The Try Guys Play Giant Jenga Truth Or Dare


  1. Maya D

    Maya DHace un hora

    “TAKE A WHIFF BIG BOY” “Why’s it so sweaty?” “WHO KNOWS”

  2. Hugues Foster

    Hugues FosterHace 5 horas

    Forget the accent Zack?

  3. Jessie Ehrenberg

    Jessie EhrenbergHace 11 horas

    Try guys twister?

  4. Ana Ruiz

    Ana RuizHace 18 horas

    Milwaukee ❤❤❤❤🍺🍺🍺

  5. Maggy Spill

    Maggy SpillHace 21 un hora

    Everytime I hear '' Try Guy Gay Time '' insted of '' Try Guy Game Time ''.. Am I the only one? Am I weird?

  6. Tara

    TaraHace 21 un hora

    Ok I haven't finished the vid but I bet Zach is the one that makes the tower fall.

  7. Marilin Moon

    Marilin MoonHace 21 un hora

    Did anyone notice that at 8:31 when Zach is dancing to the paper, he has the green onesie, but in the very next scene he had the white one he switched with Ned?

  8. Eliana AcevedoHurtado

    Eliana AcevedoHurtadoHace un día

    Zach wants to live in Milwaukee with the spirit of Jeffrey Dahmer

  9. Raynbow Skull Erin

    Raynbow Skull ErinHace un día

    Pleaseeee make asian of chaos a shirt thats amazing

  10. Tobias Paulino

    Tobias PaulinoHace un día

    When u check if the video is nearing its end. I know now.

  11. Ettenilc Nozrag

    Ettenilc NozragHace un día

    This reminds me, what would Wes think about his dad in these vids?

  12. Nikola 2008

    Nikola 2008Hace 2 días

    Always when they say the TGGT i always hear it as Try Guys *Gay* Time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Anjy Masmil

    Anjy MasmilHace 2 días

    Did you know that 'jenga' is a Swahili word that means 'build'?

  14. Anjy Masmil

    Anjy MasmilHace 2 días

    Ned was so pissed when they'd touch the pieces first without removing them 😂 😂

  15. Anjy Masmil

    Anjy MasmilHace 2 días

    Zach doing Ned's laugh 😂 😂 😂 😂

  16. Geramy Espiña

    Geramy EspiñaHace 2 días

    Alright, I want this asian of chaos to be my ringtone. hahaha 9:05

  17. Emma

    EmmaHace 2 días

    Try guys game time never gets old :) it’s also nice to see Eugene being a bit more relaxed and having more fun than in some more serious videos. Love you all 💜💜💜

  18. Shork

    ShorkHace 3 días

    Who would you want as the fifth try guy? *might as well be bloody inkness at this point*

  19. Tab -w-

    Tab -w-Hace 3 días

    Asian of chaos

  20. Kailynbkitty 4

    Kailynbkitty 4Hace 4 días

    Zach:I would redo the doom buggy episode Me:SANDY ANDY SANDY ANDY

  21. Brittany Fenix

    Brittany FenixHace 4 días

    Keith* "I would have thought a hamburger mascot" 😍🤣

  22. Robert Furlong

    Robert FurlongHace 5 días

    Me when Kieth eats the pickle: " that's enough of that"

  23. Who Cares?

    Who Cares?Hace 5 días

    whoever did the sound editing is a bit of a legend

  24. hermione granger

    hermione grangerHace 5 días

    Milwaukee welcomes you Zach!!!!!!!!

  25. Aoki Mika

    Aoki MikaHace 6 días

    I just now got the triceratops thing- Like the reason.. I think..

  26. Elanor Allmann

    Elanor AllmannHace 6 días

    Eugene's voice when he was late with saying the Try Guys Game Time in the end. So adorable.

  27. Watsupfellas 2.0

    Watsupfellas 2.0Hace 6 días

    why was the first thought in my mind a minion when eugene says banana

  28. McKenna Allen

    McKenna AllenHace 6 días

    Eugene I’m so proud u picked ur animals

  29. Crimson monk

    Crimson monkHace 6 días


  30. CaptainCati

    CaptainCatiHace 7 días

    Has anyone addressed the tiny dinosaurs scattered throughout the room?

  31. Gabriel Colpitts

    Gabriel ColpittsHace 7 días

    It might be because I'm sleep deprived and delirious, but I kind of want to try a chocolate covered pickle now....

