Travis Scott - HIGHEST IN THE ROOM (Official Music Video)


  1. darth vader

    darth vaderHace 4 horas

    Kylie jenner be playin with travis


    APNA LABELHace 5 horas

    I am here after listening dax Rap God 2.

  3. l'étoile rare

    l'étoile rareHace 5 horas

    Fuck usa et viva la france🇫🇷 et l'algeri 🇩🇿

  4. Paul S

    Paul SHace 5 horas

    The drugs this man is on are madddddd

  5. slifer

    sliferHace 5 horas

    Why is Drake in my room? -Stormi, 2019

  6. 100 subscribers with out videos

    100 subscribers with out videosHace 5 horas


  7. Carmelo Crews

    Carmelo CrewsHace 5 horas


  8. Mario Diaz

    Mario DiazHace 5 horas

    Travis Scott is an Ironworker towards the end

  9. K447

    K447Hace 5 horas

    "Why is Drake in my room?" -Millie Bobby Brown

  10. Iboro Baddest

    Iboro BaddestHace 5 horas

    Who’s here before 200M views in few!

  11. ezio dz

    ezio dzHace 5 horas

    مين جا من اغنية ياري

  12. Lil Dick Girl005

    Lil Dick Girl005Hace 5 horas

    Best 💀🌹🖤💣💣🔥🔥😍

  13. never was Land

    never was LandHace 5 horas

    imma tell my kids this was obama

  14. Cocco Bello

    Cocco BelloHace 5 horas

    I'm the ugliest in the room

  15. McKayvlogs

    McKayvlogsHace 5 horas


  16. Edward Lopez

    Edward LopezHace 6 horas

    Fuck Clayton kershaw

  17. Scoutyシ

    ScoutyシHace 6 horas

    "What are doing in my room" -Stepsister.

  18. Flying Jaguar

    Flying JaguarHace 6 horas

    Ohhh! Thats the remix that Travis did on Dax's Rap God 2?

  19. 90

    90Hace 6 horas


  20. With Nody

    With NodyHace 7 horas


  21. Syre Babin

    Syre BabinHace 7 horas

    Search now now NF PAID MY DUES

  22. abdullah WWII

    abdullah WWIIHace 7 horas

    القافلة مرة من هنا 💬

  23. F_uk 6

    F_uk 6Hace 7 horas

    barry tube

  24. Abdul nyuta

    Abdul nyutaHace 7 horas

    Dog you killing it

  25. iluvdonuts4332

    iluvdonuts4332Hace 8 horas


  26. josh flores

    josh floresHace 8 horas

    Is it just me, or does this song talk about addiction? And how it can get and what the thoughts are about it. In my personal opinion I feel like he’s high and he’s thinking about how he’s always had this life style and how crazy it got and how much he’s done. Perhaps he’s self reflecting on his own behavior and attitude with drugs and the dt lifestyle and living life in a fast way. I’m sorry I’m kinda high rn xD Thanks for listening though 🙏🏻

  27. Molt I

    Molt IHace 8 horas

    القافله :

  28. brooker444

    brooker444Hace 8 horas

    Travis Scott has DEFINITELY done DMT 😂👍

  29. あきヒーロー

    あきヒーローHace 8 horas

    "I'm the lowest in the room" -floor 2019

  30. Hyper Deaths

    Hyper DeathsHace 8 horas

    Who is better? Like: Travis Scott Comment: Tyga

  31. ملك الانمي *‿*

    ملك الانمي *‿*Hace 8 horas

    وين القافلة شحيييييط



    The song will reach 500m views 👇👇

  33. It's me Mike

    It's me MikeHace 9 horas

    Am I the only one thinking the line: "I'm the highest in the room" means I'm the strongest rapper at the moment?

  34. Arden woodland

    Arden woodlandHace 9 horas


  35. YouTube Reszan

    YouTube ReszanHace 9 horas

    100 million views in 2 MONTHS wow

  36. Thalles Carvalho

    Thalles CarvalhoHace 9 horas

    Call of duty Black ops zombies 1:55

  37. El Rondo

    El RondoHace 9 horas

    0:43 gta san andreas vibes

  38. Kaique Teicheira

    Kaique TeicheiraHace 9 horas

    Quem ta escutando em 2019 da like ?

  39. Meshal 77

    Meshal 77Hace 9 horas

    الو باري؟؟

  40. Nut

    NutHace 10 horas

    i literally felt like a dentist for the whole clip.