Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food


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    REACTHace 5 meses

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  2. Elise Tam

    Elise TamHace 29 días

    Hanna Bashir pppp

  3. Melina Paz

    Melina PazHace un mes

    Hey tori next time you’re on a try not to eat challenge and you eat only one food, try to keep it that way so that you don’t get much of a punishment. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not intentionally tell you what to do, i’m just giving you a recommendation.🙌

  4. Alfarel van persie

    Alfarel van persieHace un mes


  5. GG GG

    GG GGHace 4 horas

    That nacho cheese looks like mustard. Also, should have had Krusty Burger.

  6. InherentFilms

    InherentFilmsHace 5 horas

    How did they not include a Krusty burger,

  7. noobster.kayla

    noobster.kaylaHace 11 horas

    if my dad was in this, he would try everything because he is a huge fan of the Simpsons

  8. E Q

    E QHace un día

    the sister talking in the background makes it really hard for them lol


    LEGENDRY NINJAHace 2 días

    If I were to be there, I would eat everything XD

  10. Zetzu Wolf

    Zetzu WolfHace 2 días

    I wish it was the hot chocolate

  11. Kyra Hyatt

    Kyra HyattHace 2 días

    Everyone complaining about that rotten sandwich and ary the queen she is just “at least it’s my aesthetic”

  12. Danielle King

    Danielle KingHace 2 días

    🙂🙂🙂I love ur video

  13. Savannah Toms

    Savannah TomsHace 4 días

    I would tea the rib sandwich if it was pink inside

  14. Blonchy boi

    Blonchy boiHace 4 días

    I would pass on all but the first is hard and I wouldn’t eat the last one only the buns and share it

  15. Dean Raymon Samatra

    Dean Raymon SamatraHace 5 días

    So she did say anything that's strawberry flavored is gold but WHY DOES IT TASTE BAD FOR ME!?!?!?!?!?!

  16. Andrés XLA

    Andrés XLAHace 5 días

    2:56 we have these donuts in Norway, I live there. There are also one with chocolate glazer and cream inside.

  17. Hypnoeyes

    HypnoeyesHace 6 días

    I guess you could say......... it's NACHO typical hat.

  18. Just Passing by

    Just Passing byHace 6 días

    They forgot to put alberto's name in the description

  19. Dragon Tamer576

    Dragon Tamer576Hace 7 días

    U should do another challenge, but the punishment food is the fish from cloudy with a chance of meatballs >:3

  20. Kyra Hyatt

    Kyra HyattHace 2 días

    Dragon Tamer576 so sardines I know people who eat them as a snack

  21. Lina Tamba

    Lina TambaHace 7 días

    0:30 that's me😂

  22. X_KittyKat_X Gaming

    X_KittyKat_X GamingHace 7 días

    They should do scooby doo ❤

  23. D FA

    D FAHace 5 días

    X_KittyKat_X Gaming Yass

  24. M M

    M MHace 8 días

    I hope you guys do another Try Not To Eat Simpsons food. Here are some foods you guys should do: - A krusty burger - Marge’s dessert dogs - Marge’s Wasabi buffalo wings - Ned Flanders hot cocoa - Kwik-E-Mart squishee - Duff Beer lol - The gummy Venus de Milo Winners can eat a mini land of chocolate like in Homers fantasy. The losers can eat a caramel cod from the Treehouse of Horror episode.

  25. Super Imaginator

    Super ImaginatorHace 7 días

    M M good ideas!! I wanna see that!! If I was in that, I would eat all of them :)

  26. David Wizowski

    David WizowskiHace 8 días

    Disappointed they didnt use the binging with babish interpretation of the moon waffles. If you haven't seen binging with babish check out the moon waffles ep and you'll see what I'm talking about.

  27. Briana Angelo

    Briana AngeloHace 8 días

    i am so hungry after this

  28. 2024Tegan R316

    2024Tegan R316Hace 8 días

    i actually have rib wiches at my school, and they are delicious, but they're boneless and don't have too much barbecue

  29. LuciferTheFallen

    LuciferTheFallenHace 8 días

    Ary is beutiful

  30. yikes

    yikesHace 8 días

    jim is such a snake lmaoooo

  31. Recid Needwater

    Recid NeedwaterHace 9 días

    The people who didn't eat the donut is 100% foolish

  32. Waffle Foffle

    Waffle FoffleHace 9 días

    The rib-wich looks AMAZING

  33. Isssa Mina

    Isssa MinaHace 9 días

    I really think that the real winners are the ones who eat all of them and also I’m new here😜

  34. Youngboy Deadass

    Youngboy DeadassHace 9 días

    Of course ary's favorite is treehouse of horror...

