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  1. Zeebru

    ZeebruHace 6 horas

    Tyler's rapping reminds me of Lil Xan, he kinda looks like him too.

  2. Lehsa Benden

    Lehsa BendenHace 2 días

    that diaper scene and the tackle scene after had me laughing so hard in the theater. Plus the fact it was just so crazy in general and after all the scary moments :P

  3. De_izzy De_izzy

    De_izzy De_izzyHace 2 días

    .? Dude

  4. Jasmine Williams

    Jasmine WilliamsHace 2 días

    Hold on, your gonna tell me that the kids didn't need like 10 years of therapy after not almost being killed by 2 escaped psychiatric patients.......really....

  5. User . Meme

    User . MemeHace 3 días

    Can u not like summary the whole movie and just explain ending? Ir the mystery like game theory we already know all the dactw just explain

  6. Adam Bartlett

    Adam BartlettHace 4 días

    hah i call my grandfather pop pop too lolol

  7. Dakuu75

    Dakuu75Hace 4 días

    4:30 "Later that night, pop-pops and nana head to bed at the OLD PERSON TIME of 9:30" LMFAO

  8. Salena Johnson

    Salena JohnsonHace 5 días

    Tylrr looks just like the brother from teen witch

  9. xp ies

    xp iesHace 6 días

    i see that film cool funyy

  10. Bong Genoso

    Bong GenosoHace 6 días

    Wow! Very inaccurate! I have a video that is way more accurate.

  11. Donovan Suttner

    Donovan SuttnerHace 7 días

    The nana crawling super fast is really scary and creepy

  12. William Adams

    William AdamsHace 7 días

    Creepiest movie ever holy shit

  13. Alskshenwi

    AlskshenwiHace 11 días

    11:36 is there actually a need tho? Is disgusting enough....

  14. Tim wilson

    Tim wilsonHace 13 días

    This is fake tv mind control movie.We have seen ships in space with special lenses.fact

  15. Having Tea With the Devil

    Having Tea With the DevilHace 14 días

    Had they of been a little bit older and taller, they could easily overpower 2 old people. I mean really. It’s not that hard.

  16. Noah Foster

    Noah FosterHace 15 días

    This movie was creepy

  17. Thomas Mangan

    Thomas ManganHace 16 días

    I loved this movie for some reason

  18. Pentagon of leader

    Pentagon of leaderHace 18 días

    discovering this channel saved me so much time and money lol

  19. anthony rodriguez

    anthony rodriguezHace 19 días

    I thought his dad might of left beacause he knew they were crazy like the old people but nah and there needs to be a reason for the why she was staring in the well.

  20. Tami Joeris

    Tami JoerisHace 19 días

    I did not understand this movie at all, I thought the old lady was possessed by demons. I'm glad I found this video, it puts the movie in perspective for me now. Thank you. :)

  21. SeaShark

    SeaSharkHace 20 días

    They should "thank them cos they emotianly helped them" HELL NAH U KILLED ME GRANDPARENTS AND PUT POOP IN MY FACE! I Just cant... It was so gross

  22. AjaxOutlaw

    AjaxOutlawHace 20 días

    The diaper scene had me visibly and audibly disturbed. I was that person who loudly said “no no no no UGHHHHH”

  23. Sally Austin

    Sally AustinHace 20 días

    it would be cool if one of these movies didn't have mentally ill people as the villains. Waay to many escaped mental patient bad guys. People don't get help because of it.

  24. Ken Tyler

    Ken TylerHace 21 un día

    lol Choholate!

  25. The Cat Meow

    The Cat MeowHace 22 días

    This movie scared me so much

  26. Thicc Iguana

    Thicc IguanaHace 24 días

    oh god nana's puberty?¿?

  27. sebrin holmes

    sebrin holmesHace 24 días

    The break aways ruined the video for me

  28. Sarfnic Productions

    Sarfnic ProductionsHace 24 días

    The real twist is that the alien story is true...

  29. Reker 345

    Reker 345Hace 26 días


  30. Poop Shit

    Poop ShitHace 28 días

    Child actors... also wtf is up with the girls eyebrows

  31. crying in the club

    crying in the clubHace 28 días

    Wow what a bad representation of mentally ill people.

