THE VISIT (2015) Ending Explained


  1. Tom Tay

    Tom TayHace 21 un hora

    I got scared when they were play hide and seek under the house

  2. Julian Savage

    Julian SavageHace un día

    This movie was faqing awful except for the grandma's acting witch was awesome

  3. Lil Drxpped

    Lil DrxppedHace 5 días

    No one: No one at all: Not a single fucking soul: Nobody in the whole world: Nobody anywhere at all: Nana: you mind getting in the oven real quick?

  4. Taiya001

    Taiya001Hace 6 días

    1) Bad mother. At least schedule a cruise a few days out so you can say sorry to your "parents" 2) I FUCKING HATE PARENTS WHO LEAVE THEIR KIDS! The dad should have been the one to die not Stacey. Also he married his high school student. PEDO ASSHOLE DESERVES TO DIE 3) The poor grandparents were right about their ex son-in-law. Their daughter is an absolute fucking idiot not to listen but considering he was her teacher the most blame is on him. 4) Kids have a laptop and no cell? Uh yeah their mom is a dumbass.

  5. StuuDude

    StuuDudeHace 7 días

    Horrible mother.

  6. Hope Carr

    Hope CarrHace 8 días

    I thought this movie was great, very creepy! The hide & seek scene scared the holy s#&t out of my mother in law, which is fairly hard to do...and was pretty hilarious!

  7. Yodit Sebhatu

    Yodit SebhatuHace 8 días

    😧 🤯 mother??

  8. WatTheFuk ULikeScrapDawg?

    WatTheFuk ULikeScrapDawg?Hace 8 días

    I come here to learn everything that happens in the movie without getting scared shitless 😂

  9. Alexa Harcrow

    Alexa HarcrowHace 9 días

    How does their mom just let them go without even going to see her parents to make sure that it's them? She just let them go, she's a terrible mother.

  10. JΛMΛ

    JΛMΛHace 9 días

    dumbest movie I've ever seen, if you like it you need to watch better ones

  11. Chris Nelson

    Chris NelsonHace 10 días

    I've watched the visit when it was in theaters very scary

  12. Chris Nelson

    Chris NelsonHace 10 días


  13. Mr. Male 2007

    Mr. Male 2007Hace 10 días


  14. Inala Fazldeen

    Inala FazldeenHace 10 días

    A ghost story

  15. Stylish Sandwich Toaster

    Stylish Sandwich ToasterHace 11 días

    Tyler the creator

  16. Lordpuffer Der erste

    Lordpuffer Der ersteHace 12 días


  17. Braden 18

    Braden 18Hace 12 días

    Can you please go inside the oven to clean it?

  18. Twig

    TwigHace 12 días

    I knew Alexander would have an even worse day.

  19. Roy Rice

    Roy RiceHace 13 días

    Don't care much for movies made of kid's with digital cameras!!👎👎👎

  20. The Void

    The VoidHace 13 días

    That's why you visit your gramps regularly

  21. KobeWanKenobi

    KobeWanKenobiHace 14 días

    That's shit-tastic

  22. Mucho Taco

    Mucho TacoHace 16 días

    Great movie

  23. spyOx

    spyOxHace 16 días

    Where the fuck is the police?

  24. commder cat 10

    commder cat 10Hace 16 días

    Do a ghost story

  25. Svinja

    SvinjaHace 17 días

    I almost shit my pants poppops style when the grandma crawled at the camera at 90 mph

  26. Kade Wello & Friends

    Kade Wello & FriendsHace 18 días

    His comedic moments in these videos don’t happen very often but when they do, they make me smile

  27. Francesco Duarte

    Francesco DuarteHace 18 días

    11:35 the editing was funny

  28. Pat M

    Pat MHace 19 días

    A Ghost Story!

  29. EllieQuestCosplay

    EllieQuestCosplayHace 20 días

    the possession of hannah grace!!

  30. Alice Misfit

    Alice MisfitHace 20 días

    M night should definitely stick to horror films and never touch my precious avatar again

  31. Frankie Bruan

    Frankie BruanHace 21 un día

    Take a picture/vdeo of grandparents, send it via email to mom, mom freaks out, movies ends early.

  32. Superior Gaming

    Superior GamingHace 21 un día

    A Ghost Story A Ghost Story A Ghost Story A Ghost Story A Ghost Story A Ghost Story A Ghost Story A Ghost Story A Ghost Story A Ghost Story A Ghost Story A Ghost Story

  33. Superior Gaming

    Superior GamingHace 21 un día

    A Ghost Story

  34. Ollie J

    Ollie JHace 21 un día

    This movie is just gross

  35. Dawnpelt Was right

    Dawnpelt Was rightHace 21 un día

    I like this movie but they just kinda add to the stigma that all schizophrenic people are killers and mentality ill people are unsafe to be around.

