The White Knight - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts



    IllICITGRYNEHace un día

    how can i tell someone is a criminal just by looking at them? they are in the act of committing a crime

  2. Arun Madhavan

    Arun MadhavanHace un día

    Well...that certainly was a plot twist I did Nazi coming! xD

  3. GL1TCH the void wanderer

    GL1TCH the void wandererHace 2 días

    White sight is when you only see white

  4. D D

    D DHace 4 días

    Dear god there are so many racist jokes

  5. M ali

    M aliHace 4 días

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  6. video gamer

    video gamerHace 5 días

    Along time ago i didnt understand but know i know

  7. nemesisdaguy

    nemesisdaguyHace 6 días

    The police here are sort of like South Park’s police.

  8. Jonathan Gallegos

    Jonathan GallegosHace 6 días

    Why not arrest your outline, arms, eyes, or legs.

  9. Jonathan Gallegos

    Jonathan GallegosHace 6 días

    The girls that look like guys. No offense intended or meant.

  10. BeM 10

    BeM 10Hace 6 días

    You got us the first half not gonna lie.

  11. saintquinn007

    saintquinn007Hace 6 días

    Stupid anti-White sh!t....

  12. Billy Crichton

    Billy CrichtonHace 7 días

    Speed racist's 2nd cousin

  13. Soviet bear

    Soviet bearHace 7 días

    Notice how the file cabinet in the background says, "Don't Read These Words".

  14. David Hagh

    David HaghHace 8 días

    This would actually be an interesting story. A superhero with racist superpowers, but isn't racist.

  15. Erica Nance

    Erica NanceHace 8 días

    He added cream because he doesn’t like straight black things 😂 this is racist but I’m black and it’s kinda funny but not really

  16. Egg Collector

    Egg CollectorHace 9 días

    "Women should have more rights because they are better in all ways" WHITE KNIGHT AWAY

  17. ququ16

    ququ16Hace 9 días

    I call it my white sight😂

  18. ofir beck

    ofir beckHace 11 días

    Would be funny if he was black

  19. John Smith Sam

    John Smith SamHace 11 días

    How about black night

  20. Gabriel Arkangelo

    Gabriel ArkangeloHace 12 días

    He is a menber of the KKK.. Kupa Keep Kingdom..

  21. Al Mo

    Al MoHace 12 días

    We all should see more funnies from the white knight Lol

  22. Crystal Pierre

    Crystal PierreHace 13 días

    So racist

  23. Scp 173

    Scp 173Hace 13 días

    This is 50 shades of racism

  24. JuPeZ

    JuPeZHace 15 días

    That took an unexpected turn

  25. Jesse A Stagg

    Jesse A StaggHace 15 días

    @ 0:14 thats not PG REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  26. Jake Hale

    Jake HaleHace 16 días

    Hey man the confederate flag is NOT racist

  27. Chaignon Robinson

    Chaignon RobinsonHace 16 días

    man thats kkk

  28. Animationary Friend

    Animationary FriendHace 17 días

    This video is so racist lol

  29. Snapp

    SnappHace 17 días

    1:50 I'm gonna admit that was a pretty effect

  30. Dr.KarMichael And Jones

    Dr.KarMichael And JonesHace 17 días

    Plot twist, it's Dave Chappelle

  31. The Lunatic Potato

    The Lunatic PotatoHace 19 días


  32. The Grey Goblin

    The Grey GoblinHace 19 días

    I feel like this dude would be a villain in the Milestone comics, he would go up against Icon or Static Shock

  33. The master chef

    The master chefHace 19 días

    The best short that they have

  34. Harley Hpsn

    Harley HpsnHace 24 días

    I’ve seen this 4 years ago and I still laughin 😂 🤣

  35. Biscuits

    BiscuitsHace 24 días

    “That’s racist" has kkk uniform arrests only black people has a nazi boot puts cream on coffee just because it’s brown

  36. Primož Novak

    Primož NovakHace 25 días

    We need part two

  37. FFS

    FFSHace 26 días

    Hang on-

  38. Dannyelitoxd

    DannyelitoxdHace 27 días

    0:45 His shoes are mighty fine.

  39. Selas Bessa

    Selas BessaHace 29 días

    Racist shit

  40. Nerdy Alien

    Nerdy AlienHace 13 días

    That's the joke

  41. tryu

    tryuHace 25 días

    This sounds racist.

  42. Kailey Robertson

    Kailey RobertsonHace 29 días

    Wow KKK hits different in this video

  43. MAKMagic

    MAKMagicHace un mes

    He has the nazi symbol on his foot...

  44. basketball prime

    basketball primeHace 26 días

    We know you idiot

  45. Idei nu prea bune

    Idei nu prea buneHace un mes

    Donat read țese works.

  46. The Worst person you'll meet

    The Worst person you'll meetHace un mes

    Y'all are going to hell for this

  47. Seungjoh Cho

    Seungjoh ChoHace un mes

    That was deep

  48. Quinten Brugman

    Quinten BrugmanHace un mes

    0:37 not gonna say more


    DJ FLIPNOHace un mes

    Omg I'm in tennessee...need to go back in Cali...soon..this white night might get me

  50. opalander

    opalanderHace un mes

    This is Speed Racist after the crash.

  51. Levvy R.

    Levvy R.Hace un mes

    I didn't notice all the racist joke until i got to the comments

  52. Little Sapphire

    Little SapphireHace un mes

    While Bryce White by light, By night Bryce White takes flight With the might of light To fight for our plight The White Knight! *Try saying that 5 times fast* 😏

  53. Izuku 100%

    Izuku 100%Hace un mes

    And then we have Batman: white knight

  54. Speedynoob

    SpeedynoobHace un mes

    The intro is so addicting

  55. The Boxing Panda

    The Boxing PandaHace un mes


  56. that90sguy

    that90sguyHace un mes

    1:03 I just noticed that the chief's degree contains a spoiler.

  57. MSSGNO

    MSSGNOHace un mes

    the grand wizard

  58. Hard bass is Bad ass

    Hard bass is Bad assHace un mes

    The white knight eho give blacks fright

  59. Start 9

    Start 9Hace un mes

    The bright of the light and the black of the bane of the light of black brightness

  60. George Hensley

    George HensleyHace un mes

    Fun Fact: Nathan Bedford Forrest was Jewish and very proud of it. Sooooooooooooo, Yah.

  61. Jawa Pepsi

    Jawa PepsiHace un mes

    Gov. Ralph Northam, animated documentry

  62. Danny Naddeo

    Danny NaddeoHace un mes

    He fights for what’s white

  63. sam caldeira

    sam caldeiraHace un mes

    Where’s his fedora