The Try Guys Play Giant Jenga Truth Or Dare


  1. Hunter MM

    Hunter MMHace 3 horas

    why is no one talking about keith randomly saying “i would be a hamburger mascot”

  2. Xhyanna Brown

    Xhyanna BrownHace 8 horas

    Pretty sure keith did coke before this

  3. Logan Alexander Beatrice Cook

    Logan Alexander Beatrice CookHace 13 horas


  4. Ben Bagley

    Ben BagleyHace 15 horas

    Asian of Chaos sounds like a brilliant merch idea

  5. Magsi Maginski

    Magsi MaginskiHace un día

    Congrats to the person that wrote like 50% of the dares, I love you

  6. It's Sandra

    It's SandraHace un día

    8:26 I like how the took footage from earlier and put it here. I only noticed it because Zach is in his clothes then next shot Ned has zach’s clothes

  7. Itz Tzuki

    Itz TzukiHace un día

    Ayyy 3:37 Milwaukee 💪💪

  8. star gazers

    star gazersHace un día

    Keith so talented pulling that banana peel with his foot 👏🏻 IM IMPRESSED

  9. star gazers

    star gazersHace un día


  10. MermaidDrue

    MermaidDrueHace un día

    I love how ready Zach was to take a bite of Keith’s foot banana

  11. Jules Green

    Jules GreenHace un día

    old pokey mckornfeld

  12. masatotai

    masatotaiHace 2 días

    Your pets would last like 15 to 20 years max. Then they'd die. You'd have no tea or coffee and no pets after twenty years. At least you choose option 2, you'd never seen your pets which would eventually leave but you'd be amply caffeinated.

  13. Your Daily Dose of Bffs

    Your Daily Dose of BffsHace 2 días

    7:21 I couldn’t with Keith

  14. Rachel Sato

    Rachel SatoHace 2 días

    That one dare said: change A clothing item with the person on your right. Not: change all clothing items

  15. Emily D

    Emily DHace 3 días

    Okay somebody solve this for me..@8:24...does Zach have a piercing of some sort??? What is that?

  16. Eva wolf

    Eva wolfHace 16 horas

    I think it's a part of his glasses? It seems like it @12:30

  17. Karma Darkside

    Karma DarksideHace 3 días

    Same girl

  18. Mali Sargent

    Mali SargentHace 3 días

    only a true legend breaks a chandelier with a chicken strip

  19. Christelle Marcos

    Christelle MarcosHace 3 días

    Love the hoodie!!! Definitely getting one!!

  20. ALLY S

    ALLY SHace 4 días

    LEGend has it Eugene is still saying banana. 🍌

  21. Hannah Baxter

    Hannah BaxterHace 4 días

    Zach: i really like Milwaukee Me (A wisconsinite) WOOOO YEAHHHHH WISCONSIN

  22. Kiela Kalamau

    Kiela KalamauHace 4 días

    I wonder if they sell onsies? If not they should

  23. lionself

    lionselfHace 4 días

    i swear both times eugene said "try guys gay time"

  24. •Eclipse_MØØN •

    •Eclipse_MØØN •Hace 4 días

    Awwww I live in the UK that’s so Disappointing:( still love u guys not tryna make it sound weird hope u beat pewdipie soon! SOS 🆘

  25. Izza Rina

    Izza RinaHace 4 días

    "oH my gAwD kEiTh Oh mY GaWd"

  26. Ashlyn M

    Ashlyn MHace 5 días

    They said banana so many times I got an ad for a banana game

  27. Daintysuga !

    Daintysuga !Hace 5 días

    No one: Eugene: 𝘼𝙨𝙞𝙖𝙣 𝙤𝙛 𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙤𝙨

  28. Astrological Dream

    Astrological DreamHace 5 días

    Me: *From Wisconsin, who goes to Milwaukee often* Zach: *Mentions Milwaukee* Me: *squeals* Ahhh you must've seen the third ward of the city then...

  29. Hannah Fuller

    Hannah FullerHace 5 días

    Omg I just saw my mom in the pan view of the boston audience, AAAAAHHHHH!

  30. Pegasus 05

    Pegasus 05Hace 5 días

    Zach just forgot to do his accent for most of the video

  31. Aeriel Nesbitt

    Aeriel NesbittHace 5 días

    i'm behind on vids but something seems off with eugene. is he okay?

