Trump Impeachment hearings live: Public testimony from Volker, Vindman, Williams & Morrison


  1. Louis White

    Louis WhiteHace 3 horas

    This Collins person and the Republicans sounds like a run on sentence that doesn't make sentence sense.

  2. Georgina Dunnam

    Georgina DunnamHace 4 días

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  3. Ken R.B.

    Ken R.B.Hace 6 días

    Why would you say there is nothing unethical about buying your way onto a position in a president's administration? You are wrong, that is as swampy and as unethical as you can get.

  4. Vladimir Sergeyev

    Vladimir SergeyevHace 8 días

    fool nunes

  5. Rainbows and Sunshine

    Rainbows and SunshineHace 12 días

    The republicans have completely forgot that in the beginning. Speaker Pelosi actually was treading VERY carefully about anything to do with impeachment. The republicans were happy when she was doing that. Now, they’re attempting to smear her name. Not to mention the clearly threatening tweets that trump has been putting out about the people testifying, two women to be exact. These issues are literally only some of the many illegal things trump has done.

  6. Anne Austin

    Anne AustinHace 12 días

    The coup show!

  7. Rainbows and Sunshine

    Rainbows and SunshineHace 12 días

    Anne Austin where is the coup? There is compelling evidence of what the President did. First, there was no quid pro quo. Then, both he (Trump) and Giuliani admitted there was exactly that, a quid pro quo but it’s not uncommon. When, in fact, it is completely uncommon and a crime. The republicans continue to call Russian collusion a “hoax” when it was absolutely 100% what happened in 2016. The only issue here is the false narrative that the republicans continue to try and push.

  8. Maikl Тритон

    Maikl ТритонHace 13 días

    What do these democrats smoke ?! They openly recognize that they have staged a coup in Ukraine and continue to rob this impoverished country ....

  9. David Hines

    David HinesHace 13 días

    I am a victim of gang stalking, harassment and violence .. i believe because of my right wing views.. Police and FBI protects them and i was sent to a Psych ward for 72 hours for calling the cops on them.. Nothing is done about it.. i had to leave San Diego because of it and my vacation was ruined.. Even though i have hard evidence with pictures of them and their cars the police did absolutely nothing.. not once did they investigate my claims of being stalked and harassed.. I was just a visitor and it was the worst vacation i have ever experienced..

  10. B.T.

    B.T.Hace 13 días

    SOON IN THE SENATE !! ZeroExperienceHunter and 6hoursJoe The Prepped Whisteblower Congenital Liar Shifty Shift Russian asset Steele Hillary

  11. Me Myself

    Me MyselfHace 14 días

    Y'all Republicans on here should be ashamed of yourselves pretending to believe the guy who had a scam University, and a scam charity was trying to root out corruption in Ukraine.

  12. Me Myself

    Me MyselfHace 14 días

    Republicans love our military and vets until they tell the truth about Trump's committing bribery and prioritizing his political aspirations over the good of our country . You guys are so predictably dispicable, and definitely NOT the Patriots you pretend to be. Why don't you stop flying the American flags in front of your homes, and fly a trump flag instead? #FakePatriots #FakeAmericans #Disgusting

  13. Jason Olson

    Jason OlsonHace 15 días

    Republicans ask questions that have nothing to do with anything

  14. Anne Austin

    Anne AustinHace 12 días

    Jason Olson, Dumb Schiff has to approve the questions. This is a coup!

  15. X

    XHace 17 días the truth cbs will not tell you....

  16. sounddoctorin

    sounddoctorinHace 17 días

    oh I'm SURE Trump said "oh and I want be sure these investigations are politically motivated'... YOU DIM WIT. THE BEST case (for those seeking to hang Trump out) Is that he overtly said 'investigate Biden' Like Schiff, Comey, Paige etc. ALL COLLUDED to do w/Trump even to defrauding FISA court!! SO IF THAT IS A CRIME HANG THEM FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!! ORDER! ORDER IN THIS BOLOGNA! Sheesh. But even if he did say that, you can't assume it's politically motivated. Biden's son is virtually proven to be in a high pay position in foreign corp via Joe's influence. OBVIOUSLY HAUL THEIR BUTTS INTO COURT NOW! What kind of stupid country is this?

  17. Zach Adam

    Zach AdamHace 17 días

    Rep Conway questioning @10:13:00 was interesting. Damages the "the hold on aid held the javelins back which opened an invasion from Russia" framing.

  18. Scott Gallant

    Scott GallantHace 17 días

    No one trusts you CBS.

  19. Scott Gallant

    Scott GallantHace 17 días

    No one trusts you CBS.

  20. Eric Holzman

    Eric HolzmanHace 17 días

    Lose lose

  21. Eric Holzman

    Eric HolzmanHace 17 días

    Nothing but Garbage only we the People were damaged

  22. Eric Holzman

    Eric HolzmanHace 17 días

    It was all BS Waste of time. We want our $$$$$ money back

  23. Oprahs FatAss

    Oprahs FatAssHace 18 días

    This is just as idiotic as the Russian collusion hoax and the Stormy Daniels hoax.

  24. simon huang

    simon huangHace 18 días

    All democracy nation are fake , fake news , fake money , evil America are good at lying , never listen what evil America said , just look at what evil America done to the world , destruction the world by war's , destroying the world economy by trade war's , evil America are war's at everything to destroy any nation who's want to be better then evil America , evil America suck and very sick evil nation .

  25. Jesus Is the Way

    Jesus Is the WayHace 18 días

    TRUMP is Commander in Chief over the armed forces. Trump needs to remove Vindman from the military, once this whole circus impeachment is over. Corrupt Vindman is insubordination to his Commanding Officer!

