Trying Terrible Troom Troom COUPLE PRANKS 2


  1. Mina Radcliff

    Mina RadcliffHace 20 minutos


  2. Andrea Carreon

    Andrea CarreonHace 2 horas


  3. Erma Wahid

    Erma WahidHace 3 horas

    Lauren: " that's not a beetle it's a spider.. Me: I know and btw a spider is not a f****** bug

  4. Makaroni Art

    Makaroni ArtHace 4 horas

    I love that she pranked herself by doing the prank hairbrush.

  5. Sarah Hogle

    Sarah HogleHace 4 horas

    Billie Eilish has definitely worn that shirt!

  6. Sarah Walmsley

    Sarah WalmsleyHace 6 horas


  7. joy davison

    joy davisonHace 8 horas

    24:21 why are u bare footed outside

  8. Sydney Howser

    Sydney HowserHace 8 horas

    Like this for no reason. Please

  9. Selah Pollock

    Selah PollockHace 9 horas

    The m and m prank was my personal favorite!!!

  10. Jade Bell

    Jade BellHace 10 horas

    DIY motto: all this time and energy for nothing. Lauren's motto: Ah crap!

  11. Lixzzy HAH

    Lixzzy HAHHace 10 horas

    0:07 *me saying that to my mom when she talks about my embarrassing moments*. **0:08** *My mom*

  12. Cookie Power

    Cookie PowerHace 10 horas

    Prank Bobby :) hehehhe

  13. Elli Russell

    Elli RussellHace 10 horas

    hello Lauren can i please have a shoutout i luv your videos they are the thing that has helped me alot... also you are an amazing youtuber and your videos have helped me get through hard times especally loosing my loved ones... LOVE your AWESOME channel keep up the amazing work Lauren!!! :3

  14. Elyse Terreri

    Elyse TerreriHace 11 horas

    ...But with a smile...

  15. Daisy sea

    Daisy seaHace 12 horas

    Hi there

  16. I Fenton

    I FentonHace 13 horas

    259k people wanna see bobby suffer 259k people:YES SUFFER BOBBY YES HEHHEHEHEHEHE Me:what the heck Me secretly inside:BURN BOBBY YASSS MWAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAH HEHEHE

  17. Angie Cuchcatla

    Angie CuchcatlaHace 13 horas

    Like 👍

  18. Branwen Sidfrids

    Branwen SidfridsHace 14 horas

    Prank Bobby

  19. Jennifer Walker

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  20. Joey Raymond

    Joey RaymondHace 14 horas

    i like yourstyle

  21. Cheree Swingle

    Cheree SwingleHace 15 horas

    Lol while watching her with the onion I literally started crying a little

  22. sparkle kitty Club vlogging channel

    sparkle kitty Club vlogging channelHace 15 horas

    Can I be your sister

  23. Mr beast Biggest fan

    Mr beast Biggest fanHace 15 horas

    I don’t know why but i liked the vid after she said to, my favourite prank was the first one because you can to it to fake friends 😅Also cause it was stupid

  24. munkey lover

    munkey loverHace 16 horas

    When you burn your chocolate you add some milk until it is smooth and then add butter if you want

  25. CorgiPotato 223

    CorgiPotato 223Hace 16 horas

    8:59 If I stand 50ft away and cross my eyes then yes it totally looks like an ice cream cone

  26. Samサマンサ

    SamサマンサHace 17 horas

    Starts biting off hair brush bristles* Omg she’s an asmrtist~

  27. Cynthia Medina

    Cynthia MedinaHace 18 horas

    Lauren:I took out tiny things of a brush Me:don’t forgot you bought a brush and wasted money

  28. Sara Stiller

    Sara StillerHace 18 horas

    R.I.P Laurens Hair brush 2019-2019

  29. Sierra Arnold

    Sierra ArnoldHace 19 horas

    Loran:uses birthday migic click like click like troom troom: makes friend pretind to drop ice cream me:WHY DID U RUIN HER CLOSE WHY😂😂😂

