This Animated Titanic Movie Is Horrendous


  1. Danny Gonzalez

    Danny GonzalezHace un mes

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  2. noodle nugget

    noodle nuggetHace 2 días

    I dont know how i feel about this

  3. Arnie Calang

    Arnie CalangHace 3 días

    Very hypocritical

  4. Arnie Calang

    Arnie CalangHace 3 días

    Omgggggg no.

  5. Da most epic gamer

    Da most epic gamerHace 3 días


  6. Bruh Inc

    Bruh IncHace 3 días

    God fucking damn it Danny.

  7. Milktae

    MilktaeHace un día

    Danny has bushy eye brows

  8. Albert Espinosa

    Albert EspinosaHace un día

    Umm she needs to run

  9. Sarah Nelson

    Sarah NelsonHace un día

    nobody: absolutely nobody: the love interest: hEr EyesSssS

  10. Sarah Nelson

    Sarah NelsonHace un día

    this video had me in tears

  11. SoutCrramMAN idk

    SoutCrramMAN idkHace un día


  12. Brayden Hall

    Brayden HallHace un día

    6:09 Flotsam & Jetsam?

  13. BlackJaguary the Salt Lord and Savior

    BlackJaguary the Salt Lord and SaviorHace un día


  14. Adiv Dholakia

    Adiv DholakiaHace un día

    I almost cried watching the rap dog scream cause it was so bad and no words can express how incredibly bad that was

  15. Yoongis Toothbrush

    Yoongis ToothbrushHace un día

    when I was About 7 years or something I actually liked the movie oop-

  16. Hayden Animates!

    Hayden Animates!Hace un día


  17. Lauren McMullins

    Lauren McMullinsHace un día

    I love that the internet learns abt the existence of these Italian knock-offs every couple of years. And yes. There’s another one. It’s even worse.

  18. Aneesha Malik

    Aneesha MalikHace un día

    This made me laugh so hard 5:46

  19. Moore TA

    Moore TAHace un día

    Yay an iceberg, the movie will end soon

  20. kat

    katHace un día

    the love interest dude sounds like the draco puppet from potter puppet pals am i wrong

  21. chloe m

    chloe mHace un día

    did i just eat sugar or my tooth? we may never know

  22. L&M Show

    L&M ShowHace un día

    7:39 *leprechaun movie cover*

  23. Wren Ze

    Wren ZeHace un día

    This is the best thing ever 😂😂

  24. L&M Show

    L&M ShowHace un día

    The fact that they used Cinderella style clothes for the Cinderella part is so funny like Cinderella is set it 1697 and titanic happened in 1909😂

  25. noodle nugget

    noodle nuggetHace 2 días

    So after the mouse almost got eaten an ad started and blasted HI IM SIMON COWWEL YOU KNOW I KNOW GOOD BISNUESS SO WHEN BARCLYCARD-

  26. フォックス - Foxartsy

    フォックス - FoxartsyHace 2 días

    Well if you react to that cartoon rip off movie, you should also check out the Anime version. Book of the Atlantic if you ever see this. Like a mashup between the walking dead, and the Titanic....

  27. epik forknite

    epik forkniteHace 2 días

    I have watched all of your videos I HAVE NO MORE VIDEOS TO WATCH so I'm rewatching all of your videos on my TV :D

  28. Aseel UwU

    Aseel UwUHace 2 días

    No one: Not a single soul : The guy in the back : A Y a AYeh AYA aYe ! !

  29. Ray Jay

    Ray JayHace 2 días

    I love how Danny is like "I watched it like 4 or 5 times" ... damn son this really IS your job. Quick, pay the man!

  30. Chimmy Chimmy

    Chimmy ChimmyHace 2 días

    6:03 omfg I laughed so fucking hard

  31. Amelia Rose

    Amelia RoseHace 2 días

    Am I the only one that thought by the thumbnail this was gonna be a Tom and Jerry rip off? Just me, ok 👌🏻

  32. Loup

    LoupHace 2 días

    That guy who knew that the Titanic was gonna sink is named JP Morgan. Google him: John Pierpont Morgan.

  33. penguin go

    penguin goHace 2 días

    Raid shadow legends why

  34. lily Life

    lily LifeHace 2 días

    I have discovered the worst movie I think I’ve ever seen on Disney plus...... Mr. boogedy..... it is awful🤣

  35. • chippy82577 •

    • chippy82577 •Hace 2 días

    Will is so ugly lmao his hair doesn't fit him and his eyes don't aswell. And his lips

  36. Xander Thomas

    Xander ThomasHace 2 días

    13:32 when nanny gives good head

  37. Nat Lilibeth

    Nat LilibethHace 2 días

    This movie is a fever dream.

