The Top 5 Perform ‘Queens Everywhere’ | RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11


  1. and what?

    and what?Hace 6 horas

    Akeria was so great here, why she faded in the finale? She looked so nervous and Yvie was stunning, original and glamorous and raised her level even more in the finale, and she was having a great time, she looked confident but without believing the winner

  2. ren :b

    ren :bHace 11 horas


  3. John Jensen

    John JensenHace 11 horas

    I think Vanjie has some awesome dance moves.

  4. Emily Delaia

    Emily DelaiaHace 22 horas

    I hate Akeria's lyrics

  5. Emily Delaia

    Emily DelaiaHace 22 horas

    A'Keria: Where's The body? Trinity: The Body is here

  6. danilo alves

    danilo alvesHace 23 horas

    miss vanjie eu nunca vou te perdoaaaaaaaaaar

  7. simone avenali

    simone avenaliHace un día

    2:15 BEST PART thanks me later

  8. Ido Leff

    Ido LeffHace un día

    It's like a new version of Category is..

  9. Aj W

    Aj WHace un día

    I wanted Vangie to win so bad

  10. Hill Del Rey

    Hill Del ReyHace un día

    akeria is like a drag city girl

  11. Vegano Mexicano

    Vegano MexicanoHace un día

    Although I loved Yvie I think the only best verses were Silky’s and Vanjie’s

  12. Amorae Harding

    Amorae HardingHace un día

    Yvie had the best performance

  13. Amorae Harding

    Amorae HardingHace un día

    I'm so glad Yvie won. If Vanjie focused she would have been in top and thats a fact cause that verse she had was fire

  14. P D

    P DHace un día

    So very true. Even todrick hall, alluded to that. She has the Talend both in dance and song, but seems to suffer from performance anxiety, I maybe? 🤔.

  15. l l

    l lHace un día

    Akeria : Where is the body ? Trinity : and I am the body Akeria : miss akeria is the body ! Trinity : *NANNNII!!!????*

  16. BlueManIan

    BlueManIanHace un día

    Akeria serving some Sylvester realness but Yvie...daaaamn.

  17. Lucy Gonzalez

    Lucy GonzalezHace un día

    Miss VANJIE was everything

  18. P D

    P DHace un día

    Except she didn't turn it up when she had to. Practicing she was one of the best according to Todrick Hall. He had the best hopes for her but when having to perform she kinda got in her head. Her are lyrics fire, but it's the complete package that counts when on camera. 🤷‍♂️

  19. Junior Renato

    Junior RenatoHace un día

    Verses: 1-Yvie 2-Akeria 3-Vanjie 4-Silky 5-Brooke (Sorry brooke ❤) Performance: 1- Yvie 2-Silky 3-Akeria 4-Brooke 5-Vanjie Looks: 1-Akeria 2-Brooke 3- Yvie 4-Silky 5-Vanjie(Sorry Vanjie ❤❤) NYAS!

  20. everything everythingHace un día

    Junior Renato I actually agree with all of this

  21. jose requena

    jose requenaHace 2 días

    Miss Vanjie 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  22. Briannah Blatchford

    Briannah BlatchfordHace 2 días

    Why wasn't silky twirling with the rest of the group?

  23. Hallelo Ladies

    Hallelo LadiesHace 2 días

    After re-watching Ms. Vanjie's part, you can see that she missed parts of her lip sync or like she didn't know the words.

  24. Lance Roque

    Lance RoqueHace 2 días

    Vanjie's heels are broken!! Why'd I just notice it? 2:13

  25. Felipe Santos

    Felipe SantosHace 2 días

    You are from Brazil? Like here❤

  26. Diamond PRINCE

    Diamond PRINCEHace 2 días

    Sorry,I love MRS. Vanjie! She had the best choreograph.


    DIAMOND DIAMONDHace 2 días


  28. Denny

    DennyHace 2 días

    I wasn't a fan of Akeria at all, but her lyric and Vanjie are the best one. It rhymes so well on our ears.

  29. Leo Vivas

    Leo VivasHace 3 días

    Vanjie and Brooke for AS5

  30. DelsaCatDJ

    DelsaCatDJHace 3 días

    Now tell me how Silky won this episode instead of being in the bottom 2???

