Try NOT to LAUGH!! - BAD Dad Jokes


  1. TMSXottic

    TMSXotticHace un día

    7:06 😂😂😂😂

  2. Comrade autism

    Comrade autismHace un día

    Nobody: Left 4 Dead boomers: 0:55

  3. Rose_Beauty 1244

    Rose_Beauty 1244Hace un día

    When he said John did he mean h2odelirious or is there another person named John?

  4. Alexandra Cohen06

    Alexandra Cohen06Hace 2 días

    Tyler got game! Lol

  5. Jeff The Killer

    Jeff The KillerHace 2 días

    6:45 that laugh just made my day

  6. Jeff The Killer

    Jeff The KillerHace 2 días

    0:55 John's burp killed me

  7. Yukine Sekki

    Yukine SekkiHace 2 días

    7:42 God I love coming back to dis one xD

  8. Whitney Couch

    Whitney CouchHace 3 días

    So odd seeing Smii7y's face. It was so hard not to laugh at these Dad jokes.

  9. Satan

    SatanHace 3 días

    Don't know why people hate Dad jokes, dad jokes are amazing

  10. Declan Coughlin

    Declan CoughlinHace 4 días

    Wildcat lookin good in his John Wick cosplay.

  11. Sebastian Bernt

    Sebastian BerntHace 4 días

    Freaking love this

  12. EnderBorn

    EnderBornHace 4 días

    4:03 turu turu

  13. J

    JHace 5 días

    I love seeing Smitty on camera!♥️

  14. Benjamin Chute

    Benjamin ChuteHace 5 días

    Wildcat should do face cam for one video 🎥

  15. Mike Pittman

    Mike PittmanHace 6 días

    Tyler needs to cut his hair.

  16. kat bee

    kat beeHace 6 días

    Nobody can beat MiniDad

  17. Brandon2940

    Brandon2940Hace 6 días

    "Thought about going on tour, but I realized I can't Reddit on stage" *Smi77y looks at Mini* Mini: "Oh I can!"

  18. nolan yaremko

    nolan yaremkoHace 7 días

    When ever you guys do calabs it makes me lose my mind

  19. Undertale Music

    Undertale MusicHace 7 días

    6:59 QuackityHQ

  20. Jacksepticelf

    JacksepticelfHace 8 días

    Microwaves go mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  21. Quinn -

    Quinn -Hace 8 días

    Honestly, mood af

  22. elsafan1019 roblox

    elsafan1019 robloxHace 8 días


  23. Sam Ireland

    Sam IrelandHace 8 días

    2:05 I’m attending in 6 days with VIP

  24. Shupp

    ShuppHace 8 días

    I don’t know what I expected smitty to look like, but it wasn’t that

  25. Furious Deer

    Furious DeerHace 8 días

    7:51 ill give you cwedit for that one

  26. Piranha Plant Man

    Piranha Plant ManHace 9 días

    I'm enjoying John's company in this video. ☺️

  27. xX_GamingMaster_Xx

    xX_GamingMaster_XxHace 9 días


  28. ThatCarGuySam

    ThatCarGuySamHace 9 días

    wildcat looks like fuckin james may from topgear

  29. Michael Garcia

    Michael GarciaHace 9 días

    Why does smitty look so sweaty

  30. Deity Dodectreon

    Deity DodectreonHace 10 días

    I thought that was Sky

  31. nick gamer 1

    nick gamer 1Hace 10 días

    Smity looks likes he gets beat up at school

  32. Good Boyo

    Good BoyoHace 10 días

    Pro Jared innocence watch his video dummies

  33. MannOfMen

    MannOfMenHace 6 días

    This was made before Jared's vid was posted.

  34. Noah Hunt

    Noah HuntHace 10 días

    I like Tyler’s hair.

  35. Eyeless Jack the Animator aka Luna

    Eyeless Jack the Animator aka LunaHace 10 días

    John’s burp made me burp

  36. JetForce42

    JetForce42Hace 11 días

    9:47 Smiity just became Bakugou.

  37. GamerKeith 123

    GamerKeith 123Hace 12 días

    You have bear fists?

  38. IIDZIIMerXy 54

    IIDZIIMerXy 54Hace 12 días

    3:00 shots fired😂

  39. Jacob Eilers

    Jacob EilersHace 12 días

    Smi77y looks like hes 22 and 5'3

  40. Stacey Putnam

    Stacey PutnamHace 13 días

    yo they caught me off guard with that logic one XD

  41. Revhead Corrado

    Revhead CorradoHace 14 días

    5:58 Mini.exe Crashed.

  42. Nicole LiCourt

    Nicole LiCourtHace 14 días

    I’m just waiting for ty to make it so mini just drums in silence without sounds

  43. Officialoseifer

    OfficialoseiferHace 14 días

    Tyler is looks like an actual dad trying to find dad jokes

  44. Typical llama

    Typical llamaHace 15 días

    You actually got back with them after talking shit about them?

  45. A randombOi

    A randombOiHace 15 días

    nobody mini ladd: 2:04

  46. Gabriel Napoleon

    Gabriel NapoleonHace 15 días

    Biracial 💀🤣

  47. Avery Plays The Game

    Avery Plays The GameHace 16 días

    Finally found Smii7y's face!

  48. Own3d TV

    Own3d TVHace 16 días

    I want more of this

  49. Hunter Clayton

    Hunter ClaytonHace 17 días

    Wait since when has smitty's face been revealed?! Wtf

  50. Jake Harmon

    Jake HarmonHace 18 días

    I find this hilarious solely because of John

  51. Patrick Hofmann

    Patrick HofmannHace 18 días

    Wait did smity show his face

  52. Better Now

    Better NowHace 18 días


  53. Shadow

    ShadowHace 19 días

    Look at SMII7Ys hairline

  54. Ouskiller

    OuskillerHace 19 días

    6:58 I was expecting Dolan Dark


    ALIEN TWINSHace 20 días

    Smitty is hella thiccccccccccc

  56. Mr mans

    Mr mansHace 20 días

    Mini you got fatter and not even buff, Just compare you to Scotty

  57. mimi shaw

    mimi shawHace 20 días

    bro where is johns jacket

  58. Demestic Tiger

    Demestic TigerHace 20 días

    I never thought i would see smii7y on video

  59. kristilhowe

    kristilhoweHace 21 un día

    2:05 that reminds me of jiggly’s uno pic of him and his 3D doublechin

  60. Im Campy

    Im CampyHace 21 un día

    This Vid got mil u know why?

  61. Kingxray king of kings

    Kingxray king of kingsHace 21 un día

    here i thought you guys had beef im glad that you guys dont got beef

  62. User_ Undead

    User_ UndeadHace 21 un día

    Yall already my dads