  38. Soviet Dark

    Soviet DarkHace 2 días

    Funny thing is... The movie is probably better than his sponsor...

  39. Wreck It Ralph

    Wreck It RalphHace 2 días

    You know what Angelica and William are like tony and Maria from west side story so it actually copies 3 movies

  40. India Forrest Shepard

    India Forrest ShepardHace 2 días

    THOSE GEESE ARE FROM THE ARISTOCATS. Also lmao the step mom is wearing like the same broach as the one in Cinderella

  41. MrColz

    MrColzHace 2 días

    Movie: This was based off true events. Also Movie:

  42. Bailey__Does__Things

    Bailey__Does__ThingsHace 2 días

    “Aw, geez, I just knocked over your laundry, oh, i’m such a klutz! wHOOAAH ARE THESE YOUR UNDERWEAR? tHeYRE SO bIG! iMMUNA PUDDUM ON MY HEAD! aY DO U WANNA gEt MARRiED???????” “SHES B E A U T I F U L NANNY”

  43. Kaidros Kaiju

    Kaidros KaijuHace 2 días


  44. Lily Lil

    Lily LilHace 2 días

    Where do you even find all of these movies?!?!

  45. Riane lynx

    Riane lynxHace 2 días


  46. Olive For you!

    Olive For you!Hace 2 días

    “This animated titanic movie is horrendous” Animated titanic movie.... You mean.... book of the alantic. *cough cough*

  47. OwO furries

    OwO furriesHace 2 días

    I’m WaTchIng In 2020

  48. teacupps

    teacuppsHace 2 días

    I have watched this video too many times

  49. Rhyana Day

    Rhyana DayHace 2 días

    There is literally no reason for like... most of the characters or the lines 😂

  50. Legendary Pizzabox

    Legendary PizzaboxHace 2 días

    5:59 13:46 6:59 14:08 8:02 11:17 11:43 12:31 BEST PARTS

  51. Misun Park

    Misun ParkHace 2 días

    I went Danny to act out this movie but all the charachters are him

  52. MoonDustShine

    MoonDustShineHace 2 días

    Have you guys seen these shitty Azur Lane ads? This doesn't really have anything to do with the video but I got an Azur Lane and around half way through so I decided to mention it.

  53. Chris Carbaugh

    Chris CarbaughHace 2 días

    Oh no, RAID got Danny, too...

  54. Justin

    JustinHace 2 días

    Well to be honest the only people whoo don't know about this film are people who aren't fans of JonTron and the Nostalgia Critic Also I thought 50% died not 75%

  55. I don't know how to change my name HELP

    I don't know how to change my name HELPHace 3 días

    When ur favorite ESreporterr is sponsored by rAid sHadOw LegEnDs

  56. Olivia Miller

    Olivia MillerHace 3 días

    weird mouse ' If it hadn't been for you I would been in someone else digestion

  57. Loup

    LoupHace 3 días

    Nostalgia Critic already did that review.

  58. *:・゚spooky kat kot *:・゚

    *:・゚spooky kat kot *:・゚Hace 3 días

    this mental breakdown is sponsored by *raid shadow legends*

  59. Kana Beats

    Kana BeatsHace 3 días

    these are some of my favorites i'm always cryinnnnn

  60. Da most epic gamer

    Da most epic gamerHace 3 días

    If I hear another ad for raid shadow legends I swear

  61. rosy posy

    rosy posyHace 3 días

    Imeta SWEET. charming girl

  62. rosy posy

    rosy posyHace 3 días

    U sound like gandalf when ur copying the old lady dhsjskska

  63. Felicity The Hedgehog

    Felicity The HedgehogHace 3 días

    Why is no one talking about "If it wasn't for you I would now be in someone else's digestives"

  64. Jarrod Edson

    Jarrod EdsonHace 3 días

    "Hey humble secretary who knows one day maybe perhaps even I can be ur Boss I don't know wonderful weather were having I'm going to take a stroll outside I'm already gone"...... lolol that's the most sloppiest conversation ever

  65. Sunflower_plays Roblox

    Sunflower_plays RobloxHace 3 días

    6:03 - 6:11 My favorite part 😂 Another one 13:35 - 13:38 😆