  31. OneTallGuy

    OneTallGuyHace 3 días

    You know Yvie really blew this challenge away like they heard her rock it in Denver. And I'm from Denver. No seriously I really AM from Denver!

  32. OneTallGuy

    OneTallGuyHace 3 días

    Do you validate parking? Love it! #TeamHytes

  33. uwu Matthew

    uwu MatthewHace 3 días

    This was one of the best music videos we had in ages hunty

  34. Mo Jo

    Mo JoHace 3 días

    Vanjie had the best lyrics hands down. Just wish she had been more into it with vet performance. Still love her though!

  35. P D

    P DHace un día

    Performance anxiety honey. Hope we'll see her in RPDR All Stars ✨ one day.

  36. Ty Hill

    Ty HillHace 3 días

    Waitttt but Yvie had like no choreography .. I guess they gave it to my gurl Vanjie 😭

  37. Frost Girl

    Frost GirlHace 3 días

    I'm the only one that liked brookes

  38. Sam Frost

    Sam FrostHace 3 días

    Anyone else learn the entire thing off by heart from listening to it so much?😂

  39. Felipe Fox

    Felipe FoxHace 3 días

    I feel kinda bad for Vanessa tho... she had the hardest choreography, and she still did all of that with a broken heel.

  40. Canal Aleatório

    Canal AleatórioHace 3 días

    Verses: 1. Vanije 2. Yvie 3. Akeria 4. Silky 5. Brooke Perform: 1. Yvie 2. Brooke/Akeria/Silky 5. Vanessa 1= 5 points 2= 4 points 3= 3 points 4= 2 points 5= 1 point 1. Yvie = 9 points 2. Akeria = 7 points 3/4. Vanije/Silky = 6 points 5. Brooke = 5 points

  41. Ana Teresa Boulhosa

    Ana Teresa BoulhosaHace 10 horas

    vc está alucinando querida

  42. lll veancena lll

    lll veancena lllHace 4 días

    This song has been inside my head for weeks... AND AAAA LOVETTTT

  43. Luis O. Anguiano

    Luis O. AnguianoHace 4 días

    Somebody know if the dancer 0:35 with a tattoo in the shoulder has IG? 😂😂👀

  44. J. Steve Palma

    J. Steve PalmaHace 4 días

    Also, have you noticed how talented and professional the back up dancers are?

  45. J. Steve Palma

    J. Steve PalmaHace 4 días

    I know this is an unpopular opinion but Akeria’s part was the best for me.

  46. Pogan pey

    Pogan peyHace 4 días

    I promise you this song + video SAVED MY LIFE and CURED MY DEPRESSION 😅

  47. TA C4444

    TA C4444Hace 4 días

    This is the best final 4 verses ever!❤🧡💛💚💙💜

  48. Only American Song Contest

    Only American Song ContestHace 4 días

    I'm selling Vanjie's verse : 1:48 1:48 1:48 1:48 1:48 1:48

  49. Kyle Malfoy

    Kyle MalfoyHace 4 días

    The queens all looked amazing here but them back up dancers tho 😍

  50. Mariska Wakowlsky

    Mariska WakowlskyHace 5 días

    Vh1 where's 60fps resolution??? 2019 come on

  51. Taii. Land

    Taii. LandHace 5 días

    *me as a detective* me: “where is the body.?” my partner: “she is the body.”

  52. Anyre Robinson

    Anyre RobinsonHace 8 horas

    Detective pikachu summed up

  53. P Î S c E s

    P Î S c E sHace 5 días

    My friend: I need to clean up a scene, can you help? Me: 0:51

  54. Oscar morales

    Oscar moralesHace 5 días

    Mama you want me to twirl ? Drag queens run the world!

  55. 4kCam

    4kCamHace 5 días

    I dont see how silkie nvm

  56. Lostboy 16

    Lostboy 16Hace 5 días

    Now I can’t stop looking at Vangies broken heel.

