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Try Not To Be Impressed Challenge


  1. s.i k66i8454d3g tthgrgj4rg

    s.i k66i8454d3g tthgrgj4rgHace 6 horas

    I didn't say anything

  2. John Goff

    John GoffHace 7 horas

    Try not to sell out challenge

  3. FlipX Cube

    FlipX CubeHace 14 horas

    i am :D

  4. Myra Natividad

    Myra NatividadHace un día

    Denis i subscribe vids😁😁😁

  5. MOona

    MOonaHace un día


  6. MOona

    MOonaHace un día


  7. MOona

    MOonaHace un día

    I am alien

  8. MOona

    MOonaHace un día


  9. Lularoe Gina Holbrook

    Lularoe Gina HolbrookHace 2 días

    I made you on tomodachi life

  10. Alicia Ford

    Alicia FordHace 2 días


  11. Alicia Ford

    Alicia FordHace 2 días

    Denis is so bad at thos

  12. meagan knutson

    meagan knutsonHace 2 días

    Denis I didn’t get important 🙀👀

  13. Nicky Cartwright

    Nicky CartwrightHace 2 días


  14. Nicky Cartwright

    Nicky CartwrightHace 2 días

    2019 anyone

  15. Esmeralda Carreto

    Esmeralda CarretoHace 3 días

    Did u do try not to say wow Challenge

  16. santi moss

    santi mossHace 3 días

    i play roblox can you play roblox camping

  17. max Smith

    max SmithHace 4 días

    Sorry would you rather challenge

  18. max Smith

    max SmithHace 4 días

    you rather challenge

  19. Carolina Moran

    Carolina MoranHace 5 días

    Can u do

  20. GP GAMER YT Scenrio

    GP GAMER YT ScenrioHace 5 días

    Do Try Not To Dance Challenge

  21. Janet Adamson

    Janet AdamsonHace 5 días

    I can TOTALLY do all of that stuff 😏😏😏😂😂😂😂😂

  22. KaraDaPlayingNugget

    KaraDaPlayingNuggetHace 5 días

    Hi 2019 anyone?

  23. oh my gah OwO

    oh my gah OwOHace 6 días

    I don't get impressed at least on purpose

  24. Johanna Craven

    Johanna CravenHace 7 días

    Dennis you just said wow at 7:35

  25. Johanna Craven

    Johanna CravenHace 7 días


  26. Abby's Unicorn World

    Abby's Unicorn WorldHace 7 días

    It looks hard

  27. Razzle Lazzle

    Razzle LazzleHace 7 días

    Try to not get scared challenge ÙwÚ

  28. Noah Maldonado

    Noah MaldonadoHace 8 días

    Hey denis my name is Noah I've been watching your videos for 3 years and I subscribed and turned on the bell

  29. MehGYL

    MehGYLHace 5 días

    He won't reply

  30. Sarai Ortiz

    Sarai OrtizHace 8 días

    I subscribed

  31. Wuzhong Li

    Wuzhong LiHace 8 días


  32. RAVI T

    RAVI THace 9 días

    Do a challenge called try not to flinch challenge

  33. Christian Maximus

    Christian MaximusHace 9 días

    Do a try not to become scared

  34. TripleA - Aruna

    TripleA - ArunaHace 10 días

    Denis started the trend of try not to say *WOW* Challenge

  35. Dyako500 GD Es

    Dyako500 GD EsHace 10 días

    I’m impressed

  36. victorville11

    victorville11Hace 10 días

    denis you failed miserably

  37. Jo Hennah

    Jo HennahHace 10 días

    I lost noooo!!!!!!

  38. Monique Lewis

    Monique LewisHace 10 días

    Awesome video

  39. NK Looi

    NK LooiHace 11 días

    Wow cool and great

  40. Zeke’s Animated Channel

    Zeke’s Animated ChannelHace 11 días

    2026 anyone

  41. Zeke’s Animated Channel

    Zeke’s Animated ChannelHace 11 días

    Cats rule

  42. Rahma Abdullahi

    Rahma AbdullahiHace 12 días

    Can Denis do the try not to say awwwww challenge

  43. FosterAndDuffy

    FosterAndDuffyHace 12 días

    Woah woah woah u live in British Columbia?

  44. samantha t

    samantha tHace 13 días

    Lol this is denis “WOO HOO HERE COMES DA VEIWS!!!” XD

  45. doc doodle

    doc doodleHace 13 días

    I dont think he gets the point of a "try not to" challenge.

  46. Katelyn Kirkland

    Katelyn KirklandHace 13 días

    Didn’t even care

  47. Debbie Turman

    Debbie TurmanHace 14 días

    How about you try not to say wow challenge I've seen a lot of those

  48. Praripon Tuntaliyanon

    Praripon TuntaliyanonHace 15 días

    Denis i live right next to you

  49. Kittenkitty bos

    Kittenkitty bosHace 15 días

    Do try not to say soo cute

  50. Lilly's Life xoxo

    Lilly's Life xoxoHace 15 días

    I was inprest at the last

  51. Bonnie464

    Bonnie464Hace 15 días

    I remember when I kicked a basketball and it landed in the hoop.

