Top 35 Strongest Kengan Ashura Fighters


  1. SuperBoy Prime

    SuperBoy PrimeHace 4 horas

    Yo when sawada hit meguro with the g2 that shit was hype

  2. Jericko

    JerickoHace un día

    Raian top 3

  3. CentrumSaiyan

    CentrumSaiyanHace un día

    Goodbye ohma....

  4. Che Gotti

    Che GottiHace 2 días

    Only Problems Okubo Is Kinda Low, And Switch Fang And Ohma, I Would Say Muteba Is Stronger Than Kiryu But Its Not That Big A Deal TBH

  5. Arturo Patricio

    Arturo PatricioHace 2 días

    I'd pick fang over ohma.

  6. Rob Mendoza

    Rob MendozaHace 2 días

    Raian should be first

  7. Darkos _Inv

    Darkos _InvHace 3 días

    Why is this man in one position ? 😂😂😂

  8. White Warrior

    White WarriorHace 3 días

    I cant wait for the anime this year..

  9. Aaron John Atienza

    Aaron John AtienzaHace 3 días

    I don't understand why some people saying yamashita kazuo is the best isn't he just a business man? Can someone explain?

  10. pierre olivier normandin

    pierre olivier normandinHace 3 días

    mix of tekken and street fighther:)

  11. Blueface Baby

    Blueface BabyHace 5 días

    This list is actually trash

  12. TheMarkofthor

    TheMarkofthorHace 5 días

    This list is fucking ASS. How is imai at 14 when he literally scales to fang

  13. The Haïtiaan Vlogs

    The Haïtiaan VlogsHace 5 días

    the ending was amazing, i'm not that much of a emotional guy with endings but this one gived me a spark!

  14. luis sotelo morales

    luis sotelo moralesHace 6 días


  15. Aviv Gannon

    Aviv GannonHace 8 días

    I can't read it again. After ohma's ending, reading again would be like looking through an album of a fallen relative.

  16. Nelson Lanes

    Nelson LanesHace 9 días

    Pura mierda

  17. Hey dude It’s a jojo reference

    Hey dude It’s a jojo referenceHace 10 días

    I swear the nick-names in this series is just unbelievable

  18. Lawalson Tomiwa

    Lawalson TomiwaHace 10 días

    The only ranks I do not approve are mokichì Robinson and the dissector ... these guys should be lower ranked.

  19. silent1 _dead08

    silent1 _dead08Hace 11 días

    1-Tokita Ōma 2-Kiryū Setsuna 3-Kuroki Gensai 4-Hatsumi Sen 5-Kure Raian 6-seki bayashi jun 7- Kanoh Agito 8-Wakatsuki Takeshi 9-Imai Cosmo 10-Nishihonji Akira 11-Muteba Gizenga 12-Rihito 13-Gaolang Wongsawat 14-Nikaido Ren 15-Chiba Takayuki

  20. by: N

    by: NHace 12 días

    Lol Raian should be in top 3, the reason why he lost to Ohma is because he didnt use some deadliest techniques of kure style. He got excited and carried away because of Ohma's strength and fighting spirit. He said that himself that if he use some of his techniques the match will end quickly. Removal is twice more powerful than Advance, even Fang told Ohma he was weaker than Raian even though he witnessed the Advance. Do some research first man.

  21. Alisiah Jin Purawan

    Alisiah Jin PurawanHace 13 días

    Umm wakatsuki is more powerful than ohma

  22. Ethan Burre

    Ethan BurreHace 13 días

    Why did he forget about niko?

  23. balmiki ghosh

    balmiki ghoshHace 14 días

    Cosmo Imai defeated Okhubo when Cosmo was about to be replaced by Okhubo due to Cosmo’s damage in the match with Akoya. Imai with his foresight is better than Okhubo. Finally Kanoh Agito is better than Ohma.

