The Try Guys Test Who Is The Most Attractive


  1. Harshita Sharma

    Harshita SharmaHace 4 horas

    I wish Eugene would've just said "I'm right. You're wrong. Shut up." to that Tinder girl for "the try guys" as a whole.. 😂😂 I'd swipe for all of them.. they're amazing people.. I mean 2 are married, one is in a relationship and the other is gay, but I'd still swipe right ❤️

  2. Emppos

    EmpposHace 4 horas

    18:32 lmao

  3. Uspatriot219 Gainz

    Uspatriot219 GainzHace 5 horas


  4. ella_ripley_

    ella_ripley_Hace 7 horas


  5. Sofia

    SofiaHace 7 horas

    Tinder girl thinks that every one likes boring guys

  6. ella_ripley_

    ella_ripley_Hace 7 horas

    Keith: i think IM gonna win this category

  7. İpek Serdem Ocak

    İpek Serdem OcakHace 9 horas

    i would go with keith all the way, it’s sad he is taken

  8. Jay McLaren

    Jay McLarenHace 9 horas

    10:52 is that,,, is that Miles??

  9. ミヤホシ

    ミヤホシHace 11 horas

    10:28 you’re welcome😉

  10. screeching dad

    screeching dadHace 18 horas

    Why is everyone hating on the tinder lady? lol I liked her, she was funny

  11. Kyra Steffen

    Kyra SteffenHace 19 horas

    The tinder lady was looking too much into it. If I saw Keith with a KFC bouquet and a poetic bio, I’d swipe right.

  12. Rizgn

    RizgnHace un día

    Tinder lady was fine

  13. Isabelle Leonore Sønstegaard Engh

    Isabelle Leonore Sønstegaard EnghHace un día

    I want to see the same thing with women 😅 I would try that

  14. Fro Bro

    Fro BroHace un día

    I want Ned or Keith to win. Didn’t watch the entire video yet.

  15. Nhox Kid

    Nhox KidHace un día

    People said asian are unattractive, Eugene: said no more

  16. Johannes Kibreab

    Johannes KibreabHace un día

    Those Testosterone levels are comparable to an 85-100 year old man these dudes need medical attention

  17. lemon kirby

    lemon kirbyHace un día

    16:40 to skip the tinder segment-- I felt too bad for the guys, I thought they all did pretty good!

  18. Payden Mcfun

    Payden McfunHace un día

    Do we really need to do tests to see who it the hottest try guys

  19. Juli Ortiz

    Juli OrtizHace un día

    No one: Absolutely no one: Ned : My blood is selfish.

  20. rozie

    rozieHace un día


  21. Hatsune Miku

    Hatsune MikuHace un día

    I really dislike phd woman.

  22. Hatsune Miku

    Hatsune MikuHace un día

    I love the lady saying how busted the guys look then one tiny nice feature. Except for Eugene, he’s just handsome af.

  23. Muhammad2forever

    Muhammad2foreverHace un día

    Me: looks at female boobs Eyes: wooooaaahh

  24. 1,000 subscribers with few videos?

    1,000 subscribers with few videos?Hace un día

    The guy with glasses is literally logic.

  25. 1,000 subscribers with few videos?

    1,000 subscribers with few videos?Hace un día

    The Zodiac guy seems very hot. And his heart is cold.

  26. Noob Squad

    Noob SquadHace 2 días

    that is one of the stupidest phds ive heard about

  27. Calum Tatum

    Calum TatumHace 2 días

    their testosterone levels are dangerously low for men. why can't buzzfeed work with guys with normal testosterone levels (700+)? it's really sad.

  28. Yura Graterol

    Yura GraterolHace 2 días

    Why is NO ONE talking about how BEAUTIFUL Zach's eyes are?

  29. emily zhang

    emily zhangHace 2 días

    Ok i love the host

  30. Earlyta Aaa

    Earlyta AaaHace 2 días

    Eugene is hot but why eugene why

  31. Jenna Craig

    Jenna CraigHace 2 días

    OK, there was hardly any need for that woman to throw out the word "abuse" when it came to Eugene's profile photo. It was a funny photo that showed he doesn't take himself too seriously. I'm a gay woman, and I'd still swipe just for that alone.

