TWICE "Feel Special" Dance Practice Video


  1. aj abion

    aj abionHace 12 horas

    Me watching peacefully until i saw jihyo

  2. nebitna likusa

    nebitna likusaHace 12 horas

    So... I'm not once, more like only a fan and I still don't know names of all of them and I was like oh my god this girl looks so beautiful I have to check in choreo who is she and then when they all started with choreus I was like WAITT AM I CRAZY OR THERE WAS 9 OF THEM WHEN I WAS LAST TIME CHECKING!? and then I saw in comments, that girl I was looking for was actually missing... I guess this is how I'm going to remember her😀😂 Btw what happened to her?

  3. Hoàng Bảo Ngọc

    Hoàng Bảo NgọcHace 13 horas


  4. yukitan 1227

    yukitan 1227Hace 13 horas


  5. Kharl Alfred Garcia

    Kharl Alfred GarciaHace 13 horas

    why mina's missing?

  6. Júnia Luiza

    Júnia LuizaHace 13 horas


  7. وضحى الحربي

    وضحى الحربيHace 13 horas


  8. وضحى الحربي

    وضحى الحربيHace 13 horas

    You make me spicel

  9. 勉 樋口

    勉 樋口Hace 14 horas


  10. muối uyên

    muối uyênHace 14 horas

    nhớ mina quá

  11. syahzanan bening

    syahzanan beningHace 15 horas

    where is mina????

  12. Hau Ly

    Hau LyHace 15 horas

    I LOVE U Twice

  13. FenrYy Official

    FenrYy OfficialHace 15 horas

    This dance more fast than they perform in stage! 🔥

  14. 英子松永

    英子松永Hace 15 horas


  15. リズ

    リズHace 15 horas


  16. the outsider

    the outsiderHace 16 horas

    Dahyun's rap always get me 😍

  17. yellowplanet

    yellowplanetHace 16 horas

    not to be dramatic but this is the best choreography ever

  18. juicy

    juicyHace 16 horas

    twice: “let’s all wear crop tops, and not tell tzuyu” tzuyu: *thAnkS*

  19. KPOP's Slave

    KPOP's SlaveHace 16 horas

    My baby Tzuyu improved so much 💞

  20. hoikeii사나

    hoikeii사나Hace 17 horas

    Make it to 10M by next week!!

  21. Jerome Cordova

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  22. Jerome Cordova

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  23. Jerome Cordova

    Jerome CordovaHace 17 horas


  24. Jerome Cordova

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  25. 이재웅

    이재웅Hace 18 horas

    칼군무 개지리네 ㄷㄷ.....

  26. ブラックM

    ブラックMHace 18 horas


  27. Hye Joon

    Hye JoonHace 18 horas

    나만 한명 없어보이는 건가?

  28. Lily Anna Villanueva

    Lily Anna VillanuevaHace 19 horas

    Omo!!in 1:36 that is mina's voice right?!! 😀😀😀😀

  29. river

    riverHace 19 horas

    Idk y but the dance is so...... satisfying

  30. いえ

    いえHace 19 horas


  31. 앨리스 의 장난감 나라

    앨리스 의 장난감 나라Hace 20 horas

    트와이스 언니들 최고!

  32. Nathalie Galindez

    Nathalie GalindezHace 20 horas

    Where Mina imiss Mina


    DYMABASEHace 20 horas

    Color Coded Lyrics: Karaoke: Misheard Lyrics:

  34. Abin Shahmohammadi

    Abin ShahmohammadiHace 20 horas

    Is mina in the twice?

  35. 양진희

    양진희Hace 20 horas

    제가 방과후댄스를 하는데 춤!넘이뻐서 이걸로 추고있습니다!!트와이스!화이팅!>

  36. Creator life

    Creator lifeHace 20 horas


  37. Pink Blink

    Pink BlinkHace 21 un hora

    I haven’t kept up with Twice in a while and everyone keeps saying who misses Mina might I ask what happened to her?

  38. Pink Blink

    Pink BlinkHace 19 horas

    Bubble ༺ Oh I hope she gets well soon

  39. Bubble ༺

    Bubble ༺Hace 20 horas

    Anxiety i think, but people use her and her sickness for likes..

