True Damage - GIANTS (ft. Becky G, Keke Palmer, SOYEON, DUCKWRTH, Thutmose) | League of Legends


  1. Royalty Colon Danimya

    Royalty Colon DanimyaHace 2 horas

    2:12 YASSSSS

  2. main vũ

    main vũHace 2 horas

    It is so cool

  3. Shoupoune Bjl

    Shoupoune BjlHace 3 horas

    Eu vraiment se son c est une turie sans blague j aime trop 👌🏼

  4. YO gamer ayaan

    YO gamer ayaanHace 3 horas

    Kai'Sa:Where is Akali? Ahri:Uhhh.. Kai'Sa:Dont tell me she turned into a true damage Giant Evelyn:Maby Kai'Sa:Well it seems we lost the strongest player in K/DA

  5. Camila Manuel

    Camila ManuelHace 3 horas


  6. 올럭전사

    올럭전사Hace 3 horas

    이쯤 되면 아칼리 한국캐아니냐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  7. Seanut Brittle

    Seanut BrittleHace 3 horas

    I need an overwatch musical montage w/Winston laying down a sick rap now

  8. Axell Caro

    Axell CaroHace 3 horas

    Seré el único que le estresa que a Yasuo se le mueva el pelo en dirección contraria de la ventila? :c

  9. Doomed42

    Doomed42Hace 4 horas

    2:11 best part, straight fire

  10. Ivailo Ivanov

    Ivailo IvanovHace 5 horas


  11. WihteN Props

    WihteN PropsHace 5 horas

    Qiyana: *Shows GG EZ on her tounge* Player: *Types GG EZ* Riot: *T H E Y F E L L F O R O U R T R A P*

  12. Rathernot Disclose

    Rathernot DiscloseHace 5 horas

    Doesn't have the same draw as POP/STARS for some reason.

  13. Leondra Sanchez

    Leondra SanchezHace 5 horas

    2:11 yauso is singing this song isnt it right?

  14. Arwindo Pratama

    Arwindo PratamaHace 3 horas


  15. Seiya

    SeiyaHace 5 horas

    Жжете, ребята.)

  16. Nerdy Hats

    Nerdy HatsHace 6 horas

    The first rapper looks like a modern reboot of static shock.

  17. Deborah Daw

    Deborah DawHace 7 horas

    this song is so op!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 흑우왔니

    흑우왔니Hace 7 horas

    근데 에코 개지리네 본토랩은 여윽시

  19. Hani Ouali

    Hani OualiHace 7 horas

    At least the Yasuo is not feeding

  20. Elkhen

    ElkhenHace 7 horas

    1:24 ekko just vibing

  21. Andre Johnson

    Andre JohnsonHace 7 horas

    This song is so good, i have to come listen at-least once per day.

  22. Bastian Sommerville

    Bastian SommervilleHace 7 horas

    The video looks like if it was made by *Ufotable*

  23. Aincrad Cardinal

    Aincrad CardinalHace 8 horas

    Yasou looks so good dude

  24. tobias hasday

    tobias hasdayHace 8 horas

    Temon hermanooooo

  25. Gresa Halili

    Gresa HaliliHace 8 horas

    Let's be honest soyeon 1:17 killed it 🔥

  26. estefanny dos santos lopes

    estefanny dos santos lopesHace 8 horas


  27. _배고픈도시락

    _배고픈도시락Hace 8 horas

    TR Yasuo: pressing right buttons In game Yasuo: please press the right button

  28. ДиM0х

    ДиM0хHace 9 horas

    А если смотреть с верху, то не так круто

  29. Internet Explorer

    Internet ExplorerHace 9 horas


  30. me and 6ixe9ine goin in jail after enter in area 51

    me and 6ixe9ine goin in jail after enter in area 51Hace 9 horas

    Me : not bad Me : 😍😍😍😍this music is badass

  31. Royalty Colon Danimya

    Royalty Colon DanimyaHace 9 horas

    1:05 I take over


    8SC0RP10N SUBZEROHace 10 horas

    tamamda bu kadroya ben penta atıyorum vuhahahahhaa :DSadadsadsa

  33. Rebecca Lynn Sturgill

    Rebecca Lynn SturgillHace 10 horas

    Not a song I would have expected from League of Legends.

  34. alibek bahridin

    alibek bahridinHace 10 horas


  35. locastmincer

    locastmincerHace 11 horas

    when I saw this as the advert for League Of Legends, I thought ooh, DC's Static Shock's a new unlockable character? Nope.

  36. Diego Ramirez

    Diego RamirezHace 11 horas

    Si o si necesitan sacar un album de true dmg estaria buenisimo.

  37. Darel Mont.

    Darel Mont.Hace 11 horas


  38. Exilo _x

    Exilo _xHace 11 horas

    What a hit!

  39. Nhựt Mai

    Nhựt MaiHace 11 horas

    Everyone cover

  40. 홍길동

    홍길동Hace 12 horas

    God dame..

  41. Get Rekt

    Get RektHace 12 horas

    My fav is still kda :/ Especially akali