  36. Amni Ony

    Amni OnyHace 21 un día


  37. Joseph Valdez

    Joseph ValdezHace 21 un día

    Do a review on..( The Boy ).. part 2 to the movie the boy will be coming out this weekend

  38. PizzaMafioso

    PizzaMafiosoHace 25 días

    My grandma: "Did you made lunch for my grandson, yet?" Dad: "no" Grandma: 5:14

  39. Tom Sorvie

    Tom SorvieHace 26 días

    rog chomp cog romp

  40. OC Beezilla

    OC BeezillaHace 28 días


  41. sexxyperv

    sexxypervHace 29 días

    People who freeze up during stressful situations deserve what's coming to them. At least they do in my book.

  42. domtheghost 6

    domtheghost 6Hace un mes

    I thought this movie was funny af

  43. Zac. W

    Zac. WHace un mes

    this is the only movie that scared me>...

  44. Damien Gay

    Damien GayHace un mes

    Do hereditary!!!

  45. House Nebula

    House NebulaHace un mes


  46. Francis Yagual

    Francis YagualHace un mes

    I cringe so hard at the rapping my skin aged 100 years

  47. Mr. 47

    Mr. 47Hace un mes

    I thought that was how you're supposed to say Yatzi...??? Now I realize why no one wants to play that game with me anymore...

  48. Marcos

    MarcosHace un mes

    I got a ad of wipes during the Tyler shit face

  49. amarieoflothlorien

    amarieoflothlorienHace un mes

    Mom sees the grandparents are strangers, acts like nothing happened LOL!!

  50. Richard Nicholls

    Richard NichollsHace un mes

    I felt like the only redeemable thing in this movie was the acting. The twist wasn't much a twist, and the path we have to take to get there is very boring and predictable.

  51. MrShisuto

    MrShisutoHace un mes

    Am I the only one who figured out they weren’t their real grandparents halfway into the movie?

  52. Jeep Ford Guy

    Jeep Ford GuyHace un mes

    My grandparents literally go to bed at 12:30am

  53. Brandon Sutton

    Brandon SuttonHace un mes

    That mom has to be the worst mother I have ever seen in a movie,

  54. Designs

    DesignsHace un mes

    the real villain of this movie was the mother.

  55. dragonwolf Holmes

    dragonwolf HolmesHace un mes

    I'm scared hug me grandma.... Wait who are you

  56. Juke Carlee

    Juke CarleeHace un mes

    my favorite film is the scariest one...your mom dun dun duuuuuun

  57. Ash Johnson

    Ash JohnsonHace un mes

    I don't know why im watching this I've seen this movie

  58. Matt F

    Matt FHace un mes

    I can buy that she didn’t talk to her parents for 20 years and they never met the grandkids, but the grandkids never saw photos of their real grandparents at any point in their life?

  59. thomas bicket

    thomas bicketHace un mes

    5:11 awesome now i've just shit my pants

  60. Aidemations

    AidemationsHace un mes

    I knew I recon gnoses the daughter is this! She’s in “Better Watch Out” which is a dope movie!

  61. Nazo Breeze

    Nazo BreezeHace un mes

    That freestyle made me cringe so hard I felt sick

  62. D_Spot_ 37

    D_Spot_ 37Hace un mes

    Tyler or whatever his name is, is a lil bitch

  63. TRK ToOnZ

    TRK ToOnZHace un mes

    That Yatzee part made this movie much less scarier

  64. sorry name broke

    sorry name brokeHace un mes

    A small price to pay for childhood trauma

  65. 율동

    율동Hace un mes

    I'm scared of dolls and now I know that I'm also scared by old people popping put of no where...

  66. Angelo Rei Mape

    Angelo Rei MapeHace un mes

    Okayyyy Hansel and Gretel

  67. Rhys Andrew

    Rhys AndrewHace un mes

    This was a great movie

  68. XGaming CentralX

    XGaming CentralXHace un mes

    Nobody Babies when they shit themselves : 12:55

  69. Kerch0w

    Kerch0wHace un mes

    why is foundflix one of the most under rated youtubers on this platform? does his job explaining endings, explains story, entertaining, no drama, just a swell channel woah

  70. Going Slap Happy

    Going Slap HappyHace 13 días

    He has 2m suscribers. Not very underrated

  71. Lateshia Lewis

    Lateshia LewisHace un mes

    Tyler needs to give it up and become a accountant



    Hey kids welcome to the house of -murdered grandparents and stolen identities- I mean uh fun and awesomeness!!!

  73. Marc DeBenedetto

    Marc DeBenedettoHace un mes

    Yeah, so I thought you were gonna explain why this kid keeps rapping. It’s cringy AF.

  74. RH 05

    RH 05Hace 2 meses

    Who thought that dead Stacy was beca cause they were wearing the same coloured shirt. I did😆



    “This wiener kid” lmao

  76. FilmMaker

    FilmMakerHace 2 meses

    There are literally so many holes in this movie, like literally it’s giving me a headache. Movie was good and entertaining though.

  77. Katie Halida

    Katie HalidaHace 2 meses

    dude your not funny

  78. Adrian Castillo

    Adrian CastilloHace 2 meses


  79. Mia Hunter

    Mia HunterHace 2 meses

    Can u do mockingbird

  80. Quincy Tory

    Quincy ToryHace 2 meses

    My question why do you like the demon from Exorcist into that house like no one recognized that from the throwing up in her crawling

  81. Kara James

    Kara JamesHace 2 meses

    shit film really