  26. Nick Lindquist

    Nick LindquistHace 18 días

    Nunes is such a traitor. Russia hoax? Uh, that’s already been proven by our intel community and reported as true by the Senate Intelligence Committee (see link). Hopefully Nunes gets the Steve Scalise treatment...only w/more permanent results.

  27. Ava Marie Maffia

    Ava Marie MaffiaHace 18 días

    The following is what is really going on, in my opinion, All U.S. diplomats, and some individuals in uniform (including generals), connected/involved with Ukraine, have been collecting huge sums of money from Ukraine and Russia( remember previous Ukraine government was corrupt and closely tied to Putin). Said huge sums of money from Ukraine oligarchs/Russian oligarchs, are deposited in off-shore accounts for these ambassadors/diplomats/men/women in uniform at highest ranks. Also,, in my opinion Joe Biden & Son are included in the aforementioned, as well as some democrat senators and representatives. The corruption in Washington, D.C., is everywhere, including certain courts, DOD, DOJ, ABC agencies, former Pres. Obama, the Clintons, etc., etc.,etc.. Furthermore, George Soros is very prominent in all of this. Remember, days after 2016 election, Soros met with Pelosi, Schumer, and others , in D.C. Is he one of the puppet masters??

  28. j sawyer

    j sawyerHace 18 días

    Leftist news should be illegal.

  29. Barbara Acosta

    Barbara AcostaHace 18 días

    People is walkaway from democratic party stupids Afro-American latinos people with brain don't believe anymore in democommunists

  30. Barbara Acosta

    Barbara AcostaHace 18 días

    Jaaaaa another Kardashians show

  31. lawlessheromonkeys

    lawlessheromonkeysHace 18 días

    Devin Nunes: I love lamp!

  32. Kelly Farr

    Kelly FarrHace 18 días

    Previous administrations in the usa have been playing devils advocate for ww3 for decades. Trump has withdrawn troops from several places, has not created any conflicts and is investigating the former administrations.

  33. Kelly Farr

    Kelly FarrHace 18 días

    @madcheeseknight my belief's r a bit out there.....but yeah something quite strange has been going on since the election! I often wonder if people aren't being steered towards starting crap here.....

  34. madcheeseknight

    madcheeseknightHace 18 días

    @Kelly Farr Neither do I. You're right; Trump has been very anti-war and the Democrats, who claimed to also be anti-war, suddenly got angry he was anti-war out of spite.

  35. Kelly Farr

    Kelly FarrHace 18 días

    @madcheeseknight I don't give much of a crap what people do as long as it's peaceful.

  36. madcheeseknight

    madcheeseknightHace 18 días

    You can literally get people that pretend to be the moral center of the universe to agree that the president preventing US troops from being slaughtered by calling them out of an area was a bad call simply because the president happens to be Trump. Trump could come out in support of children and Democrats would Molotov a school.

  37. Kelly Farr

    Kelly FarrHace 18 días

    bush and cheney placed troops in 4 nations, annexed an entire island chain in the indian ocean establishing their 5th permanent military base where we werent wanted. Obama and biden placed troops in more nations....5 established another 5 permanent military bases!!!

  38. Tim Marks

    Tim MarksHace 18 días

    If the Republicans best defense is an attack...they don't have a defense!

  39. Tim Marks

    Tim MarksHace 18 días

    Rep. Devin Nunes doesn't seem to like a " free press."

  40. Tesselator Tess

    Tesselator TessHace 18 días

    2:50:00 - Dumb commentators! They weren't trying to make Vindman look like a "biased individual" - they were establishing the cause for his exclusion to various events by his own senior chain of command and let the American people know why in fact he was (is) clueless on all of the pertinent topics regarding the mention of Hunter Biden during the phone call(s). Basically Vindman was getting too buddy-buddy with the Ukraine government and becoming political on his own by assessing, perceiving, and interpreting the POTUS's remarks as "inappropriate". He in fact, should have been relieved of his duty immediately following that assertion. That's a heinous misstep on his [Vindman's] part!!! That's fairly near traitorous behavior!! This is confirmed by Mr. Morrison (Vindman's boss!) later in the stream!

  41. J. A.

    J. A.Hace 18 días

    She has a long neck. Nice looking woman.

  42. Bruno Sotres

    Bruno SotresHace 18 días

    Who takes daily mail seriously? 11:28:30 Smh

  43. J. A.

    J. A.Hace 18 días

    Vindman has NO POKER face. No offense, but a dishonest dweeb.

  44. justice4all

    justice4allHace 19 días

    The most enormous and corrupt administration, that ever existed, against the most numerous and useless body of privileged idlers, that ever aggrieved a nation , but against the wide spread influence of a wicked, debauched, and unprincipled group.

  45. madcheeseknight

    madcheeseknightHace 18 días

    ...And what makes you think that?

  46. Theboysrollupat1

    Theboysrollupat1Hace 19 días

    I can’t believed how biased the presentation of these hearings had become. I know many people hope for this impeachment but it’s irresponsible and ignorant to think impeaching our president will improve the status of our nation.

  47. madcheeseknight

    madcheeseknightHace 18 días

    Be careful, they're still making a bunch of mistakes out of desperation. Don't help them out, let them think if they impeach Trump that Hillary will come out the grave, take his place, and abolish whiteness forever or whatever they believe.

  48. justice4all

    justice4allHace 19 días

    You are kidding, right!?

  49. seester看星人

    seester看星人Hace 19 días

    give a person all the power, they will create chao, not listening will worsen, create negative thinking, doing good for the people,have some passion, for humanity.