The Weeknd - Heartless (Official Video)


  1. Tavia Hudson

    Tavia HudsonHace un día

    @theWeekend made me want to go have fun or some shit🤪💃🏿

  2. Lynn Grubb

    Lynn GrubbHace un día

    No disrespect, but who loves the weeknd's previous look better????? Love the video tho

  3. Hoang Tran

    Hoang TranHace un día

    Ur suit look like the joker

  4. iiYapper

    iiYapperHace un día

    What glasses are those

  5. Josue Bermudez

    Josue BermudezHace un día


  6. Jenna A

    Jenna AHace un día

    Fuck he’s hot

  7. Masi LMaryoul

    Masi LMaryoulHace un día


  8. Smilodon85

    Smilodon85Hace un día

    Actually from a movie staring Johnny Depp...

  9. the real denis

    the real denisHace un día

    "so much pussy it be falling out the pocket" LMAOOO

  10. Jasmin Jackson

    Jasmin JacksonHace un día

    can i be that frog

  11. amy yewyin

    amy yewyinHace un día

    I don't know why Selena left Abel for Justin but i guess she was confused and scared of falling in love with the Weeknd and they probably were both confused n afraid to fall in love just my honest opinion

  12. Zero Cool

    Zero CoolHace un día

    Feeling this right now heartless no more better man

  13. amy yewyin

    amy yewyinHace un día


  14. Zenku

    ZenkuHace un día

    Who else thought blinding lights was heartless

  15. Van - Rod Lafortune

    Van - Rod LafortuneHace un día

    2:27 my man The Weeknd Iike, “U gon make me do something I’m gon regret, fr” 🤣🤣

  16. Trust None

    Trust NoneHace un día


  17. Alex Wake

    Alex WakeHace un día

    Guys from US. Could u tell me how to pronounce the name of The Weeknd correctly?🤔🤔🤔 [‘Eibəl] or [Ab’el]? Been listening to him a long time but haven’t known? Heeeeelp. 🙏 From Russia 🇷🇺 with ❤️

  18. iiYapper

    iiYapperHace un día

    Alex Wake I think ei’bel

  19. Josh Clark

    Josh ClarkHace un día

    You would have to do drugs.. A lot of drugs to get this mood there showing in the Vid lol

  20. Sebastian Arango

    Sebastian ArangoHace un día

    Best song I’ve ever heard

  21. Pedro Rodrigues

    Pedro RodriguesHace un día


  22. taliana

    talianaHace un día

    these new doug judy’s songs are fire

  23. Soro Sono

    Soro SonoHace un día

    The second best hit named “heartless” 🙈

  24. Hannah Price

    Hannah PriceHace un día

    He got distracted.

  25. Hannah Price

    Hannah PriceHace un día

    He got distracted from his heart.

  26. Mace Saincy

    Mace SaincyHace un día

    This song is relative to DMT trip.. how much y'all wanna bet he went on a high that changed his life

  27. Sachin K

    Sachin KHace un día

    Siri to rescue to find this song when you hear it on radio and don’t understand shit!

  28. Leslie Franco

    Leslie FrancoHace un día

    he changed he use to sang sad song now hes crazy now and smoking and drinking 🥺

  29. iiYapper

    iiYapperHace un día

    Leslie Franco listen to the lyrics he’s heartbroken



  31. sarah B

    sarah BHace un día

    :( I feel you

  32. Pure Energy

    Pure EnergyHace un día

    Is that just way of taking the frog drug or something? This guy is insane I get it though.

  33. Pure Energy

    Pure EnergyHace un día

    @TenTwenty4our Cool cool.ill think about it.

  34. TenTwenty4our

    TenTwenty4ourHace un día

    yeah the toad has dmt ion its black from glands or sum, so ppl lick it so it goes straight into their bloodstream

  35. bia fontinele

    bia fontineleHace un día

    the weekend agiota kk fodase

  36. macmendes_br

    macmendes_brHace un día

    This song is so good, congratulations 🙃

  37. Teiva Hunter

    Teiva HunterHace un día

    This song is so good ! ⭐️ We made an acoustic cover of « Blinding lights » with my guitarist ! Please, please, check it out and share it on your social media if you like it 🙏 Each view, comment or like will support my work as a singer songwriter trying to make it in the music industry. You can also like this comment so that other people can see it. Thank you so much and see you soon :)

  38. MrsMami Colon

    MrsMami ColonHace un día

    Seriously what in Don King, Only in America type of shittttt is this?!?! Man that adderall hitting him differently shit went from skiing to popping pills, ffs

  39. It's Ishy

    It's IshyHace un día

    He looks so different now or is that just me🤷🏻‍♂️ and the music is still 🔥


    GRUNGE ROCK YOUHace un día


  41. rene valdez

    rene valdezHace un día

    Colorado river toad be smacking 😳

  42. Husna Mahad

    Husna MahadHace un día

    Who is here before he drops blinding lights mv

  43. Paul Palmore

    Paul PalmoreHace un día

    this remind me of fear and loathing in las vegas

  44. Elijah Mayhan

    Elijah MayhanHace un día

    If you get the so much pussy its fallin out my pockets reference you a real one.

