Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer 2


  1. Nikhchan's Gaming

    Nikhchan's GamingHace un día

    TBH I fully expected it to be the series ruiner but IT WASN'T! I loved it!!

  2. DalvanPlay_ RJ DalvanPlayRJ

    DalvanPlay_ RJ DalvanPlayRJHace 4 días

    2:00 is that... a Keyblade?

  3. Courtney Hill

    Courtney HillHace 6 días

    Whats the song at 0:16?


    THE GAMERHace 9 días


  5. Oscar Mayen

    Oscar MayenHace 10 días

    Woody Is funny AND buzz AND forky im trac

  6. Russian_beans insta

    Russian_beans instaHace 16 días

    Why did TGF like this ll🤨

  7. Bagus Dana

    Bagus DanaHace 16 días

    Can't wait

  8. Ahmed Albather

    Ahmed AlbatherHace 16 días My niece made this

  9. Nusrat Bibi

    Nusrat BibiHace 19 días

    I want to watch it I can't afford it ll

  10. lazy worker

    lazy workerHace 25 días

    Duke =John wick .let me know how many know the fact.

  11. ignacio nuñez

    ignacio nuñezHace 25 días

    1:06 John wick toy version

  12. Creatersmart Boyrudy

    Creatersmart BoyrudyHace 28 días

    People said this the funniest movie

  13. Andrés Oyarce

    Andrés OyarceHace 29 días

    a Bonnie le encanta comprar chueco , CAMBIÓ A WOODY POR LA CUCHARA , HACE ESO CON ALGO MIO LA MUELO A PALOS

  14. Mária Matlahová

    Mária MatlahováHace 29 días

    Cesta 0:22


    LEK SER SUBREKHace un mes


  16. Pablo Is Cool

    Pablo Is CoolHace un mes

    DUN DUN DUN ITS A LIVIN THING [Electric Light Orchestra intensifies]

  17. DJ Derpy

    DJ DerpyHace un mes

    What’s this song guys?

  18. Paco W

    Paco WHace un mes

    Bo:That’s gonna be quite a jump for u and Duke... Woody:For me?*Looks at the jump* O M G... 25-50cm of jump length

  19. José Imanol

    José ImanolHace un mes

    Buzz y Woody son mejores amigos 👯‍♂️

  20. LilGabbo

    LilGabboHace un mes

    Toy Story 4 and Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled came out on 21st June 2019, that will be a day that shall be remembered in History!

  21. Tzortilas

    TzortilasHace un mes

    You destroyed toy story with this movie

  22. Jacob Allen

    Jacob AllenHace un mes

    is that how we look o n t h e i n s i d e

  23. Nilton Reis

    Nilton ReisHace un mes

    BO PEEP: GO!

  24. D Hell-big

    D Hell-bigHace un mes

    what is the name of this song in 0:15 min

  25. El Fresno

    El FresnoHace un mes

    ELO - Livin’ Thing


    THE GAMERHace un mes


  27. Ethan the football reviewer-gamer-reaction vids

    Ethan the football reviewer-gamer-reaction vidsHace un mes

    I went to the cinema to watch it today with my mum and little brother and couldn't believe how many teens and adults were there 😂

  28. Michelle Mcintyre

    Michelle McintyreHace un mes

    who is hoping for a toy story 5?

  29. That Cloudy Guy

    That Cloudy GuyHace un mes

    It’s unlikely to happen - Woody stayed with Bo and became a lost toy. Now they find kids for other lost toys.

  30. x_Lostlego oofblox

    x_Lostlego oofbloxHace un mes

    0:25 shes PLAYING WOODU OMG OMG OMG lol i thought she forgot about woody

  31. just pro

    just proHace un mes

    I can see that the animation has changed ... kinda ... cuz im not gonna miss the dog frome toy story 1

  32. Batyah Michelle

    Batyah MichelleHace un mes

    Toy story 5

  33. Suprobolis

    SuprobolisHace un mes

    When I was little, about 6 or 7, I wrote my name on the bottom of woody’s other shoe, recently I found my old woody doll buried in toys in my old toy box, and I found my name on his shoe and it almost made me cry...

  34. kurby Tube raw

    kurby Tube rawHace un mes

    0:18 woody’s head is step by Bonnie’s dad

  35. J Cast

    J CastHace un mes

    I was so excited to see this movie and I’m a #1 toy story fan. I known toy story since I was a toddler. Right now I’m 12.

  36. Evric Willis

    Evric WillisHace un mes

    If you have watched all of the movies you would be super mad and sad about the ending

  37. PlayTime

    PlayTimeHace un mes

    Best movies everrrrr 🌈

  38. Cloudy Skies

    Cloudy SkiesHace un mes

    We’ll be watching toy development in movies for eternity... Toy story 2838: Pigs are human and their toys are buttons

  39. R Islomzoda

    R IslomzodaHace un mes

    *PLEASE REPLY IF YOU WATCHED THE MOVIE FULLY:* If you were asked to change the ending of Toy Story 4 how would you change the ending???

  40. kurby Tube raw

    kurby Tube rawHace un mes

    Andy new look cameo

  41. gameman TV

    gameman TVHace un mes

    Русские здесь?

  42. Toni Wofford

    Toni WoffordHace un mes

    He is funny

  43. Toni Wofford

    Toni WoffordHace un mes

    I like forcky

  44. MYW AJA

    MYW AJAHace un mes

    02:13 buzz 😂

  45. Toxicman10800

    Toxicman10800Hace un mes

    When slinky didn’t say anything the whole movie.

  46. Antwine Preston

    Antwine PrestonHace un mes

    I Love You Pixar.

  47. Ana Gaona

    Ana GaonaHace un mes

    i wald?

  48. Conceição Camacho

    Conceição CamachoHace un mes


  49. bella Rose

    bella RoseHace un mes

    Even tho I'm a adult best bet ima still go watch it 😂

  50. dimakas_rus

    dimakas_rusHace un mes

    1:07 this voice a keano reeven ( john wick )

  51. Buzz Lightyear

    Buzz LightyearHace un mes

    Forky has been thrown away by Bonnie's parents.

  52. Nicolasmcfly

    NicolasmcflyHace un mes

    What's the music at this trailer?

  53. Winterhold CoastGuard

    Winterhold CoastGuardHace un mes

    I like how they use Livin Thing by ELO for the trailer

  54. Astril

    AstrilHace un mes

    1:26 this cat, a real vore pred

  55. Jose Fuentes

    Jose FuentesHace un mes


  56. ABC 123 TOYs

    ABC 123 TOYsHace un mes

    Toy Story 4 : Absolutely Fantastic 👍

  57. Sam Samson

    Sam SamsonHace un mes

    *WOODY -- please react to the new season 3 trailer for the NETFLIX SHE-RA cartoon and the new Target exclusive SHE-RA dolls collection!*

  58. Stina1234

    Stina1234Hace un mes

    let's KABOOM.

  59. Erik Ruano

    Erik RuanoHace un mes

    Livin thing is a really good song

  60. あつやング

    あつやングHace un mes


  61. XXX_Vinnie_Paul_XXX

    XXX_Vinnie_Paul_XXXHace un mes

    0:28 My minecraft dog when im near lava