  32. Sıla Buse Güler

    Sıla Buse GülerHace 8 días

    In a world of caos i just wanna be that dancing question

  33. Anshuman dutta

    Anshuman duttaHace 8 días

    Ned's sneaker game not bad tho

  34. Amina Nour

    Amina NourHace 9 días

    Can we talk about why the frick frack snick snack the first role that comes to Eugene's mind is "a penguin drunk at the bar" hahahahahaahahahhah

  35. Levi Mac

    Levi MacHace 9 días

    Have anyone lived in Minnesota from the try guys

  36. Chienna Sicat

    Chienna SicatHace 9 días

    nnnnnnnnuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu im in philiphines :(

  37. Hit or Mish

    Hit or MishHace 9 días

    The music when Ned and Zach changes outfits is so familiar

  38. Misty Kadel-Howland

    Misty Kadel-HowlandHace 9 días

    I think zach should have been the loser. He didnt talk with a strange accent through the rest of the game like his dare said to

  39. Socks OwO

    Socks OwOHace 11 días

    I just realize that Ned and Zach switch their animal clothes

  40. Socks OwO

    Socks OwOHace 11 días

    at the begining of the video*

  41. Sierra Gilbertson

    Sierra GilbertsonHace 12 días

    Zach would not survive in Milwaukee.... trust me

  42. JHggV 2

    JHggV 2Hace 12 días

    I thought He would kill Diego Brando before those picture showed up lol

  43. Madame Extraordinaire

    Madame ExtraordinaireHace 12 días

    I don't what it is with people. Beef tongue happens to be delicious.

  44. Tara Marie

    Tara MarieHace 12 días

    Zach “astronaut I’m going to the moon bitch”😂🌑

  45. enter first name enter last name

    enter first name enter last nameHace 14 días

    Every time they said dare bomb I thought they said Dear Mom

  46. Mia Gonzalez

    Mia GonzalezHace 15 días

    Zach impersonating Ned “my wife” *high pitch voice* 6:09

  47. Kathleen Lewis

    Kathleen LewisHace 15 días

    Jaime would be awesome as the fifth try guy!!!

  48. Krai _

    Krai _Hace 15 días


  49. Cenzie Dee

    Cenzie DeeHace 15 días

    America’s Dads ♥️

  50. Liss R_x

    Liss R_xHace 16 días

    It takes ALL the drama out if it when you can see that the video is ending soon 🤣 So you basically know when it’a gonna topple 🤣

  51. Amanda Newman

    Amanda NewmanHace 17 días

    I feel bad for anyone who would have to smell my armpits lol

  52. Caitlin Murphy

    Caitlin MurphyHace 18 días

    "Would you ever want to be as fertile as a calf... in heat? umm... a calf is a baby and wouldn't be in heat. lol

  53. Lindsey Grise

    Lindsey GriseHace 19 días

    why is nobody talking about Zach saying "obviously you'd f*ck backpack he has so many compartments" I spit out my drink 😂😂😂

  54. Ahilin Salazar

    Ahilin SalazarHace 19 días

    Milwaukee, like Milwaukee, WI????? Why would Zach pick Milwaukee?? I go to Milwaukee to get groceries and I am not a big fan. Maybe i'm going to the wrong part of Milwaukee.

  55. brinley martinez

    brinley martinezHace 19 días

    watching this stoned while eating some chocolate. livin lavish

  56. Celestine

    CelestineHace 19 días

    Ned that's cheating you have to pick 4 rows under.

  57. Celestine

    CelestineHace 19 días

    Keith it's hard to tell you this but you only did 22 seconds of a hand stand.

  58. Hayley Barvitskie

    Hayley BarvitskieHace 20 días

    Zack looks like he’d love Milwaukee

  59. •little - squirrel•

    •little - squirrel•Hace 20 días

    I don’t know why but when Eugene isn’t smiling he’s attractive but when he’s smiling he’s a baby like all I see is a cutie/baby but when he’s not all I see is attractive/hawt

  60. SweetKeri24

    SweetKeri24Hace 20 días

    "I'd pick Milwaukee.".. you need to visit other parts of wiscosnin, Zach. Lol

  61. Natalie Kendel

    Natalie KendelHace 23 días

    Why the hell does Zach keep taking his trousers off. Dude, get some decent, not mangy-looking boxers!