Top 15 Plays from Week 2 | NFL 2019 Highlights


  1. Snowy

    SnowyHace 23 días

    1: Julio Catches Ball And Runs For A TD Me: OBJ'S ONE HANDED CATCH IS BETTER HOW?!!

  2. Poop in a bucket

    Poop in a bucketHace 27 días

    3:13 me and the boys raiding area 51

  3. Jt McElroy

    Jt McElroyHace 28 días

    Tell me why none of the pick6s were on here for the Patriots

  4. Notorious Shifty

    Notorious ShiftyHace 28 días

    Where’s slay game winning pick

  5. Jay Paul

    Jay PaulHace 28 días

    I am a Steelers fan but, 49ers have to have at least 1 highlight on here

  6. Jay Paul

    Jay PaulHace 23 días

    @Michael MACCHIA I know,

  7. Michael MACCHIA

    Michael MACCHIAHace 23 días

    This is week 2 bro

  8. Twizz Tiller

    Twizz TillerHace 28 días

    Uh? Mason Rudolph flea flicker to JuJu?!?! And im a Seahawks fan btw

  9. Its me Yoda

    Its me YodaHace 28 días

    I have Dak. Amari Cooper. Odell. And browns defence. I had a good game last week

  10. Landon Clark

    Landon ClarkHace 28 días

    Where’s Dauris slays game winning int

  11. Demonta Seward

    Demonta SewardHace 28 días

    Yea Kevin king😈 go packers go💛

  12. iiKvngHuncho

    iiKvngHunchoHace 28 días

    That catch mike Williams did is the type of catches you seee in madden mobile even when it’s unnecessary

  13. Gibster

    GibsterHace 28 días

    9ers score 41 points and don't make the top plays? hello Breida made a barry sanders move cmon NFL get teh full list on here some of the plays weren't' even all that good

  14. Justin Goldenberg

    Justin GoldenbergHace 28 días

    Antonio brown. the newest ex-patriot

  15. Fynn Novak Tiessen

    Fynn Novak TiessenHace 28 días

    Dalvin Cook?

  16. Nikeforce 1214

    Nikeforce 1214Hace 28 días

    Cooper kupps play 😭😭

  17. Ivan C

    Ivan CHace 29 días

    Forgot about the cowboys

  18. Emiliano Gael Ortiz Jiménez

    Emiliano Gael Ortiz JiménezHace 29 días

    Flea flicker from the Steelers was a good one tho

  19. Adam Malinoff

    Adam MalinoffHace 29 días

    Justin Reid most underrated safety in the league


    SYED SHAZEBHace 29 días

    Where's weke 1

  21. Nxtorious Prod.

    Nxtorious Prod.Hace 29 días

    unmmm where’s dalvin cooks run

  22. LJM_ Munqia

    LJM_ MunqiaHace 29 días

    That broncos and bears game still gets me mad!!!!!

  23. Re TRAC

    Re TRACHace 29 días

    Eddie P better be in here

  24. Re TRAC

    Re TRACHace 29 días

    Number 13 was a garbage pass why is that on here

  25. Kenth C’s

    Kenth C’sHace 29 días


  26. o_Im_Dave

    o_Im_DaveHace 29 días

    Lmao so you guys just threw them in random order. Haha

  27. spiced

    spicedHace 27 días

    #1 Deserved it not because I'm a falcons fan but that won the game on fourth down

  28. Charlie Scene

    Charlie SceneHace 29 días

    Did y'all not see what Cooper Kupp did against the Saints?

  29. Michael MACCHIA

    Michael MACCHIAHace 23 días


  30. Michael MACCHIA

    Michael MACCHIAHace 23 días

    He ankle broke 6 different guys!

  31. Bucket List

    Bucket ListHace 29 días

    NFL haiting on Odell Beckham Jr. Julio Jones catch and touchdown anybody can do that and it's been done already not #1 at all

  32. Bucket List

    Bucket ListHace 28 días

    @Sebastian Baker people have but he has done over and over again the DB get Mossed by him

  33. Sebastian Baker

    Sebastian BakerHace 28 días

    Bucket List and no one has caught a ball with one hand???

  34. Aaron Asiago

    Aaron AsiagoHace 29 días

    What about emanuel sander’s TD catch

  35. mexiCAN 4995

    mexiCAN 4995Hace 29 días

    Breida, when he barry Sanders 3 defenders? K.

  36. Jackson Repple

    Jackson ReppleHace 29 días

    Jamie Collins crazy pick 6

  37. Lando

    LandoHace 29 días

    Darius Slay game winning pick?

  38. Ethan Hershman

    Ethan HershmanHace 29 días

    Cooper Kupp was more impressive than obj. He had to break tackles, while obj had a clear shot.