  24. badman eugene

    badman eugeneHace 18 días

    I'm pretty sure the fang is stronger than ohma lol

  25. Paul Hampton

    Paul HamptonHace 19 días

    I think agito is stronger than ohma but kuroki gensai is rightfully no.1 cos that guy is scary ass strong

  26. x Peaked

    x PeakedHace 20 días

    The end of the video fucking hit me bro smh

  27. André Luiz

    André LuizHace 20 días

    Agito > Ohma

  28. นาย go garr

    นาย go garrHace 12 días

    Agito Ohma

  29. Indra Deus

    Indra DeusHace 20 días

    Akoya should be no less than Top 15 given how much of a beat down he gave to Cosmo.

  30. Joseph Brooks

    Joseph BrooksHace 21 un día

    Haruo could arguably be placed over Gozo, Sawada, and even Rihito. I’d place Okubo over Yohei as well.

  31. Claudiu Sirbu

    Claudiu SirbuHace 21 un día

    Everyone is gangster until beard boss enters the room

  32. Rum Peter

    Rum PeterHace 22 días

    I didn't expect that Gaolan Is Stand on Rank 5 of the Strongest Fighter

  33. Rum Peter

    Rum PeterHace 20 días

    U mean The Fang like The Guard of Metsudo

  34. TheCleanestFit

    TheCleanestFitHace 20 días

    The guy pumelled the fang of metsudo What else would you expect

  35. Sandorcleg

    SandorclegHace 22 días

    I love this manga. I love the anime. And maybe I’m being a Hatsumi fanboy but my top five would be: 1. Kuroki 2. Agito (Give this guy another fight with the Beard and I guarantee he would evolve/surpass Kuroki) 3. Ohma (memory restored) 4. Hatsumi 5.Gaolang or Wakatsuki (this could go either way. Waka is tough but how many Flashes can he tank? Gaolang pushed the Fang beyond his limits and is arguably the best striker in the series and could take this if he dodged Blast Core.) I put Hatsumi above those two because he’s the best dodger in the series and he’s beaten Wakatsuki in the past. Yes I know, the Tiger has gotten better and stronger since then but I’d imagine the floating cloud had too.

  36. Sandorcleg

    SandorclegHace 20 días

    churro 2 agreed. But he didn’t appear to be in peak condition when he fought Ohma in the office and he was still dancing around his Advance form. And he still beat Waka in the past, id assume he could do it again. Everyone in the tournament saw Gaolang was a beast and of course knew about him from his career. Knowing that, I doubt Hatsumi would go into that fight jokingly

  37. TheCleanestFit

    TheCleanestFitHace 20 días

    Hatsumi is only a beast when in good condition like if the guy was in a bad condition, even nezu would give him a tough fight

  38. Zachary Hanson

    Zachary HansonHace 23 días

    Only 2 placements I disagree with, dokubo should be 2 places higher, and ohma should be one lower. Other than that, good list. Finally found someone else who realizes nezumi isnt just a weakling.

  39. Great Samson

    Great SamsonHace 23 días

    Yujiro - Yuichiro 1 v all with Ezz

  40. biggz shaw

    biggz shawHace 24 días

    I haven't read the manga but I was hoping Gaolang would be the 🐐, but regardless he is by far my favourite

  41. Gilthunder 45

    Gilthunder 45Hace 24 días

    biggz shaw same same he’s my fav too

  42. Haylong Wang

    Haylong WangHace 24 días

    Bad ending, othervise alright

  43. Corn Hub

    Corn HubHace 24 días

    Lihito super nerf

  44. BruhItzLuis

    BruhItzLuisHace 25 días

    That ending got me fucked up bruh ohma was lit:(

  45. Maciek Prus

    Maciek PrusHace 25 días

    Fuck you man!! That spoiler at the end, really BIG SPOILER! Fuck.... now i feel so empty... i really like ohma... fuck...