  32. King 80hd

    King 80hdHace 28 días

    A ghost story

  33. WackyWolfy YT

    WackyWolfy YTHace 29 días

    Wow, they made a live action version of Granny. I would love to play I when I can

  34. chris z

    chris zHace un mes


  35. Ernesto Cortez

    Ernesto CortezHace un mes

    If I was there I would’ve beat the shit out of them especially the old lady

  36. joice delos reyes

    joice delos reyesHace un mes

    It's the mom's fault to begin with...😑😑😑


    KILLERCLONE1006Hace un mes

    What if this is in the unbreakable shared universe

  38. Jackmerius Tacktheratrix

    Jackmerius TacktheratrixHace un mes

    don't go into the basement, theres mold down there. Mold and _satan!_

  39. Klyde Barney

    Klyde BarneyHace un mes

    Can Tyler just die, I mean his rapping alone wants me to kill him myself.

  40. Andrew Palmer

    Andrew PalmerHace un mes

    The ghost story

  41. 5 subscribers and 2 videos

    5 subscribers and 2 videosHace un mes

    I would burn tyler at the stakes for being a rapper but he is voiced by ed oxenbould

  42. Rose Beautiful

    Rose BeautifulHace un mes


  43. Super ChaseYT

    Super ChaseYTHace un mes

    Please do Ghost Story now

  44. Juliet valentin

    Juliet valentinHace un mes

    my gradma goes to sleep @7

  45. ElDarkSkin

    ElDarkSkinHace un mes

    thanks for the chocolate papa😂 this man so funny

  46. Nena Abdul

    Nena AbdulHace un mes


  47. Boi Guy

    Boi GuyHace un mes

    Mom:you going to your grandparents Kid: :) Kids sometime later: hell no let's get flip out of here

  48. Hugo Reed

    Hugo ReedHace un mes

    That grandma is spooky

  49. It’s ya boi T-poon

    It’s ya boi T-poonHace un mes

    A ghost story

  50. Grey Bayles

    Grey BaylesHace un mes

    The woman who played nana was absolutely phenomenal. She was terrifying.

  51. Harold Thompson

    Harold ThompsonHace un mes

    geralds game

  52. Stifling Lattice

    Stifling LatticeHace un mes

    Can you do snowpiercer?

  53. Debbie Moore

    Debbie MooreHace un mes

    Crazy people will do that lol make you grow

  54. Rod Freud

    Rod FreudHace un mes

  55. maya tr

    maya trHace un mes

    please do 1408

  56. Jackson Jack

    Jackson JackHace un mes

    I thought there was hidden things throughout that lead you to believe they were aliens

  57. Rjct Rjct

    Rjct RjctHace un mes


  58. stph Lyns

    stph LynsHace un mes

    Geralds game was f ing bonkers. That dude at the end , was nightmare inducing.

  59. Alex lorimer

    Alex lorimerHace un mes

    a sequel where the thing(s) in the water are actually real?

  60. Toffee Girl

    Toffee GirlHace un mes

    shamalamalamalama still suck ass

  61. Nelson Lopez

    Nelson LopezHace un mes

    I thought it was that the old hag was possessed judging from the trailer

  62. Nick Is lazy

    Nick Is lazyHace un mes


  63. The guy whit a TV for a head

    The guy whit a TV for a headHace un mes

    Am so stupid that to understand this movie i repeated it like 10 times (not kidding) even I see the corpses but i never understanded

  64. the preston

    the prestonHace un mes

    Funny, I watched this video on the way to visit my Grandparents.

  65. Minusthefluff

    MinusthefluffHace un mes

    picked the wrong episode to watch while eating.

  66. Pokin Patrick

    Pokin PatrickHace un mes

    In netflix this is in the comedy section. I thought it was like scary movie 4. Had nightmares for weeks

  67. Potato Racoon

    Potato RacoonHace un mes

    I seen this when it came out and forgot most of the movie

  68. Le' cockaroacha Albeano

    Le' cockaroacha AlbeanoHace un mes

    Knock that ol granny bitch the fuck out

  69. Andrei G.aming

    Andrei G.amingHace un mes

    5:54 *what is that image?!*

  70. Daniel Vash Vizcayno

    Daniel Vash VizcaynoHace un mes

    7:41 that scared me

  71. louupa exe

    louupa exeHace un mes

    ew don't rub ur doodoo on peoples face

  72. Dener Witt

    Dener WittHace un mes

    DIAPERS NOT THE DIAPERS!! Someone get Nic Cage on a movie saying that line

  73. miracle manoj kumar

    miracle manoj kumarHace un mes

    Old people powerfull enough to kill youngster?