  32. riley pagano

    riley paganoHace 2 días

    no one: actually no body ever: not a soul on in the universe: keith: can i make a fart sound when it goes in?

  33. Keshar Yadav

    Keshar YadavHace 2 días

    " I am great at a service that I never use".

  34. martha pastel

    martha pastelHace 2 días

    That lady was a rat

  35. Max Alexander Wilson

    Max Alexander WilsonHace 3 días

    who’s the guy at 10:52

  36. J. Arely Lopez

    J. Arely LopezHace 3 días

    lol I seriously love the personalities of all the guys! unique and goofy in their own way! lol Ned was like im referred to as the "other white guy"

  37. TheDerpyMario

    TheDerpyMarioHace 3 días

    I'm just expecting this video to have all the try guys go on tinder and see who gets the most babes

  38. Mattan Benisty

    Mattan BenistyHace 3 días

    Every time se said reladivley

  39. I'm a Weird Noodle

    I'm a Weird NoodleHace 3 días

    17:58 that Ryan from Buzzfeed Unsolved?

  40. Hajna Galambos

    Hajna GalambosHace 3 días

    I just kinda hate that girl😐

  41. Hajna Galambos

    Hajna GalambosHace 3 días

    And love how keith is a savage w her

  42. Idk anymore

    Idk anymoreHace 3 días

    Tbh... I think Keith is hooooot

  43. Bacchanalia

    BacchanaliaHace 3 días

    Facial symmetry; Eugene wins, all the others are cute because have blue eyes.

  44. Shalynushka K

    Shalynushka KHace 3 días

    That Asian guy is really hot 😍

  45. no video 10k subscribers

    no video 10k subscribersHace 3 días

    Ned:my blood is really selfish😂

  46. Michel Bravo

    Michel BravoHace 4 días

    Shove your PhD up your ***!

  47. Molly K

    Molly KHace 4 días

    When people think tetanus is caused by rust 😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  48. Gabrielle Nesci

    Gabrielle NesciHace 4 días

    That woman is so annoying. She basically hated on everything that they did. I think all of those pictures were very nice! The bios could use a little work, but... that's irrelevant LOL!

  49. Evelyn Fisher

    Evelyn FisherHace 4 días

    I would take that chicken and biscuits

  50. alex

    alexHace 4 días

    No one: Keith: *sperm in my blood*

  51. Gay LordCthulu

    Gay LordCthuluHace 4 días

    Buzzfeed unsolved says eugene is the best

  52. Shakuri

    ShakuriHace 4 días

    bruh that doctor was the most attractive!

  53. Marina Maged

    Marina MagedHace 5 días


  54. Marv N

    Marv NHace 5 días

    Most girls reviewing male tinder profiles would probably agree with what the tinder lady is saying.

  55. jk justkidding

    jk justkiddingHace 5 días

    I know this may sound like a political thing but do they actually have low testosterone or is the test wrong

  56. The REAL Kiki

    The REAL KikiHace 5 días

    Zach: quotes Rihanna Tinder lady: ArE yOu RiHaNnA

  57. Alexandra Momsen

    Alexandra MomsenHace 5 días

    15:30 Girl: you're not smiling kindly, you look like your up to something Keith: uP tO KiNdNeSs

  58. Viktor Zivcec

    Viktor ZivcecHace 5 días

    Man, this tinder lady. How can she diss everyone for having their photos be what they personally like, and then say "well don't you wanna be original??" Where do they find people like this??

  59. Christine Tarango

    Christine TarangoHace 5 días

    I feel like the tinder lady was waaaaaaaaaaay too serious 😂

  60. Kristi Boes

    Kristi BoesHace 5 días

    The tinder lady does not go into any nuance of attraction science

  61. lynn

    lynnHace 6 días

    The tinder lady just had a more alternative sense of humor, you can see her laughing in some shots her humor was just more sarcastic. It’s not going to resonate with everyone she was a bit standoffish but I found her funny.