The Try Guys Test Who Is The Most Attractive



    J-HOE IS BACKHace 12 horas

    2:20 *Me When I Realize I Have School Tomorrow*

  2. ᴍɪɪʟᴋ

    ᴍɪɪʟᴋHace 13 horas

    That tinder lady has a very squeaky voice and she kinda acts bratty. I bet she has worse photos :/

  3. psyopus syzygy

    psyopus syzygyHace 13 horas

    God these dudes are women

  4. Simply Sookie

    Simply SookieHace 16 horas

    Why is the jewish guy so obsessed with being jewish?

  5. Simply Sookie

    Simply SookieHace 16 horas

    phD girl : yOu rE nOt MaKinG aN aPp yoU rE maKiNg a ProFiLe

  6. Simply Sookie

    Simply SookieHace 16 horas

    They shouldnt let straight men smell the pheromones tho. Obviously they won't like the masculine smells right?

  7. Tamanna D

    Tamanna DHace 20 horas

    Keith: i ThInK iM gOnNA wIn tHiS oNe...

  8. Oop Bangtan

    Oop BangtanHace un día


  9. Itsmyname

    ItsmynameHace un día

    Keith is such a patton

  10. the vlogging gamer 6000

    the vlogging gamer 6000Hace un día


  11. Ireri

    IreriHace un día

    oh i really dislike her so much she’s like the worst facet of my personality when i was 16

  12. Rafael Sales ferreira

    Rafael Sales ferreiraHace 2 días

    The most atractive people in this video is the lady that talks about the beauty of the guys :)

  13. H K

    H KHace 2 días

    I think that tinder picture with Eugene and Pesto in the bag wasn’t a display of agony. I think the tinder lady misread his expression. I feel he was radiating happiness. Either way, it’s probably just his face.

  14. CarlyA

    CarlyAHace 2 días

    I love that my boy Ryan has a little cameo in this. This is so great lol

  15. Isabella Yasss

    Isabella YasssHace 2 días

    Tinder lady is a love doctor that doesn’t understand love also she’s basically hitting on all of the try guys by saying how “attractive” they are

  16. just a random dragon on the internet

    just a random dragon on the internetHace 2 días

    1 like or dis like of comment or if you see this = 123456789123456789123456789123456789123456789123456789123456789 punches for the tinder lady

  17. Shivam Wadhia

    Shivam WadhiaHace 2 días


  18. Park Jisung

    Park JisungHace 2 días

    3:12 oH dAdDy i wheezed 😂😂

  19. Infinite Chain82

    Infinite Chain82Hace 3 días


  20. Kerotto Art

    Kerotto ArtHace 3 días

    My BMI is 19.7

  21. Ordinary lucas

    Ordinary lucasHace 3 días

    No one Not even soul Not even your dog Keith: I think I’m gonna with this because

  22. Davis T.

    Davis T.Hace 3 días

    She’s quite a b- honestly

  23. Katie Bugg

    Katie BuggHace 3 días

    I love keith😂💕

  24. veggiesaremurder

    veggiesaremurderHace 3 días

    Also, Keith does NOT have deep-set eyes! He has the opposite, meaning they stick out more than average.

  25. veggiesaremurder

    veggiesaremurderHace 3 días

    Facial beauty is so important to me in both men and women, that it's really the only physical characteristic I care about, romantically. To me, character and personality are the most important things, by far, in a partner. I've dated men of all types, but I can only feel truly attracted to someone if there's an emotional connection there, which is why personality is so key.

  26. Triniti Elise

    Triniti EliseHace 3 días

    I’m p sure the tinder lady is basing it of her attraction to the guys.

  27. steamed buns619

    steamed buns619Hace 4 días

    Eugene is obviously the most physically attractive out of the Try Guys.

  28. Yik Jay Lim

    Yik Jay LimHace 4 días

    How do u freaking get a pHD in Tinder?

  29. Jade Hoi

    Jade HoiHace 4 días

    Abuse..? Baby’s cry sometimes

  30. Jack Day

    Jack DayHace 5 días

    uuuhhh...none of them...?