  40. Jonah Silva

    Jonah SilvaHace 22 horas

    Sana at the start is hilarious hahahahha

  41. nonogimme

    nonogimmeHace 22 horas

    i love the dance so much. Pls hire this choreographer again!

  42. Ratu Ain

    Ratu AinHace 22 horas

    Remember when Twice was made fun of bc they had “easy” choreographies? Well look at them now with the dance break 🥺🥺 I’m proud youuuu

  43. Loa lo

    Loa loHace 16 horas

    @Ratu Ain yeah that's your opinion for me this dance is one the easiest dance of Twice after knock and what is love

  44. Ratu Ain

    Ratu AinHace 17 horas

    Loa lo oohh I see well personally I think this is the hardest I’ve seen if you count the whole song but me and you have our opinions so that’s okay 😊

  45. Loa lo

    Loa loHace 18 horas

    Still easy lol dtna is harder than this

  46. Kurt-Leigh Morris

    Kurt-Leigh MorrisHace 23 horas

    I just spent like 30 minutes scrolling thru the comment section and can ya'll just stop talking about what everyone is wearing, and where is mina and why she isn't there like OMG GO FIND SOME OTHER VIDEO TO BEG FOR LIKES. DONT USE MINA JUST TO GET LIKES AND COMMENTS AND THATS ON PERIODTT SIS.....

  47. Barrus TM

    Barrus TMHace un día


  48. Chou Tzuyu

    Chou TzuyuHace un día

    3:44 can we talk about how here someone whispers "MINA"?

  49. Bubble ༺

    Bubble ༺Hace 20 horas

    I JUST NOTICED THAT OH MY GOD... Was that jyp? lol, idk

  50. Hyelle ONCEUUU

    Hyelle ONCEUUUHace un día


  51. Raeven Colot

    Raeven ColotHace un día

    Absolutely no one: Top comments: "stop using mina for likes!" and "twice: lets all wear white tops and not tell nayeon" Like come on people clout won't give you anything so just stop it with the unoriginal comments..Please!

  52. Sana Koto

    Sana KotoHace un día

    So very synchronize

  53. Civilize Chhun

    Civilize ChhunHace un día

    This is why Sana is such a great underrated dancer, look at how she just pop her hips at 2:25 and on beat, its always the small movements that she does well

  54. _lovery sugar

    _lovery sugarHace un día

    Tsuyu wearing loose shirts is me. Wow.

  55. tello UwU

    tello UwUHace un día

    This is a great coreography omg

  56. Sehee Kwon

    Sehee KwonHace un día

    댓글이 죄다 영어네..

  57. Alondra jomara

    Alondra jomaraHace un día

    chale yo viéndolas y bailan hermoso y yo aquí inservible para nada :(

  58. Luis Carrillo

    Luis CarrilloHace un día


  59. *Paula Cristiane*

    *Paula Cristiane*Hace un día

    Oque aconteceu com a Mina??????????????? Não tô vendo mais ela !!!

  60. Lediomar Dias

    Lediomar DiasHace un día

    Ela está com as atividades paradas devido que a mesma foi diagnosticada com asiedade e depressão

  61. Efren jr Belonio

    Efren jr BelonioHace un día

    Cant take my eyes off park jihyo 😫😍

  62. Light Darren

    Light DarrenHace un día

    This song is destroying my vocals😢 This song is too good

  63. Micah Longno

    Micah LongnoHace un día

    Where is Mina

  64. Really Qoo

    Really QooHace un día

    Nayeon is so lovely and sexy. Love Twice.

  65. Raprap Quijano

    Raprap QuijanoHace un día

    YOU MISS MINA❤️ 1-like-1-Person❤️❤️

  66. bts is meh life

    bts is meh lifeHace un día

    guys they all wore black and white bc they also wore black and white for fancy dance practice too

  67. Lupita Juache

    Lupita JuacheHace un día

    Why is mina not there were did she go

  68. Jean francis Álvarez lizeta

    Jean francis Álvarez lizetaHace un día

    En la ultima parte cuando termina la cancion no es una pose cualquiera sino q tiene un propósito, esas letras si unimos brazos y pies podemos analizar q dice MINA, Mina te extrañamos😥

  69. maila

    mailaHace un día

    3:44 someone whispers "mi-na", or that's what i hear