The Vows Tana Didn't Make At The Altar | Episode 7 | MTV Not Filter: Tana Turns 21


  1. MTV

    MTVHace un mes

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  2. Matthew Woodruff

    Matthew WoodruffHace 25 días

    MTV why would you show such fake shit. That desperate !!!

  3. ahoward

    ahowardHace un día

    GOD SHE IS SO BLATANTLY DUMB IT HUUURRRTTTSSS It is not a fucking wedding lol what a joke they just made of the sincere affection people have for each others

  4. JoelWakuk Wayang

    JoelWakuk WayangHace 2 días

    it was really sweet how Jordan walked tana down the aisle

  5. Mia Mia

    Mia MiaHace 2 días

    Fake chick wedding was not even real jokes!!


    LEAH ELIZABETHHace 3 días

    Jake literally got someone to pour champagne over tanas head to get more views wtfff then tanas like I love you bitchhhh Whatt why you letting Jake treat you like that sis


    LEAH ELIZABETHHace 3 días

    Tanas brows are huge in this but she still slays

  8. JackPlays

    JackPlaysHace 3 días

    I get that the wedding was all about clout, but they could have at least made it somewhat traditional.

  9. thicky nicky

    thicky nickyHace 3 días


  10. Mark Vargas

    Mark VargasHace 4 días

    I’m guessing mtv is getting back there views haven’t see that in a while honestly

  11. Elizabeth Vaughn

    Elizabeth VaughnHace 4 días

    God I feel bad for her hair dresser.. having to make her way thru tanas rats nest 6 day old sex hair. Ew lol

  12. Kendall Ward

    Kendall WardHace 4 días

    so insane

  13. mhm

    mhmHace 5 días

    jordan is so cute wtf

  14. Bhambi Heathers

    Bhambi HeathersHace 6 días

    Those tracks though ):

  15. Alice Valgeborg

    Alice ValgeborgHace 6 días

    I ship tana and jordan

  16. Jessie Taylor

    Jessie TaylorHace 6 días

    I hope this is real because honestly how she is talking about him is like she's actually falling for him but he has shown that he doesn't want to be with her

  17. K Donaldson

    K DonaldsonHace 10 días

    she tried to make it sweet in the moment but nah he went into it and didn't even say I love you back so sad

  18. Milly

    MillyHace 10 días

    “look at this ring i spent so much on” -jake TANA DESERVES BETTER WTF

  19. Milly

    MillyHace 10 días

    jake is an a$$ ugh 😑

  20. VibezWitKi

    VibezWitKiHace 10 días

    Jake vows made me cringe . And Tana dead ass deserves better . Like even tho it’s for clout u can tell that along the way she fell for him.

  21. Anthony Mills

    Anthony MillsHace 12 días

    Anyone see the WIFI NAME AND PASSWORD

  22. Randi Addams

    Randi AddamsHace 13 días

    Tana needs Jordan bc hes legit the only person who cares about her and the choices she makes. like the only person who cares about her well being

  23. J B

    J BHace 15 días

    Me looking back at this video: Daddy’s rich, daddy’s rich, daddy’s rich😫 The fight🤦🏾‍♀️ Everything wrong with it 🤦🏾‍♀️

  24. Ha Ta

    Ha TaHace 15 días

    jake is so shallow

  25. Mamasita

    MamasitaHace 16 días

    During the wedding Jake looked like a mafia mob boss

  26. Samantha Jo

    Samantha JoHace 17 días

    Also... ya'll have a typo Mtv "NOT" filter

  27. Samantha Jo

    Samantha JoHace 17 días

    Ok Hi *tana* - Omg do these roses last a long time? I heard they lasted a long time *episode one* ~still has 3 boxes of roses from her ex~

  28. Elise Embree

    Elise EmbreeHace 18 días

    Why is Jordan in the confessional more than anyone else😭

  29. Stephanie Warvel

    Stephanie WarvelHace 19 días

    This series paints Tana in a really bad light.

  30. amy joy

    amy joyHace 19 días

    Even if Tana isn't a *paperwork* person...her manager certainly is...couldn't he have given her a prenup to sign and just told her it was a product deal contract...? She can't run a business and continue to insist on being a flighty doll-child, being smart is not a shameful secret.

  31. amy joy

    amy joyHace 19 días

    And the assistant, Jenna, is quite...something.

  32. merrewyn

    merrewynHace 19 días


  33. Michael Minton

    Michael MintonHace 20 días

    This is so stupid but I can't stop watching it. Wtf.