  30. Sierra Arnold

    Sierra ArnoldHace 19 horas


  31. Laura Donovan

    Laura DonovanHace 19 horas


  32. Hace 20 horas

    Lauren: Why make an ice cream cone when you can just buy one Troom Troom: I’m 10 steps in-front of you Lauren: ( can’t fit ice cream in cone ) that’s why they made a ice cream cone Troom Troom:SEE

  33. Lily Taylor

    Lily TaylorHace 20 horas

    6our dum

  34. Pixel super gaming princess iPad

    Pixel super gaming princess iPadHace 21 un hora

    Not to be rude or anything but I'm a child and I use hot glue guns and I touch the glue while it's still hot, yeah it burns a little but I'm fine

  35. Kornelija Earthling

    Kornelija EarthlingHace 21 un hora

    Dude! You are FUNNY!

  36. ChristinaRich Leavitt

    ChristinaRich LeavittHace 21 un hora

    lauren i love troom troom

  37. Cinnittx

    CinnittxHace 21 un hora

    Spiders aren’t bugs......

  38. Schleich peppermint1125

    Schleich peppermint1125Hace 22 horas

    ASMR 20:23

  39. Charmaine Newmarch

    Charmaine NewmarchHace 22 horas

    prank boby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. ATHENA ASAMIYA Channel!

    ATHENA ASAMIYA Channel!Hace 23 horas

    Lauren the easiest way to put chocolate in sponge is just dip it in the cup with the melted chocolate and its done!

  41. Itz_Maddië_Chañ !

    Itz_Maddië_Chañ !Hace 23 horas

    Lauren: "it's my husband, so it's ok!" Me: "it's my little, homophobic, pans hating(I'm pans), damn annoying brother. So it's ok!"

  42. Micahzaurus Gaming

    Micahzaurus GamingHace un día

    EA sporets

  43. DJ EMI _

    DJ EMI _Hace un día

    The powers worked, I liked the video.

  44. Daisy Otero

    Daisy OteroHace un día

    wait you and Bobby are together

  45. Kaylee Stiemke

    Kaylee StiemkeHace un día

    Lauren: "it's only seven months after my birthday so i still have my powers" Me: "okay welp i guess i have my birthday powers for all humanity's life span" :year 8643: "ahhhh todays my birthday of my millionth year of having my powers" "now go haunt laurens ghost.

  46. Ashley Hagel

    Ashley HagelHace un día

    I laughed the entire video

  47. Lily Fields

    Lily FieldsHace un día

    Lauren Lauren Lauren Lauren Lauren Lauren Lauren Lauren Lauren Lauren Your vids are amazing 🥰🌹🥀


    HANNAH DEFINOHace un día

    0:12 I don’t have onions I have shallots as well 🧅


    HANNAH DEFINOHace un día


  50. tokergirl

    tokergirlHace un día

    You should watch Troom Troom zombies

  51. Jennifer redeker

    Jennifer redekerHace un día

    Prank bobby plz prank bobby more

  52. Ruben Chen

    Ruben ChenHace un día

    No pranks that troom troom makes are good

  53. Emily Tredwell

    Emily TredwellHace un día

    this WAS a day past my eleventh birthday 🤣

  54. Ramon Monreal

    Ramon MonrealHace un día

    The ice cream prank was my favorite cause she "so had to make that pom pom string"

  55. א CadenceEditż א

    א CadenceEditż אHace un día

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Lauren: *_aggressively beats tinfoil ball_*

  56. Wolfe Rainey

    Wolfe RaineyHace un día

    A prank that you should do is a normal thing but make it super suspicious so he thinks that it is a prank and is suspicious the whole time

  57. TY-Chan

    TY-ChanHace un día

    19:55 wait.. but sharpies are alcohol based and alcohol is flammable right?

  58. ZeRØ GlITcH

    ZeRØ GlITcHHace un día

    My favorite was the one where you said your birthday powers still worked (;

  59. Sparklesatnight10

    Sparklesatnight10Hace un día

    Poor bobby

  60. Emma Miller

    Emma MillerHace un día


  61. MoonyGacha 808

    MoonyGacha 808Hace un día

    *I feel like at this point, Troom Troom are just trying to recruit as many child psychopaths as possible to be their minions and carry out their evil deeds*