  52. Urban Polo

    Urban PoloHace 16 días

    June 2019 anyone

  53. Nathan McCullough

    Nathan McCulloughHace 17 días

    Denis is the best

  54. Grace

    GraceHace 19 días

    Doesn’t seem that impressive

  55. Jazmin Oropeza

    Jazmin OropezaHace 19 días

    Denis I am so sorry but you failed for the challenge

  56. Lucyanne R.G.T

    Lucyanne R.G.THace 19 días

    I have a black cat

  57. Mya name Jeff Mya

    Mya name Jeff MyaHace 19 días

    I love your videos sooooooooooo much I even have Siri miaows a lot stuffy

  58. Diane kelley

    Diane kelleyHace 19 días

    I forgive you bye-bye

  59. James Liddell

    James LiddellHace 19 días

    I downloaded cats and cosplay

  60. Euwan Derk J. Malayto

    Euwan Derk J. MalaytoHace 20 días

    2019? Anyone?

  61. Ryan Mega

    Ryan MegaHace 20 días


  62. erin jade

    erin jadeHace 20 días

    scp 173 video pleaseok denis

  63. erin jade

    erin jadeHace 20 días

    y r you not making scp 1o6 video denis

  64. Planet Liv Liv

    Planet Liv LivHace 20 días

    You are soooooo good will you please play speed city on ROBLOX it is soo good

  65. Scott Brown

    Scott BrownHace 20 días


  66. Scott Brown

    Scott BrownHace 20 días


  67. Scott Brown

    Scott BrownHace 20 días

    V V

  68. The Catadroid

    The CatadroidHace 20 días

    2032 anyone

  69. : D

    : DHace 20 días

    0:34 is for me the best part of the vid

  70. Flamingo Paradise

    Flamingo ParadiseHace 21 un día

    Denis impressed me with how well he did! Huh? What's that I said I was impressed...oh...ermmmm...I meant totally Lol

  71. Catherine Ford

    Catherine FordHace 21 un día


  72. Duane Bradley

    Duane BradleyHace 21 un día

    try not to cry challenge

  73. Slime 'n' Sweets

    Slime 'n' SweetsHace 21 un día

    who else thinks that denis lost? xD

  74. Slime 'n' Sweets

    Slime 'n' SweetsHace 21 un día

    6:31 Pause and look at this guy's face xD

  75. Marinita Oliver

    Marinita OliverHace 21 un día

    How about try not to flinch

  76. TheHotWheelsGuy

    TheHotWheelsGuyHace 21 un día

    If you weren't out of ideas all the time Now THAT would be impressive

  77. Jacob Rebone

    Jacob ReboneHace 22 días


  78. Isaiah Hernandez

    Isaiah HernandezHace 22 días


  79. Kaitlin Wright

    Kaitlin WrightHace 22 días

    I did it legit I was not impressed

  80. Dat Nguyen

    Dat NguyenHace 22 días

    Not how who is watching in 2018 2019 2020

  81. Dat Nguyen

    Dat NguyenHace 22 días

    How is watching in 2018 2019 2020

  82. Ammon’s Plush Adventures

    Ammon’s Plush AdventuresHace 22 días


  83. Ammon’s Plush Adventures

    Ammon’s Plush AdventuresHace 22 días


  84. NJ Mobile

    NJ MobileHace 23 días

    do a try not to laugh #3

  85. Belinda Kirk

    Belinda KirkHace 24 días


  86. DanWWE E

    DanWWE EHace 24 días

    Are you il

  87. spooder man

    spooder manHace 24 días

    Sand board

  88. Dexter The Cool kid

    Dexter The Cool kidHace 24 días

    Denis I have something impressive my dad would Skitch in the snow on his knees on cars! With no helmet!

  89. Campbell and mum Peters

    Campbell and mum PetersHace 25 días

    Poop in real life

  90. Kawaii_ Puppy Lover

    Kawaii_ Puppy LoverHace 25 días

    At the starting I was laughing so hard

  91. Kagome Higurashi

    Kagome HigurashiHace 25 días

    Skate boirding

  92. Holly Ryder

    Holly RyderHace 25 días

    SO MANY VIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  93. LiLy SZulc

    LiLy SZulcHace 25 días

    This vid is more a react vid, but I still loved it!😉

  94. Callum Guthrie

    Callum GuthrieHace 25 días

    2020 anyone

  95. Sam Byron

    Sam ByronHace 26 días

    You all was make me laugh 😂🤣🤣😎☺🐱🐱 and I will all was miss you your so cool I wish I was😐👉👈☝️👆🖕👇💦😪 And I am not well🤧🤮🤢🤮🤮🤧🤧🤧🤒🤕🤧

  96. finley spragg

    finley spraggHace 26 días


  97. I play Fortnitezz

    I play FortnitezzHace 26 días

    Meee 2019

  98. Max Trejo

    Max TrejoHace 26 días


  99. Leta,Luna and jewel gamerkssk

    Leta,Luna and jewel gamerksskHace 26 días

    *denis: WOOOOO.......EHHHHH I’M NOT IMPRESSED (about to say wow) me: lol*

  100. Cherry Bomb

    Cherry BombHace 26 días

    you should do the try not to get sidetracked XD i cant spell

  101. rowan hill

    rowan hillHace 26 días

    I went to growrubux on my phone and it did not work

  102. Aleena Munoz

    Aleena MunozHace 28 días

    Can you do try not to feel bad

  103. Charli’s Place

    Charli’s PlaceHace 28 días

    Am in 2019 watching this😂