Titans vs. Ravens Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2019 Playoffs


  1. Barry M'cockinner

    Barry M'cockinnerHace 4 días

    Harbaugh got too cocky after the reg season.. if he kicked that FG at the 20, kicked the extra point & kicked the other FG in the 4th quarter, they would have only been down by 9 with 4:27 left in the 4th.. wouldnt have been easy but definitely doable for the Ravens.

  2. Mason Brown

    Mason BrownHace 4 días

    Anyone gonna talk abut how wobbly and inaccurate Jackson's throws were? or are we not allowed to talk about that anymore


    LOMBARDI TROPHYHace 8 días

    Chiefs: both these teams are nothing

  4. Grace

    GraceHace 9 días


  5. King Raven

    King RavenHace 9 días

    So many mistakes happened on this day. We won the majority of games by running the ball. All of a sudden we're throwing the ball...smh. We did exactly what the Titans want. Fair win to the Titans but we're coming back hungrier next season. Let's go Ravens!

  6. Joe Rutherford

    Joe RutherfordHace 4 días

    King Raven that’s what happens when the titans execute their game plan to perfection

  7. TM6

    TM6Hace 9 días

    I’m not a Titans fan (or ravens) but boy was it awesome seeing Vrabels preparation pay off for that Ravens Offense. Forcing them play inside because they flourish on those outside runs. Can’t wait to see what next year holds. Too bad the super bowl was pretty biased the entire game

  8. Addicted2Truth

    Addicted2TruthHace un día

    Yea it was obvious they wanted mahomes to get his first Ring.

  9. gaming time For sports

    gaming time For sportsHace 10 días

    What a upset



    If I was Jackson I'd be breaking my foot off in a receivers ass

  11. Ricj 27

    Ricj 27Hace 6 días

    MADEMYSELFABOSS must be hard to catch the balk with Lamar throwing those terrible passes with no spiral

  12. Julian Fernandez

    Julian FernandezHace 12 días

    As a ravens fan this was painful

  13. Franz Frand

    Franz FrandHace 13 días

    The Ravens O-Line got dismantled, this L is on them

  14. Bartos Robert

    Bartos RobertHace 13 días

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  15. Ashton Robinson

    Ashton RobinsonHace 14 días

    Earl Thomas got Bossed! what do u expect, it's Derrick Henry

  16. Odd Face Killer

    Odd Face KillerHace 14 días

    HEY. What happened 😂🤣

  17. Adam Honesty and decency

    Adam Honesty and decencyHace 14 días

    Who did Ravens fans root for in the Super Bowl 🏟 ?

  18. Micheal Judon

    Micheal JudonHace 17 días

    This is how the chiefs did henry 3:58

  19. Mary Agyeiwaa

    Mary AgyeiwaaHace 17 días

    Teen titans: Cyborg beast boy starfish and Robin Ravens: *using the spell book into lots of ravens*

  20. DLTD

    DLTDHace 17 días

    @7:53 😳 Woe! I feel tricked lol

  21. Diamond Hero

    Diamond HeroHace 18 días

    I cant believe the ravens loss

  22. iq2992

    iq2992Hace 18 días

    Ravens a very young team. Yall haters laugh it up while ya can. They gonna steamroll the league for years to come.

  23. chincheck73

    chincheck73Hace 18 días

    People were acting Like L Jackson should have a gold jacket already...lmao turnover prone goofball cant win a playoff game yet

  24. chincheck73

    chincheck73Hace 18 días

    Hhahaahah baltimore got humbled! They were acting like they were already SB winners...0-2 in playoffs Jackson!! Bottom line

  25. Joeybabbs .BABBS

    Joeybabbs .BABBSHace 18 días

    nothing like sending 70K plus people home crying like bishes

  26. Logan issa Ravens fan from Ohio

    Logan issa Ravens fan from OhioHace 15 días

    Joeybabbs .BABBS imagine not being able to cuss

  27. Joeybabbs .BABBS

    Joeybabbs .BABBSHace 18 días

    My superbowl watching the Murders and fake pathetic ravens CHOKE with their Running back QB who has NO skills.. RG3 is better than that CHOKER..