  57. Yashmitha

    YashmithaHace 5 días

    akeriaaaaa!! She killed this so hard oml

  58. Victor Alexandre de Paula

    Victor Alexandre de PaulaHace 5 días

    What is the IG of the backup dancer wearing the coat (he danced at the begging of the song and alongside Vanjie)???

  59. Francisco Villa

    Francisco VillaHace 5 días

    Victor Alexandre de Paula hi. @iamciscovilla thanks for the love

  60. Anonymous Singer

    Anonymous SingerHace 5 días

    I love Silky

  61. ER3N

    ER3NHace 5 días

    None is gonna mention how good the background dancers were? Especially the ones in Vanjie's verse

  62. Renato Marques Vila Rosa

    Renato Marques Vila RosaHace 5 días

    can someone make a video without brooke lynn? god, shes awful

  63. NavyBm843

    NavyBm843Hace 6 días

    who would have thought that Mystique Summers ad-lib would be make this track legendary...

  64. NavyBm843

    NavyBm843Hace 6 días

    who would have thought that Mystique Summers ad-lib would be make this track legendary...

  65. NavyBm843

    NavyBm843Hace 6 días

    who would have thought that Mystique Summers ad-lib would be make this track legendary...

  66. Jasmine Salguero

    Jasmine SalgueroHace 6 días

    This would have been so much better without Silky.

  67. PunDay_SunDaze 11

    PunDay_SunDaze 11Hace 6 días

    "Intergalactic, Earth to Pluto" Mercury, Venus and Sun: *Are we a joke to you?*

  68. Eric Jackman

    Eric JackmanHace 6 días

    Ya'll can hate but this performance was just messy in comparison to previous years :/

  69. Jess Stairmand

    Jess StairmandHace 6 días

    now twirl twirl twirl twirl

  70. Fernando Santos

    Fernando SantosHace 6 días

    Notice very closely that u couldn’t tell vanjie was saying the lyrics but loved her verse the most

  71. Claudio H. Aceituno

    Claudio H. AceitunoHace 6 días

    WTF that solo of Vajie and Silky at the end..."Queens preferences everywhere?"

  72. Patrick Star

    Patrick StarHace 6 días

    I’m sorry but A’keria is so underrated her part was amazing and her dancing was on point

  73. Anna leidenfrost

    Anna leidenfrostHace 6 días

    2:44 and 2:42 *you welcome*


    SOY MAFERHace 6 días

    2:09 the heels was broken

  75. Mauricio Junior

    Mauricio JuniorHace 6 días

    omg vanjie heels were ripped

  76. Jazz

    JazzHace 7 días

    this is defiantly in the top three of the music videos im in love with the music !! i mean yeah some of the performances could’ve been better but love listening tot he audio (vanjie & yvie yes)

  77. cesar rodriguez

    cesar rodriguezHace 7 días

    How was there a bottom 2 i dont get it

  78. Hector Hernandez

    Hector HernandezHace 6 días

    And no challenge win so strange

  79. JustAPerson

    JustAPersonHace 7 días

    The onlt thing wrong with this is all rhyming with a-palled

  80. Fernando Ozornio

    Fernando OzornioHace 7 días

    cherry color dancer name

  81. Nick Venom

    Nick VenomHace 7 días

    Plz just turn on the subtitles

  82. TheRealBoogie

    TheRealBoogieHace 7 días

    “Odd Bless”

  83. ItsJustMikee

    ItsJustMikeeHace 6 días

    love that

  84. TheMrheartless

    TheMrheartlessHace 7 días

    @vh1 we need answers 😂

  85. OnlyEmerald

    OnlyEmeraldHace 7 días

    Yall are so annoying calling silky messy when she killed her choreography and especially as a bigger girl throwing around all that weight and she NEVER complained or made an excuse for unlike other big girls on previous seasons or Yvie’s goddamn ankle.