  31. Abby Jennings Elric

    Abby Jennings ElricHace 5 días

    you know when your tall when your 2 inches shorter than Ned

  32. Johanna Bothur

    Johanna BothurHace 6 días

    I'm sorry, but the answer is Eugene.

  33. PsychoGemini39

    PsychoGemini39Hace 6 días

    17:49 😂😂😂 When the teacher finds out you‘ve done your homework during class

  34. PsychoGemini39

    PsychoGemini39Hace 6 días

    I despise her with all my heart COME AT ME * *0* * 😤😤😤👽👽

  35. Antonia Nature

    Antonia NatureHace 6 días

    Am I'm th only one who has a crush on Eugene?

  36. ThatLoudWhite Bitch

    ThatLoudWhite BitchHace 6 días

    Engine for sure

  37. abbie loves tea

    abbie loves teaHace 7 días

    Ned: what’s your one vein percentage, are you batting a hundred? Me: I don’t think Ned knows how baseball works

  38. KittyKat Girl

    KittyKat GirlHace 7 días

    Um I think Ned is the cutest but whatever science

  39. John Michael

    John MichaelHace 7 días

    I thought that Eugene would win 🤷🏼‍♂️

  40. Denman Otali

    Denman OtaliHace 8 días

    I love how the only one Keith one was the poll he didn't claim to be first.

  41. Elise Hanson

    Elise HansonHace 8 días

    K I've watched this video 95,000 times and every time I like the social media lady less and less. I just don't agree with her but more than that she seems to have no sense of humor, which I feel like is extremely important in understanding attraction. I I mean, social media is tricky and I get that, but the fact that these guys have a thriving social media career would suggest that maybe people are-oh, I don't know-drawn to them.

  42. Elise Hanson

    Elise HansonHace 8 días

    Also, "abuse?" "ABUSE??" You wanna be throwin' out that term all willy-nilly like that, Tinder lady?

  43. sdawewe

    sdaweweHace 8 días

    Phds shouldn't be taking 6 years.....

  44. Bloodie44

    Bloodie44Hace 8 días


  45. WolfMagic48

    WolfMagic48Hace 9 días

    okay but I feel like a lot of the theory behind this kind of thing is leading to who is the most "viable" in terms of offspring, and that is just not how I have viewed any relationship ever???

  46. April Lynch

    April LynchHace 9 días

    I'd pick Eugene no matter what cause I want someone to make me laugh

  47. Camila Rowe

    Camila RoweHace 9 días

    Am I the only one who did not need to watch the entire video to be able to tell that it would be Eugene?

  48. DIYs and Fun

    DIYs and FunHace 9 días

    I have not watched the video yet. I do not care. The answer is Eugene

  49. Dawnbringer Riven

    Dawnbringer RivenHace 9 días

    And then theres me with a BMI of 29

  50. look atallthose chickens

    look atallthose chickensHace 10 días

    No one: Keith: I think that I'M gonna win this category

  51. - SolelyLove

    - SolelyLoveHace 10 días

    Tinder girl was rude, and had no sense of humor...

  52. Shari Games

    Shari GamesHace 10 días

    Why is the cutest of guys always gay?

  53. Claryes Ellen

    Claryes EllenHace 10 días


  54. Rachel Sato

    Rachel SatoHace 10 días

    15:20 that photo of Eugene👌

  55. Rachel Sato

    Rachel SatoHace 11 días

    Eugene or Ned in my opinion

  56. Leisa Hopkins-Brown

    Leisa Hopkins-BrownHace 11 días

    I had to fast forward through the tinder part. That lady was unbearable.

  57. TaelienEatingKookies

    TaelienEatingKookiesHace 11 días

    I just realized Ned had under arm sweat

  58. Flint Lockwood’s Prison Inmate

    Flint Lockwood’s Prison InmateHace 11 días

    I would date Keith honestly

  59. MMC beatz

    MMC beatzHace 11 días

    ugh: gays

  60. XxEdits_Drapple Xx

    XxEdits_Drapple XxHace 11 días

    Crazy tinder lady: “It looks like you are up to something” Keith: “Up to kindness” This is why Keith’s my favorite 😂❤️

  61. Josie Nichols

    Josie NicholsHace 11 días

    Who else thinks Zach is rlly cute | | | V