  28. F jet gfff Fghgghj

    F jet gfff FghgghjHace 18 días

    I should have left this message when it happened congratulations Tennessee Titans Titan up I love the Titans they're gritty grinding team hell of a win. But let me tell you something world all that did was made Lamar Jackson angrier he was already picked last in the first round he was better than every trash person that came out of the first round and it was all because of the color of his skin before this guy's done playing unless the NFL finds away to execute him out of the league! He's going to be the greatest all time watch and see he is fueled by anger he is fuel by racism against him nobody believed in him but him! We'll guess what I still believe this guy's got greatness in his eyes I said the night he was drafted when none of you all knew nothing about him all you white people was talking about he should play another position I told people then he was going to be the greatest all time and you say how could I know that how could I know because people doubted me my whole life treated me a certain way and I'm more successful than everybody I know and I'm just getting started he's just getting started keep watching even though we all know the NFL is racist and rigged!

  29. Hank Verner

    Hank VernerHace 19 días

    Titans beat Ravens and Refs in this game! Refs were going for the Ravens

  30. KingJayJay

    KingJayJayHace 2 días

    No they weren’t lmao literally a guy speared Lamar Twice and they didn’t call a thing foh

  31. Robert Rizzo

    Robert RizzoHace 19 días

    Earl Thomas looking real stoopid

  32. erick joseph

    erick josephHace 19 días

    High on life at at 7:35. Great game: wanted to watch it again before it's forgotten.

  33. JoeybossSports Dude

    JoeybossSports DudeHace 19 días

    Although things have settled down, the amount of percentage Lamar Jackson receives for this loss is 10% at most. He made one terrible throw and there were SO many drops. And I am not joking when O say that if Mark Andrews caught that ball on our first drive, we would have won the game. Like if you agree.

  34. Chantalan

    ChantalanHace 19 días

    Why Ravens have a running back under center?

  35. Zook Mon

    Zook MonHace 20 días

    I just can't seem to get enough of these highlights....must be painful if you're a Ravens fan...watching your UNSTOPPABLE Lamar "EEH HEE" Jackson get STOPPED and STUFFED!!! The most pathetic display at a game that I've seen in a while came while watching the game live, the TV camera panned over to a Ravens' fan sitting way up in the upper deck holding a sign that read, "I came all the way from Hawaii". Live and learn. I've see these running quarterbacks come and go in the NFL over the past 50 years. They start out like gangbusters and become all the rave everyone talks about, but never seem to last very long. At the NFL level, it's simply a matter of time before the rest of the league catches up to them and they go from the unstoppable Superman to a frightened little jackrabbit scrambling to find a hole to hide in. Teams that use eleven players at a time always seem to fare far better in the long run than the "one man show".

  36. Reginald Boyd

    Reginald BoydHace 21 un día

    Ravens played so ass this game it’s sad to look at it

  37. Goldenstandard

    GoldenstandardHace 21 un día

    Lamar shown up his team didn’t it a team game

  38. Playboi Polo

    Playboi PoloHace 22 días

    I made a video running all over the defense with Derrick Henry in madden 20

  39. Everyday Andrew

    Everyday AndrewHace 23 días

    I am not even a Ravens fan but I love sports highlights

  40. Julian Salgado

    Julian SalgadoHace 23 días

    Feels like the ravens were the 2017 Pittsburgh Steelers

  41. Sports event Prediction

    Sports event PredictionHace 23 días

    Sorry Ms jackson, Titans for real

  42. ILL XANE

    ILL XANEHace 24 días

    Can't put it on lj.... Too many drops n big plays by d

  43. Jordan Truce

    Jordan TruceHace 24 días

    Stop with Lamar Jackson is the best *quarterback* in the league. He’s the most athletic but he’s not accurate. He relies to heavily on a run game for his passing game. The titans stopped the ravens run and the ravens couldn’t do anything on offense. The wide revivers were horrible but Lamar Jackson wasn’t much better. The whole ravens team started playing nervous and they abandoned the run early in the game. This was the playbook that shows how to stop Lamar Jackson.

