Top Gun: Maverick - Official Trailer (2020) - Paramount Pictures


  1. Douglas Carey jr

    Douglas Carey jrHace 24 segundos


  2. Gray Franklin

    Gray FranklinHace 30 segundos

    Rip Goose

  3. Oscar Karais

    Oscar KaraisHace 39 segundos

    Dude 2020 still feels so far away

  4. AbyssKiller

    AbyssKillerHace un minuto


  5. Main Hoon Na

    Main Hoon NaHace un minuto

    10 Hours 6M view 😯😯😯

  6. mike okol

    mike okolHace un minuto

    We will need him for the battle ahead to Area 51...get ready boys

  7. GetGlocked_

    GetGlocked_Hace un minuto

    I think that im Tom Cruise *Tom cruise Tom Cruise Tom Cruise*

  8. Digby Hill

    Digby HillHace un minuto

    Opening scene in trailer - **skimming surface of old lake bed in jet*** T. Cruise - "NOW THIS IS POD RACING!!"

  9. laura reid

    laura reidHace un minuto

    FUCK YES ! Long Live Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer

  10. 01 sevensix

    01 sevensixHace un minuto

    My god....I didn’t hate it. Great balls of fire!

  11. Xavier Ng

    Xavier NgHace un minuto

    This is a marketing push by the Navy. They'll reveal they had one flyable Tomcat after all, then there will be a big push to build a new one for the Navy!

  12. Tesla Haxz

    Tesla HaxzHace un minuto

    Better have a damn good soundtrack!

  13. Seyfi

    SeyfiHace 2 minutos

    The fuck is Kenny logins?

  14. johnny videos 502

    johnny videos 502Hace 2 minutos suscríbete 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  15. emanym

    emanymHace 2 minutos

    He would be a teacher at a school. This is so stupid.

  16. Ruofei Chang

    Ruofei ChangHace 2 minutos

    Yeah, 57 years old Tom Cruise is still more ripped than I will ever be.

  17. CaptainAwesome

    CaptainAwesomeHace 2 minutos

    YES YES YES!! Tom Cruise is back!! My favorite actor of all time is back on the big screen!! No one makes movies like him!! I repeat.... NO ONE!! 💜😍💜 you’re the best Tom!

  18. gixxer4646

    gixxer4646Hace 2 minutos

    I feel that I am watching Top Gun with the FaceApp !

  19. nickdubsmoto

    nickdubsmotoHace 2 minutos

    Hell fu*kn yeah brother!

  20. Miguel J

    Miguel JHace 2 minutos


  21. Tadej Danev

    Tadej DanevHace 2 minutos

    too bad there's no original cast.....

  22. CMDRRex

    CMDRRexHace 2 minutos

    This straight up looks like Ace Combat 7 the movie if there ever was one

  23. God

    GodHace 2 minutos

    Okay I’m digging it

  24. Butt Soup

    Butt SoupHace 2 minutos

    I have to wonder, is there anybody in the world who's like, actually really excited for a 30-year-later Top Gun sequel?

  25. JAFO-PTY

    JAFO-PTYHace 3 minutos

    look look at me I can pilot a plane! drive bikes fast, also parachuting and running fast!

  26. UshankaBear

    UshankaBearHace 3 minutos

    1:31 Is that a P-51 Mustang?!

  27. Raajas Sode

    Raajas SodeHace 3 minutos

    No Highway to the Danger zone reboot?

  28. William

    WilliamHace 3 minutos

    Bag of shite.

  29. Boss8055Bruce

    Boss8055BruceHace 3 minutos

    GPZ → H2R

  30. John Smith

    John SmithHace 3 minutos

    At last!

  31. 尾上松雀

    尾上松雀Hace 3 minutos


  32. Naresh Tech

    Naresh TechHace 3 minutos

    This movie is from I born to Iam ready to make one😁😀😂

  33. Bob Donovan

    Bob DonovanHace 4 minutos

    If he did a fly-by over Penny Benjamin today she'd fall off her walker.

  34. hardi prakarti

    hardi prakartiHace 4 minutos

    the plot will be as always: the female pilot trainee will somehow exceed Maverick without herself knowing how to do it, she is born to fly, with zero training she can master flying a fighter jet and take down 100 enemy squadron easily with no/little scratch. Sounds familiar?

  35. Thomas B

    Thomas BHace 4 minutos

    Omg I can’t wait for this. Thank you Tom Cruise

  36. awesome feel

    awesome feelHace 4 minutos

    The man living the dream of most men 😎👍

  37. Justin Singh

    Justin SinghHace 4 minutos

    This movie is just an excuse for Tom Cruise to fly an F14 😂 (I think that's what the planes called haha)

  38. Akash Jeet

    Akash JeetHace 4 minutos

    Finally the most awaited movie😍

  39. Dr. Strangelove

    Dr. StrangeloveHace 4 minutos

    Siempre quise ser eso ✈

  40. Ace High

    Ace HighHace 4 minutos

    Tom Cruise is to Top Gun what Harrison Ford is to Indiana Jones and Han Solo. You can't have one without the other. Also, just like the trailer in The Force Awakens with seeing The Falcon brought back to life like the legendary Phoenix itself, we see the legendary F-14 soar through the sky at the end. Brilliant sales pitch.

  41. black panthar

    black pantharHace 4 minutos

    Let's hope this movie also has best soundtrack like old one .... Like mighty wings , take my breath away and destination unknown.... And danger zone....

  42. Niklas Fernandes

    Niklas FernandesHace 5 minutos

    Allright, talk to me Goose1

  43. Constantine Joseph

    Constantine JosephHace 5 minutos

    RIP F14 Tomcat.

  44. Issac Harrison

    Issac HarrisonHace 5 minutos

    My god, those jet scenes !!!!!!

  45. obi

    obiHace 5 minutos

    This will be EPIC....cant many memories refreshed

  46. Johnny Dong

    Johnny DongHace 5 minutos

    Mission Impossible: Maverick

  47. Neil Forearmstrong

    Neil ForearmstrongHace 5 minutos

    Can't wait to play with the boys again

  48. Robert Thompson

    Robert ThompsonHace 6 minutos

    Yeah man. THERE GOES THE BOX OFFICE RECORD MARVEL!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  49. Aristotle Powell

    Aristotle PowellHace 6 minutos

    Why do we need another? 1 was good enough. I love TOP GUN but, it didn't need a second movie.

  50. Sonia's Way

    Sonia's WayHace 6 minutos

    This is the sequel we all wanted deep down in our hearts but never knew till now 👏👏 .. Btw I'm a small youtuber, making videos about stuff

  51. Zixon

    ZixonHace un minuto

    Stop self promoting. Nobody cares about you or your channel

  52. William Webb

    William WebbHace 2 minutos

    Your channel looks cool!