  86. Hi Manila I Just Saw Manila Girl

    Hi Manila I Just Saw Manila GirlHace 7 días

    OnlyEmerald she never complained instead she is werking the challenges more than silky gurl bye

  87. Hi Manila I Just Saw Manila Girl

    Hi Manila I Just Saw Manila GirlHace 7 días

    OnlyEmerald ur stupid enough to think that yvie makes an excuses for her sprained ankle

  88. anne frandsen

    anne frandsenHace 7 días

    1:41 me trying to do Laganja's "LET'S GET SICKENIIIING"

  89. Joseph Dews

    Joseph DewsHace 7 días

    Me too

  90. Exeggutor Senpai

    Exeggutor SenpaiHace 7 días

    And Brooke and Silky were the best, and that is a fact

  91. Exeggutor Senpai

    Exeggutor SenpaiHace 7 días

    Silky looks so good on the cover of the video omg

  92. I feel very attacked

    I feel very attackedHace 7 días

    Vanjies verse was a hecking bop

  93. Lurigh Ashandarei

    Lurigh AshandareiHace 7 días

    vanjee heel is broken. didn't realized

  94. Xxx_clodagh _xxX

    Xxx_clodagh _xxXHace 7 días

    I think Vanji should have been in the TOP 4

  95. ItsJustMikee

    ItsJustMikeeHace 6 días

    I think so too

  96. Verie Gabber

    Verie GabberHace 7 días

    I love brooke Lynn so much 😂🥺💋

  97. Black Thoughts

    Black ThoughtsHace 7 días

    Emmmm in my opinion Silky didn’t do that great :/

  98. Black Thoughts

    Black ThoughtsHace 7 días

    Vanjie shouldn’t have lost

  99. ItsJustMikee

    ItsJustMikeeHace 6 días

    vanjie could have went to the lipsync smackdown

  100. julia Fox

    julia FoxHace 7 días

    Poor Vanjie obviously was in her head this performance, maybe the Brooke vs. Vanjie lipsync was going to happen either way and it was messing with her?

  101. Joao Vitor

    Joao VitorHace 8 días

    Yvie's costume is giving me Cersei Lannister vibes for some reason and i'm LIVING

  102. Shark The Keeper

    Shark The KeeperHace 8 días

    I really liked Silky's verse. Now, if only her personality was more likeable throughout the season...

  103. Adrian Mellon

    Adrian MellonHace 8 días

    Thank God silky got the short verse

  104. JJ Bush

    JJ BushHace 8 días

    ANYONE else just hearing, Purse First Purse First, walkintotheroom Purse First

  105. Cristian Kantùn

    Cristian KantùnHace 8 días

    Can someone please say something about Akeria Swallowing part of her wig in 0:37 😱😱

  106. Jose Salinas

    Jose SalinasHace 8 días

    Silky just ruins everything shes in

  107. Fabian Chavez

    Fabian ChavezHace 8 días

    Why is Brooke not getting recognition for her TECHNIQUE

  108. Alyssa Bellissimo

    Alyssa BellissimoHace 4 días


  109. André Felipe

    André FelipeHace 8 días

    Is Vanjie the new Roxxxy?

  110. TheMrheartless

    TheMrheartlessHace 8 días


  111. Francisco Villa

    Francisco VillaHace 5 días

    TheMrheartless hi, that’s me. @iamciscovilla ♥️ thanks for the positive feedback

  112. Wessel Westdorp

    Wessel WestdorpHace 8 días

    Vanjie: Charisma Akeria: Uniqueness Silky: Nerve Brooke: Talent Yvie: *All of the above*

  113. nikita ables

    nikita ablesHace 8 días

    i still dont get how vanjie was in the bottom for this her verse went off

  114. P D

    P DHace un día

    But her performance just wasn't the best. The worst out of all of them. Her rap was fire though. Apparently when practicing she blows everyone out of the water but when having to deliver she chokes.

  115. Nick Grigsby

    Nick GrigsbyHace 8 días

    Does anyone know who the dancer with the gold jacket is? He’s cute and I wanna stalk his social media 😂

  116. Francisco Villa

    Francisco VillaHace 5 días

    Nick Grigsby 😂 stalk away Nick. @iamciscovilla

  117. Zaya Barajas

    Zaya BarajasHace 8 días

    Vanjie did have the longest part which had to be the most iconic which sadly it wasn’t

  118. Atroxx Resal

    Atroxx ResalHace 8 días

    Silky was, is and will always be a mess