6 horas

    The last part, morse code for "Dreaming"

  84. Angelo Gacoba

    Angelo GacobaHace 6 horas

    He's like taehyung

  85. Bts_ 전정국 _ARMY

    Bts_ 전정국 _ARMYHace 7 horas


  86. Bts_ 전정국 _ARMY

    Bts_ 전정국 _ARMYHace 7 horas


  87. Bts_ 전정국 _ARMY

    Bts_ 전정국 _ARMYHace 7 horas


  88. Bts_ 전정국 _ARMY

    Bts_ 전정국 _ARMYHace 7 horas


  89. Blanca Esther

    Blanca EstherHace 7 horas

    El ritmo es bueno.

  90. Violet Akemi

    Violet AkemiHace 7 horas

    TXT! ♡

  91. Donald MetroDeal

    Donald MetroDealHace 7 horas


  92. A F

    A FHace 7 horas

    Encerio esto tiene mas vistas que 'MOONDCHILD' de RM???? 🙄🙄🙄

  93. pxnix ·

    pxnix ·Hace 5 horas

    Muchas de las que ven esto no son fans de bts xd.

  94. Chantal Joaquin

    Chantal JoaquinHace 7 horas

    he's so cute!!!! 😍😍😍

  95. Chimchimcookies

    ChimchimcookiesHace 7 horas

    He is so cute no lie

  96. Cece Love make up Warfield

    Cece Love make up WarfieldHace 7 horas

    I'm rewatching this and..... Did anybody else see the alien on the claw machine

  97. sono Kuku

    sono KukuHace 7 horas

    I think i found my bias❤❤

  98. BTS ROOM39

    BTS ROOM39Hace 7 horas


  99. Akemi Fukuhara Aguirre

    Akemi Fukuhara AguirreHace 7 horas

    He’s the cutest 🤭🤭

  100. im so clean so fresh

    im so clean so freshHace 7 horas

    ummmm why is this still trending??haha

  101. bug Chuu

    bug ChuuHace 7 horas

    Is morse code at the end of the video ?? 0-0

  102. kiyeoko

    kiyeokoHace 7 horas

    ya quiero que debuten, quiero conocerlos a fondo, aer que nos traen

  103. ᄏ엥푸

    ᄏ엥푸Hace 7 horas

    빅히트 채널에 방탄이 아닌 다른 그룹의 뮤비가 뜨니까 좀 어색하당..

  104. 이당당

    이당당Hace 7 horas

    ᄏ엥푸 감사합니다ㅜㅜ

  105. ᄏ엥푸

    ᄏ엥푸Hace 7 horas

    이당당 앗 네 수정했어요!

  106. 이당당

    이당당Hace 7 horas

    아 그렇군요!제가 오해 했네요...그럼 좀 그르타가 아니라 좀 어색하다 로 바꿔주시면 좋을거 갔습니다!

  107. ᄏ엥푸

    ᄏ엥푸Hace 7 horas

    txt분들 안티 절대 아닙니당 ㅠㅠ

  108. ᄏ엥푸

    ᄏ엥푸Hace 7 horas

    아 기분이 나쁘다는 뜻이 아니라 거의 6년동안 방탄 뮤비만 나오다가 딴 그룹이 뜨니까 좀 어색해서용!

  109. strong power thank you

    strong power thank youHace 7 horas

    Txt's visuals are no joke. I hope their talents too. But im kinda disappointed with the fans who used to rename their accounts frm BTS to TXT esp on twtter. Lets start frm the beggining fam. Dont use BTS accounts for godsake. And lets give them chance to prove themselves, lets make them work hard like bts did and not just bec theyre prodcts of bighit they must get the fame even theyre not yet debuting.

  110. Gina Pérez

    Gina PérezHace 7 horas

    Es hermoso..❤

  111. Diana -sama

    Diana -samaHace 7 horas

    Bighit me tiene traumada con las teorías asi que siento que habrá teorías, lloro ahre

  112. pxnix ·

    pxnix ·Hace 5 horas

    Dicen que este grupo va a ser muy diferente a bts, por lo que no habrán teorías.

  113. Bhing Villones

    Bhing VillonesHace 7 horas

    Staaaaannnnnnn 😘😍

  114. Nuchanat Wamaket

    Nuchanat WamaketHace 7 horas

    he look like v..............

  115. Emy laura

    Emy lauraHace 8 horas

    I think he will be the most popular member in txt. His introduction video is still trending tho

  116. Emy laura

    Emy lauraHace 39 minutos

    +Dr. Kayla H D A trending #46 in Malaysia

  117. Dr. Kayla H D A

    Dr. Kayla H D AHace 4 horas

    in where?

  118. swiftiess y

    swiftiess yHace 8 horas

    Still trending in my country 😱. Heol , he slay😍

  119. MINA ONCE

    MINA ONCEHace 8 horas

    His eyes kinda look like tae's