  46. Shady

    ShadyHace 26 días

    Gaolang 👌👌

  47. 1000 Subscribers With no videos challenge

    1000 Subscribers With no videos challengeHace 27 días

    If haruo was in his prime, he would definitely make top 15

  48. Gilthunder 45

    Gilthunder 45Hace 24 días

    1000 Subscribers With no videos challenge yea deym dat sucks

  49. quoc phi ngo

    quoc phi ngoHace 27 días

    Wrong, Agito is stronger than Ohma

  50. TheCleanestFit

    TheCleanestFitHace 28 días

    Plot twist: yujiro grew a beard and dyed his hair black

  51. นาย go garr

    นาย go garrHace 28 días

    Adam dudley > hinuro kaneda lihito sawada

  52. noah wachter

    noah wachterHace 29 días

    Kengan is pretty much Baki, but you don’t have to worry about a fight crippling your favorite character

  53. Aditya Singh Parmar

    Aditya Singh ParmarHace 29 días

    I think the top tier should be like this: 1) Gensai 2) Agito 3) Rian 4) Ohma 5) Gaolong 6) Hatsumi 7) Wakatsuki

  54. Aditya Singh Parmar

    Aditya Singh ParmarHace 21 un minuto

    @นาย go garr in kengan Ashura, Agito said to Wakatsuki that in his block there are 2 fighters stronger than him

  55. นาย go garr

    นาย go garrHace 28 minutos

    @Aditya Singh Parmar wakatsuki>raian

  56. Tink Tong

    Tink TongHace 24 días

    Aditya Singh Parmar ohms didn't use niko style countering and shit

  57. Aditya Singh Parmar

    Aditya Singh ParmarHace 29 días

    @นาย go garr raian only used brute force in his match against Ohma. He didn't used a single kure clan technique.

  58. นาย go garr

    นาย go garrHace 29 días

    Ohma > raian

  59. Nico Ll

    Nico LlHace 29 días

    Top 10 Women in Kengan Ashura


    ITS DOVEYYHace 29 días

    Wow I like Raian but he is nowhere near the place you put him and you had the nerve to put Ohma second seems like you’re placing the characters not by strength but by how much you like them. Yes Tokita won against Raian but it was clearly stated that if Raian didn’t play around the whole time he would’ve beat Ohma in the first 20 seconds 😂 you have the right to be entitled to your opinion but come on man you placed tokita over the fang??? Top 3 should be 1.Kuroki 2. Agito 3. Wakatsuki or Raian That should be top 3

  61. TheCleanestFit

    TheCleanestFitHace 21 un día

    Nah we where both wrong Yamashita kazuo sleeps on all of this people


    ITS DOVEYYHace 22 días

    churro 2 Yea like I was being nice but ohma is like actually top 10 not even top 5 because you have so many great fighters hatsumi is up there which completes the top 5 love Ohma but don’t over hype him his hype is good where it’s been don’t spoil it.

  63. TheCleanestFit

    TheCleanestFitHace 28 días

    Honestly I think this person put ohkubo low like the guy was a beast and was able to toy around with serius fang for a while whereas gaolang was struggling and yeah if raian used the kure techniques his fight against ohma would've been real short

  64. John Krain

    John KrainHace 29 días

    in here, even the strongest gets injuries fighting someone far less than him. unlike baki, this series plays in almost believable world. even the strongest kuroki was injured severely after this tournament and wakatsuki lost sight of one of his eye. lol..

  65. TheCleanestFit

    TheCleanestFitHace 28 días

    Yeah like fang was made to he the strongest but also got pretty beat up through the tournament unlike baki whose strongest is yujiro he would've just finnesed through everything until he faces baki making it boring

  66. Manikandeshwar Sasidhar

    Manikandeshwar SasidharHace un mes

    From top to bottom these are the strongest fighters Kuroki genzai Fang Gaolang wongsawat Tokita ohma Wakatsuki Julius reinhold Okubo naoya Hatsumi sen Muteba gizenga Raian Kure Yes this is the perfect order. No change necessary. It wasn't based simply on who got the furthest but based on a real life scenario of all fighters

  67. introvertedzed

    introvertedzedHace 27 días

    The manga is already out, but only few episode so far. The tournament haven't even started yet

  68. Manikandeshwar Sasidhar

    Manikandeshwar SasidharHace 27 días

    @introvertedzed when's it releasing?

