1. Oliander

    OlianderHace 3 días

    David: We're having goulash Jason: What time David: Tonight

  2. Crowned Karbwiie

    Crowned KarbwiieHace 3 días

    Jason is calm in general but crazy on David's vlogs

  3. Juss Sokx

    Juss SokxHace 5 días

    The convo around 9:05 made me laugh😂 you don’t have to always eat 1500-2500 calories a day, you can afford a treat day once or twice a month if you’re usually healthy(-ish)😂💀

  4. Paulina Prestamo

    Paulina PrestamoHace 6 días

    David should try the pink drink, he would love that

  5. Les Rod

    Les RodHace 9 días

    David is a germaphobe huh? I never paid much attention to it, but now that I noticed I realize that he always has to have the first sip of everything. Then when someone does take a sip of something he will not drink from it 😂

  6. GoldenChild

    GoldenChildHace 10 días

    They are sooo niceee love them fr the energy in that car❤️

  7. Angel FORTNITE

    Angel FORTNITEHace 11 días

    I’m here for the McDonald’s

  8. Hello-Neighbour Dragon-Egg

    Hello-Neighbour Dragon-EggHace 14 días

    This is the whitest thing I’ve ever seen

  9. Team Electro Boss Reenee

    Team Electro Boss ReeneeHace 14 días

    *Whitest Whites*

  10. Paula K.

    Paula K.Hace 15 días

    omggg Gulaš

  11. Adventuresin 2020

    Adventuresin 2020Hace 16 días

    Why the fuk are these weirdos going to David’s house my god thats so cringe

  12. Chelsea’s Channel

    Chelsea’s ChannelHace 17 días

    I love that Jason is just sitting in the back so quiet 😂

  13. Leilani Thomas

    Leilani ThomasHace 18 días

    idk i feel like david is an older version of jack d grazer

  14. Mansoor Khan

    Mansoor KhanHace 19 días

    Fitness people died when they started talking about the calories. xD

  15. Marissa Ann.

    Marissa Ann.Hace 21 un día

    people near chicago have a growing love for portillos,, ALWAYS 😂

  16. Gaylord†

    Gaylord†Hace 21 un día

    watching this after you’ve finished eating is disgusting.... still love yall tho

  17. Thot Police

    Thot PoliceHace 21 un día

    This is so white

  18. horror movie chic15

    horror movie chic15Hace 22 días

    I love how they all are just sharing the same straw lol

  19. TeutonicKnight1190

    TeutonicKnight1190Hace 24 días

    White people be like

  20. mrkiiprototype

    mrkiiprototypeHace 24 días

    These people are more white then the seats

  21. Sydney George

    Sydney GeorgeHace 24 días

    Wait David never got his strawberry açaí refresher

  22. Evelyn Chavez

    Evelyn ChavezHace 26 días

    David:lEt’S gO tO pOrTiLlOs Erin: whats that? Me and every chicagoian: oh ok😔😢

  23. Sammy_Sam

    Sammy_SamHace 26 días

    Please tell me I'm not the only one that came from the memes

  24. G E

    G EHace 26 días

    Yo you guys have so much fast food places in the uk we legit only have like McDonald’s, subway and kfc and that’s about it lol

  25. EmJMars

    EmJMarsHace 27 días

    David is a child omg

  26. Nabila Mulyady

    Nabila MulyadyHace 28 días

    WAIT they don't know what a THOUSAND calories mean??????? Dafuq

  27. Alex Pearl

    Alex PearlHace un mes

    Why does David seem so innocent in these but when I watch his vlogs he seems so frightening but I still love him

  28. Mckenzie M

    Mckenzie MHace un mes

    calories help maintain ur weight, women shouldn’t go under 1200 (or 1600 i cant remember) a day based on a 2000 calorie diet. going under or eating right at the amount of calories needed based on ur diet / weight / etc can help you lose weight or maintain it. i’m pretty sure it’s also energy or something idk, i learned this in nutrition a while ago😂