  44. Paul Trigger

    Paul TriggerHace 25 días

    couldn't even get garbage time points lol

  45. KJ laye

    KJ layeHace 25 días


  46. KuKuKlock123

    KuKuKlock123Hace 27 días

    Came back just to watch the Ravens lose again cuz Lamar running his mouth again this time about trademarks and not Ws.

  47. Zook Mon

    Zook MonHace 27 días

    The 9 and 7 Titans beat the 14 and 2 Ravens, in Baltimore, stopping the "unstoppable" Lamar "eeh hee"Jackson. That MUST HURT if you're a Baltimore fan. OUCH!!!! How did hey ever stop the ONE MAN SHOW?

  48. Nut_nasty R

    Nut_nasty RHace 27 días

    2weeks later still hurts

  49. Weese Bowski

    Weese BowskiHace 27 días

    Odd question...Was anyone close to guessing that score?

  50. lion boy

    lion boyHace 27 días

    An Raven fans thought they were going somewhere 😂😂that team is trash

  51. ABock4

    ABock4Hace 28 días

    The Ravens have 12 pro bowlers this year. The best part? They’ll all be there! 😂😂

  52. SinkHollyWood

    SinkHollyWoodHace 28 días

    8:44 It was at this moment that Baltimore came to the realization that they were indeed in for a country ass whuppin.

  53. RubiKong Her

    RubiKong HerHace 28 días

    Jackson only plays for stats. Stat boy.

  54. MrDukeus

    MrDukeusHace 29 días

    great win loss record, but overrated. QB still displays horrible mechanics and the run and dance show only lasts for so long. Titans let him throw and he could not do it. New defensive scheme tape galore for other teams to emulate. One and done. Another rg3



    ???? 1:36 ? ??

  56. ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed

    ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyedHace 29 días

    The Ravens need a QB.

  57. Isaiah Singletary

    Isaiah SingletaryHace 29 días

    Imagine watching this first half and thinking Lamar didn’t play great



    ?? 0:46 ❣? ? ? ? ? ??

  59. Thomas Reyes

    Thomas ReyesHace un mes

    HEY!! GO CHIEF'S!!

  60. Wesley Thomas

    Wesley ThomasHace un mes

    Ravens defense played horribly. Ravens receivers played subpar. Would have been great to see Chiefs and Ravens go at it.

  61. Ryan

    RyanHace un mes

    5:35, refs blew that whistle faster than I've ever seen, Goodell - "Don't let them even touch Lamar".

  62. Gabe

    GabeHace un mes

    Took our Ravens 49 minutes to score a TD. Titans wanted it more.

  63. Jay R WILLIAMS

    Jay R WILLIAMSHace un mes

    Remembering Those Titans!!! Damn they suck...Heavy is the head who wears the crown...Where was Queen Henry today?You cannot depend on trick plays to when a damn Superbowl!! Who you kidding...

  64. Emperor Krtek

    Emperor KrtekHace un mes

    Suck? What lol? Your tripping. KC is just on another level. They're gonna crush San Fransisco in the SB.

  65. Anonymous User

    Anonymous UserHace un mes

    Lamar Jackson is so overrated. He gets hyped up endlessly by the media because he's a fast QB that can run that isn't complete garbage and that always excites the media. Get out to a lead on him and make him beat you with the pass and you have him beat. Patrick Mahomes is way better, he can make ridiculous throws and can make double digit leads disappear in an instant

  66. Gabe

    GabeHace un mes

    Lamar has been overated all year . But he is better than Flacco for sure.

  67. Kurt Hartz

    Kurt HartzHace un mes

    Ha ha good, I called this back in early December because how all the Ravens fans were saying how Lamar Jackson was going to get MVP ? Well that didn't happen and I told everybody how it would be 1 and done lol, and yes I'm a Steelers fan lol, Jackson will be a great player as long as he can stay healthy, his style is a dangerous one because 1 play could decide his career literally. I do hate the Ravens but I respect them at the same time. Go Steelers!!

  68. dcoog anml

    dcoog anmlHace un mes

    Been saying it all year that Lamar just isn't a pocket QB. You force him to stay in the pocket and he will struggle