Top 10 Scary Things Found Frozen In Antarctica


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    Top 10 People Who Were Frozen In Timeídeo-cOij4aUwnBE.html

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    You forgot The THING

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    Can someone explain how a lake is scary?

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    so what about the top 10 scary things found in the north pole ??

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    Top 10 scary thing on Antarctica: *bacteria* *Save yourself everyone*😲

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    Turns out they just recently ended the search for endurance.

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    What about New Jersey? We have alot between the Jersey Devil and all the abandoned buildings in the Pine Barrens. Then the little boy from Atlantic City who "had an appointment"" and was found dead, his father was a police officer. They believe the East Area Rapist left girls in West Atlantic City and could be connected to the Gilgo Beach murders. There was another dead body found about 30 minutes from Atlantic City. Also, Al Capone stayed in a Brigantine hotel and had his own special room there, right next to Atlantic City. There's alot here in dirty Jersey if you look.

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    Bodies left in Mount Everst.

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    I love how they try clickbaiting us thinking that Jason Voorhess's is, "the lost one", and when I was looking at the American stories I never saw, " No skin Sammy"

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    The Ooz

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    Antartica will never be as cold as my girlfriend

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    I might guess the 10 thing u will do and if I do like this 1. You read the top are not in full screen 4.i skipped 3 checked 5.i did 4 again 6.u noticed 7.u were angry about this might reply yes are gonna like this comment read the whole thing

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    Do top 10 monsters in Oregon

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    he found the huts because in the 1800s a man called Shackleton went on an expedition with his men and tried 5 times but died on his 5th one.Also he was the first one ro reach the south pole.

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    So riddle me this, how is it that a rock from mars only weighing a few pounds could fly off of mars surface, further more, how could that happen at all considering there’s a unbreakable dome over this realm

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    South Africa

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