  35. Gacha Kiwi

    Gacha KiwiHace 9 días

    Roses are red Ketchup is to I got a like Why is it blue?

  36. The SCP Crew

    The SCP CrewHace 9 días

    Try not to eat video game food!

  37. Juan Garcia

    Juan GarciaHace 9 días

    7-11 Donuts Yummy

  38. Lazy Noodlez

    Lazy NoodlezHace 9 días

    What about adventure time food😊

  39. Jonnie Villa

    Jonnie VillaHace 10 días

    What about the pokemon food

  40. CrayCray RayRay

    CrayCray RayRayHace 10 días

    It’s literally a strawberry frosted donut from dunkin u can eat that anyday😂🤦🏾‍♀️ they give in so fast

  41. AntiIronic

    AntiIronicHace 10 días

    All try not to eat videos, everyone should be stoned! Made the series so much better.

  42. Esmeralda Hernandez

    Esmeralda HernandezHace 10 días

    What if they don't smoke?

  43. Kenai Lykos

    Kenai LykosHace 11 días

    just love Ary !

  44. MeanLeanMachine

    MeanLeanMachineHace 11 días

    6:43 Kayso??? Hahaha

  45. Atlas

    AtlasHace 11 días


  46. Noname

    NonameHace 11 días

    I wish I could be on one of these

  47. Chris

    ChrisHace 11 días

    “this is kinda cute like its totally my aesthetic” It was time for Thomas to leave. He had seen everything.

  48. Khalid Ali

    Khalid AliHace 11 días

    Who is thomas

  49. Thefoxoftimeandspace

    ThefoxoftimeandspaceHace 11 días

    Try not to eat challenge- Breath of the Wild food


    TINA WRIGHTHace 11 días

    Another awesome video!!!!!!

  51. 115 am

    115 amHace 11 días

    *Grabs ribwich anyway and bails*

  52. WiccanBOY94

    WiccanBOY94Hace 11 días

    Is it a US thing to be attracted by food that looks this awful?

  53. Luke Norman

    Luke NormanHace 11 días

    No, we just know what the stuff tastes like.

  54. TideFan01

    TideFan01Hace 11 días

    Who cares what it looks like, if it's good it can look like vomit and I'll eat it. Who cares?

  55. Kacchan’s Titties

    Kacchan’s TittiesHace 11 días

    They taste AMAZING tho

  56. SkateHouseOfficial

    SkateHouseOfficialHace 11 días

    You should have tried to make the doughnut like the one they make in simpsonland Disney world, the doughnut was as big as my tourso

  57. Erin Guzman

    Erin GuzmanHace 12 días

    You should do amazing world of gumball try not to ear

  58. KJ's Channel

    KJ's ChannelHace 10 días

    Or that stuffed meat thing that Richard made should be like the fail or the win

  59. Erick Da Gamer

    Erick Da GamerHace 11 días

    Erin Guzman one of it is gonna be the potato cut in half in that one episode

  60. La_ Patata kawaii del mundo

    La_ Patata kawaii del mundoHace 12 días


  61. Lightning Striker

    Lightning StrikerHace 12 días

    I feel like Jim was on nailed it....

  62. Christine Johnson

    Christine JohnsonHace 12 días

    How about the hot chocolate from the movie

  63. Got Ya!!

    Got Ya!!Hace 9 días

    Thats what is was thinking

  64. iYasubo

    iYasuboHace 12 días

    I want to be in one 😂

  65. Jags4e

    Jags4eHace 12 días

    Was gonna say the flaming homer should be here but then I realized it’s lean

  66. one0

    one0Hace 12 días

    i dont get the guy who ate only 1 food... like u lose the winning meal, get punished, and u didnt get to try any of the other meals...

  67. MightyZeus

    MightyZeusHace 12 días

    All of these foods looked awful tbh...

  68. Rio Cc

    Rio CcHace 13 días

    Shant is so hunky 😍

  69. Michael Smith

    Michael SmithHace 10 días

    Rio Cc thirsty much?

