1. Livi Beaumont

    Livi BeaumontHace 12 horas

    this dude is over rated x100 .... plus all autotune, shout out the beat maker, looking for instrumental . THUMBS DOWN

  2. Ricky Strong

    Ricky StrongHace 12 horas

    That right im in the highest in the room

  3. Dffxd

    DffxdHace 12 horas

    that rhodes in final got me

  4. Devide Musiq

    Devide MusiqHace 12 horas

    I just left the room"

  5. 1000 subs with no videos challenge

    1000 subs with no videos challengeHace 12 horas

    The only thing that is bad about this song is that it ends

  6. Bw na

    Bw naHace 12 horas

    All his songs sound exactly the same

  7. Boltz

    BoltzHace 12 horas

    When I'm with you, I feel alive You say you love me, don't you lie? Don't cut my heart, don't wanna die Keep the pistol on my side

  8. Arthur T. Kagoro

    Arthur T. KagoroHace 12 horas

    Would you still listen to this song 10 years later ???

  9. samtheman 21

    samtheman 21Hace 12 horas

    When u at the dentist and u won't stay still, so they can drill ur teeth 1:01

  10. Anthony Avila

    Anthony AvilaHace 12 horas

    im the ugliest in the school -Ant, 2019

  11. Jesus

    JesusHace 12 horas

    Honestly if snoop dog stopped smoking weed stress would kill his soul 💨

  12. Djamel Bari

    Djamel BariHace 12 horas

    Hi 👋 👆good music and beautiful dance 👌

  13. REAL 6ICKO

    REAL 6ICKOHace 12 horas

    Baby keep me hard as steel

  14. João Paulo Pires

    João Paulo PiresHace 12 horas

    where are the fucking comments with the lyrics??

  15. IUTU OFF

    IUTU OFFHace 12 horas

    Is kyle Again in The room?, i heard something😎

  16. Dehrk

    DehrkHace 12 horas


  17. Joshua Green

    Joshua GreenHace 12 horas

    Pewdiepie already went over this shit guys!

  18. Papi Bryan El Duro

    Papi Bryan El DuroHace 12 horas

    Eyes: wttfff Ears: Yeessss

  19. riza

    rizaHace 12 horas

    hi , can you marry me please .?

  20. Rogério Sagardia

    Rogério SagardiaHace 13 horas

    Eu sou o comentário BR que você procura

  21. TheLactoseFreeGamer

    TheLactoseFreeGamerHace 13 horas

    “Who’s the snitcher in the room” -Judge

  22. TrueSinners Entertainment

    TrueSinners EntertainmentHace 13 horas

    the budget of this video worth more then company i work for 🤣

  23. Premo King

    Premo KingHace 13 horas

    No lyrics in the room It's not lit!😰

  24. precious r-m

    precious r-mHace 13 horas


  25. Amaan T

    Amaan THace 13 horas

    Praying for it to hit the billion mark 💯

  26. majuxyz

    majuxyzHace 13 horas

    ale kocurr

  27. Jeremy Medley

    Jeremy MedleyHace 13 horas

    That guitar in the background g

  28. Socio Económicas

    Socio EconómicasHace 13 horas

    Mas quem Travis Scott quem?

  29. ЯΞS ΉΣΛƬ

    ЯΞS ΉΣΛƬHace 13 horas

    I’m the highest in the room Prove me wrong ⬇️

  30. TTH_Lef

    TTH_LefHace 13 horas

    Im not the highest in the room. -A 4' 10 person

  31. Legal E bunitu

    Legal E bunituHace 13 horas

    Oi Pablo tudo bom????

  32. Jonathan Idegbe

    Jonathan IdegbeHace 13 horas

    I’m the smartest in the room -My mom 2019

  33. オボクxxxovooc

    オボクxxxovoocHace 13 horas

    "im the highest in the room" - neon light 2020

  34. flexxx boii

    flexxx boiiHace 13 horas

    Smash the like button as if it was the best comment u saw today

  35. 100.000 Subs without a Video

    100.000 Subs without a VideoHace 13 horas

    Nice Video

  36. BangeAmty

    BangeAmtyHace 13 horas

    Bonjour jk im German, Moin Servus

  37. Иван Андриевский

    Иван АндриевскийHace 13 horas

    What's the t-shirt on 1:21?

  38. Jose Lopez

    Jose LopezHace 13 horas

    0:58 Patrick with the fishhooks

  39. Mick !.

    Mick !.Hace 13 horas

    Estaba escuchando Linkin Park y me meti aqui y me dí cuenta que ahora todos son zapatillas y drogas..

  40. Ana Lucia

    Ana LuciaHace 13 horas


  41. Lamar Gillespie

    Lamar GillespieHace 13 horas

    Video was dumb af whole time

  42. Powerlifting Dick

    Powerlifting DickHace 13 horas

    Video, beats and vocals are just amazing like my dick

  43. Alpha Cat

    Alpha CatHace 13 horas

    Am I the highest in the room or are all of the comments the *_Same_*

  44. Lo-Lo the Archetype

    Lo-Lo the ArchetypeHace 13 horas

    Judge: “is there anything else Mr. Hernandez?” 6ix9ine: “yes, your honor, Travis Scott was not the highest in the room.”


    TAXI DASHCAMERAHace 13 horas

    The best rap music ever in 2019!

  46. Leo Millot

    Leo MillotHace 13 horas

    My last brain cell during a test

  47. No User

    No UserHace 13 horas

    Ain’t kno Travis had bots

  48. Myisha Johnson

    Myisha JohnsonHace 13 horas

    Travis Scott is a visionary genius.. this video is sick

  49. Šílený Banán

    Šílený BanánHace 13 horas

    I am the highest on the billboard

  50. voke

    vokeHace 14 horas

    "Straight Up" - Travis Scott Ad Libs

  51. 彡I'K'D 彡--

    彡I'K'D 彡--Hace 14 horas

    see kids thats why u dont do drugs :D

  52. Jalyn Lindstaedt

    Jalyn LindstaedtHace 14 horas

    Travis acting like he didn't love waking up in front of all those girls in the strip club or wtvr 😂

  53. Lachlan HAWKEN

    Lachlan HAWKENHace 14 horas

    *_“Im the highest in the room”_* -Tacko Fall 2019

  54. Soldado Fernandes

    Soldado FernandesHace 14 horas


  55. Pantera Broken

    Pantera BrokenHace 14 horas


  56. Fatim Seck

    Fatim SeckHace 14 horas



    WICKED SCRUTINYHace 14 horas

    Travis Scott: Let's make a simple music video Video Editors: We don't do that here

  58. mic chartrand

    mic chartrandHace 14 horas

    Québec, Canada

  59. Olesya bobby

    Olesya bobbyHace 14 horas

    SO LIT😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  60. Marcelo Coelho

    Marcelo CoelhoHace 14 horas