  32. Janice Perez

    Janice PerezHace 5 días

    " i would have chosen a hamburger mascot"😂😂😂

  33. Rimuliz

    RimulizHace 6 días

    Whenever I hear someone appreciate Mariah Carey i instantly like the person more

  34. LANE

    LANEHace 6 días

    This is it. I am finally valid for shipping Dwayne the Rock Johnson x Zack Cornfield

  35. Madeline White

    Madeline WhiteHace 7 días

    I don’t think the aim or intention of this video was to suddenly make me want to be kissed passionately by Zach, but that’s what it did... haven’t felt this way about lil Zach until now but he really seems like he’d be a fucking great kisser oml his gf is lucky 😅💕

  36. starstruckroman

    starstruckromanHace 7 días

    WHY ARE YOU VISITING MY COUNTRY WHEN ILL BE IN *_SPAIN_* THIS IS SUCH BAD TIMING HELP also youre going nowhere near my city so i wouldnt be able to go anyway bUT STILL???

  37. 왜 왜

    왜 왜Hace 7 días

    What was Keith on the entire video? 😂

  38. Melinda

    MelindaHace 7 días

    I was at the Boston show! It was so amazing!!! And I nearly peed myself laughing when Keith broke the chandelier XD There was chicken eeeevvveeerrryyyywhere in the theater as we were leaving. Surprisingly (but it shouldn't have been surprising) the best show I've possibly ever seen. Definitely the funniest! And it had quiet, moving moments too where the entire theater was silent during the serious moments. The juxtaposition of the sombre, serious parts with the absolute hilarity of the funny moments was just so amazing. Hopefully you'll do another tour again sometime! (But you probably won't be allowed back in the Shubert Theater :-P) Boston FTW

  39. Z0mbie

    Z0mbieHace 8 días

    This is the biggest f**ing jenga thing I've ever seen, WOW!

  40. sarah kucana

    sarah kucanaHace 8 días

    Eugene did jump splits with a sprained ankle impressive

  41. Anishka Senouvo

    Anishka SenouvoHace 8 días

    Keith sounds like he his drunk

  42. lupuslongevitus

    lupuslongevitusHace 9 días

    Oh come on, you expect us to believe that these were the most interesting questions/dares you got???

  43. Giphri SutCanKill

    Giphri SutCanKillHace 9 días

    Can you guys shout out all of us down under from Australia Love ya mates

  44. Teghan Climo

    Teghan ClimoHace 9 días

    16:31 who saw Keith's arm pit sweat

  45. sis i-

    sis i-Hace 9 días

    Shame! shame! shame! shame! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! *SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! S H A M E*

  46. Shar

    SharHace 9 días

    Okay, Eugene "Dedication" Lee Yang did not just say that he sprained his leg... and kept doing jump splits on it? My little perfectionist better stop trying to give me a heart attack 😭

  47. Evan Wiles

    Evan WilesHace 9 días

    I live in Milwaukee!!!!

  48. mrs11w

    mrs11wHace 9 días

    oh god, the hand kis #_#

  49. Danique Eijkelenboom

    Danique EijkelenboomHace 9 días

    thank u eugene for actually saying try guys gay time

  50. KnightBot 23

    KnightBot 23Hace 9 días

    Why does zach accent sounds like the voice actors from metro exodus

  51. vince the ratboy

    vince the ratboyHace 9 días

    ketihs toes are so nimble holy fuck

  52. Korndiddy is my daddy

    Korndiddy is my daddyHace 10 días

    If Ned wasn’t a Nerd he would just be -r

  53. vict7010 vict7010

    vict7010 vict7010Hace 10 días

    I’ve watched you guys for like two years now

  54. aino moisander

    aino moisanderHace 11 días

    Se need asian of chaos -merch!

  55. Karan Kumar

    Karan KumarHace 11 días

    *aSiAn Of ChAoS*



    Zach had a piece of gum on his underwear :)

  57. Brianah Allen

    Brianah AllenHace 12 días

    Eugene barely talked until his turn came again. Banana

  58. one broken light bulb

    one broken light bulbHace 12 días

    Eugene??? in a video???

  59. Mia Weirich

    Mia WeirichHace 12 días

    “ Go paper, go paper, go paper, go paper!”➡️🗒!

  60. courtney jackson

    courtney jacksonHace 12 días


  61. Laisha Z

    Laisha ZHace 12 días

    Nobody: Eugene: Asian of Chaos