  70. Ayan Hussain07

    Ayan Hussain07Hace 13 días

    Not trying to be rude but they just bought the doughnut from Dunkin’ Donuts

  71. logan morgan

    logan morganHace 13 días

    Ary is so pretty 😍

  72. Living Bold

    Living BoldHace 13 días

    No steamed hams? 😂

  73. Casey Van Meter Van Meter

    Casey Van Meter Van MeterHace 13 días

    My school serves those

  74. Team Pixelators

    Team PixelatorsHace 13 días

    Missed opportunity for steamed hams

  75. Liyana Rose

    Liyana RoseHace 13 días

    I might have won this challenge... Don't even like the simpson... No offense though

  76. keiasia brown

    keiasia brownHace 13 días

    ~ You Should Do A MTV Snack Off Try Not To Eat Challenge .

  77. Ivan Butler

    Ivan ButlerHace 14 días

    Boy am I hungry You're hungry? Look at me, I've got skin and bones

  78. copy the compcom

    copy the compcomHace 13 días

    @GamingShy Guy are you joking?

  79. GamingShy Guy

    GamingShy GuyHace 13 días

    Finally some one watching this in 2019

  80. Ivan Butler

    Ivan ButlerHace 14 días

    Mmm, Donuts and Ribs

  81. Sydney Brede

    Sydney BredeHace 14 días

    *eats while watching* 😂😂😂

  82. Aj 064044

    Aj 064044Hace 14 días

    @7:11 bro knew it was nasty but the lady started shaking her head yes saying it was good so he did the same

  83. Shaila's Space

    Shaila's SpaceHace 11 días

    😂😂😂 love him. Reminds me of the movie "Just Friends"

  84. 0mega Gamer

    0mega GamerHace 14 días

    I swear, Jim looks just like MattShea

  85. M1ch1

    M1ch1Hace 14 días

    Tori is so beautiful 😍

  86. HypE Noir

    HypE NoirHace 14 días

    Jim looks like Vector

  87. Stonersteamss

    StonersteamssHace 14 días

    Am i the only one that noticed the nacho head looks like shi🥶

  88. StekinoMai

    StekinoMaiHace 14 días

    food in anime is what's up

  89. Sarah Ray

    Sarah RayHace 14 días

    That is so true.

  90. Suga's grandpa dance Infired me so hard

    Suga's grandpa dance Infired me so hardHace 14 días

    @StekinoMai ok, good luck

  91. StekinoMai

    StekinoMaiHace 14 días

    @Suga's grandpa dance Infired me so hard oh seriously? alright, imma looke that up then 👌

  92. Suga's grandpa dance Infired me so hard

    Suga's grandpa dance Infired me so hardHace 14 días

    They have already done that I believe

  93. Faiza Benatmane

    Faiza BenatmaneHace 14 días

    I would eat every thing I am starving 💔

  94. Suga's grandpa dance Infired me so hard

    Suga's grandpa dance Infired me so hardHace 14 días

    Are you fasting too? 😂😂😂

  95. Winter Night

    Winter NightHace 14 días

    The TV show Supernatural Temptations Mary Winchester's Blueberry pie (Season 12 episode 2) Dean's Bunker Burger (season 8 episode 14) Pig n a Poke (Season 3 episode 11) Philly cheesesteak sandwiches (Season 2 episode 18) Winners Winchester Surprise (season 14 episode 11) Those that lost That taco (Season 3 episode 11)

  96. DOGS ROCK !!

    DOGS ROCK !!Hace 14 días

    Also it’s deans bunker burger with a side of beer

  97. DOGS ROCK !!

    DOGS ROCK !!Hace 14 días

    Wait the winners get. DeaNS CAR hhahahaha

  98. DOGS ROCK !!

    DOGS ROCK !!Hace 14 días


  99. Desiii !

    Desiii !Hace 14 días

    Winter Night yesss

  100. Arma Greggen

    Arma GreggenHace 15 días

    I would have no problem winning this one. Not one of those dishes looked remotely appealing.

  101. DOGS ROCK !!

    DOGS ROCK !!Hace 14 días

    Arma Greggen WHAT DO U MEAN THE. DONuT

  102. Demonic Jack

    Demonic JackHace 15 días

    I’d just eat the last food anyway lol if you put delicious food In front of me then I’ll eat it well...except the spaghetti

  103. Gavin Tujan

    Gavin TujanHace 15 días

    Did you put liquid smoke in the waffles?