  34. Emily Peterson

    Emily PetersonHace 21 un día

    They are clearly only in it for the views. It's sad really, could've been an actual beautiful moment in time instead of a big theater for the internet. Entertaining yes, but a damn shame they wasted their obvious unique connection to put on this over the top show. no shade, just an opinion. still enjoying their content though.

  35. Clara Pahde

    Clara PahdeHace 22 días

    im so confused... is this couple/marriage real or not?

  36. talise avelina

    talise avelinaHace 24 días

    lmao wtf i can’t stop thinking about her first youtube video now this like who would have known lol

  37. Alexis Agee

    Alexis AgeeHace 25 días

    I’m here for Ashley’s I out and Jordan’s stress, that is all

  38. Matthew Woodruff

    Matthew WoodruffHace 25 días

    If you think Imari deserves his own show HIT THE BLUE LIKE BUTTON to get this noticed.

  39. Matthew Woodruff

    Matthew WoodruffHace 25 días

    Why would mtv show such fake shit. You that desperate

  40. Samantha Gambill

    Samantha GambillHace 25 días

    Why does this dumpster fire with tracks always talk about how grown she is 😂😒

  41. Qui gon Jin

    Qui gon JinHace 26 días

    I wanted to smash tanas face on cement when she was saying how she doesn’t want her parents at her wedding because they know how dumbass of a decision or is to marry Jake Paul

  42. Nathan Joshuaa

    Nathan JoshuaaHace 28 días

    why is no one commenting on the fact Mtv made a typo. they put Mtv “Not” Filter😂

  43. Namaz Sibley

    Namaz SibleyHace 28 días

    I genuinely feel bad for Tana, she kept saying she loved him and how happy she was and all he could talk about was how much he was angry about the ‘fight’ he staged and how much he spent in the ring🙄

  44. Animaniac

    AnimaniacHace 29 días

    This was sad to watch...

  45. uglone

    ugloneHace un mes

    I love that sarah baska is behing Tana fanning her hair

  46. Valerie Espinoza

    Valerie EspinozaHace un mes

    “Tana turns 21” but actually not cause they barely showed her actual party and it somehow became about a fake ass wedding

  47. itsmmmills

    itsmmmillsHace un mes

    Wait why does Logan actually look...concerned? Like he’s gonna cry?

  48. Celeste Loera

    Celeste LoeraHace un mes

    Um. They both have issues bad..

  49. Maria May

    Maria MayHace un mes

    Jersey Shore is so much better than this shit!

  50. Daija Roberts

    Daija RobertsHace un mes

    This bitch is so dumb.but it is entertaining no doubt

  51. K. Ing.

    K. Ing.Hace un mes

    All this money and no one will tell you your extension tracks are showing???

  52. Shugoluver 2228

    Shugoluver 2228Hace un mes

    This is absolutely bizarre.

  53. Melissa 831

    Melissa 831Hace un mes


  54. Simone Hamilton

    Simone HamiltonHace un mes

    Gosh, tana was way more beautiful..PRE plastic surgery she was much more pretty before all the damn Botox plastic face and those obviously fake lips but hey as long AS SHE'S happy but just my opinion she looked better before the $ before she bought her new face and body

  55. Cole

    ColeHace un mes

    The more I watch Jake on this show, the more I hate him. Fukkkk I can’t stand him.

  56. Buckeye man Buckeye crew David gonzalez

    Buckeye man Buckeye crew David gonzalezHace un mes

    I think Jake Paul and tana make a gift card cute couple and I don't hate on both of them

  57. alice routledge

    alice routledgeHace un mes

    Jake always going on about how he’s tired of people constantly leaving him and using him for clout.. but isn’t that literally what he’s doing to Tana?? Maybe people leave because he’s such a dick.

  58. Taryn

    TarynHace un mes

    jake is definitely JUST in this for the clout

  59. Paige Quiote

    Paige QuioteHace un mes

    Sarah really did her job

  60. Nathan Wade

    Nathan WadeHace un mes

    was Logan crying?? 23:14

  61. Eden Cagan

    Eden CaganHace un mes

    Tana is just chanting “daddy’s rich” during her wedding lol

  62. Emily Lightfoot

    Emily LightfootHace un mes

    CANNOT believe i thought jake paul was a decent person for a hot minute then watched this and i think he is the biggest bell end on this planet!!! kinda makes me sad because i feel like tana genuinely has feelings for him and loves him but i have never heard him say it without relating it to 'clout'