  69. introvertedzed

    introvertedzedHace 28 días

    @Manikandeshwar Sasidhar I see, good observation, cant argue with that. Man, I cant wait to see Thai God of War in Kangen Omega!

  70. Manikandeshwar Sasidhar

    Manikandeshwar SasidharHace 28 días

    @introvertedzed ohma is able to use demons bane only when he's completely exhausted. If u see most fights, the only advantage ohma had was his speed and gaolangs strikes were much faster than ohmas. Yes maybe grappling will help. But in the first fight for gao he threw such a brutal punch from a weak position against suekichi. He has mostly trained hard on how to counter grapples. The fight can go either way but I feel gaolang can easily overpowere ohma imo

  71. introvertedzed

    introvertedzedHace 28 días

    I agree on this list, but just a question.. what is your opinion when placing Gao above Ohma though? Ohma with Demonsbane should be able to defeat Gao, especially when Gao is specialized in striking (which is highly disadvantageous against Demonsbane) and also Ohma is also much better with grappling and ground control?

  72. Артем Дерещук

    Артем ДерещукHace un mes

    Good list. I'd bump Adam a bit higher, and Akoya is definitely stronger than Imai. He made Imai pass out in the middle of the match, and only lost because he decided to draw it out. If he wanted to crush Imai instead of torturing him the match would be over very shortly.

  73. Артем Дерещук

    Артем ДерещукHace 28 días

    @introvertedzed hmmm. Makes sense. If he's to busy pushing his agenda instead of finishing off his opponent he's gonna lose

  74. introvertedzed

    introvertedzedHace 28 días

    I think his personality is what makes him lower in the list. Dont get me wrong, I love Akoya, but if only he just focused on beating his opponent and none of that Justice shit, he should be higher on the list. But still, his strenght, his purpose and all is motivated by that sense of justice of his.

  75. G Dragon

    G DragonHace un mes

    Duuude. I did not know that gaolang my man is stronger than hatsumi sen and kiryu setsuna!

  76. Jorge Mendivil

    Jorge MendivilHace un mes

    Ohma is dead??!

  77. introvertedzed

    introvertedzedHace 28 días

    We try to assume that he is just sleeping atm.... too much sadness we dont talk about it anymore dont dwell too much about it *immediately cry to sleep*

  78. Аламгир Аманов

    Аламгир АмановHace un mes

    Where sav paing?

  79. exodia 2000

    exodia 2000Hace un mes

    Puesto 16

  80. 1000 Subscribers With no videos challenge

    1000 Subscribers With no videos challengeHace un mes

    Bruh one time I put the video at 1.25 speed and the music was so good, and ever since then, now I watch this video at 1.25 which sounds weird ik

  81. Nvidia Geforce

    Nvidia GeforceHace un mes

    Wym fang is stronger than ohma

  82. not the FBI

    not the FBIHace un mes

    how can you say ohma was healty during the fight with the devil lance.hell he looked like crap during th at fight,give him credit

  83. TheCleanestFit

    TheCleanestFitHace 28 días

    Most fighters did after that war between katahara metsudo's bodyguards vs the guardians I think it was unfair like they didn't get a proper chance to recover plus ohma had to fight kiryu before his last fight

  84. Absturz Kind

    Absturz KindHace un mes

    The beautiful bears is bit stronger than rayan I think He needs to be on 3 Tokita at 2 And the other on 1 can stay on there

  85. Seranok- Y

    Seranok- YHace un mes

    I'd put Kanoh as 2nd above Ohma but yeah off of the tournament rankings sure. Also you could def put Raian above Ohma as well since he honestly wasn't even serious against him. Kuroki: 1 Kanoh: 2 Raian: 3 Ohma: 4 Or at least that's how I see it 🤷🤷

  86. Star Boy

    Star BoyHace un mes

    Raian is a beast I personally put him at 2