  29. May rise Productions

    May rise ProductionsHace un mes

    Get the double chocolaty chip frappe chino. I don’t think they have it on the menu but you can still order it. It’s not on there for me I live in England and also I order it and they still give it to me. It’s so nicee

  30. Cin Kh

    Cin KhHace un mes

    The amount of times David forgot about the Goulash😂

  31. lila moo

    lila mooHace un mes

    There is a uk tv show where they swap diets

  32. Melanie Kuzmanovic

    Melanie KuzmanovicHace un mes

    "Are you coming for Goulash?" Jason: "To where?" 😂 3:43 I would die for some goulash right now

  33. Lexie May

    Lexie MayHace un mes

    i feel like jason is so left out

  34. sandymourning

    sandymourningHace un mes

    I love this series. Do more drive-thrus!!! HAHAHA

  35. Ava LeWinter

    Ava LeWinterHace un mes

    U forgot the açaí refresher

  36. Minela Haurdic

    Minela HaurdicHace un mes

    i want goulash wtf

  37. Haydn O'Reilly

    Haydn O'ReillyHace un mes

    I wish their views matched their subscribers they have really good content

  38. Monica Fuller

    Monica FullerHace un mes

    looooove erin’s shirt

  39. Olivia goldsmith

    Olivia goldsmithHace un mes

    I’ve been bingeing your videos for like an hour, all with David somehow, and now I’m about to go get McDonald’s because David was eating nuggets.

  40. sarah

    sarahHace un mes

    ... *goulash.*

  41. riley keegan

    riley keeganHace un mes

    4:58-5:02 watch David and erin’s faces

  42. ELOPA 8147

    ELOPA 8147Hace un mes


  43. Luana Armada

    Luana ArmadaHace un mes

    actually carly pronounced açaí right

  44. epilogue 0613

    epilogue 0613Hace un mes

    Can someone please tell me why tf david doesn't turn on the ac in the car???

  45. Megan Tracey

    Megan TraceyHace un mes

    I love these videos bc they show a completely different side of David, and also they all bond so well... i love their friendship!!

  46. Kate

    KateHace un mes

    Hi from slovakia 💕Guláš is the best

  47. Jessica Murillo

    Jessica MurilloHace un mes

    confetti cake is my fucking Favorite

  48. sarah doyle

    sarah doyleHace un mes

    why won’t david drink from something after somebody else has

  49. Malak Sabry

    Malak SabryHace un mes


  50. lazy human

    lazy humanHace un mes

    Why did Jason start looking mad 6:00 minutes in?

  51. Patrick Janek

    Patrick JanekHace un mes

    akaaai drink

  52. Olivia Dietrich

    Olivia DietrichHace un mes

    The way David eats. Tho😂❤️

  53. alaia moore

    alaia mooreHace un mes

    calories are like 'energy' and you are supposed to eat as much as you use. so if you are going to spend the day sitting you should eat less than if you are going running or working out. also you can't only have like two shakes because inside those calories you have to fit all the proteins and vitamins as well

  54. Leo Marsh

    Leo MarshHace un mes

    I hate how David eats

  55. b1o h4zart

    b1o h4zartHace un mes

    ''the whitest whites''

  56. Corrine Budris

    Corrine BudrisHace un mes

    I never realized how much of a sweetheart david is until these videos

  57. Ruby White

    Ruby WhiteHace un mes

    Jason’s the dad we wish we had and David’s the uncle we want 🥺

  58. Ruby White

    Ruby WhiteHace un mes

    And also are brother 😂❤️

  59. Davion Meas

    Davion MeasHace un mes

    Who else recognized the playboy necklace on Erin?

  60. Seth_YT

    Seth_YTHace un mes

    Wait so are they lesbian or just best friends

  61. A Godinez

    A GodinezHace un mes

    Nade_Tooper I love this comment

  62. Saffrone. L

    Saffrone. LHace 2 meses

    What is Erin’s phone case tho??😍🦋