Top 10 Breaking Character Moments on Saturday Night Live


  1. Icee Kills

    Icee KillsHace 3 días

    This is my first time seeing the watch mojo lady and I think she’s hot

  2. alex

    alexHace 3 días

    Ugh we dont need all the talking! No host required...the title says it all

  3. Orrin Lancaster

    Orrin LancasterHace 5 días

    Called number 1

  4. Terry M

    Terry MHace 5 días

    O.M.G, just let them play. Absolutely ruin the humour with all the blabbering.

  5. roger komula

    roger komulaHace 9 días

    That Stefon shit is just weak. But Jimmy Fallon is the shittiest cast member ever. Even Brad Hall.

  6. ICallsEmLikeISeesEm

    ICallsEmLikeISeesEmHace 10 días


  7. Jason Jackson

    Jason JacksonHace 13 días

    omg I hate soon as I click on it and find out its Mojo I exit. Your right, all they do is talk and you NEVER actually see or hear the clip you wanted cuz they cant stop talking. Its ridiculous!!!! How bout ya shut the FK up lady and just play the God damn clip. Jeeziz. If you want to describe shit, go write a column...dont narrate about a video you never actually show except for maybe a split sec.

  8. Dom Andriacchi

    Dom AndriacchiHace 15 días


  9. Tila

    TilaHace 17 días

    Would be funnier if you stopped talking so much over the fricken clip

  10. brandon lewis

    brandon lewisHace 18 días

    Wow. Really wish you would have shut the hell up. We don't need a narrator.

  11. Jessica Goodman

    Jessica GoodmanHace 19 días

    Jimmy Fallon is notorious for breaking character.

  12. Jared White

    Jared WhiteHace 19 días

    Dam mojo lady is hawt

  13. Jaša Cucek

    Jaša CucekHace 19 días

    Dammm why is there a orange on my screen.

  14. First name Last Name

    First name Last NameHace 20 días

    How come the convicts gotta be black

  15. Omicron

    OmicronHace 20 días

    Gotta admit...Timberlake is a funny dude. Not just during this one but a lot of other as well.

  16. Zohar Sarig

    Zohar SarigHace 21 un día

    The kissing family is one of the best snl sketches

  17. Kornholeeoo

    KornholeeooHace 21 un día

    Shut up and play the clip!

  18. Steven Novak

    Steven NovakHace 21 un día

    Worst List Ever Only Foley , Cow Bell, Should Have Made It 8 Losers You Lost It !

  19. Lane Whittington

    Lane WhittingtonHace 22 días

    It would be funnier if WatchMojo didn't ruin everything they did.

  20. olivia

    oliviaHace 22 días

    Close encounter is hilarious. Every skit with Will Ferrel is lmaf

  21. Naji K

    Naji KHace 22 días

    Why don't you just STFU and let us watch the F video in peace

  22. lrc81007

    lrc81007Hace 22 días

    Justin Timberlake put a ring on it!

  23. wldennis1

    wldennis1Hace 22 días

    Horrible video. To much talking. Just show the clips.

  24. Mo 11

    Mo 11Hace 24 días

    i coulda of went my whole life not knowing what she looked like...i loved the mystique cuz she had one of the most noticeable voices in my life but couldn't put a face to it shii was lit...y'all had to go and ruin it

  25. enrique martinez

    enrique martinezHace 27 días

    Play the footage !!!

  26. Ted Williams

    Ted WilliamsHace 28 días

    If it's WatchMojo, it's crap.

  27. kyle wallace

    kyle wallaceHace 28 días

    Why the f are you not showing the clips poorly made

  28. Sophia Creations

    Sophia CreationsHace 29 días

    “I got the mojo deals”

  29. rascalferret

    rascalferretHace un mes

    the typical commentary stepping on the scenes, and funny bits... I never watchmojo ...bc they do this same nonsense, mainstream media reader sounding, stupid shit on every video. it really diminishes the whole top10 schtick into a who gives a fuck list...then again, the copyright paranoid cretins prolly demand it that way... I will continue to not watchmoojoo, or TV either.