  45. Research Division

    Research DivisionHace un día

    Heartless >>>>>> Blinding lights Both bangers.

  46. Maxime Dombret

    Maxime DombretHace un día

    Casino and Las Vegas parano and a fkin dope song !

  47. Edna Camacho

    Edna CamachoHace un día

    Ending up and throwing up on Fremont Street. Yup, the Weeknd has fulfilled the Vegas ritual. He is one of us now lmao

  48. Kiran Sivakumar

    Kiran SivakumarHace un día

    I jsut realized I was at the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas jsut a week ago. The same exact place at the video. Glad to be part of history. Fucking love Las Vegas!

  49. Ocean GamerYT

    Ocean GamerYTHace un día

    Oh no! Where did his heart go?

  50. Vishnu Vijai

    Vishnu VijaiHace un día

    I've been watching this for an unhealthy number of times and idfc coz I've turned HEARTLESS.

  51. Zuhh Baby

    Zuhh BabyHace un día

    The king is back😌

  52. Katherine Hansford Arce

    Katherine Hansford ArceHace un día

    Lmao he definitely had a blast off licking that toad!

  53. Chrisette Gayle

    Chrisette GayleHace un día

    Love this song

  54. Miles

    MilesHace un día

    When I Lost My Heart... Frog Licking Solved Everything.

  55. woow sad

    woow sadHace un día

    I just adore this man XO 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  56. Jack Rob

    Jack RobHace un día

    That's a death wish smile.🤓

  57. Bowser Jr.

    Bowser Jr.Hace un día

    Love this song! Hey, anybody need the lyrics? Here you go! Never need a bitch, I'm what a bitch need Tryna find the one that can fix me I've been dodging death in the six-speed Amphetamine got my stummy feeling sickly Yeah, I want it all now I've been running through the pussy, need a dog pound Hundred models getting faded in the compound Trying to love me but they never get a pulse down (Why?) 'Cause I'm heartless And I'm back to my ways 'cause I'm heartless All this money and this fame got me heartless Low life for life 'cause I'm heartless Said I'm heartless Tryna be a better man but I'm heartless Never be a wedding plan for the heartless Low life for life 'cause I'm heartless Said I'm heartless So much pussy, it be falling out the pocket Metro Boomin, turn this hoe into a mosh pit Tesla pill got me flying like a cockpit Yeah, I gotta watch it Call me up, turn that pussy to a faucet Duffel bags full of drugs and a rocket Stix drunk but he never miss a target Photoshoots, I'm a star now I'm talkin' Time, Rolling Stone and Bazaar now Selling dreams to these girls with they guard down Seven years I been swimming with the sharks now (Why?) 'Cause I'm heartless And I'm back to my ways 'cause I'm heartless All this money and this fame got me heartless Low life for life 'cause I'm heartless Said I'm heartless Tryna be a better man but I'm heartless Never be a wedding plan for the heartless Low life for life 'cause I'm heartless I lost my heart and my mind I tried to always do right I thought I lost you this time You just came back in my life You never gave up on me (why don't you?) I'll never know what you see (why won't you?) I don't do well when alone (oh, yeah) You hear it clear in my tone 'Cause I'm heartless And I'm back to my ways 'cause I'm heartless All this money and this pain got me heartless Low life for life 'cause I'm heartless Said I'm heartless Tryna be a better man but I'm heartless Never be a wedding plan for the heartless Low life for life 'cause I'm heartless

  58. Brian Albornoz

    Brian AlbornozHace un día

    Will this song hit 1B views ? REPLY: YES LIKE: DEFINITELY

  59. Nayara Oliveira

    Nayara OliveiraHace un día

    Que homem maravilhosooooo 🤤

  60. Adél Galavits

    Adél GalavitsHace un día

    Am I the only one who feeling a lot of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas vibes in this video?

  61. Ollie Hambly

    Ollie HamblyHace un día

    When your stuck for video ideas then watch fear and loathing in Las Vegas

  62. Lyssa gurl get it straight

    Lyssa gurl get it straightHace un día

    Me when u got played by 18 guys in a row

  63. Chryston Greene

    Chryston GreeneHace un día

    Juciy J will kill this if he had a feature... still flames regardless 💯

  64. sbeahler13

    sbeahler13Hace un día

    The weeknd in the video lookin like don king

  65. KhayruLLah Zakariev

    KhayruLLah ZakarievHace un día

    looks like a freak