  104. Stephen Flanagan

    Stephen FlanaganHace 16 días

    Do family guy food

  105. Michael James

    Michael JamesHace 16 días

    Pretty sure the Ribwich is made from a now-extinct animal with more than 4 legs...

  106. Noo8ym4ster

    Noo8ym4sterHace 16 días

    A goth burger for a goth girl

  107. Blinky's Creator

    Blinky's CreatorHace 16 días


  108. Miss Merry

    Miss MerryHace 16 días

    sliiiiverd almondssss

  109. Urayoan Kellogg

    Urayoan KelloggHace 17 días

    I wanna see a futurama episode

  110. Ishaal Animations

    Ishaal AnimationsHace 17 días

    I was trying eating a plate while watching this.

  111. Sandro Ruch

    Sandro RuchHace 18 días

    7:03 Police-officer: You guys are *natcho*king me... I see what you did there...

  112. candyapu3

    candyapu3Hace 18 días

    The guy in the purple shirt looks/sounds like a Latino Pete Davidson

  113. •Kittie's Corner キティコーナー•

    •Kittie's Corner キティコーナー•Hace 18 días

    The punishment meal was *A E S T H E T I C*

  114. Casual Dude

    Casual DudeHace 18 días

    I'm dying here watching this....aaaaaaaaahhh

  115. dakingofdonutsplsnoticemesenpai plss

    dakingofdonutsplsnoticemesenpai plssHace 18 días


  116. gacha girl the 2nd

    gacha girl the 2ndHace 18 días

    Hey the cop guy in the intro with glasses was on nailed it

  117. Sarah Bouamra (2019)

    Sarah Bouamra (2019)Hace 19 días

    the hat nacho looks whack

  118. Michael Smith

    Michael SmithHace 10 días

    Sarah Bouamra (2019) you try to make one

  119. Tina Chandler

    Tina ChandlerHace 19 días

    I hope they get to eat it after!

  120. BlauesRauschen

    BlauesRauschenHace 19 días

    I dont understand the James Coco joke.

  121. BlauesRauschen

    BlauesRauschenHace 18 días

    @michael But who is James Coco?

  122. michael

    michaelHace 18 días

    He went mad in 15 minutes

  123. XD

    XDHace 19 días

    The police officer wants to beat stereotypes yet he is a police officer named... Wait for it... "Jim"

  124. StekinoMai

    StekinoMaiHace 14 días

    jim pickens laugh

  125. WolofWhispers •

    WolofWhispers •Hace 19 días

    youserOfyou Tube 💀

  126. Dawg Wood

    Dawg WoodHace 19 días


  127. Vincent Daniele

    Vincent DanieleHace 19 días

    dude wheres the hot chocolate flanders makes for bart in the movie. that thing looks stupid good

  128. Kohaku’s YouTube Hole

    Kohaku’s YouTube HoleHace 9 días

    Go to Binging With Babish he made it on his channel

  129. JuLy NekoGirL

    JuLy NekoGirLHace 19 días

    I hope they do a second Try not to eat challenge The SImpsons version because they are still more food to try. The hot chocolate Ned made should be the prize and the fuju Homer ate should be the punishment hahaha

  130. Roman Martinez

    Roman MartinezHace 20 días

    Do the Giant chocolate shake from family odd parents and the krusty krab pizza

  131. Theresa Brigitha Sitepu

    Theresa Brigitha SitepuHace 20 días

    Food from Hetalia please

  132. Andrew Starry

    Andrew StarryHace 20 días

    I've always wanted a nacho hat

  133. Fernando Balderas

    Fernando BalderasHace 20 días

    What A flour tortilla? Where are the corn one?

  134. Leanna Zuluaga

    Leanna ZuluagaHace 21 un día


  135. bangtantrash

    bangtantrashHace 21 un día

    did anyone notice that on 4;15 its the same color as his mouth on 4:18

  136. Chase Parker

    Chase ParkerHace 21 un día

    you missed the opportunity for the sick hot cocoa in the simpsons movie

  137. Jenna Stephenson

    Jenna StephensonHace 21 un día

    A donut shop in my town sells the classic pink simpsons donut 😌

  138. Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeahHace 21 un día

    Jenna Stephenson thanks bro appreciate it

  139. Jenna Stephenson

    Jenna StephensonHace 21 un día

    @Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah It's Amy's Donuts. There's only 5 locations in the U.S.

  140. Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeahHace 21 un día


  141. Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeahHace 21 un día

    Jenna Stephenson what town