  30. Gloria Gonzales

    Gloria GonzalesHace un mes

    She destroyed the video talking sooooo muchhhhhh.

  31. Scott Silver

    Scott SilverHace un mes

    Great idea absolute terrible execution STFU and let us watch the moments. DOWN VOTE!

  32. Wes Kish

    Wes KishHace un mes

    Play the f-ing video no one wants to hear you talk!!


    DREAMß GAMINGHace un mes

    Christ Farley isn’t funny, if you have to resort to yelling and breaking stuff or anything else that’s physical. You’re not a comedian

  34. ComeliaO7

    ComeliaO7Hace un mes

    I figured Garth and Kim were improvised. They never keep a straight face. 🤣🤣

  35. cbebutuoy

    cbebutuoyHace un mes

    too much talking by the vultures.

  36. thepayne78

    thepayne78Hace un mes

    That would be every single sketch Jimmy Fallon was ever in.

  37. Matthew Oliver-Eaton

    Matthew Oliver-EatonHace un mes

    I'm a very simple man...I see bill hader I click

  38. Wes Oerly

    Wes OerlyHace un mes

    The commentary doesn't add much.

  39. Sujoy Ghosh

    Sujoy GhoshHace un mes

    Will you guys shut up! Just run your Top 10 list but stop the stupid voice over. Its annoying.

  40. creden316

    creden316Hace un mes

    I'm sorry but the best clip I ever saw of them breaking character and couldn't keep a straight face is the skit with Jeffries and it wasn't even put on this video

  41. Jose Pantojas

    Jose PantojasHace un mes

    I absolutely love your voice!

  42. Jeremy Pickett

    Jeremy PickettHace un mes

    As a nerd, I gotta know your mic and compression setup. It sounds great

  43. Melayna Bee

    Melayna BeeHace un mes

    I havent even watched it yet and I stg its just gonna be Bill

  44. Bike Tall

    Bike TallHace un mes

    Good compilation...BUT it would have been 1,000 times funnier if the annoying voice over lady would just let the sketches play out instead of talking over them!

  45. Corndog2004

    Corndog2004Hace un mes

    Why do you feel the need to insert yourself, you no talent hacks?

  46. GiftedLionMusic

    GiftedLionMusicHace un mes

    Talking over the clips really ruins EVERYTHING funny about SNL actors breaking character. Please, no more of these!!!

  47. Risto Visto

    Risto VistoHace un mes

    Cowbell is the best. Jimmie had ONE line, and he can barely get it out through his giggling. He's so relatable and hilarious!

  48. ArgueMax DotCom

    ArgueMax DotComHace un mes

    This is the first time I have seen you. Your videos are always my favorite. It is fun to see what you look like.

  49. Sydney Slevin

    Sydney SlevinHace un mes

    Bill Hader has one of the most contagious laughs.

  50. Trace Burroughs

    Trace BurroughsHace un mes


  51. BaddScorpio

    BaddScorpioHace un mes

    My gawd. STFU

  52. Milli W

    Milli WHace un mes

    Ayyyyeee ur stunning!

  53. David Cooper

    David CooperHace un mes


  54. Kevin Miller

    Kevin MillerHace un mes

    Would rather watch it than be told about it. Terrible video. 👎

  55. Cale Chiasson

    Cale ChiassonHace un mes

    “The goal was to make Jimmy Fallon laugh.” Setting the bar real low aren’t we?

  56. Patrick Judge

    Patrick JudgeHace un mes

    Narrator needs to shut the F#*& up and let us enjoy the bits

  57. David Collaso

    David CollasoHace un mes

    Narrator is so annoying as not to shut up and let’s see the actual breaking character- so disappointed!!!!

  58. Pizza Pizza

    Pizza PizzaHace un mes

    Where is the Harry Potter skit with Lindsay Lohan...

  59. Amy Baker

    Amy BakerHace un mes

    Maine justice with Jamie Fox?!

  60. Elvis moore

    Elvis mooreHace un mes

    this is stupid