  74. pahz place

    pahz placeHace un mes

    I have no idea what I just listened to. How does something like that even happen?! You send your kids off to their grandparents and not one time check in or speak to your parents to make sure that everything is fine?! Interesting

  75. Mr Legit

    Mr LegitHace un mes

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i forgot about the stupid grandma jumpscare lol

  76. good greef

    good greefHace un mes

    11:34 *yAZzZzZzzzzZy*

  77. yall bothered.

    yall bothered.Hace un mes

    Wow the mom's such a dumb cunt.

  78. Sk Sury

    Sk SuryHace un mes

    Wow, this maybe the best found footage movie I've watched!

  79. Eric Kouba

    Eric KoubaHace un mes

    Would you like to get in the oven?

  80. Angeldusk

    AngelduskHace un mes


  81. chaithanya vankina

    chaithanya vankinaHace un mes


  82. CBear624

    CBear624Hace un mes

    So basically, the mother is a deadbeat bitch and almost got her kids killed indirectly...

  83. Andy Steeve

    Andy SteeveHace un mes

    Explic-o pe ma-ta in pizda cu fata aia de ratardat don't forget to leave a like, and as always stay awesome bros

  84. nicholas cardenas

    nicholas cardenasHace 2 meses

    The kid looks like chucky.

  85. Douglas Poole

    Douglas PooleHace 2 meses

    A ghost story

  86. Roxie JoJo

    Roxie JoJoHace 2 meses

    When you gonna explain Us

  87. merry marie

    merry marieHace 2 meses

    If they don’t just kick grandpa in the knees and push grandma down the stairs

  88. Flat Bear

    Flat BearHace 2 meses

    This movie freaked me out for some reason...

  89. Chante Olalo

    Chante OlaloHace 2 meses

    Was no one else painfully bothered by the fact that she never showed a picture of the grandparents to the children prior to sending them? I understand cutting off all contact with them but if you’re going to send your kids to relatives, you should’ve let them know what they look like. That was the final straw for me to see that she was an awful mom

  90. The Cheese Assassin

    The Cheese AssassinHace 2 meses

    the kid reminds me of my good friend

  91. Leech

    LeechHace 2 meses

    Wait people actually like this movie ? That shit was so bad.

  92. Dio

    DioHace 2 meses

    This movie was really good tbh. It scared me shitless.

  93. adam straub

    adam straubHace 2 meses

    I never really saw the movie and to be honest I am so glad I didn't

  94. Manong Tv

    Manong TvHace 2 meses

    Kinda like hansel and gretel

  95. Salma Ibrahim

    Salma IbrahimHace 2 meses

    I wish he would’ve done a ghost story instead

  96. Abhi

    AbhiHace 2 meses

    Worst mother ever. Period.

  97. IUseThisName ForMyGoogleAccount

    IUseThisName ForMyGoogleAccountHace 2 meses

    The film itself probably isn't winning any awards for accurate portrayal of mental illness (Though it's actually substantially better than most) but this episode's explanation of the Grandfather's schizophrenia teeters somewhere between 'lazy' and 'actually insulting' in a way that the movie itself did not. It's not that the white creature hallucination was 'the source' of his Schizophrenia or the incident traumatized him so severely it led to him losing control of himself over the years and developing other symptoms. The white creature was the first symptom serious enough for other people to notice; his first major episode, and a delusion that never really left him. The distinction might seem trivial to people that haven't actually had close friends or loved ones that suffered from it, but it's equivalent to 'Losing his ability to walk was the source of his Multiple Schlerosis, and then the emotional trauma of that event led to loss of sensation in the extremities and respiratory failure. ' You can see Schizophrenia on an MRI. It's a actual progressive brain disease.

  98. lost article 0.0

    lost article 0.0Hace 2 meses

    The movie was not scary it was super funny to me lmfao

  99. Big Bang

    Big BangHace 2 meses

    I've heard of getting shitfaced but that was ridiculous! Bad grandpa! 💩👎

  100. Joe the Coyote

    Joe the CoyoteHace 2 meses

    This movie was shit.