  39. Tntiger5 Games

    Tntiger5 GamesHace 27 días

    Ethan Hershman cause the browns know how to use defense unlike the rams who has there rushing yards beat by Travis Scott at halftime

  40. Derrick -

    Derrick -Hace 29 días

    Carson wentz play should be higher.. unbelievable awareness

  41. Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager

    Dunder Mifflin Regional ManagerHace un mes

    Obj catch should not have been number 2

  42. John Smith

    John SmithHace un mes

    That was an incredible block on the falcons vs eagles

  43. Sport God

    Sport GodHace un mes

    Calvin cooks 75 yard td?

  44. Raveen Patel

    Raveen PatelHace un mes

    Eddy Pinerios kick much?

  45. claw machine kid

    claw machine kidHace un mes

    Where is Darius slays game winning interception

  46. AirsickWings 9

    AirsickWings 9Hace un mes

    Dalvin Cook?

  47. supersonickoolaid

    supersonickoolaidHace un mes

    Chargers in the thumbnail!

  48. Brian_ S.04

    Brian_ S.04Hace un mes

    OBJ’s one hand coach so over rated

  49. Hero 3217

    Hero 3217Hace un mes

    Matt Breida got snubbed

  50. Pharoah Pharoah

    Pharoah PharoahHace un mes

    Julio’s screen was not better than OBJs catch 🤦🏻‍♂️

  51. Sebastian Baker

    Sebastian BakerHace 28 días

    Pharoah Pharoah yes it was😂😂

  52. Mr. Assassin

    Mr. AssassinHace un mes

    Steelers Trickplay?

  53. The Raging Phoenix

    The Raging PhoenixHace un mes

    This list is pretty wack. Some amazing plays weren’t even on it. Emmanual Samuels’, Cooper Kupp’s, and Kerryon Johnson all had amazing plays...

  54. The Raging Phoenix

    The Raging PhoenixHace 19 días

    @spiced mb

  55. spiced

    spicedHace 27 días

    It's Emmanuel

  56. Gerret Outdoors

    Gerret OutdoorsHace un mes

    No Saquon run?

  57. White Ovos

    White OvosHace un mes

    Obj already proving this season why he should be in the hall of fame

  58. matrixphijr

    matrixphijrHace un mes

    Okay, so I saw the Rams play before (#11) in highlights. They literally cut it off after the LB falls to the ground. I just figured he caught it on the deflection. Honestly had no idea that play was even 10x better than I thought.

  59. White Ovos

    White OvosHace un mes

    Where’s sanders? He carries the broncos

  60. GBXNG

    GBXNGHace un mes

    No love for Dalvin Cook smh

  61. Charlie Fuder

    Charlie FuderHace un mes

    Where’s dalvin Cook 75 yd td run

  62. Bryl4xx

    Bryl4xxHace un mes

    I don't like the Vikings but dalvin cook should have defiantly been there. And the falcons defender stopping the eagles on 4th down with a great tackle at the end of the game should have been there

  63. T Clark

    T ClarkHace 20 días

    That falcons play you mentioned IS on there lol

  64. jaiveer d

    jaiveer dHace un mes

    Where is dak stiff arming josh Norman

  65. FubaBuLi

    FubaBuLiHace un mes

    Way to somehow include the Patriots

  66. John Thomas

    John ThomasHace un mes

    what about jamie collins'/gilmore's pick six

  67. Michael MACCHIA

    Michael MACCHIAHace 23 días

    No one wants to see a pick 6 off of Rosen, maybe off of Rodgers or someone better,

  68. Mari Perez

    Mari PerezHace un mes

    Obj was the best of the week not Jones

  69. Gavin Vincent

    Gavin VincentHace un mes

    Mari Perez Julio Jones play was on 4th down to win the game and it was a audible that had amazing blocking. Obj just ran a good route on a shitty defensive play by the jets who didn’t even score for the rest of the game

  70. Eric Johnsen

    Eric JohnsenHace un mes

    Davin 75 yard td...

  71. craig sherman

    craig shermanHace un mes

    Jaire alexander is gonna be a star but I dont know why he didnt extend his arms to intercept that ball from Diggs smh

  72. Brett Paltzer

    Brett PaltzerHace 29 días

    I was kind of pissed at him 2 on that one

  73. Alan Manriquez

    Alan ManriquezHace un mes

    Damn wilson sold that fake like my dealer selling me a busted down over priced car

  74. Zac Ballas

    Zac BallasHace un mes

    Why was the Packers interception that was right to him on the list...?

  75. Trey A

    Trey AHace un mes

    Julio Jones TD is #1? Nonsense. It was a bad D call and he just outruns a LB.

  76. Gavin Vincent

    Gavin VincentHace un mes

    Trey A it wasn’t even a bad d call. They had been doing zero coverage blitz the whole game and they had been working against Matt Ryan a lot. If it wasn’t for Matt Ryan calling a audible it probably would have worked again

  77. JB

    JBHace un mes

    4th and 3 with the game on the line.

  78. AwesomeBo123

    AwesomeBo123Hace un mes

    2 Patriots players 2 pick6 and neither are in the top 15 plays